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FULL MOON (in Aquarius) TO WANING GIBBOUS (in Aries)


This Aquarian full moon will be the first one this year that isn’t either a Supermoon or connected to an eclipse or solstice in some way, but don't worry, there will still be plenty of chances for us to practice mindfulness and self mastery.

With the Sun in Leo (at 11 degrees) and the Moon in Aquarius (also at 11 degrees), we get a double lucky dip with an 11:11 portal opening up, which is undoubtedly one of the most fortuitous alignments in Numerology you can get. #11 is all about heightened psychic abilities, spiritual alchemy and the expansion of humanitarian values, meaning, this week more people are going to start caring not just about their own health and well being, but also about how the consequences of their own actions and choices, affect the health and well being of others.

I know it seems like there are so many layers to this ascension process it’s not funny, but try not to get deterred by all that’s going on, or get stuck down too many rabbit holes if you can help it. It’s really important to practice patience, acceptance of what is and use your higher powers of perspective now, every day, because the goal posts are shifting every five seconds it seems and nothing is stable or ‘real’; everything is fluid and all illusions (and deceits) are being revealed. I have talked about this before and explained how humanity has been moving from structural form to an organic expression (in many ways and across several dimensions, for awhile) and what that means is we must exercise discernment and personal accountability at all times in order to stay aligned with Gaia and how Her frequencies are evolving.

We must find and maintain our clearest internal balance as the way to heal the inherent duality within (and outside of) ourselves.

Full moons always bring everything to the light and show us where we still need to work and this one is no exception. The main message this year is about seeing the truth, opening our hearts to new ways of being and working to dissolve the pain patterns of the past that have kept us separate, divided and believing we deserve less. It’s time for these programs and paradigms to fully dismantle – which is definitely happening right now with the pedophile and child sex trafficking frequencies rising to the collective awareness. Things that have been suppressed in the deepest realms of our psyche, are now being talked about and (unfortunately also) fought about, as people struggle to adjust to realizing the world they live in, is not as it has seemed. But this is the energy of 2020 – “the truth shall set us free” – and it’s the only way to establish equality, divine justice and bring in the new earth that serves and supports all sentient beings, not just the privileged few. We have to remember that we are all in this game (Maya) together, as equal players and hence we only have to choose to join forces instead of continuing to fight.

We need to remember we are all one and all empowered when we step into that frequency.

For example, the sacred principals of Yin and Yang are not mutually exclusive, they exist in harmony and are inter-dependent; and it’s the same with us. Neither ‘yin’ nor ‘yang’ perceive themselves to be dominant or more important than the other; they co-exist with the understanding they are symbiotic and mutually dependent. This universal Truth is something humanity is grappling with right now as we try and fully understand that we are in fact, not on opposite sides and separate – as we have been conditioned to believe by those who seek to divide and control us – but we are actually united as one. This addiction to duality is what we need to transcend now by overcoming the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality and merging instead of further divorcing from one another because of 'belief', race, religion or political persuasion. We need to lean into each other, into challenge and question why are we so attached to our individual beliefs (?), because adamantly clinging to concepts, ideas and opinions as if they are gospel, is what will ultimately be our downfall as a species.

We must be prepared to forget all we think we know and embrace beginners mind and an open heart if we are to transcend duality and restore unity consciousness.

What we are also witnessing around the world as we head towards another ludicrous lockdown, is a collaborative push by our governmental leaders, towards the erasing of individuality and individual rights. Towards Communism basically, which advocates self sacrifice ‘for the good of all’ and putting the needs of self after the needs of the collective; but this is not the same as the spiritual teachings that many know and follow, the ones that invite us to detach from ego in order to be ‘in service’ to the greater good.

Communism demands self sacrifice in the form of servitude so that the community benefits. There is no concern for personal comfort or needs.

In contrast, all spiritual practices ask us to surrender the ego self so that we can be of service to the greater community. And it is always voluntary, not enforced by make believe mandates nor bullied in by the military.

