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It's not about Race, It's about Rights

JUNE 8 – JUNE 14





I’ve been a bit more agitated than usual of late and whilst it has been a massive week packed with full-moon-eclipse-and-Ophichus-related funk, I realized something much less sinister was actually the cause of my physical unrest. Caffeinated tea bags! Yep, I had run out of my usual favorites and had to resort to what was stashed in the back of my cupboard. Not wanting to waste needlessly – and desperate for a cuppa, my only vice pretty much – I hooked into what I had, however, after a couple of days I finally made the connection between my spiked adrenals and the caffeine hiding innocently inside the guise of an organic label. All rectified and I am back to my usual activist and highly activated self!

To some that might sound like I am too wet and weak for my own good, but to others who are equally sensitive, you will totally understand. The reason I AM so energetically powerful is BECAUSE my system is so refined and offended by the slightest pollutant.

As I was preparing to channel this newsletter, it dawned on me that this has a lot to do with why so many people are unable to hear, absorb, process and grasp, new or fresh information; because they are calcified and congested from within.

Most layers of being – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – are toxic in the majority of people.

No surprise really when you consider all the chemtrails, additives in foods, prescription drugs many are reliant upon (even the seemingly ‘harmless’ aspirins of the world), the accumulated vaccinations in our bloodstream since birth and how our water supply has been adulterated from day dot. There are many other things I could mention, but these are the main offenders.

When we are full of crap – literally – we are only going to be able to resonate with crap – meaning it’s going to be harder for someone with years of layered conditioning and attachment, to sift through their stuff and find clarity, than it would be for someone whose energies on those same layers, are lighter and cleaner. If they're stuck inside they're going to find it harder to open their mind, think critically and entertain ideas and perspectives that they would normally reject. And this is a really important thing to understand right now because it relates to the whole ascension ‘waking up’ story.

I’m sure you’ve heard talk about how important it is to clear the density from our bodies in order to receive the new clear frequencies/codes that have been streaming into the planet’s energy fields for the past few years. If we are heavy – in thought, feeling, heart and body – we won’t be able to do that. The energy will just bounce off us because we are not an energetic ‘match’, but when we work diligently to process our old emotions, to heal our wounds and stories and elevate our spiritual energy, we start shifting our dynamic to a state that is able to meet the lighter and higher energies.

This is why many seekers are still feeling good despite not getting much sleep and being occupied by lots of psychic activity and soul processing at the moment. If you are not sleeping well, yet still functioning fine during the day and not adversely affected, then that is confirmation that you are in fact doing the work correctly and that all your systems are aligning with the lighter frequencies. If you’re not sleeping well and are feeling blah, heavy and despondent, that is a sign that you need to ramp up your spiritual hygiene and clearing practices (on all levels of your being) to the point where your energies will then start shifting enough for you to align with what is wanting to connect with you. Yep, there’s always more work to be done.

I know lots of you out there are experiencing less sleep and yet still feeling energized and alert, so hopefully this explanation makes sense. You are on track basically if this is you.

Now, onto something else that needs to be addressed after yet another week of global insanity.

In this world, you have Light and you have Shadow. Love and Fear. God and the Devil. Polarity and duality is our reality. Just look into the universal laws aka Hermeticism to get yourself up to speed. It’s the principle of yin/yang as in, you cannot have one without the other. Everything in life is in continual flux and flow between these two polarities, creating all the experiences that we are witness to and partake in and yet one of our most difficult spiritual tasks, is to rise above polarity – or duality – and recognize all as expression of the one; neutral, unified and complete. To realize that everything originates from the one true source because in regards to the human experience, duality ultimately breeds separation; as evidenced via the ‘riots and racism story’ playing out now.

Let’s look at a few rituals being rolled out that reiterate and encourage this duality. The whole bending on one knee thing; ritual. The wearing of masks; ritual. The sharing of black squares on social media; another ritual. Each of these serves only one thing – to demonstrate one’s level of compliance, nothing more. It has nothing to do with reality, nothing to do with showing you are a ‘good person’ and it definitely has nothing to do with your skin color. All it does is reiterate difference and show others – and by others I mean the elite authorities pulling the puppet strings – that you adhere to and will keep swearing allegiance to, their ‘system’, no matter what. All you are doing here, is signing more contracts.

