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One Size (Does Not) Fit All



It's such a ridiculous claim really isn't it. So why do we fall for this marketing ploy, this veiled attempt to "homogenize" the human race?

For quite a few years now, the fashion industry has been pushing the "one size fits all" concept and I have to wonder, is this their honest attempt to make those who might be a "little larger/smaller than the average person", feel more comfortable and included or is there something more sinister to it than that. Some subliminal message that we haven't picked up on yet but that has deliberately been woven into mankind's matrix alongside all the other agendas that we have, up till now, been blind to. I could be getting paranoid but let's dive in and see what comes up anyway.

The thing is, we are all individuals.

We weren't designed to be replicas of one another, that's actually what the AI/Transhumanism agenda wants, not we the people. "Manufactured", "cloned" and "duplicated" are the anti-thesis of Creator Source, of God energy, and this helps explain why the anti-christ agenda is so determined to make synthetic versions of people. Because it serves their purpose which is to offend the very essence of Divine CREATION.

Humans are actually the most intelligent bio-computers, (divinely) genetically programmed to assimilate all experiences through a set of highly sensitive "antennae" if you will, that allow us to process food, thoughts, emotions, information, concepts, medicines and weather differently from one person to the next. I can't speak for everyone but I assume I'm not alone in my not wanting to inhabit a world where all of us are stripped bare of anything that makes us, us.

To me, that would be a living nightmare. Existing, if even that.

This is a big part of why it's so important we each find our own brand of special immediately if not sooner and start waking up and speaking out against everything that is happening in the world we share that threatens to morph us all into carbon-cardboard cutout's of one another, because if we don't (and putting it mildly), the outcome is not going to be pretty.

Everything on the earth plane is up for re-calibration at present and timelines are shifting faster than a speeding bullet. It's enough to give one spiritual whiplash.

We can see how this collective dismantling is manifesting every day in the way more and more corporations and big businesses are being exposed for malpractice, how the educational and medical systems that have controlled humanity for so long, are slowly failing to provide believable (and irrefutable) answers to this plan-scam-demic and how we are witnessing more people on the streets, strangers and friends, communicating and relating to one another with more authenticity. Thankfully more people are coming out of their covid-comas to realize something is definitely awry and this is what we want because everything needs to be pulled down to the ground and completely deconstructed before it can be cleansed and re-invented into a higher and more loving architecture.

We need to be having the uncomfortable conversations in order to initiate growth and learning.

This present blue-moon-slash-Beltane-slash-Samhain window, is certainly bringing next level dregs to the surface and whilst for many that might initially bring up panic and resistance to not wanting to face what is, it's important to remind ourselves in the midst of the storm that eventually everything passes. It's the one constant in life; nothing stays the same and nothing is completely static. Every phase of every journey, every puzzle-piece of every unpredictable and inconceiveable pattern, is a necessary one - comfortable or convenient for us or not - ultimately serving to co-create an overall shift that results in deeper awareness and healing for all life. I repeat the word "eventually" here because I'm not saying this happens overnight.

And while I'm on the subject, nothing ever "returns to normal" after any kind of catharsis be it man-made or nature based because the very word was invented - infused onto this plane via spellcraft like most of our language in fact - by those who have been oppressing us for eons in an effort to control our minds and bodies and dampen our soul's potential. To pigeon-hole us into oblivion and to the point where we start defining ourselves by routines and patterns in order to feel included. This just manifests the illusion of "safety in numbers" which is a form of avoidance in itself, like we (näively) think that if we stay in formation, we can somehow escape karma or avoid catching the attention of God.

I see the word "normal" feeding into the primal fear all species have of being the unlucky one on the day that gets plucked off the sidelines by the waiting predators, just like anxious Wilderbeest crossing croc-infested waters. Whoever stands out, whoever looks more interesting, whoever doesn't fit the standard mold and is on the outskirts "being different", risks getting caught.

The conditioning is, "it's better to blend in and be normal so you don't attract unwanted attention".

This is the juncture we find ourselves facing now with so many people rising from their programmed slumbers and looking around at events and each other, like they've woken up in the middle of Armageddon. To the person who has never challenged the status quo or stepped outside the box let alone questioned why the box is there in the first place, what's going on is naturally going to trigger every reflex in their system and make them cling to normality out of sheer desperation and fear. We need to be patient and compassionate with those in this situation because it takes time to unshackle ourselves, find our feet and then press them into the earth with trust again and everyone has to do this in their own way. Then we (all) have to get used to being (and feeling) "free", to working as a collective unit and not just for ourselves, plus shedding the beliefs that stop us expressing our personalities because that knowing has been suppressed in our collective psyche for civilizations.

