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Making Sense of Madness





2019 has put on one heck of a show for us ALL hasn’t it?

With five eclipses, three solar eclipses, two lunar eclipses and also a rare planet transit – Mercury crossing The Sun – it’s no wonder we have felt like we’ve been passing through the colon of the universe for most of it.

Tomorrow, Monday December 2, sees Jupiter move into Capricorn where it will take up residence until December 18, 2020. Jupiter is all about expansion of abundance and wealth and combined with the goat, this means we have the chance to bind practicality and grounding, with next levels of joy and abundance. Allow yourself to entertain your biggest visions and ideas for the future because when we expand our horizons, we feed our destiny at the same time. The maturity of Capricorn and the wisdom of Jupiter will help us all achieve completion and experience improvement in our circumstances after the beating 2019 has given (most of) us. Things are looking up!

In Hindu astrology, Jupiter is called “the guru”, regarded as a great teacher, even at its ‘worst’ (read: not in a fortuitous position). When Jupiter and Saturn conjunct again in December 2020 – something that only happens every 20 years – we will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and make sense of the next layer of lessons that the year has thrown at us. The last time these two planets aligned like this was in 2000 – right before 9/11 – and I don’t need to tell you how that changed the world. Together, they are known as “the rulers of the age” and whilst we can’t do anything to change their trajectories of course, what we can do, is make sure our personal intentions are clear and conscious and our thoughts and actions are aligned with the highest vibrations possible because this is what will help raise and transform the collective frequency and hence, help us transition what is inevitable, with more grace and ease.

Just a few words of caution: with Jupiter occupying Capricorn as of next January, its usual vibes of good luck, joy and expansion may be restricted, thanks to the goat’s fixation with conforming (for the sake of appearances) and overly cautious attitudes (preferring conservative over activist).

Jupiter’s new positioning is going to serve (most of) us well (for the most part) so don’t worry too much, although for those who insist on resisting responsibility, it may create some unexpected hiccups and delays. Binding with the energy of Capricorn gives Jupiter’s usual “all about expansion” a more practical edge, meaning you will have the chance to expand your horizons and reap the rewards of your hard work – if you have been putting in the hard work that is – and if you respect the laws of nature and take a hint from Her when She gives them to you. Don’t insist from your head, rather, take cues from your heart and trust that “failure is delayed success”. Or as the Dalai Lama once said, ‘Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful piece of luck’.

The combo of mature Capricorn and wise Jupiter suggests things will start moving forwards (and upwards) eventually for you and this should continue till December 18, 2020 when Jupiter says sayonara to Capricorn. If you have learned from your ‘mistakes’ and accrued the knowledge you needed, the path will open up and become clearer and smoother from this point on.

Tuesday sees Mercury sextile Pluto and Venus sextile Mars, the latter having more of a positive spin than usual, allowing for intimate partnerships to find new ways of communicating and connecting where things may have reached a standstill or sense of discord. Tuesday also brings in a 3-6-9 code (December is a 15/6 universal month, it’s December 3, 2019 (3/12/2019 = 18; 18/9 = 9). In numerological terms, 3-6-9 means it is time to engage your creative self, call forth your passion, your visions and allow our deepest soul desires to express themselves. Pretty cool!

Jupiter is going to help us take ownership for ourselves and awaken within us, renewed focus and fire to keep showing up, no matter what. It won’t be back in the Sagittarius saddle until 2030, so that means we really only have one decade to take advantage of this pioneering energy and seriously get our (collective and personal) sh*te together. It’ll be the space-age before we get another Venus/Jupiter conjunction like this in this part of our chart and I for one, don’t want to miss the once-in-a-decade opportunities that Jupiter will be offering. I think we’ve seen enough of what happens when humans ignore signals and refuse to change and prepare for the future, haven’t we. It’s kinda why humanity is on this catastrophic precipice right now, so let’s not remain in this pigeonhole any longer. Let’s get out of it and manifest what we need to participate properly and consciously and co-create what is needed for the planet before it is too late.

