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Once Upon A Pisces




It’s been an interesting week that’s for sure as many of our concepts around family, security, possibility, expectation and manifestation have been challenged and upgraded.

We are in year where we need to be uber clear about what matters and what doesn’t.

I made the suggestion last week that you pay attention to your dreams and boy, was that on the money. I have been receiving messages all week from people relaying their visions and asking me to decipher them and having some doozies myself. Pisces has been a busy little star sign, that’s for sure!

I was at the movies on the weekend – saw Birds of Prey and yeah, don’t bother – and an advert for Bank Australia came up. It basically called people to become more aware of where their money goes and how they spend it/who they spend it with, because most of us have no idea what large corporations are affiliated with the everyday businesses we rely upon, such as supermarkets, chemists, health insurance providers, car dealers and of course, banks. It revealed how our ignorant (yet often innocent) purchases, contribute to supporting big companies in their mission to destroy the earth (via mining, logging) and harming animals (live export) for example and it really made me think thrice about whether I am contributing to the problem without realising it. So much is going on behind the scenes with multinationals shaking hands and doing deals behind our backs and using our money for evil not good that we never hear about, it's scary. I do believe being more attentive in this area of our lives is a big part of the next step we all need to take as a collective force, to break the chains of societal control and take back our power and our money and ensure we aren’t participating in things we don’t stand for, without knowing it.

My plan is to investigate this Bank Australia and if it comes up as honestly having a conscience, I will be changing banks this week because there is no way I will participate (willingly or unwittingly), to the harm of sentient beings and Mother Nature if I can help it with some small gesture like changing where my money sleeps. I hope this inspires you to dig a little deeper this week too – its’ what this new moon is all about after all – and manifest a new approach, a new way forwards, a clearer direction and life purpose for yourself, in this way, even if it might seem radical or small or insignificant.

Change always begins with the small, radical and seemingly insignificant decisions after all; and then it grows and expands!

There has been a lot of seismic and cosmic shifting this week as well, so if you have felt like you’re either swinging from one extreme vine to the other, caught on a nauseating merry-go-round or feeling like a frog in a blender, this has a lot to do with it. The Schumann resonance has definitely spiked again – this is the electromagnetic pulse of the earth – and that of course, affects our cells because we are made of the exact same matter. If you can tick headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia or anxiety off your list on a regular basis, please don’t panic (or automatically assume you have something medical going on) because this is all part of the great transformation we are all undergoing. As individuals first and then (preparing us) to be in service as stronger conduits within the collective. Of course always see your Doctor if symptoms persist.

It’s been interesting to watch what’s been happening in the media this week also.

Everything that could manifest, has been manifesting, from (even) wilder weather blasting our country (and others around the globe), to a horrendous murder-suicide motivated by yet another ‘surprise’ act of domestic violence and everything in between. All these things (on their own) are enough to make even the most seasoned of spiritual people among us question the integrity of mankind, let alone the reasoning behind karma. Of course there’s been the continued vacuous royal updates about Harry and Meghan and whether they’ll be allowed to “Hollywood-ise” The Firm – and thankfully (as I suspected) that was a big fat "ERRR-NO!" from Her Majesty – and panic about whether Japan will in fact pull the Olympics because of COVID-19. Personally, I don’t think they deserved to host them in the first place because of their atrocious behaviour regarding the IWC last year and their continued slaughtering of sentient beings! HELLO PEOPLE?! ETHICS?? Sport over species? What. The.

In a way, thank the goddess (and dare I say it), we can rely on Trump to break up the horrors we are witnessing every day because if nothing else, he is unbelievably amusing and always has something new and ridiculous to say.

For the past few weeks I’ve been getting ready to launch my first online mentoring course and as I collate all the things I want to share with my excited students, I can’t help but wonder what else is coming our way as 2020 continues to unfold with such intensity. I’ve been walking the healing path for over two decades and I have never witnessed the energies that are manifesting now – and neither have my peers with equal experience and ability. We are all astounded at how fast the dynamics are changing and how powerful (and wide spread) the changes are. It is of course, all part of Creator’s ‘master plan’ and we have to trust that and keep showing up as best we can, but naturally, the majority of people struggle with that and with processing events as they happen back to back to back. I don’t have all the answers – although I do have a lot of good intuitive and practical suggestions – but I can say that if you focus on being the clearest and healthiest that you can be, it will go a long way to keeping you ‘safe’ and protected; energetically, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ramping up our spiritual hygiene is a no-brainer and an absolute necessity now and this means getting yourself familiar with the conscious practices of daily smudging and meditating, using crystals for support, breathing properly (learning pranayama) and eating and living more sustainably. This moon also urges us to tread more lightly on the earth and to respect the water element by not polluting Mother Ocean with plastics, so if you haven't already, please consider ditching toxic takeaways for recycled and real.