For many, that is such an unfamiliar space to occupy (or even consider), that yes, much to the horror of many others, they would choose captivation over liberty because fear is the only tongue they have ever understood.

They would prefer to live on their knees than die on their feet. You know the saying I'm sure.

However! Lots more people this week have been drawing their personal lines in the sand and this is so inspiring to see. They are deliberately making more time to investigate their own feelings and reactions to all that is unfolding across the globe, especially leading up to the US elections on November 3rd and with the increase of all these "Tinkerbell" lights switching on around the planet, another energetic upgrade automatically manifests for everyone.

When we start believing in ourselves, we start believing in what we previously perceived as impossible.

By the time the sacred November 11:11 portal opens up, we will be ready (and grateful) to receive more support from the cosmic councils, who by the way, are watching all that is unfolding on earth right now and funneling huge amounts of light activation in for us to access. As usual, all we need do is ask and then give ourselves permission to receive. We are supposed to be moving ourselves towards "spiritual maturity" through this whole "ascension" process after all, yet many still appear to be getting caught up in the "he said, she said" and "my opinion's more valid than yours" stories.

Get over your stories dear one and get on with what you came here to do. THAT is your legacy.

It's been a big week on the home front with several exasperating situations occurring in our country that have angered and depressed many. The most distressing one was the desecration of the Dijab Wurrung Directions Tree in Victoria. This elder tree, a mighty "Fiddleback", and Her remaining surrounding "sisters" of equal age - between 350 and 800 years old - has apparently been a lifeline for generations of indigenous custodians. This act is nothing short of sacrilege and a direct insult to our first nation's people. Some are arguing that it didn't hold any significance and that the 12 local elders (from the Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation representing the ancestral groups in the area) even going on record stating such. There are always two sides to a story. Luckily a last minute High Court injunction resulted in the remaining trees - including two birthing trees - being saved and the highway having to carve a new route. It's quite disgraceful really because in Japan when roadworks are faced with a similar situation, they actually wrap the tree up in cotton wool and transplant it elsewhere.

One thing is plain; that all land and beings are sacred and the destruction of any part of it is heart-breaking to the people of those lands. There is no separation between the indigenous and their country and it's high time our government starting respecting this and stopped repeating the mistakes of the past.

This tree is not just a tree, it is representative of what all of humanity currently faces, which is the intention to destroy the Divine Feminine, Mother God, in all Her forms.

Now more than ever, it's time to focus on what brings us together and what serves the greater good, not to mention, what helps us anchor the shared path and processes that will ensure our species continues to walk the earth in harmony, minus the shackles of enslavement we have had imposed upon us and imposed upon one another.

So this week, I've been been surprised at how timely my usual "predictions" have become. Within a few hours of suggesting that we were about to see an increase in self-help gurus being revealed as Cabal-affiliates, one outed themselves voluntarily on Instagram. Then another did the same the very next day, standing alongside the same icon the previous person has been linked to for decades, a woman who is known to be an active member of The Club of Rome. For those of you who don't know what The Club of Rome is, picture a select group of global billionaires (read: super psychopaths) who meet on the sly every now and again to discuss their latest plans to take over the world. I suspect one such outcome from their latest group meet was the rehearsal psyop "Event 201", which coincidentally preceded a "real pandemic" only 6 months later. It would be fascinating if it wasn't so messed up. Don't bother searching google for information on this either, they replaced any truth about such things with fake news long ago, as you'd expect with all the-up-to-the-eyeballs censorship going on.

The question has to be asked: why on earth would an individual who appears highly motivated, authentic and aligned with their soul sovereign self, ever volunteer to dim their light and lower themselves into a less conscious state of being, unless there was an ulterior motive?

Obviously spiritual leaders and their devotees are not immune to corruption after all, despite what we'd prefer to believe.

If we do end up being a "one size fits all" society in some capacity, I wonder if that would involve both a "corruption" and "vaccination" immunity passport?

I wonder if becoming absolute replicas of one another would provide a more cohesive sense of community and somehow eradicate any genetic predisposition to amorality, or if life would eventually end up fighting back like in Jurassic Park and all the dummies end up uncovering their innate spark of humanness from underneath the programmed layers of implants and heavy metals? I'm sure they've shown this in a movie before...

