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Grab your Sage: Sh*t Just Got Real




Image by @joannakosinska

We have been living in a fast-fix world for too long. Things were always destined to change at some point.

We have certainly pulled some sort of karmic straw of late and whether it’s the long or the short one doesn’t really matter anymore because either way you look at it, both straws held the potential to break the collective camel’s back.

We have entered the Age of Aquarius and as of today, a master #11 day, Saturn, the Lord of Time and ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn – remember the planetary stellium and full moon eclipse back in January – is here to take task with us all.

Saturn is the cosmic adjudicator. He savors order and process and he doesn’t suffer fools, at all. He reminds us that there is a correct path and an optional shortcut and that whilst taking the latter may seem more convenient and appealing in the moment, taking it will most certainly add to one’s karmic burden down the proverbial track.

Humanity is at such a crossroads now.

For too long we have prioritised the wealthy over the weak, ‘big brother’ over family and immediacy over considered intelligence. We’ve compromised our souls because we have wanted everything ‘NOW!’, on tap and 24/7 and this collective (and individual) attitude has slowly over time eroded our intuition, our integrity and the very environment we live in and rely upon.

We have been cashing cheques our planet can’t cash and now we are paying the price.

Saturn is here to shift all that and remind us of value, of patience and of karma. In fact, since December 2017, Saturn has been giving us nudge after obvious nudge in an attempt to get us to wake up. Sadly, we have been slow on the uptake and reticent to fully respond, or when we have, it has only been half-heartedly and with temporary fervor. Being an earth sign – and with our species so fixated on all things material and physical – Saturn knew the only way to teach us, was going to be through this exact conduit. To take away our structures, threaten the earth beneath our feet and make us appreciate what we have. Create the vibration that will help us remember how to stand in conscious presence again. Capricorn’s transit has also been a huge part of this because the Goat is all about the tangible, traditional and thought-provoking. Master Saturn knows that if you change the core foundations by cracking them open to expose contained injustice, ignorance and collective toxicity, you get what we are experiencing now.

An opportunity for rebirth.

Saturn will continue to sit in Aquarius until 2023, until our shape-shifting has settled and we have reconstructed new boundaries and beliefs in alignment with universal law and that benefit ALL. During this time, we will all be swallowing some hard truth pills as each one of us is called to step up and grow up and embrace our individual roles as tribal custodians and conscious earth warriors.

We cannot keep living as if the world’s resources are infinite because they are not.

We cannot keep treating one another as inferior because we are all equal.

We cannot keep treating the elite as if they are the intelligentsia of our species, because they are not.

We need to look under the carpet and clear out all the garbage that has been swept under it for generation after generation and wipe the slate clean.

We need to reconcile and forgive the past and learn from it in order to co-create a future that serves everyone and every sentient being with the love and respect they deserve.

We need to stop raping the earth and putting band-aids on systems that are so obviously broken and in need of replacing.

We have had eco-friendly, sustainable solutions thrown on the innovation table for decades now and yet they have been shut down in favour of profit and power. This must stop now or there will be no planet for any of us to occupy; or the one that will exist, will not be a pleasant one, putting it mildly.

And I am certainly not interested in any space adventures Mr Branson may have up his sleeve either.

Make no mistake, "the ring-ed-one" is here to clean up our mess and sort us out and with his inquiring mind, visionary perspective and commitment to getting the job done – even if it is going to be uncomfortable and challenging and trigger the beejeezus out of most people – because this is exactly the kind of celestial support we need right now. Saturn will turn our minds and hearts towards the ‘group’ and instigate the changes needed so that every soul that remains, can continue to thrive and uphold the new codes that will be established, well into the future.

I have lost count of how many ‘conspiracy theories’ I have seen, had sent to me or stumbled upon in past weeks as I research every possible angle to try and make sense of what is happening. But I reckon I have nailed it down to three main ‘options’. Have a read and see what you think, but please keep your own tongue in cheek.


The patriarchal forces that were initiated by the Masonic orders eons ago, are now implementing the final wave of their multi-generational plan to reduce (read: cull) the global population through a series of manipulative processes. Biological warfare and 5G are on the top of their list and whilst they may be placed alphabetically below, the Pedophilia and Scientology files are equally as vile (and in play right now). After this, governments, banking technocrats and the Bill Gates’ of the world, will link arms and lock ranks to further manipulate and control all remaining peoples’ with the rollout of their laboratory-concocted mandatory vaccines and microwave techo-towers. This new social order, run by the military machine and based on medical martial law and the implementation of terrorist-type structures – where nobody will be able to do anything (read: vote, buy/sell, work or travel) without first scanning their nano-chip implant for prior ‘approval’ – will become the stomping ground for horrors yet unseen by us all. Start ordering your cyanide capsules online now.


