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Thought we needed some levity straight up this week because it’s been yet another seven days of “If I don’t laugh (hysterically), I’m seriously going to lose my marbles!” for loads of peeps. Going by what you are telling me and from what I am witnessing, everyone’s skeletons are having a right old time out of the closet now and with the Gemini full moon, quadruple 12:12 portal, Friday 13th and eclipse season kicking off December, it’s no wonder we’ve been flying off the charts!

The proverbial ‘chart’ is well and truly out the window by the way. There is no chart anymore. The chart is our heart.

Hopefully we haven’t lost our entire sense of humour by this time of the year, because it has been a tough one – especially in recent months – and it may well be the only thing that gets us through in the future. It’s certainly getting harder for humanity to maintain appropriate equanimity, focus and an anchored sense of positivity when we look around and see that on top of all the regular crazy that has (sadly) become ‘normal’ for us, we have the additional ‘Christmas crazy’ going on now as well! But it’s not all carols and candlelight for everyone that’s for sure. People will continue to starve, the poles will continue to melt, shadow will continue to spread and Donald Trump will no doubt continue to astound us with his moronic rhetoric that hopefully doesn’t convince the public to vote him back in, for all our sakes. And whilst there is a high percentage of the population getting busy dressing up their houses in sleds and lights whilst swigging eggnog, regardless of what the calendar says, for many it’s just another day at the office.

We’re all due for a detoxifying reality check I reckon, in every area of our lives and on every level within ourselves.

As a by-product of all the shifting that’s been going on, I think there are more “green-ches” (not: “grinches”) out there this Christmas than ever before and by that I mean, people who are prioritising consciousness over consumerism (at last) and who aren’t prepared to keep brushing reality under the festive carpet in an attempt to pretend all is (still) right in the world. Because it’s not.

To be frank, I am finding it a tad hard to conjure up my ‘Christmas spirit’ this year because I do think we have all lost the plot as far as what that really means.

People (and animals) are being incinerated in bush fires and getting blown up in volcanoes while others lament about not being able to get the right size ham or turkey or the latest perfume selling prepubescent sex with flowers. Priorities people. Priorities.

I actually find it offensive that as a society, we still seem to be okay about (and turn a collective blind eye to) the outrageous numbers within our communities that have so little, where others have way too much and it’s this obscene imbalance of power and privilege that has contributed to accelerating climate change by the way. The fixation on ‘brand new’ and luxury goods (and globe trotting every school holidays) only feeds the international black market that advocates slave labour, supports the abhorrent hunting industry and clocks up the carbon footprints to boot – all practices that no longer align in any shape or form with how the earth is evolving or with how humanity is being called to evolve. Plus, they all add to the burden on an already bursting-at-the-seams planet, one that might just stop spinning one day because She finally runs out of steam and/or concern for keeping us all alive and gravitated to Her surface.

With all the lunar activations, eclipse cycles and ever-increasing-in-intensity equinox and solstice passages, 2019 has been one long 12-month whirlwind rite of passage for every single being on the planet and these last remaining weeks of the decade are calling each one of us to step even higher up the ladders of our own making and stop living out denial.

It’s been a real humdinger of a year that’s for sure, but it’s also been a necessary smashing so we may come to face and then to grips with, how we are actually living this life we have been so graciously gifted with.

One of the first things we need to accept is that Mother Nature is not doing things to us.

We must get out of this patterned knee jerk reaction to natural disasters and just learn how to prepare better, and respect the wilderness, more. God forbid, Pachamama would have every right to behave however She wishes though wouldn’t She, after how we and our ancestors have treated Her since our arrival.

As spiritual warriors, as shamanic teachers, healers and light leaders, I believe it is our duty, our core responsibility, to speak up and shine the spotlight of truth into the shadows where it is needed and where we are guided to. As those with gifts and abilities to see what’s coming and the potential to help alleviate pain and suffering, it’s not good enough to just sit on a mountain or (spiritual) fence and meditate anymore. There must be action and their must be reciprocity.

I remember listening to Eckhart Tolle saying this a few years ago – ‘that all businesses from this point forwards (in 2015), must be created from the foundation of charity, of giving back and from eco-sustainable roots, otherwise they will not succeed. They will not be supported by the universe for any length of time’. Not his exact wording, but you get the gist.

All budding and seasoned earth warriors need to elevate their energies to align with the new earth templates now. We have to participate and get our hands dirty out in the field – and that means saying things that may sometimes polarise or agitate people in our efforts to awaken and activate them. It means medicine men and women around the globe must unite and pool resources to lead the way forwards as one – regardless of our lineages or where we were born or how many feathers we have in our ceremonial caps because we are all indigenous to this planet, to the universe and hence, we all have equal responsibility to care for Her and all sentient beings.

