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One Step At A Time

Nothing 'beats' the wisdom gleaned from deliberate (and often painstaking) personal work.

Most of us know that all systems we have been raised on that include the medical, educational, governmental, scientific and environmental, are all constructs created within the fourth dimension. This is why they are dismantling now as we as light workers of all descriptions, relentlessly shine light and illumination into them.

No matter how many books one reads, lectures one attends and exams one sits for (and passes), NOTHING can compare to the inner KNOWING that comes once information has been absorbed, filtered and integrated.

And from there, the knowledge needs to be EMBODIED as personal WISDOM of course, otherwise what we 'learn', just ends up becoming a state of energetic limbo almost, something we grasp in our minds, but haven't fully integrated into our hearts.

This is the work of all light warriors right now. To take their understandings and perceptions of 'reality' and deconstruct every fiber of the illusionary tapestry until each thread is revealed on its own, for what it truly is.

This is obviously not easy because it involves incredible patience, compassion with self (and for the systems and those people connected to them who are often unconscious) and unwavering courage as we unravel layer after layer of 'truths' that we have been fed for generations, but that our soul understands, are no longer serving the highest good of the collective.

I believe the inability or unwillingness for many 'healers' and teachers (of various modalities) to do this deeper level of confronting personal work, is why we are seeing so much separation within our global communities.

Because the 'healing' arena is again, another 'system' - albeit rooted more in Nature and higher consciousness. It is still attached to the synthetic 'medical' one in a way, because it has been deliberately manipulated for nefarious means and to the advantage of an elite few; but also with one foot planted in the 'Mother Nature' camp as well. It has been polluted over time, ridiculed, dissected, inverted and put back together again in multiple attempts to destroy and discredit it altogether of course, but it has retained its integrity and stood the test of time because it is ultimately, the 'superior' system. The organic one and no synthetic, man-made alternative, will EVER over ride Mother Nature's cache of remedies. NEVER.

Those who have little to no understanding of how the human body works (or how energy works), would be excused from the table with compassion for not trusting or comprehending the ancient healing ways, but those who profess to be experts in such things, who say they are 'wise to the ways of the earth', in truth, have not a leg to stand on to defend their support of things such as covert19 for example.

Any clear and intuitive spiritual practitioner would have seen right through that illusion to its synthetic core, because they aren't moving just from knowledge and 'facts' - there are LIVING AS their accumulated WISDOM.

Now don't get your knickers in a twist and say that's judgmental and mean because it's not, nor is it intended to be. It's a shamanic Truth. The shaman understands that the 3 causes of illness feed from either power loss, soul loss or spiritual possession and that these things can only be re-balanced and integrated through communion with Nature and connecting to the Ancestors.

Everything can be traced back to its source of dis-empowerment when you return to your own soul essence.

We know that everybody is exactly where they need to be right now as far as soul evolution goes, but there's a big elephant in the room (still) that needs to be addressed and that is SELF RESPONSIBILITY. This is actually what Yoga for instance, is all about. Our ability-to-respond, from the higher states of awareness, and choosing the path of 'universal investigator of Truth' at all times; even (or especially) when it presses all our human buttons and brings up resistance in the form of ego 'right' and 'wrong'.

We CANNOT move to higher states of consciousness, unless we surrender our (lower) mind and embrace our (higher) heart and we do that by acknowledging our purpose and gifts in this lifetime.

Now I'm not talking getting all your certificates, wax-stamped diplomas and university ducks in a row from that 'head' perspective because all that stuff actually means diddly squat to Source. I'm talking about being prepared to let go of all that you have 'learned' so far, all that you think you know, expanding your boundaries to beyond your previous imaginings and finding the courage deep within to open yourself to another realm of possibility completely. To take a (quantum) leap of faith basically and embrace life and yourself, like never before.


When you are able to un-apologetically stand up and say "This is who I AM, a divine sovereign being with NO master (other than SELF because THAT is true self-mastery), you instantaneously align your entire being and karmic blueprints with the highest and lightest trajectories. Dreams become a 'given' and the old ways of being, control and fear, can no longer hook into your personal energetic system to bring you down.

All you have to do is be willing to forget all you have learned and give yourself permission to embrace this wise one within. To admit you were 'wrong' - although we're never wrong as such, we just make decisions in moments with the level of consciousness we have at the time - and be willing to remember your previous incarnations as a WARRIOR of LIGHT.



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