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I Am Human. Hear Me ROAR!

We've been in the Lions Gate since July 26 (when it opens each year/closes August 12), but it certainly feels like the Lions 'Den' because of all the intensity flying around doesn't it? So what can we do to stay calm and rational and ensure our energies not only remain anchored, but also elevate as they are invited to do? Read on and discover how.

We're all willing participants in this third dimension - because we chose to incarnate here now - and we are all caught in the reality of the density and drama that is this realm. We are all vulnerable to the repercussions that daily living inside the constructs and physical practicalities that being human brings, but in truth, and above and beyond this, we are all individual expressions of the one great Spirit, wandering around in human suits, and having a series of experiences to remind us of this.

The end game that we hear about, will only become a reality if you feed it because in truth, nothing really 'ends' and nothing 'begins', everything is interdependent and flowing in a continuous, organic spiral vortex of energy.

Everything in life is a constant stream of shape shifting consciousness, 'waves' if you like, that are (again), experiencing itself/themselves via a series of experiences designed to awaken, enlighten and ultimately unify.

We attach so much importance to the 3D and yes, whilst it is our reality for however long we are here on this earth for, it is NOT who we are. Who we are is so much more than that, and this is what we are all being invited to realize - to remember - right now, through these exact collective experiences we are co-manifesting (for our ultimate benefit). Sure, these present day experiences are more often crazy, messy, horrific, unsettling, confronting and violent than they are beautiful and uplifting, but we do actually have the power and the strength, to transform all these situations that cross our path (and beg for our attention and participation often), and turn them into higher frequencies and lessons.

Only by aligning ourselves with Source and the spiral of Creation, can we navigate what's happening now - and what's yet to come.

So many are what we call 'asleep' and whilst they may frustrate and annoy those who are more aware of current circumstances, they are still valid and they are still honoring their karmic choices. There is actually nothing 'wrong' or 'bad' about these people; they are just like you and me and they have just as much right to express their beliefs and experience their chosen experiences as we do. They are moving through a valid part of their souls' evolution, just in a different way. They may 'wake up', they may not, but that is really none of our business, that is between them and their god.

The 'aim' of this game may be to transcend to the fifth dimension and align ourselves more fully and consciously with our true selves, but every step of the journey is as important as the next, every moment weaving with the next and the next, helping to activate deeper awareness and higher connections to Heart and Source. (Plus, there are MANY more dimensions to embody beyond #5, don't worry.) But it's not an easy task this 'waking up' stuff is it? It requires courage, self inquiry (and self love), thick skin, patience and incredible resolve to stick with the 'work', with your process, especially when the going gets bloody and tough, doesn't it? That's why so many avoid doing it! That's why the majority of people struggle with self development and accountability, because it requires such profound leaps of faith and mental endurance to even get close to expanding one's emotional and spiritual boundaries.

We are all limited (or kept small) in some way, but the key to mastering this game of life (Maya), is in taking chances, taking risks and taking yourself by the hand when it seems nobody else will and leading yourself across the bridge to 'the other side'. Into the unknown through the lower/unrealized self, yet intrinsically understood and welcomed by, the higher/realized self.

This 'bridge' is the fourth dimension and it also has its own challenges and obstacle courses that we must navigate in order to get to the fifth. See it as a 'landing pad' of sorts if that helps, a place where people transition after they have had an epiphany; because we all need to pause after a wake up call and make sense of things. You can't expect people to go from totally unaware/unawake to fully enlightened in one hit after all - it would totally discombobulate them!

There are almost as many 'stuck' in this 4D paradigm, as there are 'sleepers'. There are also lots of nefarious entities trying to gain access to the fifth (via us) in this dimension, and it is these creatures that are telepathically attempting to influence and distort our minds and hijack our very nature, by keeping us in fight and flight mode. In 'us' and 'them' mentality as well as locked in what I call 'spiritual scrums' with one another, because that's how they operate; by dividing and conquering us, from within our own team.

This Lions Gate portal - an cosmic alignment between Sirius, the Grand Central Sun, our earthly Sun and the Giza pyramids that happens every year at the same time - is our sacred opportunity to lead ourselves across this bridge, this portal, and embody the higher 5D frequencies that spiritual folk speak of and aspire to. But of course, there is (more) work to be done here in order to do that. Just because you suddenly 'wake up' and feel you have shifted to a higher state of consciousness, doesn't mean you have passed 'go' and can now collect your $200. The expansion continues!