Yet here we are, in our 3D reality, seeing synthetics now being marketed to us in the same breath as TP and Jack Daniels; and labelled as equally "essential". Slowly and subtly they are attempting to erase all variety and diversity from our social reality, with a view to replacing it with monotone masses instead. Matching orange jumpsuits anyone?

Moving on, there's a lot of talk about the big event happening on December 21 this year, but there is actually another date that holds just as much if not more potency that you should be made aware of. November 13 carries the same rare frequency as the planetary alignment that occurred on January 12 this year with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and at the exact same 22 degree placement. These two cathartic masters will mirror the same positioning that took place then, effectively re-birthing "round two" for the benefit of collective transformation. Both Mars and Mercury will be stationed direct by then, allowing for deeper understanding, organic reciprocity and next level collaboration. It's also just before the next eclipse cycle rolls in with the New Moon in Scorpio. This one will be a prenumbral lunar eclipse on November 30 and it should be visible in Australia, weather permitting of course.

Hmmmm. Betcha can't wait for that hey?!!

Ophiuchus - the little-known 13th zodiac - then takes the reins from November 30 (till December 17) and being snuggled between Scorpio and Sagittarius and linked to the Sun core that lives inside Gaia, this promises even further alchemizing; but don't stress, this time it's positive. Ophiuchus will help us breathe into it all and support us along the next phase of our group trip down the "birth canal" if you like - although it often feels like it's the s-bend doesn't it. Stay in trust that we will come out the other side, better for it. A bit bruised as to be expected, but better for it. The only things I would suggest as prep is to get (and stay) grounded in Mother Earth for the rest of this year so you can sync in with more grace and ease as Her own planetary consciousness ascends.

Stay in your lane and send love unconditionally whenever and wherever you're called to.

Each one of us is awakening to who we truly are right now and despite all the tragedy, chaos, grief and shock so many are experiencing and/or witnessing, this is actually a blessing. It's an incredible time to be alive and to be able to offer ourselves in service as we are. We are all being given a "once-in-any-of-our-lifetimes" chance to elevate not only our personal energetic systems and level of consciousness, but to participate in supporting the very same for every other human being on the planet. We talk about "space-holding"? Well, this is our chance to really hold space like never before.

I feel it's time we started focusing on beauty and on our similarities and not our differences, because the more we divide ourselves, the longer the inevitable triumph will take.

Make time for self care over this weekend whilst the moon is pretty much full for almost 4 days and keep up your spiritual hygiene as well to ensure you are protected from all angles. Usually Taurus helps stabilize and anchor us, but with the influence of disruptive Uranus and the Sun in Scorpio (both at powerhouse number 8 degrees), we are going to feel a bit like a pressure-cooker needing to go off. Uranus rules Aquarius and The Age of Aquarius is all about energetic emancipation, so keep yourself tethered to the Truth (yours and universally) and keep breathing your roots down and this should help you ride out any rodeo bumps that (are pretty much guaranteed to) rise.

On a different note for a moment, I am launching my podcast "Denby Does Dharma" soon and in conjunction with this, will be offering a subscription-only Facebook Group of the same name. The current one will morph into this shortly and both men and women are welcome. In this special group I will share my daily downloads and insights, live videos and be available for 1:1 chat support and group Q&A's during the week. It will also be a space where you can share your stories and experiences in complete confidence, supported by like-hearted souls who are on similar paths.

I will cease sharing posts on my other FB pages as I have been doing, although my Denby Sheather page will remain open to the public to promote my events, thus making the information you receive by being a part of the "DDD tribe", even more exclusive. The annual membership will be affordable and worth it. Details of how to join the group will be shared across my social media accounts and in following newsletters soon, so stay tuned and I hope to see you in there when we go live!

The best way to stay in touch with me is through this weekly newsletter in case for some reason, I am censored and de-platformed as is happening to so many who are speaking truth right now. Also please feel free to invite your friends to sign up if you feel they would resonate with my work. Your support in helping me spread my message is always most appreciated.

Remember, you deserve so much more than "one size fits all", so don't ever sell yourself short, lose yourself in (or to) the crowd or the ego and certainly don't ever doubt the magic that your type of special brings into the world.

You are needed exactly as you are.



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