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Not on My Watch

MAY 4 – MAY 10



Image by @jentheodore

We are at a pivotal point in history and no matter how we look at the current world ‘crisis’, it is undoubtedly a wake up call for each and every one of us. So how are we responding to the alarm bells?

Many are pretending they don’t hear anything and have chosen to surrender more of their power by being compliant and uncomplaining and downloading apps like obedient citizens. Many have heard something to a certain degree but are stuck wrestling with their conscience and their conscious mind conditioning and so, remain on the proverbial fence. Many others have answered the call to arms and have stepped defiantly onto the battlefield with deliberate intent and fire in their bellies.

And make no mistake, it is a battlefield. Of our own (collective and individual) making.

I wonder at what point people will twig to the one inherent truth that we are all co-creating our reality together and that we are stronger together, than we are apart, arguing our opinions and denouncing anything that challenges our view? Was this the way great advances in society were achieved in previous generations? No, it wasn’t. Milestones were attained when differing perspectives and enlightened experiences were welcomed into the mix. In order to cover all bases and reformulate a conscious and more evolved agenda, variety was applauded and objectivity was key.

So when did we lose the art of debate and critical thinking and stop respecting diversity?

I would argue that we didn’t just ‘lose’ it but that rather, it was slowly and insidiously bled from us without our conscious consent. Or rather, we gave our initial consent, but then forgot to read the fine print and between the lines after that initial agreement, the one that stated all future liberties would slowly be stripped away from this point forwards. We have ALL failed to read the whole contract and hence, we find ourselves in dire straits, fighting for our rights and fighting among ourselves as we strive desperately to find an explanation and/or someone to blame.

We are ALL to blame dear ones and by the same token, we are ALL capable of turning the tables as well.

Even though there are some highly suspect and corrupt things going on right now, let’s not forget we are sovereign beings and that we still have power over where we choose to put our energy. There are many positives about this time – you just have to dig a little more than the average yogi bear in order to find them.

Here are some of my favorites:

· Appreciation of our freedom and just how lucky we are to have what we do

· Renewed support of local businesses which is always a good thing

· Connecting with families and sharing quality (and now quantity) time

· Allowing our children to rest deeply as we all know school is intense

· Time to catch up on odd jobs around the house or start that creative project

· Deepen our spiritual practices (or start some) to support the collective energy

· Having time to self nurture and replenish our ridiculously depleted adrenals

· Reduced human activity means Mother Nature gets a break

· Animals can have some space without our interference or agitating presence

Even in the worst case scenarios, there is always a silver lining. You just have to look.

One of the first ‘rules’ of spiritual practice is self responsibility. The recognition that as a soul seeded from Source, you chose to come to this plane and into this particular body with all its burdens and blessings, to experience a pre-determined set of circumstances; let’s call them karmic lessons. Hot on the heels of this precept is self awareness, the act of turning one’s attention inwards and using discernment when said lessons crop up to challenge your existing paradigms and beliefs about who you are and what life is all about. Next comes equanimity, a muscle that requires daily exercise in order to build cognitive and energetic strength and help us avoid the mind trap of blaming others (or situations) for our ‘lot’. We are co-creating with the universe with every step and with every breath, including the times when the sh*t hits the fan, when we ‘randomly’ fall ill, when we get beaten up by a stranger or even when we lose all our money on the pokkies. We are each manifesting our reality via the thoughts we entertain and give energy to that influence the collective cauldron and therefore we are undeniably one interconnected and interdependent entity. If this illness is showing us anything, it is this.

So knowing all this, wouldn’t it be a happier and healthier head space to occupy, if you could shift your perspective from victim to victor and start viewing everything that happens in your life as a gifted opportunity for your souls’ growth?

You don’t need to understand it consciously just because it’s right there in your face, but you are required – by your higher self in actuality – to at least consider the possibility that answers are often hidden in the not so obvious places – your subconscious for one – and are therefore accessible at any time. All that stands in the way of your personal growth, is you. You can choose to see the cup half full or half empty and you can decide to step up and speak up or sit down and stay silent, continuing to feed a wound that obviously isn’t helping you. You can open yourself to an unknown ‘higher’ force at any point in time if you are really desperate enough and are ready to surrender the props that no longer serve you. You can choose to target and blame others for not being on the same page as you or you can accept their perspective and allow them to live out their own stories and be inspired by their strength and courage. To look for the similarities not the differences all the time. You can choose to put your ego in its place and reach out for help at any time or you can keep chastising yourself (or your partner/family) behind closed doors because it feels too hard to change what is. You can choose to keep putting on a different mask out in public – pun intended – and perpetuating old ways and outdated structures, but all you’re really doing is delaying your own healing journey and making yourself sicker.

