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11:11 PORTAL

The waxing moon invites us to gear up and get clear about what we need to do to manifest our goals into earthly reality.

The waning moon invites us to start clearing out and shedding any accumulated ‘stuff’ that has been draining our mojo.

This Taurus full moon with Scorpio Sun calls us to shine up and lead on as loving examples.

When we move between these two lunar vibrations – from actioning into releasing, or creating to deconstructing even – it is significant on several levels. It’s deliberately aligning us with the ebb and flow of nature for a start plus with each passing month and us (hopefully) learning more lessons and getting more in sync with our natural selves, we notice ourselves becoming better able to accept what comes and goes, with more grace and ease. The small things bother us less because we are finally seeing the bigger picture and purpose.

It’s also interesting because #11 is a master number representing enlightened leadership and supreme balance and #17 is all about leaving a legacy and exploring, deciphering and then making legible, the hidden secrets of the universe so that those who follow, may benefit from the knowledge and power revealed. Together, they invite us to leave our highest ‘light legacy’ and this week with the Taurus full moon rolling in on the 12th – the day after the portal day where divine codes and communications stream onto our plane and into our collective and personal cellular matrix – this promises to be a week to remember (in more ways than one).

How do we wish our species to be remembered?

For starters, what sort of group legacy are we leaving for our children, the next generation? As a species, we have let things deteriorate into a full blown ‘climate emergency’ now. We saw the signs and were told the consequences, decades ago and yet we chose to ignore them. We voted in politicians that didn’t believe in it. Heads were buried deeper into the sand and further up the butts of those leaders (and countries) who prioritized trade deals and fossil fuels over clean air, water and food. Those who said in various languages, ‘jobs over environment’ and Man before and above Nature (at any cost) and who banded together at luxury locations around the world, pretending to talk and find solutions, when in fact all they were doing, was shaking the right hands and holding the right dicks that would ensure their seats at the next election.

Not really setting a good example of caring for community, embodying our inherited role as custodians or showing respect and gratitude for all the blessings we receive on a daily basis is it? Not really planning for the future or demonstrating compassion for any other life form that shares the planet with us if we make it that far is it?

Why do humans always wait till guns are pointing at heads with fingers itching to pull triggers, before they take action? We’re like a massive group of lazy teenagers that need to be nagged to the eyeballs before they’ll do anything that involves effort and sadly this just reflects how spiritually immature we still are as a collective.

Do we want whomever or whatever comes after us (and most likely expecting to discover useful ‘somethings’ to build upon), to be met by mass graves full of silicone implants, mining potholes and various assortments of plastic? That’s a horror movie right there.

This Mercury Retrograde has been an interesting and uniquely individual one for each and every human on the planet, depending on what is going on in their life at present and it is certainly making us think and imagine in ways we haven’t before. Typically, MR is all about delays, communication hiccups and increased difficulty in getting even the most seemingly mundane of tasks, done (and on time), but this one – the final one for this CENTURY – has some extra special medicine woven in and that is largely to do with what the other planets are doing right now as Mercury prepares to eclipse the Sun at the exact same time that a universal portal opens up between the cosmic soul center and the seed soul center of Mother Earth.

The last Mercury eclipse like this was in 2016 and the next one won’t be until 2032. What was happening in your world three years ago? What obstacles were you working to overcome? How was resistance playing out in your love and/or work life? What weren’t you hearing?

The assembly of planets that meet in early January 2020 is all part of a divinely orchestrated dance, one that is deliberately ushering every single living entity on the planet – animal, vegetable and mineral – towards a higher state of being; of consciousness. It is no coincidence that you have been feeling more exhausted, more frustrated, more despondent, more restless and more anxious than ever before and it is certainly no accident that things in your life have been breaking open, falling apart (and away), why relationships have been faltering and dissolving before your very eyes and dreams shattered in various ways; no matter what you do or how hard you pray. Everything on the spinning wheel of life is in full swing and process now; we literally just have to ride the momentum out as best we can and keep making sure we aren’t part of the problem.

