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Patience Grasshopper

JULY 20 – JULY 26



It’s all about these two words this week.


Been heavy, headachey and hard of heart these past seven days? Well that’s good because that is confirmation that you’ve been receiving and integrating the next wave of powerful and enlightening energies that have been streaming in.

We’ve been simultaneously clearing and re-calibrating our energies and that was always going to be exhausting. Our physical bodies can only absorb so much energy at a time so when it all gets too much, we collapse into our trauma, into our vulnerabilities and into the next layer of debris that’s stored in our cells. This is an intense part of our healing journey but a necessary phase because without connection to each part of the journey, we miss the chance to take accountability for our part in co-creating with the universe. And that is ultimately the only way to restore balance and stability in the long run.

The patriarchal paradigms of the past have well and truly proven themselves to be done and dusted and whilst the verdict is still out on exactly how the future’s going to turn out, the best thing we can do right now is focus on the present moment. To maintaining our sane and working through the triggers, fears and patterns that hold us back and keep us small. Controlled. Asleep. That way, we build our awareness of what is and are less likely to be fooled or coerced by someone or something that might look ‘too good to be true’. When we have walked through (and triumphed) our own dark nights of the soul, we are not so easily manipulated.

So this month we have a rare event with a second New Moon in Cancer. The first coincided with the solar eclipse and solstice on June 21 (at zero degrees) and now tomorrow (Monday 20), we have the second one (at 28 degrees) and on a #13 universal date that represents the Divine Feminine.

The number 20 represents this decade and year of course, but it also represents harmony, unity and the bringing together of opposites. It invites us to step into the present moment with a sense of equanimity and a rekindled desire to see both ‘sides’ involved, respected for their unique views and how their beliefs and systems can benefit the collective. It’s about next level fairness and putting aside personal disgruntlements for the benefit of the tribe.

New moons are about new beginnings. They are a call to action to let go of any attachments that no longer serve, especially those relating to structure and systems (because Saturn, the planet of breaking down structures, is opposite this new moon). It’s time to dismantle any remaining patriarchal crap and bring all to balanced order, utilizing the nurturing energies of the Divine (Cancerian) Mother. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is a highly sensitive and empathic sign, often prone to shyness and insecurity, so during this lunation, take care to not over react or read too much into things that people say/do or don’t say/do. Don’t take things personally basically and this is a challenge for many because so much of the horrific things that are being exposed right now (in regards to human trafficking and pedophilia for example), are definitely triggering peoples own wounded stories (naturally) and making them feel abused and traumatized all over again. Remember to speak gently yet insistently and always move with compassion and patience so as to avoid polarizing or upsetting people. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, so there is always going to be someone who takes your message the wrong way and if/when this happens, remember that each one of us is responsible for ourselves now and that many of us are being used as instruments of god in some rather mysterious ways; with the view to waking others up and helping them clear their karmic stories.

Again, don’t make it personal and don’t take it personally.

The influence of Chiron (the sacred healer) conjunct Mars will help soothe any rawness that may arise by connecting us to our heart’s courage and uniting our conscious healer with our inner warrior. This will drive us ahead with renewed confidence and with less (or no) fear. When we resolve our personal issues with one another and start appreciating others for the gifts and insights they can offer – even if we don’t consciously understand them completely – we create the space for re-uniting all tribes and co-creating the new earth that we so often speak and dream about.

As the Divine Mother, Cancer is represented by the Crab, meaning she will hide away to avoid conflict, seeking refuge in her shell if she feels hard done by or misunderstood. The shadow side of Cancer is to dig in and not deal with what needs to be dealt with and whilst this appears to others as ignorance, arrogance or avoidance, in truth it’s really just them feeling hyper vulnerable and not knowing how to express themselves. When Cancer feels hurt, they can really take it to the next level but this is (more often than not) because they are afraid of rejection and change (that they didn’t volunteer for). In these instances, Cancer can benefit from taking a risk and speaking their truth (even if in snippets and with a snap), as a way to slowly claim back their power, otherwise they will risk becoming bitter and disconnected from their heart, their purpose and their brethren. The main message from Cancer for all of us this month – because we all have it in our chart somewhere – is to nurture ourselves, be loving and kind, accept one another (faults and all, because none of us is perfect) and strive to be living embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

This second new moon in Cancer is a repeat chance for us all to start afresh and to take full responsibility for our thoughts, deeds and evolving energies.

The new moon is also in opposition to Saturn (which is now in retro till Dec when it moves into Aquarius for 3 years) and this offers us all the chance to take responsibility for our lives. Saturn takes 30 years to go around the zodiac and now it is in its own sign of Capricorn again for a few more months. This is a very definite call to action, a call for us to work on projects to complete them and finish what we started. In relation to current world circumstances, you could interpret this as a call to love-based revolution as the people finally rise up from slavery to reclaim their sovereign power. It’s time to finish what our souls’ started many lifetimes ago and that is to finally see heaven manifest on earth. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the goat is all about taking care of goals, so with this planetary opposition, the energy is there to help strengthen Cancers’ resolve to love itself, keep striving and thriving and also to try and forgive and forget the past. Because time is too short to hold grudges and our time here on earth is better spent transmuting pain rather than feeding it.

Suggestions for this week? Don’t spread yourself too thin. Nurture yourself so you can be there to hold others but don’t put your own goals aside in favor of looking after others because it’s not about being in servitude anymore, it’s about being in service (to your soul self). Be self responsible and be aware of any tendencies to play the martyr or the victim. 2020 is about seeing the truth and the light and allowing it to shine truth through the illusions, so make time to reflect on what you discover and then surrender heart and soul to it.

This is you walking the path of self mastery.

Your best guiding force through this awakening, is love. Connect with yourself as the source of love that unites all sentient beings. Embrace your I AM presence, in each moment, because that is where your infinite and invisible powers, become tangible and real. Create from the heart with complete joy and happiness and a deep knowing of who you are.

And remember, when you are in your I AM presence, no-one and no-thing can harm you.

We need to start living from a place of no fear, no suffering and no separation and Saturn as the governor of time, heralds the end of humanity living in these outdated and stagnant vibrations. It’s a great combo with Cancer because it supports the transformation of any old emotional wounding, into present day healing medicine.

Know yourself as the source of light and love that is now shattering the timeworn illusions. This new moon asks you to get in touch with your true feelings, to stop trying to control life and just trust in the divine plan. To DO YOU. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to identify with anything or anyone, other than Source. Understand that beliefs are limiting and that they only separate us because comparison begets separation and that’s when judgment and conflict begin. Trust your intuition more than ever now and follow the path that honors your truth and your souls’ journey.

Cancer is about coming home to yourself. About accepting yourself and then others, when you’re at peace with yourself. This is how you draw others to you because when your vibration is high, you attract others who resonate with that energy.

As with all new moons, it’s a good time to set your intentions and reset your goals to ensure they are still aligned with your highest values. Everything we do now lays the next pillars of foundations for humanity, co-creating a conscious legacy for our children and their children. We are all custodians of this earth and the only way we can make sure the earth we envision, comes to pass, is by stepping up and participating in breaking the old structures that have asphyxiated and sedated us for so long.

School goes back this Tuesday and therefore my next term of yoga classes commences as well. All classes will be at the studio now. I have one spot for Monday 9:30am, one for Wednesday 6pm and one for Friday 9:30am, so be quick!

Sending you all love and peaceful vibes for the week ahead.





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