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Modern Day Hexes & How to Clear Them

If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking of black magic, blood sacrifices and witches casting spells on the unsuspecting, and whilst, yes, hexes did incorporate all those things and more, nowadays, they tend to be a lot simpler and less gory; although they can be just as powerful.

Lord Shiva, Mahadeva. One potent deity. Make him your friend.

A hex or a spell is essentially the practice of invoking energy to create an intention but contrary to popular belief, they’re not always born of darkness and evil. In fact, the modern day witch would do anything but such things for she understands to do so, would incur the wrath of the spell, three times intensified, in her direction. Think of the old ‘to the power of three’ mantra here. So, any witch worth her weight in crystals, never casts negativity towards another because it’s just not cricket.

You may have noticed the past few years that the world has slowly yet steadily gone batty? Well whilst this isn’t just a coincidence, we cannot lay all blame on fate either. The simple truth is that it’s all part of a greater universal plan to elevate the energetic programming of every single being living on the planet, from a fear-based paradigm, to a love-based one. That’s right, it’s one giant global spell cast by our higher selves to our present selves and the message is “PAY ATTENTION!”

Just like emotions and thoughts, spells have layers and depending on how they are conjured and by whom they are conjured by, they will release their unique potency in differing ways. It takes time for the full juju to percolate and then become the new reality, otherwise what’s the point of trying to make a difference right? If you’re going to put your energy into creating something, you want it to last! So, just like Mother Earth is now shedding all the armoury that has suffocated and polluted her truth for so long, each one of us is releasing and purging tiers of toxicity that no longer serve ours.

Naturally, it’s taking a while to sink in because we are a stubborn species after all with an inherited propensity towards pattern, past and pain. We even have it in our vocabulary, the term “thick skin” associated with soldiering on and not allowing circumstance to hurt you, but now, we are having to soften and allow fresh realities to penetrate, if we are to evolve and survive as the universe intends.

Now with all this collective cleansing, comes a fair degree of exposure and energetic vulnerability, so when we start to feel the feels and begin joining the dots inside our heads and hearts to realise just how much garbage we have been holding onto, we become prone to collapse and then of course, illness. It’s takes more energy to hold onto crap than it does to let it go yes? And this is the exact moment that shadow energies are cunningly waiting for. They relish the chance to prey on what is called in shamanic circles, our ‘luminous energy field’ because that is how they gain access to our life force and then, regain control.

What happens when you start awakening to your truth and the reality of life from the souls’ perspective, is that not only do light entities arise, but dark ones do too, creating a kind of invisible tug-of-war for our allegiance if you like, and a game that plays out in a very real way in our every day experience; including dreamscape. This dynamic influences how we speak to and treat each other, and ourselves, how we view the world, the level of love we hold for humanity and even whether we hold faith in life after death because if we don’t have faith that immortality exists, we’re going to cling to these bodies like there’s no tomorrow. Even if they are fading fast and full of junk. Density attracts darkness and light attracts love, so put two and two together and you can understand if you favour one more than the other, that you are going to manifest the expected associated qualities, tout suite.

People are odd creatures nonetheless. Not everybody likes seeing others happier, wealthier or more philanthropic than themselves and this is where the hex vibration comes in. When someone overwhelmed by the challenges of life, perceives the actions (or inactions) of another as a personal attack on themselves, it can stir ancient memories to the now and drive them to things they would not normally or consciously do. Wishing another ill for example, coveting a wife or husband or trying to possess someone’s spirit body. Perhaps it manifests as jealousy and some calculated rants on social media designed to taint the reputation of their (perceived) source of irritation.

Maybe it was an old grudge that was never settled, or a childhood wound left unacknowledged. Whatever it may be, it is those unresolved energies around past experiences, that fires revenge in the bellies of those seeking respect, recognition or retribution, and when people’s energy is that low, it follows that they will also lack the skills to deal with their shit. Or they will choose to turn support away when its offered, instead of looking inside themselves to solve the problem. In their eyes they have only one choice and that is to project, spew forth and feed the beast in whatever way they can in the hope of being seen. It’s very sad and they deserve our compassion, although we must also hold strong against such adversity or risk ourselves being pulled into the quagmire.

For those on the receiving end of such attempts, you may not be aware of it consciously, but you will most certainly feel it, suddenly and subconsciously. Your health may take a turn for the worse, your relationship may falter or break altogether, you may have fertility problems, your job or your role within the business may dissolve or you may find yourself suddenly drained of your usual enthusiasm, desire and joy. Not fun things but definite signs that things are not right.

Luckily, energetic vampires are relatively easy to get rid of, thanks to the plethora of spooky stuff available online, but here I give you three tried and true practices that will keep your Luminous Energy Field clear, strong and resilient to future attempts to claim it. At the same time, we must also take responsibility for our part in calling such experiences forth in this lifetime, because we are all co-creators after all, and every single situation offers us deeper karmic understanding of our path and who we are meant to be.

1. Sage smudge, sage smudge, sage smudge. DAILY. When you wake up and before you go to bed. The moment your eyes open, wrap yourself in light like a sheath or cocoon and call in your guides. Smoke yourself silly from head to toe – it won’t hurt your lungs – and choose a crystal to keep close to your heart all day, charged with your highest intentions. When you get home from work, shoes off, smudge again and release whatever (or whoever) you may have ‘picked up’ or who has ‘hooked into you’ during the day. Forgive and forget it all, because technically, it’s now in the past and hence, doesn’t exist anymore. Shower and before sleep, visualise yourself safely embedded in the womb of Great Mother and surrender your heart to Her for safekeeping while you rest.

2. This powerful mantra will repel shadow in a heartbeat and ground your energies for as long as you need. Recite thrice, as many times as your intuition tells you to. “Om Namah Shivaya” will invoke Lord Shiva or Mahadeva, the three-eyed Hindu creator/destroyer of all things and liberator of death. He carries a warrior’s trident, a crescent moon hovers above his head, the King of Serpents “Vasuki” coils around his neck and he wears (and sits upon) a tiger skin; no need for explanation there. Shiva basically operates beyond time, has got eyes in the back of his dreadlocked head and a gaze that spans multiverses. Nobody’s going to mess with him – or you when you call him in – trust me.

3. Spend a few moments every day, regardless of where you live, work or what the weather is doing, to place your bare feet on the earth. One of the best ways to stay protected and connected, is to ground your energy through pressing the soles of your feet into the earth and breathing that energy up into your heart. Sand is good too, as is the added healing benefit of the salt water. Stand quietly for a few moments, empty your mind, send your roots down deep and fill your heart with Pachamama’s power. Give yourself permission to swallow away any blockages, contracts, oaths or unconscious agreements with others, until you feel contained and clear. Repetition will only serve to empower you more and send a signal to any harassing hexes, that you are not a target.

Now, in order for any spiritual or spell work to have the desired effect, you need to do it regularly. You also need to believe it works, so cast doubt and distrust aside and remember instead that you are responsible for taking care of your energy and honouring the precious gift of being alive. Focus on all the blessings in your life, have gratitude for the lessons you receive – big, small, nice and gnarly – and direct grace and healing into any and every dark space you encounter.

If we were all to do just these three simple things every day, we’d strengthen our individual LEF’s and that of the collective and let me tell you, there ain’t no hex big enough to take on an awakened tribe of that size!




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