So how do we do that?

You ramp up your personal care, your daily rituals, your meditation and your earth honoring practices. You make the loving kindness and Ho’opono’pono prayers, your go-to chants on repeat and you surrender yourself and your stuff, to whomever or whatever you want to call ‘god’. Continuously. You replace Spotify with tunes of inner peace and harmony. You don’t take anything personally and you cultivate deeper self awareness by mirroring every experience back to yourself and through your heart so you can learn the lesson and take self responsibility to the next level before your subconscious packs it away to ‘deal with later’ (because we know how that one plays out). You don’t get distracted by the news or social media, by what others are doing, saying or ‘predicting’ and you walk your talk with more commitment than ever. You shun 5G and protect yourself against it’s detrimental effects by smudging and gridding your homes with Shungite and Black Tourmaline.

A side note of great importance: 5G is poison, make no mistake. Please don’t buy into the ads promoting ‘faster is better’ and suggesting you’ll lose touch (and business) if your wifi isn’t superhero fast. All that extra speed is doing, is guaranteeing the accelerated manifestation of some radio-activated dis-ease. 5G is a vibrational weapon that intends to harness and use the earths’ bio-electricity against all life forms. Trust me, this is so how shadow and the Illuminati works because it knows so many millions are addicted to the internet and really believe they cannot live without it. Well, we can’t live with it to the degree that it is being delivered and we won’t be living when it rolls out (which it already is) because our cells will literally melt inside our bodies. The microwave technologies that the military and the government have created together, is their last-ditch attempt to bring the masses under control.

Seriously people, research and reject 5G, otherwise 5D, won’t become our reality.

Right now, you can start working to shed as much energetic density as you can, so when the light codes start streaming in early next year, you will be ready to receive it, fully and completely; because there ain’t no room for any more excess baggage where we’re all heading! This will also help strengthen your aura and protective layers to counteract whatever amounts of 5G you are already absorbing. This may sound a bit drastic, but it is scientific and energetic truth – in fact, it’s one of the few times where science and energetics actually agree and has a lot to do with the energies that came in a few years ago, encouraging the practical paradigms to merge more deliberately with the spiritual ones in order to advance ALL.

It’s your soul’s choice to take all this on board of course, but really, even if you are the worlds’ biggest skeptic, surely you can see that you have nothing to lose by opening yourself up to what millions of others are, and trying a new approach, just as an ‘experiment’ even? Well, you actually have everything (that no longer serves you) to lose and the alternative is pretty damn bleak, so why not?

It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves – just how much are we willing to sacrifice if it means survival of all species – not just survival of the fittest?

It seems almost condescending to say “just breathe and let it go”, when people are so obviously struggling with the current global and energetic climate, but truly, there has never been a more poignant or powerful statement, or practice, than those few words together. When we stop and connect to our breath we instantly sedate our nervous system which in turn, slows our train of thoughts and releases the hormones needed to counteract any stress we are experiencing in the moment. It quashes anxiety and keeps us in the present moment. Letting go and focusing on your exhalation for even just five or so rounds, can make the world of difference to your reality. It also helps us to reconnect with the bigger picture, to see if we have actually run away with ourselves and given too much attention to what really are ‘first world problems’ a lot of the time (if we’re honest) and best of all, it stops us from making stupid decisions and sometimes spiteful remarks that we will regret later once we calm down and get back in our body. So yeah. Breathe and practice letting ‘it’ go, whatever ‘it’ is and watch the agitation subside. This is Scorpio season after all and we know this month is peppered equally with sacred opportunities as well as thorn-laden mazes that we must navigate.

Do whatever feels nurturing and self-loving for you because when we are weak, when get run down and when we are run down we become more mentally and emotionally vulnerable. This also makes us easy targets for shadow and this is exactly what we have been witnessing across society, worldwide, with the rise in mental health issues and suicide rates and violence in all forms – because we are not only disconnected from Mother Nature’s power and beauty, but also to our own.

