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Giddyup Chiron

The healing industry has happily hummed along embodying the same vibration for a very long time but I believe in the current world circumstances, it's time for an upgrade.

Long ago when we lived on and with the land, when our original ancestors honored the earth and coordinated their every thought, feeling and movement by the sun, stars and seasons, there was synchronicity to a degree that we do not experience today. Yes there are some countries such as Bali or India that still make daily prayer offerings and maintain strong practices that keep their spirituality alive, yet despite being considered "third world" by (our so called) modern communities, they are in fact, highly energetically developed.

At least they (appear to) have maintained a beautiful connection to their soul history, juggling the call of technology with the calling in their hearts.

Eons ago, indigenous elders were revered for their wisdom, villagers worked together for the benefit and survival of the entire community and any issues that needed to be settled, especially those involving multiple tribes, were dealt with during ceremonial gatherings where each voice and each perspective was given equal space. That's not to say there was never any bloodshed, but there was alignment with and abidance by, Natural Law - above all personal or group discrepancies - and that code was adhered to by all.

So where has that sense of humility and honor gone over the years? How has it managed to dissolve from the hearts of humanity, to the point of almost being irretrievable now? Where has our innate love for all life and our connection to the One True Source, gone?

I'm a great believer in "everything happens for a reason and a season" and that what we are experiencing now is indeed direct fallout from the actions (and in-actions) of previous generations who repeatedly neglected and abused not only Mother Earth, but themselves. The further we have moved away from our divine soul selves to embody denser, darker and less conscious ways of being and living, the faster we have forgotten whom we truly are.

It's never too late to reclaim what was once lost however and now at the crux of our current crossroads, where so many are quite literally "seeing the light" and waking up to the realities of the modern world and how much of an affront to Universal Truth our global society actually is, we have an incredible opportunity to shift the group consciousness and to balance the scales so to speak. To replace all the fear-based programs with love-based ones.

So how does this relate to the healing industry and what we are experiencing now? This is my take on it.

As "way showers" we stand at the fork in the road. We represent choice and we hold the sacred intent to "show" that which is the "higher path" forwards to anyone who seeks. We represent the wisdom gleaned from this and previous lifetimes of service and as a soul who has walked both (and multiple other) pathways and learned through experience, which actions along both routes will most likely manifest. We hold keys that can help unlock your own inner wisdom and activate your essence. We understand protocol and ritual and can explain how when we make certain decisions, they result in certain consequences and that it is these defining moments in our lives, that either help or hinder our spiritual growth. Obviously all good and benevolent things and yet none of us can make anyone else do, think, be, believe or behave in any one way in particular because that would be a direct violation of free will.

We are permitted to offer assistance and you are allowed to take it or leave it.

However, the separate pasts we have come from tell various stories, just as the pasts we have shared, are open to personal interpretation, as one would expect, but ultimately we are all one big family and what any 'one' does, affects the 'other'. Those seers and sages whom we supported and paid homage to in our respective villages, did hold a high degree of responsibility for each person under their care because that was their role, their lineage. Their purpose as a shaman or medicine master, was to transverse the dimensions, to cast runes, throw bones or spill blood to predict the future and to sometimes journey with sacred plant medicines to determine the best pathways and receive guidance from the unseen ones so they could make the best choices for their tribe. They had a higher responsibility, or "contract" if you will, to protect each person in their community, on both a physical and spiritual soul level.

Flash forwards to modern times and it's pretty obvious that in many cases, people have had that depth of care and compassion, bred out of them. Our species has gradually severed its intimate relationship - its birthright - with Mother and the Divine Guardians, the Nature Spirits and all the Elemental Kingdoms, in favor of power, position and profit. We have forgotten where the energy comes from and what it is for in our quest for the above and then some.

We have pushed boundaries and envelopes in our united fervor for "more" and we have slowly replaced eco-centred with egocentric.

As way showers, we still carry the memories of the wise ones in our cells, our DNA. It flows through our blood and fills each and every breath as if those days were yesterday and so we continue to offer, share, suggest, advise and lead by example, as best we can and we do this without attachment. It's not always easy that's for sure, but this is our choice. Believing in ourselves and the innate light we have access to and can wield, is something all humans are struggling with at present, whatever team position you play.

What I believe will serve each individual best, is the development of self accountability, of self responsibility and ultimately, this is what the practice of "yoga" is all about.

Utilize the postures and the pranayamas by all means, but it really comes down to who you are in each moment and the integrity and authenticity you can give yourself permission to embody and express - without fear of failure (or fear of success) - that results in deep inner knowing. This has absolutely nothing to do with what you look like in this life or whether someone agrees with you or not either and this is where I will now segue into explaining what is commonly referred to as "wounded healer syndrome".

The wounded healer dwells within each one of us until we clear it. It is the vibration of Chiron, the half man-half horse centaur whose challenge was to rise above his own perceived failings in order to heal all aspects of self and ancestry. To reach self mastery basically and whilst every human is walking this path in some form and has teachings to share, it is also important to not get caught up in the assumed belief that just because someone has resolved their own trauma, that they automatically qualify as a healer of others.

Our primary role in this lifetime is to understand and free our own souls first, then we can seek to understand and support others once anchored in the best version of ourselves.

To me, Chiron is a "shaman" in the truest sense of the word, schooling us through multi-dimensions and "roads less traveled", taking us on cathartic and often nauseatingly winding and unanticipated arteries that we could never have imagined navigating ourselves and yet experiences that always end up being exactly what we needed at the time. This rogue-ish cosmic lord invites us to explore where we have lost, surrendered or willingly handed over intrinsic parts of our soul selves over time and through the process of rigorous self inquiry - which is more often messy and maddening, than fairyfloss and rainbows I assure you - we discover how to love and unify these forgotten and fragmented parts of ourselves. Chiron exposes our 'flaws' and our vulnerabilities so that we may peel away the illusions and see them for what they are - blessings in disguise - and then consciously work to transmute and transform them into our medicine.

