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Say "Yes" by saying "No"

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It’s been another interesting week, full of intrigue, insight and inspiring moments as humans around the world continue to wake up and step up into their light. This is wonderful and heart-warming to witness and yet among all this rising up and getting real, there are still so many focused on stretching the bands of division even further. After being accused of all manner of conspiracy and cockamamey-ness since speaking out on my platforms in opposition to the mainstream narratives, it truly is all water off a duck’s back to me now and it’s all thanks to this one special ‘secret’; one so simple you’ll kick yourself. Would you like to know?

It’s your ability to say “No”.

When we say “no” to someone or something, we are essentially saying “yes” to creating space for the new. That may be a new situation, a new relationship (or phase/revelation within an existing one), a new career path or just a new way of communicating within ourselves as we work to unravel inherited patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve our growth.

Saying “no” can liberate us from the bonds of karma and open up a whole new world of potentiality.

The ‘trick’ however, is to do this with love – for ourselves and the other person/s or situation – and not with any residual ill-will, anger, codependent or enabling habits or variations of fear (such as procrastination and doubt). When we say no, it must come from that place of deep knowing that we are worthy of the freedom we seek by detaching from said situation or person/s. We must be grounded in the energies of self respect and authenticity if we are to establish clear and clean boundaries in all our interactions and for all involved.

Trust is a precursor to saying no because when you trust yourself – and I mean implicitly, not just when it’s convenient, trendy or you’re backed up against a wall and feel you have no other option – something miraculous happens. You stop worrying and you start believing in yourself, in other people and essentially trusting in the ‘grand plan of life’ again.

You start believing in the good things because you trust everything that happens (or doesn’t happen), is for a very specific and higher universal reason and that just because your conscious lower-monkey-mind can’t understand the intricacies of the multiverse and all that it offers in any now moment, doesn’t automatically mean that the multiverse doesn’t exist. Or that just because something has happened before in the past, that it is destined to rehash like groundhog day and destroy all mankind over and over again.

Now here’s the catch: this “No”, needs to be a conscious choice, meaning, it needs to be felt, embodied and expressed from the heart; not the head.

When we stop saying “yes” to everything and everyone, several things happen on the psychological, physiological and energetic levels.

First, your adrenals start to breathe a sign of relief as all that physical tension you’ve been holding onto, accumulating and packing away by saying “yes sir, yes sir, three bags full” on repeat, finally gets to soften and excrete. Your spleen also starts unraveling and this is very important because when this organ is relaxed, it influences your blood quality and blood sugar levels, hormonal secretions and all the ways you receive, integrate and give. Spleen is the meridian that governs the flesh, feelings and emotional freedom. It is also all about establishing and maintaining deeper levels of self care and self nourishment, emotionally and energetically, therefore any old and ingrained patterns of depletion and self sabotage for example, will directly affect our decisions connected to how we nurture ourselves as well as who (and what) we choose to support us.

Poor quality food = poor quality blood. Poor quality relationship with self = poor quality relationships with others. You get the picture.

Secondly, when you step off the people-pleaser-merry-go-round, your nervous system gets to drop a notch (or five, depending on how anxious you were to begin with), and we all know it takes way more energy to hold onto our trauma than it does to let it go, so that should be a no brainer. And speaking of the brain, when the sympathetic NS starts to loosen its reins and allow the parasympathetic NS system to rise up, we suddenly start seeing windows of opportunity open from within the mind. Visceral feelings begin to take priority over intellect and that can only be a good thing when for instance, so many are being asked to open their minds and tap into their heart wisdom to get them through these challenging life circumstances right now. Finding your center and clearing the cobwebs that clutter our thought processes, how we perceive and then how we react (or ideally, respond), is intimately connected to how sedated and balanced all our nervous channels are; that is, the SNS (sympathetic), PSNS (para-sympathetic) and somatic and autonomic systems.

Energetically, when you start embodying the frequency of true heart-centered trust and finding your soul voice, your chakras will begin to regulate and start releasing the dense frequencies that have been stored within them also. These toxins manifest as stagnant belief systems, accumulated fears, various forms of judgment (of self and others) and any number of mind-body-spirit pain stories, affecting all levels of your being. When these things have been coagulating inside us for awhile, it begins to have a detrimental effect on the health of our endocrine/glandular system in particular because each chakra connects to a specific gland. For example, heart chakra = thymus; solar plexus chakra = adrenals; and third eye chakra = master pineal and pituitary glands. By standing up for yourself and saying ‘no’, you re-balance and empower the chakras that govern will power, confidence and your sense of soul identity, namely the root, sacral and solar plexus’.

Saying "no" (with love) activates your "I am safe", "I am worthy" and "I am powerful" inner dialogues.

So you can see, you aren’t saying “no” just for the sake of being argumentative or defying authority, you are in truth, manifesting a whole new level of mind-body-soul experience for yourself. You are returning to your natural state of being where you remember you are not alone and that you are an infinite spark of consciousness expressing itself through a series of diverse and seemingly random human experiences. Saying "no, thank you" is your birthright, so remember to express your truth and create your sacred space, step by step, breath by breath and word by word, in every single moment.

