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The Golden Ones




WOW, what a week it has been, heralding the Aquarius Full Moon (Sun in Leo) and the Lions Gate Portal power day (on 8:8), ushering in the next wave of unity consciousness and sacred frequencies from Sirius.

For those not in the know, the Lions Gate is an annual window of opportunity that is offered up to humanity between July 26 till August 12. It peaks on August 8, drawing upon the sacred (and personal) power of the number 8, which is also the infinity symbol (on its side) and connected to strength and endurance. Lions Gate is a divine alignment that creates essentially, a channel or stargate of light between the star Sirius, the galactic Grand Central Sun, our solar Sun, the great pyramids of Giza and the mystical Sphinx. Sirius is known as our 'spiritual Sun' and is found within the constellation of Cancer, the quintessential Mother energy.

When I hold ceremony at this time, I also draw the conduit down through Uluru (as the Great Mother rock is the solar plexus of the planet), and into participants' Manipura (belly) and Ajna (third eye) chakras, to really anchor and activate their energies.

I liken this conduit to a massive laser beam or spotlight that has the potential to elevate and expand not only our mental awareness and how we perceive the world, but also our energenetics, which refers to our genetic coding and vibrational field; or aura if you like. When we choose to stand in the light, quite literally, and walk through this portal, we are literally upgrading our cellular matrix, on all levels of our being – that is, physically, mentally, emotionally and naturally, spiritually. When we embrace this offering we can literally move ourselves out of one dimension, into another.

Many people feel this quite viscerally and can experience headaches, brain fog, fatigue and dehydration prior to this portal opening and that is because the density in our human bodies, is responding to the presence of higher vibrational energies. So if your experience this week has included any of those ‘symptoms’, don’t panic, you are not ill, you are re-calibrating. (Of course, if you have other health conditions or concerns, always check with your GP to make sure you are okay.)

You may also have noticed that the energy in one or a few of your chakras has been changing as well and this happens when we come into contact with powerful energies. Depending on which chakra is out of balance, you can experience symptoms that correspond with that chakra when it is in need of healing. For example, if you have been having difficulty speaking your truth or worried about any repercussions that (you imagine) speaking your truth may attract, your throat chakra will respond predominantly to the incoming energies as it seeks to clear and re-balance. You might feel like you have a ‘sticky’ throat, a lump or a ‘fur ball-like' sensation that catches when you swallow and speak, but at the same time you can intuit that you aren’t coming down with anything germ-related.

It’s important to refine your powers of discernment so you can identify (and trust) the difference between a cellular immune response and what it feels like when energy is purging instead.

In recent years, these astrological events have become more and more popular as people become aware of them and also begin waking up from their unconscious slumber. These ‘choice points’ as I call them, offer each one of us the chance to move beyond reality as we have perceived it up to now, and call in deeper understandings and wisdom from not just other realms and beings, but from within our own bodies, for we are after all, the masters of our own destiny and “all we seek, resides within". (Rumi)

After hosting my Lions Gate medicine circle (on August 8), I wrote about the three main dimensions that our species is navigating right now and felt to share it here with you also in case you aren’t on Facebook. Side note, very soon, like within the next month, I will be closing all my current social media accounts and moving censorship-free platforms such as Bitchute, Signal and Zemamo (which is a great new Australian initiative; I will keep my Instagram account for the time being till I source a suitable replacement for that. All links will be included in the next few newsletters so you know where to find me if you wish to stay in touch.

So, given all the planetary action and collective bickering that's been going on, here’s my take on 3D, 4D and 5D to help you get a handle on it all. Please keep in mind that because we are all works in progress and honoring our own process, that we don’t ever get ‘stuck’ in any of them (like, forever), because we are organic beings and it is our energetic nature – our birthright – to flow and be free. At some point, in alignment with our karmic tapestry, we will all shift.

Remember that there is no such thing as coincidences or accidents in the world of spirituality; everything is divinely orchestrated and co-created.

The third dimension (3D)

First up, we are all navigating the third dimension because we are all here in human suits, so try and let go of the finger pointing around this and towards others whom you perceive to be "asleep".