Why do you think immunization is being so heavily pushed by media and big brother? Why do you think there has been a mass global push around the latest scientific ‘cures’ for cancer and other mystery ailments of late? To keep us dangling on the threads of hope that they want (and need) us to be dangling from and hooked into believing that man-made is better than Mother-made. And it’s all BULL.DER.DASH.

When we align with nature and return to natural remedies, indigenous rituals and live by the wisdom in our gut, we return ourselves to full being health and connection. Bush medicine is the best medicine, along with laughter, love and living lightly (in all ways).

Hump day this coming week is going to be a breath of fresh air luckily and will help to renew your mind and motivation, giving you the sense that you can now access ideas and entertain perspectives that you couldn’t before. This is largely thanks to MR sextile Saturn, a generous combo that generates breakthroughs and spontaneous ‘ah-ha’ moments, so make some time to think outside the box and then stay outside it for as long as possible until something ‘drops in’ from another realm; which it will, if you allow it and if you believe it enough.

Use your natural charisma to tell your story because there is only one YOU and the world needs your medicine just as much as you need to share it. It’s the 13th today also, the number of the Divine Feminine, of the 13 lunar cycles and so much more, so plug into your power and mesmerize the world with your message! This is a beautiful day to just sink into your gifts and trust how much they affect and inspire others and then give yourself permission to receive some of that good loving for yourself at the same time.

Thursday this week was a cracker hey, did you feel it? It’s when the 11:11 portal opened ahead of November 11th, so if you felt like you’d been hit by a Mac truck, really heavy and exhausted and maybe even aching, this is why. The density and weight of carrying so much karmic baggage basically came to a climax and unconsciously, we needed time out to integrate it all. A little lie down.

It’s all good because this is exactly what needs to happen before we can activate our light body to the next level and be able to channel the finer frequencies that are coming through, but of course, it’s intense when it strikes and often leaves us feeling like we’re either coming down with the flu or having a breakdown of sorts! You’re not though, you’re moving through a rite of passage, so stay calm and cultivate trust in your unfolding journey and if anxiety or angst do rise up, breathe them through and cut any negative beliefs that sneak in, off at the roots before they take hold of your heart (and your sanity) again. You can also throw yourself in the ocean (gently), call a good friend for a whinge or book in a healing session with me!

Moments like these are the perfect opportunities to exercise our ‘spiritual muscles’ and show up as the shape-shifters that we are, but yeah, it’s work and it’s not easy; but it is necessary.

Sitting on the threshold of the full moon next week is the celestial gateway that is 11:11, a vortex representing the pillars of the Aquarian Age and a time where we are all called to step into Oneness, to come together, to unify our collective power and reclaim our sovereign energy. It’s a shout out through the time lines to bring all the tribes together again – and boy, won’t that be an incredible moment in the history of humanity – witnessing the eradication of hate, fear and disconnect and the re-anchoring love, hope and mutual trust. No more ‘divide and conquer’, giddyup!

I am so glad I chose this lifetime to come back and be a part of this and you should be too because it is such a privilege. Despite all the dirty laundry and whiplash-inducing U-turns.

FYI, 11:11 has nothing to do with ‘Singles Day’ (known as ‘Guanggun Jie’) that is happening in China. That day was intentionally ‘created’ by hierarchy to encourage single people to ‘celebrate’ themselves by going shopping. Apparently this date with the four 1’s was chosen “because the #1 represents a single individual, being alone” and what else would a single person want to do to make themselves feel better about the fact that they haven’t got a partner, than retail therapy?! OMG. Maybe the unconscious ones will dig it, but I had hoped we had increased our numbers enough by this point so that things like this stand out like dog’s bollocks against the global canvas made up of people who can smell BS when its shoveled. If this ‘Single’s Day’ isn’t shadow trying to maintain separation and disconnection – not to mention, perpetuating mindless consumerism – I don’t know what is. The #1 and the vibration of this particular day, actually has zip to do with being ‘alone’, as you will discover if you keep reading this newsletter.