Essentially, if we cling to any beliefs, that creates division because we are unwilling to entertain or hold space for an opposing point of view. We are always then going to defend our opinions (born from devotion to said beliefs) because without them, we do not know who we are. And this brings us back to the crux of the whole situation.

If you know who you are, you are not worried about what is going on in the world. You don’t lose yourself to the outer dialogues, illusions and circumstances as they change day to day and you don’t give your energy away to things or suggestions/theories, because you are grounded in your truth and your innate knowing. In this space, again, no-one and no-thing, can harm you because you are Spirit personified.

If you live in fear and focus only on the ‘what ifs’, you will attract fearful situations and negative ‘news’. All you will experience will be the (numerous) fear mongering outcomes and despondent future scenarios because they ‘match’ the vibration of your inner world. Your thoughts create your reality.

If you embrace fear (and accept death/your shadow self) as a natural part of life but don’t let these energies consume you, you will be better able to navigate the current battlefield with grace and ease and not only come out the other side with your sanity and your soul intact, you will earn some serious karma brownie points along the way.

This full moon is going bring some rapid awakening my friends and that is a good thing.

We need more people to start getting concerned about the loss of their freedoms and all the outrageous censoring and blacklisting we have been subjected to this year. We need more people to start realizing society does not operate in alignment with what we have been taught (and led to believe) it does and we certainly need more people who are willing to stand up and speak out about the plethora of crimes against humanity we are becoming aware of now thanks to independent voices of reason such as: Del Bigtree, Brian Rose, Sacha Stone, Dr Zach Bush, Dr Jenni Tennyson and Dr Vernon Coleman (among countless others).

Without these fearless leaders shining courageous light on issues that up till now we as a collective have just digested without question, we would be way worse off than we are now.

So what is the bigger message of all this change and dissension? It’s all about becoming present to what is and claiming your sovereignty. That’s really what it's all about. We have manifested a doozy for ourselves in that regard but manifest it we have, and so, we must each take responsibility for our part and work to absolve ourselves from any remaining trauma and wounding so we can see through the illusions as this year has called us too. 2020 was always going to be about seeing things that we hadn’t seen or considered before, remember? It was always going to open our eyes so we cannot deny the truth and the realities of this world anymore and it was always going to bust our hearts and minds wide open in the process because that is the only way humans will change and learn.

Let’s be honest. The majority of people would prefer to delay and deflect personal growth in favor of creature comforts and living in a fantasy world, right? It’s too hard to look at their stuff, they don’t have time and it’s not “my problem, it’s theirs” kinds of attitudes, are all just denial tactics that we have all used (at some point) to keep ourselves feeling like we’re in control and okay, when of course, the exact opposite is true because we can never be in control of ourselves unless we know ourselves inside and out – warts and all – and accept and love ourselves regardless of any flaws or perceived failings.

This is the journey of self mastery and it is hard work and that’s exactly why so many don’t dig deep enough into themselves. Well there’s no denying it now folks, now is the time and we are all being called by the universe to do our personal cathartic work now before it’s too late.

We haven’t had a ‘standard’ full moon since February – all have either been Supermoons or Lunar Eclipses – and now with Air and Fire coming together with Aquarius and Leo respectively, we are surely in for some next level fireworks. Also known as the Sturgeon Moon, this lunation heralds some sticky emotional situations and a greater need to think before we speak. There are some intense psychic vibrations (via Aquarius) and physical energies (via Leo) that together, are sure to bring some situations to a head, both personally and collectively. Expect to see some big shifts in global dynamics, even more corruption being exposed, more uncertainly in regards to information being revealed re the vy-rus psyop and increased doubt and anxiety as more people wake up and start to question the status quo. With Uranus in this lunar mix also we are guaranteed some sort of revolutionary action that’s for certain. Let’s aim to make it peaceful however and pray that it unfolds in a way that enhances the expansion of the Great Awakening we are currently experiencing, not agitating it more or driving people further apart. Everyone will need to take a chill pill and some deep breaths when communicating their ideas and ideals this week, so start setting that intention tonight as the moon keeps waxing. Pop outside to check out how Jupiter, the Moon and Saturn are presently lining up in the sky and ask Source for the strength and courage that you need to honor your journey in the highest.