And remember to always do this with LOVE and without any fear or attachment to the outcome because from that intention and with that level of attention, no-one and no-thing can harm you; nor can you harm any-one or any-thing. This is the very definition of Yoga, of AHIMSA (non-violence), to self and all sentient beings.

We’ve all been preoccupied with our own personal journeys since 2020 began and at this point now, I get the sense that many are feeling a completion of sorts, like they haven’t felt before. I certainly am. For me, it’s the feeling that I’ve come full circle and I know it is because of all that this year has offered (so far). I have put in the hard work and effort to investigate my motivations, shed my stories around not being enough, revisited my intentions to ensure I am always serving from love and not projecting my own fears and faced any residual wounds that were still waiting in the wings, so that I could transform them into my medicine. It’s been uncomfortable and confronting but also immensely satisfying as each rite of passage has simultaneously pulled me apart and put me back together and I think this is a really important point to reiterate to people who are yet to embark on their vision quests. Healing the self requires disintegration and dismantlement of the ‘old you’, otherwise all you’re doing is spak-filling the holes in your heart and pretending you’ve dealt with the past.

In fact, I would go so far to say that reclaiming your sovereign self actually demands you say “no” in order to manifest a “yes”.

How to reach this space of deep peace and acceptance for yourself is something that I will be sharing more about in coming weeks. These will be invaluable qualities to cultivate because October is going to be an intense month with many things coming to a head. Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow flows in this hump day, quickly followed by the Aries Full Moon, with it's ruling planet Mars also in retrograde. You'll need to 'temper your temper' and work to align your inner dialogue with the actual words that come out of your mouth (or onto paper/keyboard) as anger issues rise up from the collective. Luckily the Sun is in Libra and Chiron is conjunct the moon, so this will bring some soothing balance and healing balms to any wounds that may manifest when tongues fork and fire.

On Friday I am offering a FREE Zoom talk on Tinnitus for anyone who either suffers from this or knows someone who does (friend, family or client). This 'condition' has multi-layers and is not just about hearing loss nor 'ascension' symptoms. I'll be joining the dots between the medical and spiritual explanations. Here's the link if you wish to tune in:

Topic: Tinnitus Talk

Time: Oct 2, 2020 06:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Meeting ID: 848 5257 3109

Passcode: 053969

As light warriors and star seeds in possession of multi-dimensional memories and expanded energetic abilities, we can see through all the illusions that are playing out in 3D right now and we understand on the higher levels that it is because of these very ‘realities’, that we are being provided with ample opportunities to speak our truth and recalibrate our support systems (both inside and out). We actually welcome all that is unfolding now because it is confirmation that the old ways of being are dissolving and decaying, at last.

All we need do is elevate our perceptive powers, remain vigilant and disciplined and exercise discernment at every corner because this is how we transform density to lightness. When we look at the darkness and choose to not deny, deflect or shy away from it but instead embrace it as a lost, forgotten, separated, stolen or renounced part of ourselves (both individually and collectively), we can begin to re-integrate it with understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love.

When we allow ourselves to rest in all that we are first (and often all that we have been in this human past as well as past life expressions), we can begin reweaving the tapestry of our own soul back together and remembering that unity consciousness isn’t something that exists outside of us. We remember that we are unity consciousness.

A gentle reminder that I will be offering casual classes ($30 cash) during these school holidays held on Monday (Sept 28 and Oct 5), Wednesday (Sept 30 and Oct 7) and Friday (Oct 2 and 9) at 9:30am and Sunday (Oct 4 and 11) at 4pm. Please FB message or email me to reserve your spot.

Next term will commence Monday October 12 and run till December 20 (10 weeks). $300 for one class per week; $350 for two. Pre-payment secures your spot. Class times will be: Monday and Friday 9:30am; Wednesday 6pm and *new time of 4:30pm for Sundays to accommodate for daylight savings (and give you that extra time at the beach with family!).

Here’s the link to the Sydney Morning Herald article on Saturday 27 that I was interviewed for if you’re interested in reading. Another version was printed in the Sun Herald (Extra section), but my content wasn’t included in that one because of spacing restrictions apparently.

Just to reiterate what I stand for and for the benefit of my new subscribers: I am not a QAnon follower or advocate; I believe there has been a bad virus this year but it isn’t pandemic-worthy; I believe our government system for the most part, is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg; re vaccines, I am pro-choice; re masks, I think they are best worn by surgeons, the elderly and immune-compromised, cowboys, bank robbers and fancy dress goers; I am a yoga activist who promotes freedom of speech and equal rights for all (although I admit, I struggle applying this to pedophiles and those who abuse animals) and I most certainly do not consent to mandatory anything. And if any of the above brands me a heretic, frankly, I don’t give a ratsasana.

Sending you all blessings for a grounded and graceful week and remember that no matter what happens, don’t ever lose your sense of humor!





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