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Sheep or Shepherd

APRIL 13 – 19




It’s been wonderful watching more and more people finally waking up to what’s really going on this week. It warms the heart beyond words; but we still have a long way to go.

It’s promising to see that others are at last challenging what is being dished out and actually starting to question the glaring inconsistencies that are becoming more and more obvious every day. If we’re not overly concerned with losing our own liberties, then in the very least, we owe it to our children to research and remain open to new perspectives and possibilities, don’t we? What legacy are we leaving if we just roll over (and die, literally) while they keep rolling out 5G and goodness knows what other horrendous agendas they have in the pipeline?

The concept that we are being monitored, controlled and dominated to a high degree, is no longer a “conspiracy theory”, it’s undeniable TRUTH. We are all being gaslighted by the worlds’ most despicable narcissists and we are essentially under ‘house arrest’ for a ‘virus’ that is nowhere near as deadly as they are making it out to be. The statistics don’t add up – in fact, we know they are being manipulated now because they have admitted it. Their fabricated stories are almost getting boring now.

Died of cancer? No, you died of COVID-19. Your baby died during childbirth? No, it wasn't premature at 22 weeks, it died of complications associated with COVID-19. Hit by a bus, struck by lightning, overdosed on drugs, eaten by a shark or thrown yourself off a cliff? Yep, you all ‘tested positively’ for COVID-19. If I was to go out and break my neck rock climbing tomorrow, my death certificate would read “Cause of Death: COVID-19”. It’s all in the wording as David Icke revealed. They don’t say “died from COVID-19”. They say they “died after testing positive to” COVID-19.

There is a HUGE difference and this shows just how ludicrous this whole situation is.

The test they are using - to test symptoms mind you, symptoms that can be attributed to numerous other illnesses - is testing for ‘genetic material’, which we all have as DNA and RNA in our cells and it is this very material that they have hijacked and turned into a ‘virus’ called COVID-19. This genetic material contains ‘exosomes’ which are expelled from the cells in an effort to ward off toxic invasion. It is a natural process of the body trying to purge gunk in order to maintain homeostasis. It is not a virus. People are getting sick and dying of something, yes, but it’s because their immune systems are already severely compromised, probably from a combination of bad diet (or chemicals in food that we all ingest unwittingly), definitely 'fast food', poor genetics (inherited ailments, allergies and sensitivities) and constant exposure to pollutants such as chemtrails and wifi (radar, sonar, 3G, 4G and now 5G) radiation. They are also dying because they are old. These beautiful 94 year-old souls are at the end of their life cycle anyway, so stop using them as propaganda to fuel more fear in the community!

I hope you’ve been doing your research and watching all the video links because it is hard to keep up with just how much crap has been spun at us, I know. But crap it is.

In fact, it’s more aptly called BULL. SH*T. What the medical institution/big pharma is doing now is CRIMINAL. This ‘virus’ has claimed nowhere near the same number of victims as the annual seasonal influenza outbreaks (in any country) or during any other “pandemic” in history in fact – let alone come close to the recorded deaths of those who have died from poverty, murder and starvation and the like EVERY SINGLE DAY – and yet we have shut the entire world down because of it.

This is a PLAN-DEMIC dear ones.

Humanity is undoubtedly going through a huge catharsis and each one of us has a part to play in pushing back and changing the goal posts, but this means we have to question everything and stop surrendering our free will. The responsibility to open mind and heart lies with every single individual, not just because it’s important for everyone to participate for their own karmic evolution, but because the collective “success” actually depends on it.

We’re a few months into ‘self isolation’ now and many are starting to really feel it. What we are really getting a taste of however, is how the majority of people live every day – in oppressive conditions, their rights restricted (or stripped completely) and their spirits either hardened or crushed, thanks to the dictatorial powers that pull the puppet strings. We are now experiencing how most of our brothers and sisters live, every day, and yet we whine when have the luxury of running water, electricity and sunny gardens to sit and meditate in. We can’t sit on a park bench to eat lunch or take some deep breaths, but in comparison, we are not doing it tough. Remind yourself of your first world privilege when it all gets too much and bring perspective back into your heart. Yes, it is difficult and yes people are hurting, losing their jobs and some taking their own lives even, but as distressing as that all most definitely is, this now is how the majority of humanity have been living, for generations. The have's and the have not's.

Every country is reaping its karma now. In fact – and as I have mentioned in previous newsletters – this year is particularly pertinent for China as the collective energies there, work to clear multiple ancestral timelines.

Instead of attacking one another and putting up more barriers within tribe, perhaps this is a chance for all of us to finally get on the same page and reach out to one another, to hold one another up and support our local and extended communities in ways we have never been able to do (or considered doing), before. Regardless of money or stature, we are all the same and we all deserve better than what is being delivered now.