Pisces is a water sign and all about unconditional love after all and we are being asked to show our love for all sentient beings by infusing our highest intentions and energies through all avenues and structures that need to be rewired. Again, what are you doing and are you contributing to the 'light' when you part with your hard earned cash?

Trust your intuition when you engage with your heart and what moves you. The unseen definitely impacts us. Just because we can't 'see' it clearly, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Mercury is encouraging us to share our knowledge of the hidden and the mysterious now, including the things that many are yet to clue up on and that may surprise or freak them out a bit. This means no more boundaries re expressing your voice and what you are able to intuit, as you walk your path in service to activating others. We also have Neptune and Jupiter sextile during this new moon offering massive growth and joyful (and just, fair) expansion, so really, what are we waiting for?

Our dreams are coming true now, we just need to be diligent and ensure that they don't come at the expense of others (all living beings that is), as it has for way too many generations before us.

Some energetic trivia for you now. In medical astrology, Pisces rules the lymphatics, the feet, colds and flus and hidden toxicity in general and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Triple Heater meridian is responsible for the function and regulation of lymph, blood, brain and synovial fluids plus the crystalline liquids that support the flow of Qi/Ki/Chi (however you want to spell it). It basically keeps all our body fluids moving and hence our water element in check, so when it is disrupted or disconnected, you can just imagine how awry internal communications can potentially go. This is exactly what happens when a virus decides to rise; it plays havoc with homeostasis and all the systems in place that maintain it.

Honour Mother Water and Mother Ocean and work to keep your own fluids clear, clean and hydrated, on all levels of your being this week especially.

The shadow side of Pisces is confusion, deception, addiction, illusion (and delusion) and not being able to see the truth; or being told it in the first place. With Neptune governing water, it is regarded as the ruler of viruses because of its quality of being able to spread, saturate and seep into everything. And of course, the (physical) human body is 65% water and our energetic body is pretty much 100% cosmic fluid.

Actually if you want to be really specific, our brain and heart are comprised of 73% water and the lungs about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, the muscles and kidneys 79% and our bones a watery 31%. We really are just animated and well dressed sacks of water walking around with an ego attached.

Pluto also governs viruses to a degree because of the whole death/rebirth vibe its got going on and remember this planet was instrumental back in January in co-creating the once-in-500-years frequency that changed all our lives. Viruses are always there, lurking in the background, but unfortunately we can’t see them until it’s too late. We all have these things laying dormant in our cells until a big enough trauma awakens it and enables it to express itself more obviously on ‘the surface' and at present, Pisces is acutely illuminating all the gunk that has been brushed under the collective carpet for too long.

To help transmute this energy using the power of Luna, on Sunday March 8th I will be holding a virtual Full Moon Medicine Circle (only $22, usually $50), so please have a look and make time to join me there as this remote healing work is just as powerful as if you are in the room with me. Well, you will be in the room with me, just in a different way! We'll be flushing our cellular matrix and activating some sleepy strands of DNA, so the more of us that come together to counteract this noxious vibration and receive this level of shamanic healing, the better.

As you know, MR is currently retrograde (in Pisces) and Mercury rules the star signs of Gemini and Virgo. Gemini governs the lungs and hands and Virgo, health and healing. Many viruses spread through touch and breath and this is exactly how COVID-19 is operating. Our breath is about truth, trust and hope and touch relates to heart-felt connections, forgiveness and love, so you can see, one doesn’t need to be an astrologer or Einstein, to get how all this is interconnected to the continued evolution of humanity.

So today – Sunday 23 – the Pisces new moon comes to town and with it comes the potential to scour out old fears, regrets and grudges, disappointment and feelings of betrayal, loss and rejection, shame and blame and a whole other lot of emotional debris and garbage to boot! Yep, the fun never ends.