My point is – you CAN – if you WANT. This is an equal opportunity universe, meaning we all get the same chances to wake up and step up. All we need do is use our FREE WILL.

FACT: The energies we are seeing now in the world are an expression of a whole new galactic frequency and then some. We are living in unprecedented times, on many levels. I have said this before. Hence, I believe, we need to dismantle anything inside ourselves that remains attached to the old vibrations and dimensions and upgrade from the inside-out in order to move forwards with awakened cohesion and renewed community. This involves having some pretty uncomfortable conversations (with ourselves and others) and initiating the slaying of some ugly inner demons, but if we can’t vanquish our own fears and freak outs and find the strength to embrace our version of the ‘dark night of the soul’, how on earth are we going to conquer the entities and enemies threatening us all?

I see it as structure (the past) versus organic (the future).

That’s not to say that all structure is bad because some sense of organization can obviously serve a purpose and help to contain things when containment is necessary in order to move upwards and outwards and into whatever direction we need too. But in order to grow, we must break free of the constrictions of the mind, in all aspects, first. The planets in our solar system (and beyond) have been aligning in formation for the past 12 – 24 months (at least) with this exact intention – Uranus and Pluto and the energy of Capricorn to name drop specifically – and are helping us dismantle the existing corrupt and stagnant structures, but that doesn’t mean we are supposed to replace them with new equally rigid ones, albeit proclaimed as ‘enlightened’ institutions. An enclosure is an enclosure, no matter how you look at it.

We simply cannot make expanded decisions from a place of contraction and limit; it’s not in alignment with cosmic law. The new earth energies are fluid and they are coming in fast, they are multi-dimensional and they are accelerating at a pace none of us have witnessed before, therefore we must shed our personal density and attachments in order to keep up with where the universe is going. We need to let go of everything we ‘know’ and trust, otherwise we won’t be able to access the sacred teachings that are coming through. We simply won’t have the energetic, organic, chakra, DNA connections needed to do so.

Nobody likes to miss out do they and I’m sure many of you out there don’t want to come back to do all this again in yet another life – one that could very likely be a whole lot darker than this current one – to do it all again? As a species, we’ve wasted enough time repeating mistakes and choosing denial over divine.

As I keep saying ‘opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one’, so naturally every one has equal right to flash theirs when and however they want, but in order to move the collective intent and vibration into the higher evolutionary realms as is destined and as I have explained, we must also remember that our ancestral inability to surrender identity and our need to be right or better all the time, has contributed to most of the obstacles we all find ourselves facing right now.

What part within you still resonates with fear, with pain, with loss and with lack? What beliefs do you uphold that make you feel undeserving of love and abundance? When you identify that, and seek to resolve and release it, we suddenly don’t seem that different after all.

I’d like to talk about the meaning of the word ‘teacher’ at this point (in connection to all this and in relation to any industry, not just yoga), because with all the hullaballoo happening and all the ‘experts’ in many fields having their say, it’s important to remember why we do what we do and to maintain integrity, authenticity and equability whilst we do it.

Being a teacher means attending to people’s unique needs and being in service to the evolution of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. As teachers, our role is to guide, to mediate, to stimulate intellect and initiate opportunities to learn, to challenge belief systems and encourage questioning and above all, to hold non judgmental space for our students – those literally sheltering under our wings, looking up to us – so they may express their individual gifts and innovative ideas, without fear in any form. This allows any breakthroughs to benefit the group without prejudice and it also enables the teacher, to embody humility and pride as they (hopefully eventually) witness their students surpassing their own level of expertise in many cases. In fact, as a daughter of a Professor of International Manufacturing and Innovative Management and a teacher of 20 years myself – not to mention the lifetimes I have accrued in the role of mentor – I would say it is exactly in those moments where I realize that my students have taught me something, that I am most fulfilled. It is a position of privilege to be a teacher, not a position that entitles you to belittle or dismiss ideas (from peer or pupil) that are in opposition to your own.

Just because you do yoga or are a yoga teacher, doesn’t automatically follow that you are awake or spiritually mature either.

And of course, we are all our own greatest teachers – our own best gurus – so don’t lose sight of your individualized visions and dreams nor prioritize intellect over intuition just because your teacher taught you to do so or because you want to ‘be like them’.

Learn from others yes, but so you can be the best you can be, not to be the best. Instead of defending it, know that when you lead by example and you lead from the heart, you honor your lineage in more ways than you will ever know.

I’ll be offering a FREE webinar on Friday May 8 @ 6:30pm – full moon – where I will open address all of this and more, including the 'you-know-what' story, what we can do as spiritual seekers and healers to negate the fear and ignorance infecting the planet and share a powerful protective and anchoring meditation that will serve to keep you safe, sane and activated.