I’ll just throw in here (because I can) that being single is not an ailment or a disadvantage. You are not living a life of lack if you are sans partner. There are plenty of men and women who choose to be single, who haven’t met their match yet, who don’t want to have kids for example or who have lost a loved one and who don’t want to go there again; and there is certainly nothing wrong or sad or ‘less than’, about that (or them). Women especially are not inferior, infertile or inadequate if they aren’t coupled up and they certainly aren’t ‘on the shelf’ as our forebears suggested, wasting away on their single size couches eating scones and gathering dust in their yonis.

Devoting time to yourself and healing your heart and your stories properly before you merge with another in intimate relationship, is absolutely necessary and if more people spent the time doing this to their fullest capacity, there would probably be lower divorce rates, fewer people with chronic eating disorders and maybe even less domestic violence.

Celibacy is an ancient and empowering practice and it’s always better to be on your own and working to be the best you that you can be, before you pair up with another person anyway. In fact, learning how to love yourself the way you want to be loved, is the only way you will ever attract your King or Queen; and in the meantime you won’t have time to be lonely thanks to a wide array of affordable and colorful devices online. So to Singles’ Day I say, #fcukoffnamaste.

The number 11 is a legit portal to the Divine. It symbolizes new beginnings, initiations and soulful self-listening. If you have been seeing lots of ‘1’s’ of late – on the clock, your phone, number plates or on receipts – there is a reason for this and it’s not a reminder to go out and spend money. It means ‘pay attention’ to your thoughts in that exact moment and align them with the light, as fast as you can.

11:11 is about accelerated awareness and learning how to press your ‘restart’ button so you elevate your levels of consciousness. The #11 also translates to ‘light’ – using numerology, it reduces to 29, which is 11 (2+9=11) – hence, it is a powerful invitation to make yourself a sacred conduit of light by opening your heart and surrendering to the universe and all it is offering you. BE the light, literally and if you reduce #11 to #2, this becomes the number of unity, partnership, connection, compromise and goodwill. Again China, you’re so far off the mark it’s not funny and with less than seven weeks (eeeeekkk!!) before we enter a new century, one governed by 2020 (a double #2, symbolizing unity and cohesion and perfect vision (read: visions, dreaming awake and third eye activation), we don’t have much time left to make the quantum leaps we still need to.

Tonight and ahead of 11:11 tomorrow, make some time to raise the bio-electricity in your body through self loving rituals, lovemaking and tantric magic and tuning into the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether. Get barefoot, get naked and get down in whatever way calls to you (tonight and tomorrow) because this is how we are going to heal the world peeps – by honoring ourselves first and then owning our creative power, reclaiming our birth right as the indigenous masters that we all are and focusing our hearts and all our love, on rejuvenating the center that supports us all – our hearts as Mother Earth.

When you charge yourself like this, you charge Her and that simple act then connects and empowers, all life forms. Taurus is the earth and we can utilize the alchemy of love to literally manifest heaven on this earthly plane. Whatever you do, do it with pure intention, with no attachment to specific outcomes and for maximum benefit, at 11:11am and 11:11pm if you can.

Gaia doesn’t actually need us to save Her. She needs us to save ourselves.

Now is the time to look at any compulsive addictive behaviors around sex, pornography, drugs, lack of integrity and self sabotage for example.

Look at where you may be neglecting your sacred masculine (and/or feminine) and paying too much homage to the lower ‘I AM’s’, that is, your base chakra desires, wants and attachments.

Look at where you may be expressing your desperate need for connection and validation on the social scene, with dating app’s and the like.

Where in your family do you still carry wounded stories around acceptance, self expression and obligation? Around what you’ve learned from your elders in regards to being a ‘real man’ or behaving like a ‘good girl’.

How have these things played out in your relationships and are they still restricting your experience of pure, unadulterated love?

