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It's Your Call

APRIL 6 – 12




When I write or speak out about anything, I do it with one purpose in mind – to share the Truth – and I always do so after researching said topic thoroughly and after receiving divine guidance about it. People can pick up what I put down, or leave it and that is totally fine. We are all operating at our individual levels of consciousness and human awareness after all.

The world (as in the daily experiences) will reflect where we are at on the inside.

Circumstances will mirror the beliefs we cling to in order to feel safe or avoid change. I cannot influence (nor do I wish to) the minds of others – that is Shadow’s job – but what I can do is shed light into the cracks and crevices where evil resides and in doing so, create the opportunity for others to awaken and then, make educated choices.

At present, with all the confusion and chaos going on, you would have also noticed there are a couple of familiar threads that keep circulating around the social media platform we all know and worship, hypothesizing about what this whole COVID-19 situation is really about. Suddenly everyone is an expert in something, be it immunology, divination or environmental science and whilst they all espouse different view points, they also seem to share one common pet peeve – the ‘conspiracy theory’. In either 'camp' that is; light and shadow.

I find this rather amusing because there is no such thing, only conspiracy FACT.

I think it’s important that we maintain not only our sane but our sense of humor in the face of adversity. It’s good for the nervous system, helps keep things in perspective and of course we all know a good giggle can shift our mood for the better in a single instant. Laughter is infectious – in a good way. Each one of us is on a journey and dealing with demons of various kinds, but even in our darkest of moments, we can always choose to lighten up and let in some light.

Here’s the rub though. At this point in our evolution and in this day and age of technology and information, ignorance is a choice.

It saddens me to see people hurling verbal abuse at complete strangers and attacking their integrity and intelligence in an effort to be 'superior'. All I see is the creation of more separation at a time when we should be pulling together more than ever. Solidarity is our greatest ‘weapon’ for want of a better word because when we stand together – despite our differences but with open hearts and tethered intentions – the energy created is unstoppable.

Shadow knows this, which is why it is manipulating us with multiple story lines, changing global updates, social distancing and yes, spreading "fake news".

The media, the medical empire (big pharma, WHO) and the ‘intelligence’ agencies – they’re all interwoven – and IN PLAIN SIGHT; as per the ancient agreement.

You see, Source doesn’t see ‘evil’ through the same lens as we do. Everything is just an expression of the one divine energy. Duality and polarity are both just two sides of the same coin and the essence of existence, the core of it all, revolves around ever shifting vibrations between yin and yang, light and shadow and the inter-relationship between all expressions of life. Neither is ‘better’ or ‘worse’. Neither is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. There is just either balance or imbalance. Harmony or disharmony. Appropriate or inappropriate.

Everything else is human construct.

Now as difficult as that is to get our tiny boxed-in brains around, it is Truth. We judge, we persecute, we blame and we make conscious choices to separate ourselves via illusionary beliefs and practices, as we seek ‘the Truth’. It’s the greatest irony really if you think about it. Everything is happening whether we ‘like’ it or not, as it is happening. There is nothing ‘wrong’, just as none of us truly need ‘healing’ because there is nothing that actually needs healing.

Awareness just needs to be brought to the situation, the issue, the condition, so it can then be claimed and resolved.

What I am realizing more and more, is that there is no need to change anything because everything serves a purpose to awaken us. Everything in our life and on this earth, plays a specific role to help us evolve and we all do this differently of course. Some people get really upset about blood sports while others don’t give a toss. Some people can embrace violence as easy as they embrace breathing, where others wouldn’t dare harm a flea. It’s all relative and each one of us is on our own spiritual trajectory, whether we consciously realize it or not. At some point, some people wake up to this and others don’t, but it’s not anybody’s responsibility to either make them ‘see the light’ or by the same token, to carry the burden on their behalf because their empathic self says they must.

Even the ‘false light workers’ serve a purpose – to show others what isn’t clear – once they cotton onto them that is!