Also this week, on Friday May 1st – Beltane or Samhain, depending which hemisphere you are in – I received my author’s copy of my book at last! The final edits are now done and it is ready for sale! I am super excited as it’s been a long journey. I have 50 copies (signed with a personalized note) at $50 (including postage within Australia). They are already selling fast so be sure to message me to pre-pay and secure your copy. The timing for this content couldn’t be better and I am really looking forward to hearing your feedback and how the practices work for you. It will also be available online and as a (black and white) paperback and as a (color) Ebook, so I will provide the links for those sites soon. I will also be launching it online with a Zoom event within the month and starting a virtual book club where you can review and share your thoughts on “Mana Yoga: discovering your yoga nature.”

Moving into the month of May is going to present us with new challenges but also reveal lots of wonderful opportunities to keep broadening our personal horizons and inspiring others to do the same.

This week sees a lot of universal support flowing in starting on Monday with a 13 universal date that creates a 4:4 code of manifestation, positive shifts and nourishing energies from the divine feminine. Thursdays full moon in Scorpio promise to being the usual moodiness and tendency to trigger, but thanks to a trine between lunar, the Sun (in Taurus) and Neptune, our intuitive powers get a boost and our inner leaders get reinforcements of the highest celestial kind. At 17 degrees, the number of insight, discipline and wisdom, this full moon is going to initiate a deep cleansing for all of humanity, have no doubt.

As of next Sunday, May 10, we begin a 10-day journey of personal and collective catharsis, one that has the potential to catapult the light forces into the conscious dimension that we need them to in order to take back our freedom and our planet. From May 10, there will be 10 consecutive days where the universal date matches the day number – for example, May 10 is 10+5+2020 = 10; May 11 is 11+5+2020=11; May 12 (12+5+2020=12) and so forth up to May 19 (19+5+2020=19). It’s going to be really important to keep your thoughts and vibration high during this time, to be vigilant and hold strong no matter what kind of new threats or crazy insinuations spew forth into the public arena. I interpret this 10-day window as a blessing of incredibly potent cosmic energy, almost like our star seed brethren and all those serving Commander Ashtar, are directly channeling all they have through the portals that have opened up in recent years, to assist us in reclaiming Mother Earth. Star Wars, for real.

“Clear your mind must be, if you are to find the villains behind this plot.” Yoda

The winds of change will soon be blowing tornado-style through Canberra I suspect, plus there will be some unexpected breakthroughs where health, education and corporate allegiances are concerned, thanks to the Scorpio full moon (harmonizing with Neptune) creating the space for releasing grudges and communicating with more compassion and patience. I do feel we are going to see a few ‘waves’ of lockdown though – possibly two or three – before people’s immune systems rebuild and the whole situation can resolve completely, but I will talk about that in my webinar on Friday. So just keep doing whatever you’re doing to maintain your sane, don’t buy into the mass media maelstrom and remember to breathe deep, exercise daily and appreciate the little things in life – like watching the butterflies or bees in your garden, seeing dogs rolling in the dirt with unabashed delight or just enjoying a random healing hug with a friend. It’s so ridiculous that we are afraid to engage with one another out of programmed and deliberately instilled fear. I will never conform to such command. Fear erodes rationale (very quickly unfortunately) and that is exactly how they divide and conquer us dear ones; by infecting our minds to the point where we look upon one another as a ‘threat’.

Once we turn on our brothers and sisters, it’s game over and we become no better than those seeking to benefit from our discord and demise.

I know many people – as I am sure you do too – who have seemingly lost all sense of their previously mindful selves. It’s almost like collective intelligence has taken one giant Hanumanasana out the window. (Hanuman is the Indian monkey god who represents taking a ‘leap of faith’. The splits – ‘Hanumanasna’ – are attributed to his energy.)

Mother Teresa and Gandhi must be spinning in their graves.

Talking about spin; some things to contemplate this week that the mainstream media – which I have playfully dubbed ‘mainstream manure’ – conveniently forget to update us about because they are too busy rehearsing the next series of regurgitated scripts.

Is our country still in drought-striken dire straits? Do we keep up with water restrictions? How are the farmers going? Do they need more help from their fellow countrymen?

Have all the funds raised for bush fire victims, actually made it into their pockets yet?

Anyone else wondering where pedophile Pell is, now that he’s back on our streets?

What else is going on behind our backs whilst we are being distracted by this plandemic?

Ah it’s an eye-opening, gut wrenching world we are living in that’s for sure and it will take all our strength and our undivided attention to ensure we drain the global swamp together, (once and) for all sentient beings. I hold faith that we can do it and finally bring an end to this tyranny.

Keep searching and keep smiling people – and never lose heart or hope!





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