In a nutshell, this full moon is full of breakthrough, revolutionary, intuitive and expansive potential, so let’s not waste it. It’s begging us to take a risk, break free of our chains and embody the adventure that IS life! Don’t get bogged down or deterred by concerns about how people will receive your messages either. Just stay in your heart and allow any criticism to wash over you, much like ‘water off a ducks’ back’, because Aquarius is an aloof Air sign after all and it doesn’t suffer fools at the best of times; especially when there is serious work to be done that the water bearers knows will benefit the collective family.

We are in the birthing tunnel right now and that basically means, ‘expect the unexpected’. Surrender to the moment and trust that at the end of the journey, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Monday and Tuesday are our power days this week with both bringing in potent alchemical energies. Prepare for some rapid (but hopefully not rude) awakenings and transformations, thanks to the T square with Uranus, the planet of liberation and bringing forth change. On these days, really be the change you want to see in the world, because the universe will have your back more than usual and will also be egging more people onto their soul stage without apology at the same time. You may feel compelled to start speaking your truth if you haven’t already, or driven to start sharing information with family and friends; and probably with a “to heck with the consequences” attitude!

Whatever you do and however the vibes affect you, just check in and make sure you are always coming from love and moving with the highest intentions, that way you will honor not only yourself, but also be directly channeling the divine healing powers of Chiron (which is trine to the Moon and Sun during this full moon), and when you move from that sacred space, all flows as it should. On the human level, it’s like a ‘sticks and stones’ kind of situation. Just get on with being you and allow others to be themselves and don’t get caught up in conversations or give energy to any online trolls who just want to argue or take you down.

Lead by example and seek to unify and embody the best qualities of Aquarius and Leo as you do.

Tuesday will be a good time to ground deeply and make sure you 100% have your own back (in regards to what your purpose and message is in the world right now) and by next Sunday 9, you might feel like kicking up your heels and devoting some time to having fun and laughing and relaxing with friends to release some of the pent up tensions the full moon delivered. Mercury and Chiron add their healing influence on this day also, forming a beautiful trine of wisdom and compassion that will help you feel heard and supported and others, acknowledged and appreciated, even if you have differences of opinions. Be gentle with yourself (and others) because ultimately we are all exactly where we are meant to be and we are all doing the best in each moment with the skills (and awareness) that we have at the time. Pointing fingers and calling out differences only widens the gap and hopefully by now, we see where following that path, will lead us to. Loving kindness all the way.

This is at the core of this full moon actually – allowing everyone to express their individual thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or retribution – so that the group can then find common ground and work on bonding together and rising in unity, for the good of all.

We’ve also got Lions Gate Portal peaking on August 8 which is another divine opportunity to plug into and receive some galactic light codes and next level teachings from our celestial guardians. They are all around us at the moment – I actually saw one of their ships camouflaged in the clouds on Saturday – and the message they shared was along the lines of, “We are here for you as back up, but you guys seriously need to rise up and embrace your spiritual warriors first.”

Remember above all this truth: that you are an infinite being of light and by choosing to be here at this time, you have the incredible opportunity to step into your soul’s full power and participate in the rising of humanity in a way that has never been experienced or co-created before on this planet. There is so much beauty and awesomeness in this knowing and it really is such a privilege to be here for this (if you choose to see it that way), so remain focused on the higher frequencies, feel all the feels and work to transmute them as fast as you can.

And of course, always choose love no matter what horror or hindrance you face because nothing conquers or heals, like UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday night for my full moon ceremony:

and the Lions Gate ritual:

Blessings and love,




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