One thing that really saddens me – apart from seeing people hoarding with no regard for others – is seeing grown adults ‘dobbing’ other people in for not doing (what they think) they should be doing. It’s a very clever tactic being used by the government and established organizations that are pulling the strings here. Instill enough fear among the masses and it won’t be long until they turn on one another. This makes their ‘job’ easier because the separation not only escalates exponentially, but it also confirms one thing: that people are prepared to sacrifice their rights in order to feel safe. And what’s worse, they will then end up begging the powers that be for their continued protection from something that doesn’t even exist – in the form of a poisonous, Gates’ inspired vaccine – even when their last right and last stand is permanently stripped away. Remember that this man refuses to vaccinate his own children. HELLO!

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir. You want me to jump? Sure, how high? You want me to bend over? No problem, here you go.

I don’t know why people don’t question how Bill Gates – who has about as much medical training as Genghis bloody Khan – is being touted as the savior in this sick scenario?? The mainstream media – or rather, a better term would be the mind-controlled media – is more than happy to hammer any contradictions from ACTUAL WORLD RENOWNED MD’S and psychiatrists however, and ridicule the scientific intelligentsia who are speaking out now by labeling them insane, eccentric or ‘dangerous to the public’. But taint the holy name of Gates and you get branded a heretic; or immediately removed from YouTube. Surely that raises some red flags?!

Oh, and remember that 'rehearsal pandemic' they staged in NYC just before last Christmas? They one where they guestimated 36 (or so) million would potentially die if a pandemic were to occur? Well since then, the American CDC (Center for Disease Creation) - another 'alphabet' organization controlled by you know who - has been advertising for staff for their ongoing "Quarantine Program". AND this is an open and continuous announcement, which means, they knew something was about to happen. Or in even simpler terms for those who still refuse to see through the illusion: they planned this.

I can tell you now for free, I do not consent. And neither should you.

Even within my own yoga community, the divisions are growing. Many devoted souls who have practiced various practices of yoga philosophy, transcendental meditation (for decades) and dived deep into the esoteric arts to face the Goddess Kali herself, are yet unable to see through the blatant illusions. These are teachers who profess to understand energy and how the human body works. Instead they ask for ‘proof’ when confronted with a different perspective for this whole obscene scenario. They place medical evidence above universal law. What happened to standing up and holding strong no matter what? What happened to trusting in Source, utilizing one’s intuition and following the yogic wisdom of the heart instead of the programs in the head? I’m sorry, but I can’t in good conscience remain friends with peers like this, which is why I have been doing some social media detoxing this week and choosing to stay connected to woke peeps, not dope ones. I have also removed myself from many groups because the ignorance and the verbal abuse one cops when adding personal perspective, just isn’t cricket.

My ‘job’, my purpose as a conscious conduit, is to share information and inspire people to think outside their conditioned boxes and yes, that triggers the heck out of most and puts me in the firing line a lot of the time, but despite my calling to enlighten, I am not responsible for carrying the burden of their ignorance anymore. Plus, I don’t deserve to be rudely attacked nor have my IQ ridiculed. So, I speak the truth with love when I am called to and then I let go. Those who are ready to receive, will. Those who aren’t, won’t.

I pray every day that we won’t end up manifesting a new level of world decay because we couldn’t rally enough hands (and hearts) on deck to ensure the Age of Aquarius truly anchored. However, the stars at the moment are fortuitous, plus we have just had a powerful full moon (in Libra) to help balance the scales of Justice, so I hold fast to hope and divine intervention and pledge to not give up trying or believing; no matter how hard it gets. If we were still in the Age of Pisces – a much denser and darker vibration that carried generational wounding and grief that desperately needed to (and did for the most part) clear – then I would not be so confident in saying that. But the Golden Age has begun and in order for it to fully land, we need to become the best versions of ourselves – immediately – and steadfastly encourage others to do the same. It’s all about choice. We need to make one and either resurrect our Godself and embrace our Mighty I AM presence; or not. Coincidence how we are currently celebrating Easter isn’t it.

I believe we need devote every waking moment to freeing the stories that have bound us to fear and doubt for too long, yet unfortunately, too many people are still complying way too quickly and this can only herald more pain and loss of liberty for everyone.

I also find it interesting that we are going through all this during the two most challenging seasons of the year – Autumn for Southern Hemisphere and Spring for Northern. The elements of Metal and Wood, respectively. Contractive and Rising energies. Purging and Detoxing. Purifying the patterns that prevent optimal health and clearing out the toxins that prevent optimal health. Divine timing really.