What familial wounds and beliefs are you giving energy to that really need to go for good?

What needs to shift in order for you to feel free and light and find peace in the moment without needing to ‘fill’ it in some way or with some thing or some one?

With the Sun moving through Scorpio now, focus on clearing your energetic systems out and raising your Kundalini (your divine essence), through connection with the five senses – touch, sound, taste, smell and vision. Feeling, listening, feeding, receiving and intuiting. If our Shakti isn’t clear and able to channel through our energy systems (chakras, glands, nadis and the like) and we aren’t able to interpret the information that is constantly circulating around us in a way that serves our internal structures and reality, the energy will act out as its opposite; as rage, anger, vengeance and similar.

You’ve got to find a way to release all your pent up stuff and transform it into more constructive and practical expressions.

This week coming is the time to ground yourself, plant your highest intentions, embed your soul seeds, take practical action every moment to ensure you manifest with love and stay focused on being the change you want to see in the world – yeah, that old chestnut again – because Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all now direct and they are equally and deliberately supporting all of this.

The 11:11 awakens an aspect within our DNA that has been laying dormant for some time and each year when this portal activates – much like the Lions Gate in July/August – we are able to access more internal wisdom (if we let ourselves) which then serves to develop our courage, compassion and conviction moving forwards as ONE.

Side tangent to share some interesting facts: science recognizes that we have two active strands of DNA but spiritually/energetically, we also have another ten strands which have remained dormant in our structure for centuries. This will change when we usher in the next century in 2020. Scientists call these mystery strands “junk” because they are unable to commune with them and understand what they are all about. When we were first created, we had all 12 strands rocking and rolling because we were operating as intended – spirits in human form that knew what they were. They align with our 12 main chakras and extend around our body in what we call our etheric system or aura. These source strands were also receptive to the rhythms of nature, connected to our sacral/solar plexus’ and not overly concerned with left brain activities that prioritize the mind over the heart. We were ruled by instinct, intuition and loving intent.

Over time, this has changed and we have (de)volved and lost the connection to these other 10 strands of DNA within us. Now we are waking up, we need to reconnect to them and activate all of our genetic potential. Everything we need, is inside of us. The universe is quite literally, inside of us, waiting to be discovered. We all have different quantities of activated and dormant genes that we have inherited from both parents and it is up to us now, to heal wounds, activate the strands that are sleeping and restore our karmic blueprints to their original form.

Knowing this, you can see why medical world and big pharma work so diligently (and desperately) to keep us stuck in illness patterns because the last thing they want is a whole lot of people suddenly being able to heal themselves just through intention and energy work!! Where’s the money and accolade in that?!

When we rewire the coding within and move into higher states of vibrational expression, of consciousness, there truly is no limit to what we can access and achieve.

It’s time to wake up your inner genius and share him or her, with the world! The Sun, Mercury in retrograde and the Mercury eclipse/transit, are really going to take us deep into ourselves to investigate why we operate as we do, how we communicate our visions and dreams, what we need to upgrade in regards to our personal computer, filters and beliefs and basically become more responsible for how we are contributing to the world. We will want to be in our bodies and in our hearts when this transit happens and when this full moon rises.

We will want to focus on our energy and genetic makeup (energenetics) and remind ourselves throughout the day, that we are made up of the exact same cells as the universe (and every life form within it) and therefore, are receptive and deserving of love, forgiveness, inclusion, deep healing and multi-tiered abundance. All we need do, is remember our true nature, our place within the matrix (in divine service) and working cohesively with all other ‘cells’ (read: people, situations, environments and species), because we really are all just a big cluster of cells in various shapes and sizes, expressing as different creatures and forms.

We are all in a symbiotic relationship with every other living being on the planet and the sooner we understand that there is no separation both spiritually and physically, the sooner we can turn things around.