People who are living the 3D fully and whose levels of awareness are yet to expand, are going to relate to (and recycle) the various gurgitations from mainstream media about 'updated case statistics', the inevitability of a mandatory vaXcine and the death toll connected to an invisible vyrus. Their posts and any videos or articles they share, will praise the government for doing the 'right thing' by locking down the country and destroying the economy. They WANT a vaXcine because they truly believe it will save them, but it's important to remember that most of these people living in this frequency, do not understand how the human body works - yogis and body workers take particular note - they haven't been taught to research for themselves and they haven't learned how to trust (let alone connect) to their own intuition. These drone-like articles will help them feel safe and will strengthen their bond with others who are still living completely in 3D, and that is okay because we are all on our own path and have the right to experience our reality, as we have chosen to in this life.

It's important to stay centered and practice patience and compassion for those people living in this frequency because they can only handle so much information; and in bite size bits. It's a hard heart that won't feel empathy and respond to shares about child sex trafficking, child abuse in any form or stories told by the survivors themselves, so share those kinds of articles and introduce them slowly to the more intense ones, once they start to grasp the concept that the world is not what they thought it was. Go down your own rabbit holes if you want and need to, but don't assume everyone is ready to do the same.

We don't want to traumatize our brothers and sisters - goddess knows, there's enough trauma in the world to deal with right now - but we do need to give them loving nudges towards reality and invite them into the collective fold so they can assist in the spiritual war with us. We also need to recognize the fact that many of these people may actually be so shut off because they themselves, have suffered horrendous abuse, and hence, it's too much for them to digest.

The aim is to get them to FEEL and empathize and then from that point, you can take the conversations deeper. Swearing at people, calling them "sheep" and blaming them for the downfall of humanity, does not help the cause, it only lowers our vibration and invites further discord.

It's important to stay centered in yourself and practice patience and acceptance when you see these 3D posts and don't engage with their threads (albeit how admirable and valiant your intentions may be), in an effort to sway their opinions or open their eyes. Their personal truths are yet to align with universal Truths and the only thing that can help them, is time and God. Let it go and love them compassionately from afar and trust things will shift when they are destined to.

The fourth dimension (4D)

This is where we see all the frustration pouring out of those who have either just "woken up" or those who have been awake for a while and are still courageously trying to wake others up. But instead of being enlightening and encouraging, the shares often comes across as a type of spiritual bullying and (to some, even) can be perceived as condescending. I have occupied this space myself of course and have spent months - since the beginning of this whole sh*tshow in fact - moving from this space of WTAF and feeling extremely disheartened by what I witnessed my fellow human beings continually being complacent and blind to, but this didn't serve me and it certainly didn't serve to help raise group consciousness.

This frequency is where we start to acknowledge the universal Truths and to integrate them. It is a necessary phase of our awakening. I lightheartedly call 4D the "green room", because it's the pause between unconscious and realized. It's where we become conscious, that is, aware, of the lies and deceit and corruption that we have grown up in - and that generations have been subjected to as well - and where we begin to process all that information. It's a confronting space to occupy and it brings up all our fears, judgments, frustrations, anger, grief and wounding - inherited and manifest in our own lives - so naturally, it's going to be a triggering space to sit in.

When we 'land' in this dimension, we are often raw, fatigued and in shock (on several if not all levels, of our being). We have had our blinkers ripped off, well and truly, and we are desperate for human support as well as spiritual guidance from above. Our world has completely changed and we realize it will never be the same, so naturally, we need time to adjust. To find the warrior within. Because of our heightened senses, we will often perceive everything as a 'conspiracy' (no, I am not talking about or criticizing conspiracy theories here), or a deliberate 'message' or 'sign', that justifies or further feeds our beliefs and perspectives. This is the 'level' where we become vulnerable to psyop's (such as QAnon and BLM) as well because we desperately want to find something to help us make sense of it all. Again, the irony is that we must all go through this part of the 'game' in order to come to our own understanding that everything EXTERNAL is an illusion and is therefore, not REAL.

Here in 4D we must remain vigilant to the games our own minds play on us as we shake the 3D coat and shift gears within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities. We must remain in, and move from, our HEARTS.