What people are doing is not renouncing their white privilege; they are renouncing their HUMAN PRIVILEGE.

Considering what's going on in the world and between the inter-dimensions right now, that is a really stupid thing to be doing.

When you blindly follow the ‘status quo’, ‘what’s trending now’ and ‘just do as you’re told because otherwise you’re a danger to others’, you are essentially forfeiting your human privilege. You are sacrificing the sacred vehicle that your SOUL chose to reside in. You are in fact, SELLING YOUR SOUL TO SATAN by doing so. You’re not standing shoulder to shoulder with black people. You’re not doing your bit for Asian people. You’re not doing anything for any people, other than those you say you are fighting against. What you’re really doing is perpetuating the fight for them and within yourself because you continue to give energy to the illusion of ‘us’ and ‘them’.

And you are eroding the power of all peoples at the same time.

We moved out of the ‘me’ mentality of the Age of Pisces and into the ‘we’ vibration of the Age of Aquarius earlier this year. We were supposed to have learned by now, how connected and powerful we are TOGETHER, but instead, all we see are adverts inciting further separation, triggering people to keep pointing fingers of blame, guilt and shame at one another and mainstream media at the helm, driving the frikking bus with us all sitting in it!

We need to get off the bus now because we are not ‘all in this together’ in the way they keep telling us. That is another spell, another web of lies cast by those worshiping darkness.

Their language actually insinuates that we are all bound together by obligation and oppression and that there is no escape for anyone who might think outside the box because then, they are not a part of ‘the team’. And anyone who dares step off the beaten sheep track is then regarded a heretic because they chose to step outside of the toxic paradigm. The projected idea of ‘togetherness’ is in fact, a very clever spell to sedate the herd and give them false hope. It's a psychological tactic designed to assure people that they are not alone, but what most don't realize is that means that they are simultaneously being watched at all times by big brother. 'Safety' comes at a (hidden) cost. The elite also do this because they don't want people to remember that they are in fact alone, from the perspective that they alone have power, because when people wake up to their own sovereignty and claim that individual power, they are no longer easily controlled. Better to keep them all huddled together, self regulating and self medicating. This could also feed into some people's deepest fears about being alone versus lonely. For example, if someone isn't comfortable with their own company and doesn't enjoy going solo sometimes, and instead feels only lonely and empty when others aren't around, then they may be more likely to advocate sticking with the crowd consensus at all costs. I'm no PhD, but I'm guessing there's some truth in that.

There cannot be true togetherness however, until there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. No black, white, red or yellow. Just sovereign beings in human suits. Equal and awake.

Remember that Lucifer was a fallen angel of light. He was cast out of heaven. His tactics are therefore motivated by revenge, very persuasive, multi layered and deeply messed up. He (thinks) he is a master magician – when in fact he relies on the energy of others for his power, so he is not the source of it, ironically, as we are led to believe. He basically wants to be god and through that very admission, that just proves he is inferior, less than, the loser. He’s all smoke and mirrors and uses people to do his dirty work through the avenues of pedophilia, human trafficking, child sacrifice and all the other horrific stuff you have no doubt learned about by now. He is nothing but a fraud.

Creator/Mother god/Father god, doesn’t need our energy to feed any agenda because he/she/it is the one true source of it all. Satan wants to wield the power of the light, but he never will and so he seeks to distort it, desecrate it at every opportunity and convolute truth to the point where most people either give up because it’s too hard to cope with or keep resisting. Or they just become convinced that god doesn’t exist after all and they cave in compliance.

Just goes to show how warped one can become from jealousy and anger doesn’t it.

