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Hold Strong

We are SO sitting in the belly of the fires of transformation right now dear ones.


Don't lose faith and don't drop the ball. We ARE winning. It ALWAYS feels like you're not when you get towards the end of the game and start thinking you can't carry on.


We are doing this TOGETHER and we were BORN for this. We CHOSE to incarnate here and we WILL endure. We WILL succeed.

So many healers are feeling the heat right now. I've spoken to this before. This week especially, thanks to some planetary somersaulting (and cosmic assaulting) going on, but it will start to ease after this Aquarius full moon passes (on August 4). I had my breakdown yesterday and just let the tears flow from my heart. So much despair and grief. It's really important for us all to allow ourselves to release the burden we are carrying (in our different ways), so that we can create the space in our energy fields to keep going. Otherwise we risk burning out and giving up; and then 'they' win.

Things always ramp up as Luna waxes and we know each cycle this year (and last for that matter), has gotten progressively more intense and challenging. Practice detachment and being present to what is.

What we are collectively experiencing is the full dismantling (and subsequent clearing out of all residual debris) of several toxic programs in our group consciousness. Like we're in a super high spin cycle. Bloody uncomfortable. But necessary.

And whenever I start to feel sorry for myself or have a poor me "why the F did I choose this line of work" moment, I just have to think of the children who have suffered and who continue to suffer at the hands of monsters, and I instantly snap to.

Our pain pales in comparison to theirs and we CANNOT let them down now that momentum is building and more people are waking up to the reality that human trafficking and pedophilia exist (to the degree that they do).

Hold strong brave warriors of light. Be gentle with your bodies. Calm your minds. Nourish your spirit. Stay in trust.

All is as it is meant to be. Every step, every block and every hurdle, serve a higher purpose. Just because our conscious minds can't decipher or understand a lot of what is going down, doesn't mean these things are not a vital part of the process. No accidents and no coincidences remember.

Stand in your truth and breathe through the fire because the only way out, is THROUGH.



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