‘Healing’ practitioners around the world need to realize and clear this inherited trait immediately. If this is you, know that it is not your responsibility to carry the wounds – or for that matter, to ‘fix’ anyone’s story – even if invited to, because that is a form of enabling and it has to stop. It’s also a breach of sacred contract because the only person that has that kind of power, is Source; whom we all have private agreements with. As ‘healers’, we are under no obligation to ‘heal’ anyone; what we are divinely instructed and required to do, is remember who we truly are and then offer assistance through self leadership.

What we are allowed to do, is lead by example and that means speaking out and often making others uncomfortable with our words and the revelations we are guided to share. Not just during times of crisis either, because it’s easy to take advantage of a situation and pretend you saw it coming, when it’s in full swing. We need to remember that it’s never about us, it’s always about what Source needs to be communicated (and experienced) for the good of all.

It takes a few decades of working with one’s own ego to understand and embody that, but that is essentially what we are here to do. To act as conduits for Creator, not serve our ego.

Now I cannot tell you what to believe, I can only serve to enlighten in some way, by sharing what I am being shown. I encounter skeptics all the time and I understand where they are coming from because I used to be one myself many moons ago. I have however educated myself about many different topics and perspectives and welcomed the ‘new’ in order to expand myself as a being. After all – and as I say to those who consistently and often doggedly defy anything outside of their current sphere of consciousness – “What have you got to lose by at least considering something different? Why not take a chance if you believe it’s all a crock?”

Because a brave soul requires an inquisitive mind and those people are locked into fear.

So for now, lessen the shocks for yourself by doing your research. Keep your mind open and be patient with others as we all negotiate un-chartered waters. Do not take as gospel, what the mainstream media (and affiliated ‘fact checking’ sites and similar) tell you. Remain vigilant and in control of your thoughts, emotions and actions and maintain your spiritual practices because you have been studying them for an even deeper purpose than you know.

Very soon every single one of us will be faced with choices we never dreamed we would be faced with in our lifetime and it will challenge us to our very core. It has already begun in fact, with this ‘lockdown’ imposed on us, which is actually a ‘perfect’ opportunity to dive into our individual journeys so we may come to realize just how much life was living us, instead of the other way round.

In the near future we will all have to compromise our values (to some extent) if we wish to continue being a part of whatever societal structure is created for us after this whole experiment. And I say ‘experiment’ because it most certainly is, for the powers that be at least. They see us – the global population – as a mass entity to be manipulated, vaccinated, mastered and made money from, when in truth, this time is a powerful rite of passage, a chance for us to embrace what we believe in – in our hearts and souls – and reverse the vibration in order to not become another generation of enslaved drones. It’s our invitation to discover what self mastery is all about.

Sending us home, to our rooms, is actually the best thing they have ever done for us because it gives us ‘permission’ and time, to do our salvation work and to connect with our families to clear any wounding there so we do not perpetuate further separation.

If we use this time wisely, we will remember that we don’t actually need their permission and that we have always been in control of ourselves – we just forgot. That’s when things are going to get interesting and personally, I cannot wait to see how the higher teachings (that myself and my fellow master custodians have been shown) will unfold in real time over the next few weeks. Over the next few days in fact.

The upcoming Libra full moon will be a game changer, heralding a new wave of breakthrough energies thanks to Venus sextile Chiron (the wounded healer planet) and also sextile Saturn, the planet of liberation. Venus rules Libra and Libra rules balance. Justice is on its way dear ones.

Please, if you are struggling, need some spiritual support, want to learn how to channel any information or gifts that you are receiving at this time or just discover something new, reach out and book a Zoom or phone session with me. Or log in to my online Zoom events below:

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Remember: everything is exactly how it should be. The question is, are you going to embrace golden opportunity or keep giving your power away to fear and stress?

Despite all the control being exerted over us, it’s actually not their call. It’s ours. YOURS.

Blessings and love,




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