Once you become aware of the gargantuan dreamspell that has been cast over humanity for EONS, you are confronted with various universal Truths, knowings that will literally, blow your mind and world apart. Suddenly the veils are torn aside and you can ‘see’ and feel things that you couldn’t previously. You understand human nature more than you did (or wanted to) and yeah, it’s not pretty; in fact, it’s pretty disgusting, distressing and extremely confronting to discover just how depraved people can be. But there it is; the reality of what can happen when the human he/she, falls to the absolute depths of disconnect to engage in sadistic practices that are beyond our wildest comprehension.

The human trafficking, child sexploitation, pedophilia and associated blood sex ritual programs, are ones that we are all currently working to expose and erase and the good news is, they ARE starting to crumble.

Now, this is one arena of darkness that you do not want to fall into, but one that you must become aware exists if you are to transcend. These low vibration frequencies that most certainly appear to be completely devoid of any love, care or compassion, are still a valid expressions among countless other valid expressions in the universe that cohesively create the matrix of yin/yang, light/shadow, conscious and unconscious. And yes, many souls have chosen this realm as their ‘playing field’ in this lifetime (and many others as well), so we cannot turn our back on it. We must find a way to look into the darkness in order to transmute it and that starts with us finding the courage to dive into our own expressions and stories of wounding, emotional torture and mental anguish, in order to shift them from dark to light.

And part of this mission requires we move through (and surpass) the density and emotional/energetic minefield that IS the fourth dimension, in order to land in the fifth.

We must feel all the feels that our newfound revelations bring to our hearts and we must use all our various healing and shamanic tools, to experience the next set of those personal series of experiences, in order to move forwards. Now, this takes immense strength – on all levels of our being – because humans are naturally (I believe), good and caring at their core and most of us will arc up big time when we encounter abuse and next level injustice; especially when it involves the innocents of the world, that is, the children and animals. Ironically there’s even an ‘unspoken code’ among criminals where they draw the line at (sexually violating) children.

So, once we become aware of the sh*t that’s really going on in the world and we have the blinkers ripped off our complacent heads, we have to process the avalanche of extreme emotions and multilayered traumas that come with that. We need time to digest it and we need time to assimilate this new ‘reality’ into our existing one, which is why compassion and kindness is so important right now while so many people wake up each day. They don’t need our judgment; they need our neutral support.

It’s why we came to earth now as light warriors after all - to hold space for the Great Awakening, however it was going to appear - and remain strong for the highest good of all.

The fourth dimension is full of all the emotions we haven’t been able to access, feel and release before. It’s the space we all must occupy on our way to the fifth dimension, to the space of knowing, acceptance, compassion, peace and unconditional love. The soul space of unity consciousness and where we literally manifest heaven on earth. The space we must embody in order to free ourselves from the binds of slavery and fully realize ourselves (and our brothers and sisters) as sacred, sovereign beings. The space where we merge with and move from, our Mighty I AM presence.

The energies of anger, grief, confusion, frustration, despair, self righteousness, judgment of others, impatience with others, verbal attack of others and wanting vengeance against those we perceive as ‘evil’ (and also against those whom we believe are ‘asleep’), plus even deeper expressions of fear, reside in the fourth dimension and this is the ‘bridge’ we must cross – or rather, BECOME, energetically – to actualize our true potential and personal power.

This is how we dissolve the Babylonian dreamspell. By moving through and then rising above. WITH LOVE.

And this is what the Lions Gate portal invites us to do as it peaks on August 8. To align with our absolute highest and best vibrations and to surrender into the next level of multidimensional Truth.

When we dive into that swirling spiral pool of consciousness and give our souls permission to participate in our own alchemic rite of passage, that is where the real magic happens, magic that isn’t orchestrated by polluted rituals or manipulated by a global crew of super psychopaths with ‘mage and merlin complexes’.

This is where YOU (finally) become ONE with the GOD that you are. And from that space, your work continues of course, but without the need to force or coerce or drag others along the ‘woke’ path with you.

I am HUMAN. Hear me ROAR!!



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