There’s always gonna be haters and those who will resist what is being shared. So what? Don’t take their stuff on! Just keep walking the path, showing the way forwards and talking the truth no matter what, because that is what your soul knows how to do best and that is what you are here for.

I’ll add here that Greta Thunberg doesn’t have an anger issue (by the way Mr President), she has a condition called ‘eco-itis’ which removes any pre-programmed concerns about upholding social etiquette so as to not offend anyone (still clinging to the past) and is characterised by extreme passion, out-spoken-ness and an unrelenting drive to expose the truth; a condition that more people are ‘catching’ every day and thankfully, one that has no medical cure.

Humanity co-creates with itself and the universe, every second of every day and the reality – just like the saying “You are what you eat” – is that we are now witnessing and suffering the consequences of polluting Great Mother’s digestive tract, her homeostatic flow, for eons. At some point, She was going to start vomiting it all up and when She does that, it’s big because it involves the very elements we rely upon to live – the earth that nourishes us, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the fire that gives us energy, warmth and food.

We are extremely naïve – idiotic I would venture to say – to think that we could continue pumping Her with toxins and simultaneously drawing out all the resources She needs to heal. She has now got a very limited supply of reserve power and if She needs to choose between us and Her, guess what, we will get the short end of the stick every time. And rightly so.

So, let’s get this climate change situation into perspective shall we?

Australia is archaic, ignorant and deliberately “putting a nail in the collective coffin” as former Tuvalu Prime Minister said this week at the Pacific Islands Forum; specifically directing his words to our PM Scott Morrison. Everyone else in the world is thoroughly disgusted with ‘the lucky country’ right now – which is rapidly looking like a very ‘unlucky country' thanks to these fires and our insistence of staying in the dark ages in relation to rejecting renewables, continuing deforestation, (the government's idea of) sustainable land ‘management’ and refusing to acknowledge global targets and working towards reducing our fair share of emissions. We look like dimwits who don’t give a hoot while the rest of the team – the world, our extended communities and awakening brothers and sisters – are finally starting to do all they can to ease the burden and help save the world!

I accidentally stumbled across a YouTube video this week showing Marianne Williamson giving a political speech in Iowa. I didn't even realise she was in the running for the top job. How AWESOME! Can you imagine a world with someone as conscious as Marianne at the helm?

Here's the link. Please watch. She's truly inspiring:

To give you a reality check, if emissions aren’t reduced asap, several pacific islands are anticipated to be completely submerged by 2060. It’s serious stuff and as earth custodians who are ultimately borrowing the land from future generations (our grandchildren), it’s not ours to destroy. No wonder Greta is so riled up!

Ultimately you know of course, that saving the world begins with saving ourselves, so I urge you to consider where you are putting your energy, how you are spending your money (in regards to ethical products, excessive/unnecessary travel etc) and where you can perhaps pull back a bit and refrain from feeding your usual attachments at this time of year, in order to be a part of the SOULution.

So, with just 10 days till Christmas and one of the worst heatwaves on record heading our way next week, it’s going to be absolutely imperative that we adopt an attitude of gratitude for all we have and do our bit to reduce environmental pressure, emotional stress for these suffering on the front lines more than us and to quell the (the expected) panic that will no doubt come with this intense window leading up to Christmas and New Year.

Australia is literally on fire right now my friends – and we are in Summer, the season governed by the fire element. Fire is all about heart energy – either open or closed, free or imprisoned – and is known as The Emperor in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The heart is all about compassion, forgiveness, courage, emotional intelligence, transforming trauma and resolving the past so we can move forwards, healed and happy. It’s no coincidence that all these fires are raging as so much grief and anger and frustration, rages within the hearts of every Australian.

Emotions are at boiling point for many reasons and for good reason.

We’re pissed off because our politicians are not listening to our concerns about selling off the country to foreign investors that only want to rape resources and lay sacred land to waste. Mental illness and domestic violence statistics are ever-escalating because an already broken system refuses to evolve and expand as it needs to. Our souls are outraged and offended at how previously protected and preserved environments like the Great Barrier Reef, are being disregarded in favour of trade agreements. And we are livid that something like 5G has been rolled out without community knowledge or permission, to spew forth military levels of radiation that will literally ‘cook’ and inflame the cells in our bodies that are already predisposed to cancer.

I heard on the radio this week that there's been a huge 6 foot male Red Kangaroo, who has been beating up people in a remote Queensland town. Apparently the locals think its angry about not having any water or food and I'm inclined to agree with them. Why wouldn't animals be feeling the same as us in these desperate times? They are conscious beings, they suffer like we do. Well, they're actually suffering because of us; and they know it. I'm surprised not more of them have been taking it out on humans to be honest. Wish they'd make their way to Canberra...

There’s a lot to be worried about and this is why we must all step up now and voice our concerns, sign petitions, go to rallies and research and share what we discover with one another. Systemic change is coming, but if we are conscious and collaborative, it will not be an entire chaotic collapse; it will be co-creative and inspiring, like never before.