Back to being on the proverbial bus. Yes, we are all here on this planet and in this current situation together, but if we were all truly in this together, we wouldn’t be seeing the repetitive BS stories manifesting in new and obtuse forms every day would we? We would have gotten ourselves OUT OF THE ILLUSIONARY PRISON ALREADY, because together, community power is UNSTOPPABLE. If we really were living 'WWG1WWA', we would have already cottoned on to the manipulation and not be falling for yet another round of ‘same sh*t-different story’ when the media blasts it out, surely?

Togetherness recharges itself like a battery – it’s the source of divine love and power. It’s our superpower and there ain’t no draining, depleting or re-directing that energy, in fact it magnifies as more people join hearts and hands. That energy has only one focus and intention and that is to expose its exact opposites – FEAR and EVIL – in order to bring them back into balance with the whole.

Pretty much every celebrity on TV now that is telling us “we’re all in this together” (as we wash our hands like Lady MacBeth), is full of it. Including our 'beloved' Aussies. Those involved with the media campaigns are all part of the machine and they are most certainly attached to their white privilege, their celebrity privilege/status and a whole slew of distorted values. Money talks remember. This is why I love Pete Evans for having the kahunas to speak up and call things out publicly. I can totally relate because I do the same thing in the yoga world and often receive similar treatment. Being a leader is not an easy role. Most people prefer to follow; and then criticize from the comfort of their keyboard. Just look at how our social media is set up with the terms, “influencer”, “follow” and “like”. You don’t see a “leader” or “activator” button anywhere do you?!

Subliminal funnels to see who the leaders and followers are in our communities so they can later be targeted and/or manipulated perhaps? You decide.

Now not every person in the film/arts/creative/fashion industry or banking/finance/legal industries are corrupt of course, there are plenty of innocent (or naïve) souls working in those arenas. What I am saying is that those SYSTEMS ARE and that the hierarchy at the top IS – and those are the very patriarchal systems that have been breaking down since humanity really started waking up a couple of years ago. It was always going to be a cluster-you-know-what to bring it all down and we are only at phase two.

When you see the videos and news footage of people with their arms in the air (in the surrender position btw) and pledging to ‘renounce their white privilege’; bending on knees and hugging cops with crocodile tears doing the same; wearing tee-shirts and saying "I can't breathe" (which is a dark hex/spell trying to gain energy through your incantation of it) or participating in what is really just another vaguely-veiled satanic ritual disguised as solidarity, please don’t affiliate with it. If you do, you are basically giving permission for your soul to be hijacked and you are feeding an agenda that has no other purpose other to divide and conquer; and kill whoever it needs to along the way.

And that is what is happening right now folks. Mass hijacking, coercion and killing off what makes us human.

Freedom has been hijacked. Spirituality has been hijacked. Yoga has been hijacked. Witchcraft has definitely been hijacked. Even COMMON SENSE has been hijacked! There will be nothing left for them to hijack soon, seeing they have already tried (and failed) at hijacking OUR BODIES with the threat of mandatory vaccine and microchips. Of course they are going to come after our minds and our spirits. That’s how they work! It’s all about gathering and transferring consciousness to their advantage. Again, a reminder here to not get involved with any organized meditation or portal pathway channeling events on Facecrook because these are more than likely false light attempts at harvesting pure collective energy.

You don’t need an exact time, date or script, to commune with source; you can do it wherever and whenever you choose by just breathing into all that you are.

This week we have some interesting celestial support thanks to an extremely rare positioning of Neptune and Mars in Pisces, that is essentially inviting us to actualize our visions and implement them into our reality ASAP. It’s high time to participate and make your dreams a reality and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I shared in my group this week that if any of us have any lingering religious phobias or hangovers from school about god or whether he/she/it exists, that we need to get over them now because this is a SPIRITUAL WAR dear ones and we don’t have time for further procrastination. I kid you not, but your very SOUL is up for grabs. So are you going to protect it with your life by using your highest intelligence to break free of social conditioning and karmic wounding, or are you going to remain complicit, controlled by fear and not stand up for all that you are? What does "we're all in this together" really mean to you?

I sincerely hope you don’t ever give up your human privilege; at any cost.

Blessings and love to all,



“The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the soul in another person.” (Plato)


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