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No Time Like The Present

Expansion and contraction. Two of the most challenging frequencies to explore.

Receiving. Releasing.

There is a process, a journey, that needs to be explored in order to dance harmoniously in between and through these two vibrations and align yourself with your truest inner nature. For all life pulses between these polarities and we are just energy manifestations and continuous manipulations within the grand matrix of it all.

Firstly, bring your awareness to "what is". Allow and accept that which is showing up in the moment. Breathe into it. Commune with it.

Set the intention to shift gears and dive deep. Show up for yourself. Melt your heart. Unlock your mind.

Anchor into every rising sensation, every thought. Invite them to the surface. To the Light. Send your roots down and your crown skyward.

Visualize the conduit that you are. Then you can start to dissolve those boundaries which no longer serve. Soften perceived limitations as they arise. Meet yourself with patience and compassion.

Empty debris on all levels. Draw in more and hold onto less. Begin to wake. From here you can tether yourself to source. To Love.

Here, you watch, listen and learn. Here, you live. And here, you die.

So keep going dear heart.

Keep showing up. On repeat. No matter how you feel from day to day or moment to moment.

No matter what the time or place.

This is the work. And that, is the YOGA.



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