Information, videos and articles shared when we have shifted into our 4D reality, will obviously be powerful, passionate and fueled by a deep desire (and also subconscious fear), that we are all doomed if we don't do something. That anyone who cannot see the truth as we do now, is to blame, is our enemy, is going to bring us all down, when in fact, that is just all our own projections, attachments and pain patterns, finding expression as they need to. Naturally, when we do this, we risk polarizing and separating because not everyone receiving "our truth" is going to receive it as we intend. Our words and writings may be intense, blunt sometimes, but that's only because we want others to understand how dire the situation is.

We are moving from love, but it is showing up as fear.

By all means, share your posts, your feelings, your stories and your visions for the future and most certainly get the petitions and information out there to help raise awareness and to build positive community vibes, because that constructive action, goes a long way to helping people feel empowered, heard and hopeful. This is consciousness in ACTION and this is what The Age of Aquarius is all about.

Best to remain calm and carry on when you 'arrive' in the fourth frequency and focus on clearing anything residual in your own reality and energy fields first. That way, when you do communicate, it will be from a higher space of compassion. Your integrated messages and your desire to shine and spread the light, will be less likely to agitate others or backfire on you. Your nervous system will also thank you. Above all, this vibrations asks us to practice tolerance and unconditional love and to surrender our personal needs and wants, to the higher stories that are at play. We need to find deep inner peace and to unify within ourselves, in order to release ourselves from the addiction to density and hence, elevate ourselves to the higher states of being. This is how we assist with raising the collective vibration.

The fifth dimension (5D)

This is where we all want to be and have been told we are all going, for a long time, but reality is, not everyone will get there; and that's okay. Ironically, it's not even 'somewhere to GET to'; it's an energy we embody, a TRUTH we start to embody, when we merge with the divinity that IS our own heart. The fifth dimension is not some fantasy world where harps pluck and cupids hover; it's a state of BEING. There are MANY higher dimensions beyond 5D also; this is just a stepping stone as far as unity consciousness goes!

Information shared from this sacred space will inspire, activate and unite others, regardless of what 'level' of frequency they appear (to you) to be 'stuck' in.

Share videos about connection, self empowerment, the power of the human spirit and (correct) historical information where mankind has risen above adversity by standing strong in his/her FAITH, from this space. Remind people of what is possible when they drop all facade and put on the armor of God. And I'm not talking 'religion' here, so please read this as spiritual consciousness, connection to the One Source/Creator Being.

Through TOGETHERNESS and putting our swords down against one another, we are able to face and defeat the enemy - invisible or otherwise. This frequency asks us to align with the Boddhisattva that we ALL ARE and to lead by example. Some will get it and "wake up" and some won't and that really doesn't matter because ultimately every soul here on earth at this time, is walking their own path, regardless of circumstance or threat. It is not our job to judge, it is our role to remember.

We are ALL walking ourselves home (first) and when we have mastered our own egos, demons and unraveled the meaning of life (for us) to arrive at our highest and most loving fifth frequency, we can let go of all attachment to outcome, because we TRUST in God; however that deity looks to each one of us.

The end game doesn't matter anymore. It's the JOURNEY that defines us.

When we do that, we can truly and authentically join hearts and hands and help others claim their soul sovereign selves.

Best days of the week start with Monday bringing in the energy of instant manifestation and the power of the divine feminine (#13) which will help us feel empowered through change, not scared or weakened by it. Mercury (lower mind) square Uranus (higher mind) today will activate your mind and potentially make you feel more restless or impatient than usual, so guard against reactivity (and anxiety, if you suffer from that). Pause, breathe and be patient.

The divine feminine comes in again on Thursday 13 and is a big call to action, especially as it's the day after the Lions Gate closes. We are being called to step up and into our sacred warrior selves (thanks to Mars square Pluto today) and to BE the bridge; after CROSSING the portal bridge on August 8 and into a new reality/dimension. Don't ignore your intuition today but do think before you speak; even act as Devil's Advocate with yourself (and others) to ensure peace, compassion and consciousness prevail. The week ends on a harmonious high note with Sunday 16 bringing in the Prince of Heaven energy (#19 universal date) along with the promise of new insights and cathartic "ah-ha" moments.

Remember, no matter what circumstances unfurl or how crazy things appear, we are all taken care of, we have chosen our destiny and we are looked after/over and ultimately taken care of. Nothing is happening that isn't meant to.

TRUST that. Implicitly.




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