The Sun (illumination) and New Moon (new beginnings) merge as one at 4 degrees in Pisces (spiritual rebirth) today, Mars (initiations) is in Capricorn (re-structuring) at 4 degrees and we are in a universal #4 year (2020). This creates an exciting 4:4:4:4 code, meaning our ability to manifest our ‘next level’, is amplified 4-fold today! Chiron (the wounded healer) is also in the picture (square Mars) and any time Chiron gets involved it heralds the opening of wider pathways, gateways and inner vistas that we weren’t able to perceive before. Astrolgoical squares cause friction and will activate anything that still needs to be cleared and healed as far as the collective path is concerned. This obviously expands our energetic horizons and helps lead us towards further completion and healing, if we are willing to put in the work required to develop ourselves. Squares are about challenging the status quo remember, agitating what needs to be dislodged so it can be cleared and resolved. A bit like pulling off the band-aid to flush the wound clean once and for all. It's uncomfortable for a moment or so, but afterwards we experience the relief and the reward of showing up to do what must be done.

The only boundaries to our success and happiness, will be the ones we choose to keep (unconsciously) holding up. Or covering up.

With this lunation – the fifth consecutive new moon at 4 degrees – the trick for all of us will be to sink in just enough to connect with the patterns that need to transform, but not so deep that we get swamped and start wallowing around in whatever quagmire comes up, because Pisces does have a tendency for melodrama and self flagellation sometimes. The reason emotions are rising to the degree they are right now is because it is high time to transmute them so we can move on and feel lighter, happier. It’s not until we free ourselves of our past emotional baggage that we can experience renewed creative flow, inspiration and a connection to where we are going and what we want to manifest for ourselves.

It’s hard though when we are weighed down with either grief, melancholy or overwhelming nostalgia – you know, the ‘could-of-would-of-should-of’ or ‘what if’ dialogues we all torture ourselves with at various times – plus the trans-seasonal humidity that is part and parcel of moving towards autumn (here in Australia). Our bodies feel lethargic, our minds sluggish and our hearts reticent of change. Everything seems to require more effort and more energy, but that is exactly how we need to feel because it’s all part of the bigger process to get us to shift our dynamic! We each manifest our own reality after all and if we aren’t pushed to our edges, agitated and hence made aware of where we are stuck and how we are resisting, we will never discover hidden talents, beauty or reclaim our power. Think of the humble pearl.

A really simple way to start shifting your vibration and take yourself out of the rut, is to start doing the little things differently. You know all the consequences of your repetitive actions after all because you’ve been repeating them for so long; there’s no room for growth anymore. So, it’s time to pull your big girl pants up and try a new approach, especially if you don’t want to keep walking that fine line between sanity and insanity.

The definition of insanity being: doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result!

For some this might be finding a spot to be by yourself (or with your beloved pet for some healing hugs), or surrounding yourself with people who make you smile, laugh and see new perspectives. If you can’t do that, listen to a light-hearted podcast or watch a film (a comedy, not dark or scary), basically just spend time doing something that lifts your spirits and fills your heart with love and positive vibes. Now is the time to own your ‘mistakes’ – although there is no such thing I believe, just often steep or winding learning curves – and keep working to forgive yourself and anyone associated with your past wounds so you don’t have to keep carrying that guilt uphill and forwards into the future.

Remember above all, to be gentle with yourself as we are all going through consecutive rites of passage now, even if we don’t recognise it. As the seasons shift, a whole new set of concepts, energies and practices and protocols flow in and moving from summer to autumn is one of the most agitating phases to navigate, mostly because it asks us to shed. The essence of the metal element, of contraction and elimination, draws us – our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and accumulated toxins – inwards and downwards to encourage a purging on all levels. This helps us prepare for winter, ensuring we don’t take any unnecessary drama into our caves and that we can hibernate, contemplate and regenerate as nature intends, yet in order to create the internal spaciousness that we need to feel lighter, calmer and emptied of all manner of debris, we must first confront the things we’ve been holding onto and pouring energy into.

It takes more energy to hold onto sh*t than it does to clear it out after all, so this time of year (in the Southern Hemisphere at least) invites deep reflection, raw honesty and holding ourselves accountable in order to grow as we know we need to.

I trust you are "all over it like a rash" and totally up for the task, so “stay calm and keep squeezing”, letting go of whatever doesn’t feel aligned with your highest truth and I promise you will reap the rewards once autumn lands for good; which incidentally should coincide with the time Mercury stations direct again.

PS There are now only THREE of spots left for my Mana Medicine Mentoring course open to those sisters who are ready to step up and walk the shamanic path.

Sending love, blessings and warrior strength to you all.



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