The planets are helping to orchestrate all this right now, especially with the stellar line up happening in Capricorn for the January full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer. Together these power houses are co-creating the mass transformation that will herald the awakening that we need and that potent Gemini full moon we just had on Friday 13, allowed us to finally get something off our chest that we’ve been needing to for quite some time, in preparation for all this.

There are two main highlights that you should be aware of for this coming week. First is on Thursday 19 when a powerful code connected to intellectual prowess is activated. This means you will be open to receive multiple intuitive downloads and insights and utilise your unique take on divine intelligence as ideas stream in from all over the cosmos. With Mars sextile Saturn today also, we will receive a strong surge of magical, magnetic and manifesting energies. Your will power will be super strong and your ability to concentrate greatly increased, allowing you to stay focused and get some of your remaining goals ticked off; the ones that have been put on the back burner of late because you’ve been distracted with all the other stuff going on around (and within) you. Luckily, big waves of patience and calmness come in thanks to Saturn, so you will be quite methodical and rational in whatever you apply yourself to and this ensures your success. Mercury squares Neptune also today which means KISS and MYOB – keep your conversations simple and mind your own business. Focus on your own value and what you offer, keep away from drama and breathe deeply.

Sunday 22nd brings in the energy of the master ‘Architect of Peace’ number 22 and merging with #19, The Prince of Heaven, this Sabbath brings with it peaceful new beginnings, new influxes of light (courtesy of the Prince/the Sun) and serendipitous and serene vibes. Be still, be quiet and take time out just for you, reminding yourself of what you are here to do and achieve in this lifetime because it can all get overwhelming, I know. Venus squares Uranus today, so expect a change in intimate relationships as you share your feelings and perhaps broach the subject of freedom – you’re wanting ‘space’ for example, or to do and explore more as a couple. Be open to experimentation and spontaneity and savour the excitement that is the creation and investigative process, once you open your heart and share your truth, with love.

You are only limited by your own limitations after all.

Along with the Venus and Uranus square, Mars sextiles Pluto, making it a good time to channel creative, beautiful and inspiring energies. Be spontaneous and allow yourself to be liberated from impulsivity and attachments, no matter how much of a fight your ego puts up. Mars and Pluto co-rule Scorpio, so expect some very sensual energy to be flowing in on Sunday as well. You’ll actually have energy on tap, to spare, which will be a welcome change to the heaviness and fatigue so many have been experiencing, and this will help give you the endurance and stamina to direct all your passion into your heart-centred goals before the year ends. Today is a great day to feel connected and call in what you deserve.

The whole week in fact, invites you to in tune with your own heart, work to regulate and nourish your own internal systems and strive to clear and heal as much of your stuff as you can during this time leading up to the end of the decade because the end of the patriarchy and all the stories and expressions associated with it, is near.

Daily and loving practices will help make you a stronger link in the collective chain and this will go a long way to sedating and soothing, that group ‘fire’ I mentioned earlier that is presently raging. If we can temper our own heat and forgive and release it with love, it has the potential to go a long-ways to reducing what we are experiencing in the outer environment right now. Keep the faith, trust with love and don’t give in to fear or failure vibes. Purge through your heart and trust in the power of the phoenix at this time. Move into the fire and become that element which ultimately is all about transmuting the old and re-birthing anew.

I’ll be around over the holiday break, so here is my yoga schedule so you can keep up your practice and receive support as you need it. I’ll head off to Uluru on January 9 for my retreat and then do a few cameo classes before starting my new course schedule with the school term. If you have any questions about any of my offerings, please message me privately.

Please note also that I am NOT LEAVING AVALON OR STOPPING MY TEACHING OR HEALING WORK. Some people have been freaking out thinking that this is the case. I am only closing down Breathing Space, not me.

December 2019

Monday 16, 23 & 30 @ 9:45am – 11am

Friday 20 & 27 @ 9:45am – 11am

Sunday 22 & 29 @ 4:30pm – 6pm

Boxing Day 26th @ 4:30pm – 6pm

Special Upcoming Events

Solstice/Litha Medicine Journey Saturday 21: available as an audio ceremony $77.

New Moon in Capricorn Thursday 26: available as an audio meditation for $77.

Day Retreat in Avalon: Saturday 28, 9:30am – 6pm. 6 VIP spots only. Message me for details, cost and location.

Starting 2020

Week of January 20th: Monday 20 & 27 plus Friday 24 & 31 @ 9:45am – 11am

Sunday 26th @ 4:30pm – 6pm

10-week course begins with the school term in February

Mana Medicine Circle: first one for 2020 on February 9 @ 6:30pm

Details for both will be posted soon.

I also only have a few VIP spots left for my TONGA RETREAT next September if you’re keen. Here’s the link:

Sending you all so much love,



“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”

Edith Lovejoy Pierce


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