After Wednesday 4 it will be safe to come out and play again because Mercury will finally be out of its post-shadow phase and we can all breathe some deep sighs of relief! Watch how fast any paused plans take off and how fast the energy flows. Be mindful of what you are doing, slow all your actions down and perhaps stay away from sharp utensils just to be on the safe side. The rest of the week is relatively breezy from then up till the Sabbath (Sunday 8) when a square from The Sun to Neptune may bring with it confusion, congestion and blockages around information and any plans you have set in motion. Numbers-wise, the energy of today connects to The Royal Star of the Lion #23, which is a super juicy energy that has us feeling strong, confident, courageous and willing to do whatever it takes to experience freedom and feeling empowered. It can also be quite an intense energy so make sure you don’t deplete yourself by burning the candle at both ends or shoving you-know-what, uphill. Squares are activating remember and some of us are prone to pushing through and exhausting ourselves, more than others (and more than we should). Today would be a great day to get out in nature, go for a bush walk, play leisurely board games or share some tender moments with your loved ones.

Be in your heart because when we are, we are able to dissolve barriers and blockages that stop us from feeling safe to express our true selves and #23 is all about shining your unique light.

Make time to relax and not get caught up in the small stuff because it will pass when the full moon energies start to come in the week after. Whatever is being illuminated now, ahead of the full moon, you need to see and experience, in order to shift it, so stay strong but also stay soft and in trust.

Fulfilling our destiny (at last!) is on the cards for all of us basically, but we have to participate and align ourselves with the divine’s intentions first.

Moving on, we’re coming up to the final eclipse season for the year with the next window starting December 13 with an annular solar eclipse (beside this Gemini full moon) and continuing till January 10 with a penumbral lunar eclipse (beside the Cancer full moon). The middle of the season falls on December 30, just ahead of New Years – although we know NY doesn’t really start till January 25 with Chinese New Year. Perfect timing by the way as we move into the Year of the Rat – Rat being the first of all zodiac animals, a yang energy and represents the beginning of a new day. They are also seen as a sign of wealth and luck.

Don’t you just love the synchronicities of life.

I love the beginning of December – not just because Mercury Retrograde post shadow is finally over – but because not only is it my birth sign, but it heralds the start of a powerful healing cycle that is ripe with spiritual potential and the insights we have been asking for (and dreaming about). I’m also super excited for this one as it coincides with the indigenous event and my next Uluru retreat, so I know in my heart and gut, that it’s going to be truly mind blowing and auspicious!

Along with the first eclipse we have the last full moon of 2019 which falls on Thursday 12 at 19’ Gemini and it’s the last moon phase before the solar eclipse on December 26. This also means this moon coming is the final moon phase of the current eclipse cycle which began with the fortunate July 2 solar eclipse, so now is definitely the time to complete long term projects, consolidate what you have gained and get ready to draw a line under the last six months, for good. More on that next week.

I’ll be holding my Friday 13/Full Moon Medicine Circle at Qi Freshwater to end the year, so make sure you book now to avoid missing out! We’ll be honouring lunar and the divine goddess #13 in what promises to be another auspicious journey.

Most people tend to freak out about eclipses – the same ones (usually) that freak out about Mercury Retrograde funnily enough – but they are in fact, very potent and healing catalysts, full of spiritual potential and the insights we need to create positive change in our lives.

Gone are the days (thankfully) where we (our ancestors) would slaughter animals (and sometimes young children) in order to avoid retribution from the gods when the eclipses came around. We have evolved to understand that eclipses are not signs that the heavens are angry with us, but rather, they herald opportunity and growth.