This is where anyone who hasn’t yet embraced the truth that they are a soul and not just a body, is going to get a major wake up call. Where the uber-rational among us are going to be pushed to their limits until they either soften and surrender or armor up even more and choose another materialistic trajectory. Those of us who are already riding the conscious convoy are going to be initiated to our next level as we have been anticipating and getting very excited about.

I would strongly suggest that everyone, regardless of where you are at evolution-wise, calls forth their mighty I AM presence and listens to what comes through. Breathe through your skin, your bones, your heart, your meridians and your mind and allow yourself to discover something previously hidden behind illusion and fear because on this one day of the year – one that is quite possibly the most fortuitous days of the entire year – all bets are off.

I know. It’s a lot to take in but we all called it in remember and it is high time things shifted, so welcome it all and show up as best you can because we never manifest more than we can handle and we are 1000% supported by our guides, other awakening souls and the entire universe right now. We seriously couldn’t get a better team on our side!

After the 11:11 excitement, we have the Taurus full moon which falls on either Tuesday November 12th or Wednesday 13th, depending on which side of the date line you are. I often hold my rituals the eve before to ensure we ride the energies as they peak and then we can soften into them on the actual day the moon illuminates to her fullest. The Sun will be in Scorpio which will ask us to acknowledge and transform some intense, primal feelings and triggers, making us feel like we are frogs boiling in buckets or tied to racks being stretched from limb to limb until there is nothing more to pull apart.

It’s going to be confronting – all full moons are because they shine the light on the stuff we don’t want to look at – and that has a lot to do with Pluto (Scorpio’s ruling planet) and his connection to Hades, the God of the Underworld and the unconscious shadow that looms large in all our psyches. When we haven’t dealt with our subconscious wounds, they will rise and restrict us eventually and repeatedly, playing out as mind games, self sabotage patterns and fatuity that more often than not, hurts us as much as it hurts others.

To heal this, we need to own our bad behavior and take responsibility for our emotions, our thoughts and the way we engage with others, otherwise we will just keep perpetuating old ancestral agreements centered around revenge, war, pain, betrayal and competition. Some acknowledge this day as Remembrance Day, signalling the end of WW1, which was supposed to be the ‘war to end all wars’. Whilst it is important to recognize those who have lost their lives and sacrificed so much for future generations, it is also important to note that repeatedly returning to the vibration of pain, wound, loss and distress created by war torn times, is not a healthy space to be in. Honor and respect the dead and learn from the mistakes of the past for sure, but don’t get dragged back into what really is a day created and manipulated by the shadow hierarchies in and of the past, to keep humanity held hostage by the pain body.

We are more easily controlled when we remain stuck in nostalgia, in extended grieving and the fear of what may happen again if we ‘don’t tow the line’.

Note also that the numerology for November 11th, 1918 (11+11+1918) is #5, heralding change, liberty, a pivot point and a new beginning of some kind. It encompasses the five senses (in their highest expressions: touch, sound, smell, taste and vision) and right now as mentioned earlier on, we are being called to connect to these five senses (and the five elements as well) as a way to facilitate deep and lasting change and to raise our personal vibration in order to create the stronger group matrix that we need.

On this sacred day the moon is trine Saturn (giving us emotional strength), the Sun is conjunct MR (which means good outcomes with negotiations and plans), the Moon is trine Pluto (helping to purge toxic emotions and beliefs so you can heal all residuals) and the Sun is sextile Saturn (which brings patience and the ability to persevere). The Sun is sextile Pluto as well which will enhance your self confidence and with Saturn sextile Neptune at the same time, well, that’s just a super-dooper-laser-beam-blast from the stars helping to open up new corridors and pathways that you haven’t been able to previously perceive. An ‘Abracadabra!’ moment. So you can see, even though there is a lot of intensity and agitation potential, there is also A LOT of cosmic support that only has our best intentions at heart.

The overwhelm continues the longer we refuse to claim our sovereignty and restore authentic, heart-centered connections. Everything always starts with US.