I have chosen to be off social media for the 3 ‘main’ days and have instead cocooned myself in my own tomb of transformation. I am not religious per say, but I do commune with and respect the Ascended Masters; and Jesus is most certainly in this category. Whether the Bible tells it how it really rolled out, is irrelevant. Jesus did exist and despite doing his bit to try and help humanity, he ended up rejected by his tribe, tortured to within an inch of his life and then nailed to a cross. I don’t know how much history you have studied, but those Romans were a mean bunch of characters, putting it mildly. ‘Pontius’ Pilot, King Herod and even the Jewish people’s own Temple – headed at the time by the high cleric ‘Caiaphas’ – was full to the brim of gem-laden priests prostrating themselves to an ‘idea’ of god rather than embodying themselves as a reflection of Creator. And of course, they persecuted anyone who actually saw the true light and decided not to follow their path, as we well know now. Sound familiar? Check out “A.D. Kingdom and Empire” on Netflix if you’re up for a gory recap.

The origins of false idol worship and spiritual bypass for sure.

All healers, shamans, spiritual activists and those who dedicate themselves to speaking up publicly during times of crisis, will be able to relate the carpenter’s story I’m sure – obviously our experiences pale in comparison to his – but this is not a time to wallow in martyr energy nor wax lyrical about ‘what was’. It is a time to seize the moment, to claim one’s sovereignty and to fight back against corruption of the highest order. It is time for us all to embody our inner Jesus and bring love to the battlefield.

Suddenly I hear Pat Benatar pumping in my eardrums lol.

Every year at this time I watch Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”, not just because it’s absolutely brilliant, but rather to remind myself how privileged and lucky I am to be on this earth, in this life and that I am forever in service to the light – and my own light – always and in all-ways. I never take anything for granted and I always thank the universe (on a daily basis) for awakening me to the degree that it has so I can see through all the bullshit, even when others can’t (or wont’). Ancient history has always intrigued me and I have had many a past life flashback to the shores of the Mediterranean and beyond, often after watching movies set back in those times or reading literature describing the civilizations of old. I chose to be conceived on Crete and born in Athens for a specific reason obviously.

‘Gladiator’ and ‘Spartacus” are two such films that bring back haunted memories of fighting in arenas and leading fellow slaves to freedom. Many dreamscapes and shamanic journeys have left no doubt in my heart and soul that I have witnessed (and participated in) many pivotal times throughout history – during the bloodied Roman empire most definitely – and this is a big part of why I am here again now; to play a part and help shift the dynamic from evil back to good on this plane.

Knowing who you are, is all it’s cracked up to be, trust me. More people should try it.

Perhaps you have a mission now too? Well you must have, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, so let me rephrase that: are you aware of your mission yet? What remains to be seen is what type of role people chose for themselves this time round – either awake or asleep; participant or wall flower.

Are you Sheep or Shepherd? Do you follow or do you lead?

In the meantime, while we all sort out who we were, who we have been in this life and who we are truly destined to be moving forwards, I will continue to offer community support in the form of online women’s meditations (2nd and 4th Friday of each month, $20) and a FREE online restorative Mana Yoga practice (every 3rd Saturday of the month). Next one is THIS SATURDAY 18. I hope you can join me for some reconnecting, some laughter and some heartfelt sharing. Both events are on Facebook on my Denby Sheather page.

I am so grateful for my years of yogic training, of retreating, reflecting, pausing and communing with my inner being. It is definitely keeping me on path and in my power now and enabling me to help you as you need.

There's some good star support this week, highlighting Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15 and Saturday 18 as good days to practice forgiveness, tap into your personal power and take your time finessing the messages you wish to share with others. The Sun squares Pluto first (Tuesday) which is all about rebirth, then Jupiter the next day (hump day) which expands our alchemic process and with Mercury sextile Venus and Mars on Saturday, it is basically a cosmic green light to express your soul self to its fullest.

I am also continuing next term with my weekly schedule of classes, which will also be online for the time being and open to anyone who is interested in a remedial yoga practice that fuses healing wisdom and conscious soul therapy. You always get so much more than asana with me as you know, so if you’re ready to step your yoga up and expand your consciousness, I will be there to support and ‘lighten you’ up!

Your 10-week term investment will be $300. This allows you to access any of my five classes each week. Next term starts on Monday April 27 and finishes on Sunday July 3.

Class times are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30am – 11:15am; Wednesday 6pm – 7:15pm and Sunday 4pm – 5:30pm. That’s $15 per class if you do two a week; $10 if you do three. Half price (and then a third less) than my usual $30 per session.

During Easter holidays I will be teaching: Monday’s and Friday’s 9:30am and Sunday 4pm. Dates are: Friday 17, Sunday 19, Monday 20, Friday 24 and Sunday 26.

These classes will be $20 casual attendance. Once you have pre-paid, I will send you the Zoom link. No Zoom links will be posted publicly anymore due to the fact that they are becoming more easily hacked. To keep us all cyber-protected, you will need to pay and register to receive entry to all my events.

I look forward to the day – hopefully sooner than later – where I can welcome you to my sacred space again and give you the biggest of squishy soulful hugs ever!

Sending you all so much love and hope to see you on Zoom soon.




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