It’s really important to remember that despite what goes on around us in the world – on either a macro or micro level – that absolutely nothing happens in a life, which is not characteristic of the individual who lives it. Astrology teaches this above all else. We are each fueled by the energy depicted in our birth-chart whilst weaving our own unique pattern and thread throughout it. Our birth moment provides the raw material upon which we place our personal stamp with every thought, word and deed. So, you cannot escape your destiny and hence, you cannot blame everything ‘out there’, for what happens to you, because it’s not happening to you, it’s happening with you. It’s a product of your co-creation with the universe, and that’s a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people because we have been conditioned for generations, to pass the buck, dodge responsibility and look for loopholes.

So make peace with the eclipse season before it arrives and you will have a better chance of aligning yourself with whatever surprises and hidden ‘joys’ it will bring. However unlikely, shocking or welcome upcoming said events may be, know that they are born out of the fundamental energy field which is you and me. They are characteristic of who we are, of the path we must walk and the growth necessary to become all we can be. To perceive them as anything else is to deny the essential nature of our existence, woven through time and space and integral to the unfolding of this ever-expanding universe which requires – actually, it demands now because we’ve procrastinated for so bloody long – that we expand with it too.

An eclipse may change one person’s life forever and leave another person untouched, not because one was unlucky or fortunate, cursed or blessed, but because each individual by their very nature, experiences the energies of an eclipse as only they can – as only they must – and that doesn’t mean you are a bad person, have bad luck or are being punished by god or any other deity. It just means you may need to repeat a few lessons before you finally get the content.

Again, don’t take anything personally and always do your best, regardless of what others are doing.

I now live by the credo “Expect the unexpected”. In fact, I embrace it with every cell of my being. I call it in, deliberately, no matter how much my ego and patterning may be trying to coerce me not to. If you teach yourself how to process surprises, shocks and things coming in at you from left field, I promise this ‘skill’ will help you navigate your journey more easily. Things will come and go super quickly, almost as if overnight. All you need to do is let go of any need to control. Let go of all expectations. Get comfortable with not knowing and not planning and prepare for more people to dissolve out of your life – regardless of how long or how well you have known them – and for new ones, your ‘real tribal brethren’, to materialize when you least expect it.

I think a lot of this has to do with a deep seated fear of death for a lot of people. How down with death are you?

Could you die today or this week, and be ‘happy’ (or at least ‘okay’) that you were going to go somewhere else, somewhere beautiful?

Have you made (and said) your peace and resolved your past?

Do you trust where your soul is going after this life?

I had a random chat about this with a lovely yogi friend of mine this week in Woollies actually. As you do. She shared my view that an intrinsic fear of death, hinders a person’s ability to accept death and loss (including suicide) and their ability to move on and keep living in the present moment. It makes sense though doesn’t it. If you trust that there is something ‘on the other side’ and you have made peace with that, then you’re not going to worry so much about how someone you love, is faring behind the veil – or worse, be coerced by religions telling you (or they) are lost in limbo forever or going ‘to hell’. You’ll find it easier to detach from the material plane and therefore receive more information from other realms as a result. The memory that you are a spirit having a human experience, will override any conscious programming to be replaced by gratitude and unconditional acceptance (and love). It’s an interesting dinner party conversation for sure, especially at this time of year with so many celebrating about Christ’s ascension.

If that ain't a story that proves there is life after death, I don't know what is!

Within the constellation of expectation that we all carry, lie the roots of discontent, distress and dissatisfaction. Eclipse season reminds us that life is living us, not the other way around. Otherwise we will always be limited by our imagination because our human brains can only compute so much.

What we deem an inconvenience can become the gateway to a whole new experience. What we label as a tragedy becomes the moment we recognise what really matters in life. What we see as a failure becomes the path to discovering a hidden talent we never even knew we had.

The biggest hurdles are always those ones we have created within.

Maybe make some time this coming week, to really face off with old patterns and reactivity that you know are no longer serving you and instead invite in some new ways of interpreting, ingesting and inspiring.

I have created space in my schedule for some extra sessions leading up to the silly season, so now is the perfect time for you to reach out and receive some guidance – and some deep healing – to prepare you for the new year. You can book via my website

Love and blessings,




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