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Love Is The New Black

OCTOBER 19 – 25



Image by @michaelfenton

Surely we are done with fear now brothers and sisters? Surely we have had enough of the lies, deceit and depressive messages being pushed on us 24/7? I know I have.

It’s time we get over our collective habit of giving our power away to fear porn and its associated expressions because it’s just so out of alignment with where we are growing into now.

As we begin to see the extensive corruption for what it is and through the layered illusions that have initiated every thought, action and deed within our global society for generations, we can finally start to find the strength to not only start speaking up about what we are discovering, but start facing the truth about all that we believed in and were told was ‘real’, throughout our lives. When we do this, it dismantles not only the paradigms that were set up to deliberately control humanity for far too long, but it smashes the shackles apart that we as individual participants have been wearing as unwitting players in this ‘game’. We stop being obedient pawns and we start calling (shouting in fact), “Checkmate!” This makes the ‘powers that be’ very uncomfortable and it’s exactly why we are experiencing next level turmoil at present because they are grasping at straws to try and maintain the upper hand. To figure out what their next move is going to be so they can smother us back under the blanket of slavery again.

Ain’t gonna happen of course because the power of the human spirit is far greater when it rises, than any manufactured, conjured up conglomerate plan to rule the world. Spells may have been cast, but they are also made to be broken.

The lower states of consciousness we have all been embodying, have been feeding off fear and control, with the sole intention to keep us bound and tied to the wheel of karma, stuck in cycles of misery basically, but now, when we start waking up and decide to stop playing in that incestuous sandpit with them, we discover just how powerful we are! And what happens? Immediately, ‘they’ have a freak out. They start acting irrational. They start doing (more) things against the law, more obviously, recklessly in fact, and things that they know they can get away with (albeit temporarily) because they wrote and own the law. They also start ramp up the censoring and silence anybody who opposes their view – not just the public figures, but the everyday housewives and workers also who are brave enough to show their hand on social media – and they shut down anything and anyone that threatens to paint them in “the light” (quite literally) to which they are not accustomed because the last thing they want, is to be indisputably identified as the mafia monsters they truly are.

We can’t blame anyone but ourselves when it comes to the predicament we find ourselves in because admittedly, “team shadow” has played its role (and well), as agreed.

The dark forces have always put their intentions “in plain sight”, under our actual noses, yet we have ignorantly and arrogantly ignored them because we haven’t wanted to face the ugly truth that there are truly horrible people in the world that live off hate and pain and who have no conscience at all. That reality is way too confronting for most people to even imagine that, let alone investigate why it exists and then try and comprehend and deal with what they discover!

So society has plodded along, pretending the signs mean nothing, that celebrities just share a communal creative love for particular symbols that coincidentally just happen to mirror every satanic icon and secret society emblem known to man. Yep, it's all just a figment of our over-active imaginations. We saw it in a movie, therefore it can’t possibly hold any validity. We have made excuse after excuse for their blasphemous behavior and even on the occasions when some individuals were singled out and held accountable, we’ve even argued over their innocence despite outstanding evidence being presented. Think of the star-studded supporters who came out of the woodwork to profess allegiance to Cardinal Pell and Harvey Weinstein for example. Seriously, WTAF.

We were recently given a few months warning by Facebook this year, that as of October 1st, there was the high probability that our accounts could be subject to increased random censoring and even possible cancellation, if the platform deemed our pages and our messages, contrary to their “community guidelines”. Guidelines mind you, that allow the personal accounts of pedophiles (complete with images of their victims in full sight), to remain, whilst anyone exposing pedophilia on their page, gets banned. How can we not question this? Thousands of accounts on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube this week have had been blocked, censored and yes, completely wiped off the screens and to me, that is a blatant violation of everyone’s human rights, right there, however you look at it and whichever side of the political fence you align with!

Even the press secretary of the United States and Senator Ted Cruz were blocked on Twitter. Talk about unprecedented.