Aliens are co-creating everything and everything will therefore, turn out alright if we trust in them and prepare a (vegan of course) feast in their honor. At present we are (apparently) receiving psychic surgery on our brains and spinal cords as they reprogram our DNA and implant us with the 5D technology we require so we can finally access our divine blueprint and ascend to the light as fully awakened beings. Albeit, slightly green. At some point in the very near future, all the ET’s will arrive – or shed their human suits to reveal themselves as living among us already – to clear the streets of shadow and deliver us all from evil; whilst delivering much awaited space food sticks at the same time. Keep your eyes peeled for anyone whose eyes can actually peel.


Mother Nature has had enough of us and we are about to get evicted, for reals. She’s sick (quite literally) of our over-consuming, over-polluting and over-abusing and has created Coronavirus (Corona meaning “crown”) to finally crack our crown chakras open in a last desperate attempt to get us to see the light and appreciate what we have been gifted. No wonder we're having next level headaches. Nothing happening now has anything to do with wi-fi radiation, inter-stellar prophecies or Illuminati agendas. We have just over stayed our welcome and so now, it’s time to level the playing field, Gaia-style. Advise daily prayer with mala beads and fullest surrender in this instance.

Personally, I think there’s a little bit of truth within each of these stories, but do any of us really know for sure? Nope. Our fears – and equally, our beliefs – will tell us we do, but we actually don’t. Here’s what I hope is really happening.


We are crossing a spiritual threshold like no other, one that has been pre-ordained for millennia. Global society is undergoing a mass catharsis as light consciousness rises, making more people aware of their inter-connectedness and hence, their responsibility to care for the earth and each other. No more ‘me’ and ‘them’, only ‘us’. Naturally this is all well and good, however, the microwave technologies we have created and the greed that has grown alongside said materialistic innovations, has gotten waaaay out of hand, to the point where it is now making us (and other species and ecosystems), very, very sick, on all levels of being. We find ourselves stuck in the situation where our group complacency has put us at a grave disadvantage, vulnerable to the continued whims of the elite few whom we have worshiped and given our power to (again, for too long) and we are now reaping the results as they execute their well-honed plans for world domination. We are being hounded and herded into our homes under the guise it is ‘in our best interests’ and fed all kinds of BS to keep us in a state of perpetual panic. BUT! They didn’t count on so many of us retaining enough past life memories (and associated superpowers) to know exactly what they were up to this time round and that we are not going to let it happen (again). Not on our watch. Enough of us have actually been doing our deep personal work and clearing ourselves to the point where we simply will not back down and cower in fear anymore. Our individual and collective energies are growing and strengthening by the day and once all the wounding is healed and all of humanity has come to its senses, we will offer a challenge the likes that shadow has never seen. A-FRIKKING-HO.

It’s not an almighty flood (Atlantis) but it is very definitely (still) connected to the water element. Coronavirus sabotages the respiratory system to create symptoms similar to pneumonia, so one effectively ‘drowns’ in their own mucus. Coincidentally, the lungs are about grief, trust and the baggage we drag forwards with us from the past.

Are we learning our lessons yet? While it may look like a big fat ‘not yet’, I truly hope we can turn this around so it becomes a ‘finally, hell yessss’.

This is in fact, an incredibly blessed time to be alive. Yes, we may feel like we are living out a scene (or several) from World War Z, The Apocalypse or some other end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-themed film and many are scared witless with uncertainty most of the time, but without radical change and challenging of the status quo, nothing ever gets the chance to get better.

Pain always precedes healing. It’s the #1 rule of the universe.

Despite the devoted efforts of the ‘powers that be’, we are in reality, holding strong and riding out the storm much better than what they are ‘reporting’. Despite mainstream media doing its darndest to keep us paralyzed and anxious, all I am seeing is beauty, community and complete strangers showing up and giving a sh*t to help the weak and the aged. Apart from a few f-tards who were always going to lose it if their football was threatened, the majority of people are applying their spiritual beliefs in the most practical of ways and a truckload of practical people are applying their newfound spirituality, in equally inspiring amounts. And this is exactly what was needed – and what has been forecast in the stars for years also by the way. Those who needed to focus less on materialism and status and open their hearts to the world of Spirit, would; and those who needed to focus less on astral traveling and more on grounding and practical application, are.

We are embracing the universal calling to develop the undeveloped/unevolved parts of ourselves and come together to share and co-create in a whole new light (literally). Take that shadow!

Forcing us to hole up in our homes is actually the best thing you can do for those of us who trust in all things destined, including life after death. We will actually become empowered by this act because we now have more time to meditate, set our sacred intentions and get busy communicating telepathically with one another. Not being around one another physically, won’t have the big impact they hope it will because we know we are always energetically together.

So. This week, even though I think our attention is better channeled into the moment and less on what the stars have to say, they are shining in our favour. Where we place our focus is paramount if we are to allow these seeds to take hold and flourish. Watch your thoughts, keep them clear and high, resonate towards positivity and hope and be kind to yourselves and one another.