With this FM, focus your energies on how you want the world to look – your inner and outer world as well as the global world – because dreams really can come true now with this Taurus-Scorpio-Mercury-and-a-dash-of-Uranus combo. Your psychic awareness is heightened and expanding right now and I know many of you are suddenly experiencing incredible meditations and seeing/feeling/hearing things that you haven’t before, so please don’t be afraid of this, rather, embrace your opening spirituality with joy and trust because it is such a good thing and you are totally in alignment with the universal plan!

Taurus is the sign of abundance, of manifestation, so this lunar cycle is a powerful window for us all to access – and what do we do with windows? We look out of them, we see into the distance, we appreciate the view and we imagine what else is ‘out there’, when we stare into space, into the void. So do this now and celebrate these new horizons opening up for you. Celebrate Gaia! Bless your food and say grace if you haven’t before. Give thanks to the water element as you satiate your thirst. Talk to trees and animals and believe that they understand you, because they do! Roll around in the sand or the dirt and appreciate this body that you are so lucky to have. Plant some new seeds or flowers in your garden for the bees and the birds and spend time welcoming these creations (and creatures) into your heart and your home.

Do something proactive, anything, to help restore Mother’s well being because She is us and we are Her. When we honor our own health and make time to not necessarily pamper (because that has connotations of spoiling and being excessive), but rather, worship and revere the work of art that you are, then that is how you ward off ‘evil’ and deflect negative vibrations. Try a sensual partner massage or anointing yourself with essential oils and meditating naked on a rock! Whatever works for you.

To help you with all of this, I will be holding my monthly full moon medicine circle on Monday 11th – yes I know, impeccable timing – and as this will be the second last circle for 2019 at Breathing Space (the Gemini December circle will be held at Qi Yoga in Freshwater on Friday 13th), I urge you to attend so that you can set yourself up before the world shifts, biggus timeus.

I will also be hosting my annual New Years Eve medicine circle at Qi on December 31st; you can find details and book, via their website This one will be a powerful journey connecting to our ancestors, clearing our lineages and resetting paradigms in multiple ways and it always fills quickly so don’t hesitate to be an early bird.

In the circle we’ll be working with quite a few beings but particularly the dark goddess Kali to help conjure up our fullest and fiercest feminine power and help you embody your fullest essence as a co-creatrix and sacred vessel of the Divine Mother. Kali makes the big calls that need to be made and we are certainly at that precipice now. Kali is also known as Sekhmet, Lilith and Oya, the undeniable Shakti archetype within us all that has the primal juju we need to rebirth the deepest, darkest and dirtiest aspects of ourselves right now. She is the change-maker, the one who will call out sh*t when its needed and expose all in the name of (albeit it often tough) love. She’s the one who isn’t afraid to smear menstrual blood on her body or eat her placenta after birthing because She knows and trusts in the raw power of nature to heal, protect and create.

We all need to be ready to ride the edge if we are to activate (and be) the change that needs to happen now and having true reverence and a healthy respect for your elders (literally, this is where the old saying comes from), is not a space to fear – it is the most connected and loving space you will ever occupy, if you let yourself go there. Once you do and you move through the scary bits, it’s like the relief you feel after baring your soul sicknesses to someone you trust and they just hug you and accept you and forgive you, no matter what.

It’s like when we were kids, one of the most daunting things you could do, was to look under the bed for the bogeyman, but now as adults, we have learned that living out our wounds and not facing our past is actually scarier than the fleeting seconds of terror we may experience before we finally do lift the bedspread to peer into the waiting shadows. Our imagination always makes things worse or more frightening and more negative than they really are (or than they need to be) and it’s this unconscious agreement that our species has made for generations, eons in fact, to allow fear to control us, that is up for a thorough revamp right now. We all share the same intrinsic wounds and worries after all and the sooner we drop the barriers and suture up our souls, the better.

Yup. Another wild week of reckoning and awakening coming up, so breathe deep, trust in yourself and don’t forget to get in touch for some healing if you feel you need a loving hand.

Blessings and hugs,




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