You really know your life is being controlled when your basic freedoms disappear overnight. When you are no longer allowed to share what you wish, run your business as you desire or express differing opinions when you feel too and anyone who still hasn’t realized that we are living through a spiritual war right now and who still believes all these restrictions, regulations and snuffing out of human rights are necessary for our protection and well being – sorry, but there’s no polite way to say it at this point – they are deluded.

If you are not questioning anything that has been happening by now and are still sticking to the original story that there is a worldwide pandemic that is threatening the very survival of our species, then you are obviously not ready to be unplugged from the system yet. That’s okay for you to choose that, but it is super sad. If you are happy to have all that makes you human, violated and altered forever, sign yourself up for that. Your choice. None of us has the right to force anyone to do anything against their will after all, but that won't stop the light ones from trying to open your eyes.

It is important however, to know that you are currently in the minority (despite what your TV tells you) and yet regardless, your awakened brothers and sisters are willing to carry the load on your behalf until such time that you (might) decide to join them. I suspect many people out there have joined the dots by now but they are just too scared to take action and whilst I have compassion for that position, the light warrior in me has to ask: what will it take for you to rise up and defend your loved ones, your community and the life you have become attached to? What level of trauma actually needs to occur, to get you into your armory and onto the battlefield?

Right now the fear and angst is getting louder and louder – as we knew it would once it was further exposed – and it’s almost at the point of no return, meaning, the darkness knows it has ‘lost’ and yet it is not going to go down without one mother of a fight.

The conscious ones have known this would happen and hence, are well prepared to hold strong and endure for however long it takes. Others who feel less empowered or perhaps called to rally in different, less deliberate ‘on the front line’ kind of ways, are also experiencing a deep soul fatigue, one that is becoming harder to stave off and one that comes with a sadness that is becoming more and more difficult to recover from.

To those who are starting to collapse and feel like they are teetering on the edge of ‘giving up’, I say, “It’s okay. Allow yourselves to rest now and regain your courage. There are plenty of us to hold the line and keep the light blasting. We are in this together and we are in it for the long haul. It’s almost like we’re all in a relay race that none of us has ever participated in before, so, we must work diligently to support one another like never before; and we are. Take time out when you need to, replenish your light, love your families and then you can come back to the fray with renewed vigor, valor and unwavering vigilance.”

Freedom is our birth right, despite what you’ve learned or been taught or told by a piece of paper with some words and dates scribbled upon it; that is, your birth ‘certificate’. You are a sovereign being and you deserve to live as you wish to. As a custodian of light, love and the land, your destiny is already written. All you need to do now, is claim it.

Our species has been kept silent, severed from our sovereignty and manipulated out of our minds (quite literally), for eons, but this all now ends now. On our watch.

Watching mass programs and embedded systems of toxic consciousness was never going to be pretty. We always assumed it was going to get messy before it got better, that is after all, how the healing process works. You’ve got to identify the issue, allow the agitent to appear, to stimulate and get things moving and exposed, and then we extract the poison – the dark and dirty bits – until full health is restored. This takes time – as much time as it takes – but you know as well as I do that the truth always comes out in the end.

And at the end of the day, you have to ask, why is it dangerous for us to know the truth?

2020 is the year of collaboration and co-operation and it was always going to be challenging, but we are moving towards unity consciousness for all and this means all beings will regain equal rights to be who they are and to speak their truth and to know the truth. Part of the healing journey is that we must all actually witness the systems breaking down in order to really comprehend what is going on. This is the only way to fully grasp the magnitude of the situation and to ensure everyone gets on the same page after the shifting has settled.

And by the same page I don’t mean we must all ‘have the same opinion’, I mean, we must share the same intention and vision to create a world that benefits the collective good of ALL because that is the vibration of 5D and beyond.

We are collapsing these systems that are contrary to our higher visions right now and this is evidenced by the reactions of the elite who are now to trying to shut us down. So what do we do? We retaliate – with love. No matter what they do, we reflect love back to them. We reflect the illusions they continue to spread, back with love. We love them to death. It’s so important now to stay in your light, hold strong to your truth and observe it all through the lens of shifting consciousness because it is going to get louder and weirder and more ‘unbelievable’, before it fully clears. Despite what some are predicting, we still have a long way to go.

