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No More Time To Waste

Ever wondered why we've been pushed to tap and pay? Do you really understand what a 'cashless' society means?

Ever considered whether your escalating health issues are connected to the fact you are immersed in electro-magnetic frequencies 24/7?


Our fixation with having the latest gadgets so we can keep up with the Joneses' (or whatever other reasons), is about to bite us on the arse. In fact, it already HAS taken a chunk out of our behinds and it's coming for our throats now.

We are being held ransom to our techno-addictive behaviors and (ironically), to our desire to be 'free' from workplace rules and restrictions. We wanted to work from home and have more leisure time and guess what, that may be all we will be allowed to do shortly and all we will have on our hands; although it won't be 'free' by any means.

We wanted speedy broadband and of course we've now manifested a system that will ensure we don't have to wait a nanosecond longer because (eventually) our BRAINS will be hooked up to the frikking wifi. We won't need our devices because WE will be the device.

Our collective impatience at having to wait in queues to buy groceries ensured the development of (and our subsequent addiction to) things like pay-wave and tap-and-go, which are actually just tracking devices in disguise.

And don't tell me 'well, you've already given them your details when you bought your iphone/computer/ipad or when you signed up to Facecrack' because that's the equivalent of saying 'well, I've been bending over for so long and taking it up the proverbial, why bother changing positions now?'

We are USED to being controlled and so done over that we can't see the wood for the trees anymore.

I am so grateful right now for my childhood days of hopscotch and handball, playing “Jacks” (will be interesting to see who remembers what that is!), mucking about on homemade billy-carts and having slip-n-slide parties.

It's time to get a handle on all this CV BS (if you haven't yet) and understand where this is all heading. This 'vyrus' is the least of our concerns brothers and sisters. What's coming down the line is where you should be focusing your precious energy.

Military surveillance. Robotics. Cloning. AI. The harvesting and hijacking of human consciousness. The normalization (and integration into society) of pedophilia, beastiality (believe it or not), human trafficking (off the black market and onto our streets) and the legalization of satanic blood rituals. And to top it all off: TRANSHUMANISM.

Makes a (supposed) 'pandemic' pale in comparison doesn't it?

Look around peeps. NOTHING is what it seems. You need ALL your spiritual spidey senses on HIGH alert right now.

There are several timelines overlapping and re-calibrating around us; it's why so many of you have been feeling fully out of sorts and out of your minds and skins of late. Stay strong and sit tight because in truth this is just another wave in a series of psyop-tsunamis that ultimately don't really exist. Just because it’s their agenda, doesn’t mean they have it in the bag. We actually have all the power because they keep telling us what’s coming next; hence, we can prepare.

From the universal perspective, we are co-creating these experiences as ways of clearing out the accumulated group traumas and programs and to draw immediate attention to the darkest aspects of ourselves that no longer serves where we are all going.

And we ARE going higher dear ones, it's our destiny so don't despair. We WILL triumph because we ALREADY have. We just need to make more people see the truth of the present moment so they can then release what they don't need and reclaim their innocent selves in the process.

We don't need to 'wake them up', we just need to get them to be PRESENT.

So get off your computers, walk barefoot, dance in the rain, share your visions with your tribe and hold your loved ones close. OUR TIME IS COMING.

And we don't need a fancy gadget to show us the way. All we need is LOVE.




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