The Aries new moon on Tuesday 24 kicks off not only a new decade but a new Epoch because it heralds absolute and new beginnings, the rising and expressing of passion and personal power and embodies the element of fire which dissolves the old in order to forge the new. Luckily for us, fire is no friend to viral infection, plus, it is the very portal through which full transformation takes place. Get out in the sun whenever you can and breathe yourself in the present moment.

It’s not so much the virus that is going to change our world; like an earthquake, it’s the aftershocks that will. 2020 is our generations' line in the sand.

While the coming days for us all are uncertain and will no doubt be full of upset and uprising, deep in our hearts and our guts, we know things needed to reset. This is why so many with an already established spiritual practice, are feeling the rising of anticipation and promise, despite current circumstances. This does not mean there is no compassion or disregard for those who are suffering of course, it means that when we focus on the future and hold strong to implement the changes that must be made, we don’t lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Brothers and sisters may fall by our sides but we keep soldiering forwards regardless with sacred swords in hand, because we know and trust that sacrifice is part of the journey and that our diligence and devotion to the highest collective cause and to birthing a world that will serve and honor all others, will always be rewarded.

Honestly, the best thing you can do now is relax into 'what is'. As hard as that may be for many, if you keep stressing and fighting (in your body and within your mind), you will just drain precious energy. We’re all in the birthing canal right now, getting ready to crown (to corona/to open); there’s no point fighting this phase because you will exhaust yourself. Try and merge with the contractions, drop into Divine mind-state, breathe into the call of expansion and stay connected to Mother Earth and all your healing practices as best you can.

We’ve been in ‘training’ for this moment for a long time in actuality, studying, teaching, remembering our gifts and sharing them with one another on platforms, in circles and via various gatherings. Just because we can’t sit in physical formation with each other now, doesn’t mean it’s all been for naught; rather, this is precisely why. We have been preparing for this moment, in this lifetime, since claiming our purpose. It’s why we reincarnated for this chapter in Herstory. Our commitment to Great Spirit and the Divine Light is what will see us all through and it will keep us all connected, telepathically and energetically, for shadow cannot affect us on that level. No matter how hard it tries – and it has for eons – it cannot erode our intent nor our love.

Unless we let it of course. Just because we are ‘separated’ in our own homes, being told to keep our distance in the street and encouraged to suspect one another as a possible source of ‘infection’, our higher selves know better and we know that is just part of the grand illusion.

Remember what FEAR is – False Evidence Appearing Real. The only reality is LIGHT.

NOTHING and NO-ONE can harm us when we stay in our hearts and stay in LOVE. If we are required to self isolate and wait it out till the next part of the ‘game’ is revealed, then we do so with full attention. We develop our skills, we communicate through our networks and we build one another up in preparation for the day of reckoning we have known is coming for a long time.

We wait and we worship and we do not weaken.

Life always finds a way and as we keep building our courage and leading by example so that others can also find and express their truth and their personal power, we step closer and closer towards the soul revolution that was always coming our way. To manifesting heaven on earth.

I taught my first free online yoga class on Saturday and will be offering another on what is possibly one of the most profoundly activating days of this year – April 4. The 4:4:4 code heralds the next layer of sacred knowledge entering our sphere of consciousness. Like Source streaming live, literally. Netflix pales in comparison, so I hope you can join me – at 4pm of course (Sydney time) – for a deeply nourishing and inspiring shamanic yoga practice. Here’s the link:

Sending you all so much love and strength and remember to reach out if you need support or healing. For a limited time, I am offering heavily discounted sessions online to help during these trying times; $100 for 1 hour, via phone or Zoom. My pricing is usually $300 for a 90-minute session. Scroll down to the Remote Healing Session tag. I’d love to connect with you so please don’t be shy. Here's the link:

This is a time to action our knowledge, to apply both our practical and spiritual selves and to take full responsibility as the divine co-creators and multi-taskers that we are.

Also please be aware that relying solely on your empathic powers and ‘will’ to cancel or deflect any pathogen out of your energy field – not just COVID-19 – is not just crazy, it’s (another) form of spiritual bypass. This is not (just) an ascension moment, it’s a multi-dimensional rite of passage manifesting as a very real bodily threat to the millions whose energies are not 100% healthy or aware. Hence, we need to combine practices to address all four layers of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – to create multi-tiered protection for ourselves. If you rely upon (or empower only) one layer and neglect the others, you don’t create full containment or resilience.

PHYSICALLY: Nourish your body with good food, supplements, beach time and sunshine if you can and plenty of rest. Nana naps are now well and truly justified.

MENTALLY: Meditate daily, do yoga and apply simple pranayama (nadi shodhana is great) to calm the mind, clear the lungs and help regulate your nervous system.

EMOTIONALLY: Embrace all that you are with loving kindness, practice forgiveness as you own and resolve your stories and connect with loved ones and friends to heal any familial wounds remaining.

SPIRITUALLY: Last but definitely not least, surrender to your soul’s wisdom, to the essence of who you are and ask Creator to ground your truth and help you stay in trust so you may keep going onwards and upwards with grace and ease.

Keep safe and positive and keep doing your work!






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