We are expanding and bringing heaven onto this earth plane in every moment. We just need to be patient.

It’s taken civilizations for humanity to get to this level of ‘now moment’ awareness, along with a bucket load of astrological alignments and divinations clicking into place and activating simultaneously to support our collective vibration. We must remember all the hard work our ancestors have put in before us and all that they endured, fought for and believed in, to get us to this point where we can find the courage in our hearts to say “enough is enough” and “no more”. No more racism and all the attached accusations of ‘white privilege’ and virtue signaling that so many are throwing around right now. No more “us” and “them”, no more inequality, injustice and misuse of power. We must remember who we are and why we incarnated on this earth at this particular juncture in time and continue the work on behalf of our children and their children to come, because ultimately we are all custodians of the cosmos and it our duty to do so.

Don’t be afraid to be different, it’s what makes you unique, awake and empowered. Being you, frees your spirit. Don’t let the opinions or judgments of others sway your own because when you do, it only serves to dampen your energy and delay your soul’s growth and nobody dear one, is worth sacrificing your sovereignty for. Certainly not a bunch of skeptics who appear to be hell bent on staying asleep just so they can stay ‘safe’ – and I say ‘hell bent’ because quite literally, when you aren’t following the path of God, you are unconsciously aligning with Satan. The dark one utilizes the vibrations of ignorance, arrogance, ego, judgment, criticism, racism and abuse and fear mongering (in all their various forms), as ‘tools’ to seduce (and enslave) the bodies, minds and hearts of men.

Don’t fall for that sh*t. Don’t be a minion.

Those of us who have managed to break free of this controlled programming, have been able to see through all the illusions that have been spread across the world this year and honesty, that agitates and angers those who haven’t. They see us as a threat to the status quo because they have become so accustomed and attached to the mundane existence that has been carved out for all us. Anything or anyone that threatens their comfort zone, is more of an enemy than the actual enemy and that is a really messed up head and heart space to be in, is it not? When you view your fellow man as more dangerous than the actual perpetrators that have enslaved all, we’ve really reached a new low in the evolutionary stakes.

Thankfully more people are questioning the narratives as each day passes and as more ridiculous ‘laws’ and ‘bills’ are passed in parliament behind our backs. More people are using their divine intelligence, daily, to decipher the present and embody their truth.

Astrology wise, there are lots of great transits happening including Mars retrograde square Jupiter (activating your inner fire and giving you the courage to stand up and speak up for yourself); Venus trine Jupiter (bringing in the good-feels in relation to love and money that result in fortunate outcomes) and Mercury retrograde opposite Uranus (bringing the higher and lower mind together), which will add extra spunk and spark to your communications but also a sense of ‘quickening’ and agitation, so be gentle and patient. Venus sextile Pluto rolls around hump day which always enhances our sense of pleasure and passion and we close the week with Venus trine Saturn, grounding us in our serious self a bit more and helping with motivation levels and productivity. All in all, a powerful week in the stars as Mercury retrograde prepares to move from Scorpio to Libra, offering us all the chance to re-connect with our intentions for the month and to check in with where we are headed in general, as individuals and as a collective.

Mercury Retrograde is actually a gifted opportunity to pause, slow down, go within, reflect and go over ‘old ground’. To reset essentially. I don’t see it as a negative or delaying energy or a time to freak out about (or anticipate bad things happening). I see it as a chance to practice radical honesty and radical forgiveness (with oneself and others) because when you do take the time to revisit the decisions you have made in the past, you automatically create the space to tweak, make amends if necessary and improve situations if they have started to de-rail a wee bit. "Woman's prerogative" or not, I reckon we can all benefit from changing our minds, being less attached and endeavoring to be more flexible and fluid.

The Libra New Moon last Saturday was a corker – as anticipated – and certainly ushered in a whole new kettle of fish and chaos for us to digest and process, so wherever you are and however it has affected you, keep putting your roots down, keep taking deep breaths and keep wearing your armor of God and remember, things always get better when you give yourself permission to experience things in a new way.

Blessings for another expansive and enlightening week.




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