Could this disconnect to our Mother intuition help explain the division we are witnessing within the spiritual community in regards to viruses, masks and opinions about the POTUS this year? I'll let you mull over that one in your own time.

Where Chiron sits in your natal chart is of course of great import in regards to all this too, so as a general rule of thumb, approach the centaur with deference and be prepared for the high probability that you will be required to shift your psyche and your beliefs, in more ways than one.

There are myriad energetic imprints and expressions of debris that we each carry in our bodies, hearts, minds and souls and as light workers, way showers, grid-weavers and angelic warriors of all shapes and sizes, our shared work is to identify and resolve these "samskaras" - the subtle root impressions of all our densities and thoughts - so that we may not only elevate our own states of consciousness but also support one another in doing the same.

For too long, too many healers have worked alone, reaching the point of exhaustion, exclusion and even despair because the burden has become too great for them to carry on their own and there it is again, as a distortion of the age-old belief; the belief that the one who has the ability, is therefore bound by such to be held solely responsible for wrestling the beast and at the cost of their own welfare. I know this narrative well.

The difference now is that we no longer have the village to fall back on as we used too, we don't have our magical assistants to mind our animals whilst we made pilgrimages around the countryside to sacred sites and elder meets and we have myriad pressures and 3D responsibilities to juggle alongside our energetic tasks and charges. And let's not even start on how all the pollutants we fend off every day, interfere and impact our container on top of all that!

No wonder we are tired, fed up and disheartened on some days.

Time's have changed though and it's now imperative that the great teachers and light bearers of the world who chose to incarnate onto this plane and awaken to their full potential again, release any remnants of old grief and trauma and find strength in unity. I believe we must also shed and reshape the ways of the past by merging women's business and men's business together now and dropping the veils of secrecy so that all tribes and all people's may prosper.

Mother God and Father God are now reconciled on the higher realms and it feels aligned that we reflect the same, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The wounded healer manifests slightly differently in each one of us - depending on whether we are working as professional support for others or just on ourselves - yet we can all identify with the main scar which is, the fear of failure or doing something 'wrong'; as in, our fear that we will not be able to save others and be branded a fraud.

This is a subtle form of the "savior" complex, one that we mostly lug around unconsciously and it causes us to feel like we are obliged to take on other people's burdens or else we are not "doing our job", not "serving others properly", or are a "bad healer" because we couldn't "fix" them and again, this harks back to our unresolved ancestral stories of obligation and what sacred duty really is.

Ego is also invariably involved with the wounded healer vibration because when we feel unworthy of healing ourselves or we convince ourselves we have "done all our work" and don't "have any issues", we will often then train our attention on correcting everyone else. This is invariably driven by an unconscious need to be seen and/or validated.

Don't forget, we are works in progress. Always.

The desire for notoriety and recognition is still a very real and raw wound in the healing profession, perhaps made worse by the increase of social media and pressure to publish, perform and deliver. We've all recently seen the extremes that can manifest for instance when the 'guru' energy gets out of hand - as in the case of particular 'self help' teachers revealing themselves as "disembodied (or false) light" of late - but what people need to remember is, that as humans, we are primarily instruments being used in service and that whilst we may well have acquired some profound spiritual skills and the gift of the gab, we are still a conduit.

When you reach this space of harmony within yourself, you no longer take things personally and can give constantly and unconditionally because you know you are fully aligned with Spirit.

The truth is, every human is responsible for re-balancing themselves and I would even go so far to say that we don't even need "healing" as such because the word itself suggests that something is "wrong" or "bad" with us, when in truth, everything is perfectly in alignment with where our souls are consciously at, in each moment. Every experience serves as a gateway to the next experience that will then move us closer to our truest self, therefore nothing is wrong, bad or inappropriate. I believe we just need to retrieve the lost and forgotten parts of ourselves and then integrate and reconcile them so we can feel "whole" again and that level of work is really only something YOU can do, not someone else.

I recall reading a quote from a Native American elder a while back stating that all we can do as healers, is channel the energy of Spirit into another and then it is up to them whether they "receive" and "use" the healing or not. He was basically saying "all care and no responsibility" was the way of the true shaman because we cannot possibly be responsible for the karmic choices of another person. We are required to do our bit and they are equally required to do theirs and yet how often do you still hear people saying this or that therapist "didn't work" for them or was "not as good as I expected"? Or the therapist themselves, taking the blame for not making the difference they had thought they would or could?

Whilst I am sure there will be several people who will disagree with this concept and interpret it as being a lack of "duty of care", it is in truth, the higher manifestation of what the role of the 5D healer is all about. It actually explains how we can still share our healing practices and loving intentions as usual, minus the inherited wounding. The time is ripe now for us all to embrace this next level of self (and other) responsibility - clients and practitioners alike - and pull that congenital thread that only serves to keep us all stuck in what really is, a form of co-dependency.

You can't outsource your own self development.

Too many invisible soul contracts can get signed when we intentionally (or unwittingly) hand our power over to someone else in the hope that doing so will miraculously make everything better. Depending on your upbringing, life circumstances and your unique karmic lessons, having someone come in to organize your life and give you a foolproof program to reach salvation in six sexy steps, might sound like heaven to you while to someone else, it's an easy way out. I believe it comes down to accountability and our willingness to sit with the uncomfortable-ness that comes with some situations. Some people are very good at the art of spiritual seduction, coercing us with their charm and packages to match and convincing us we must be "divinely compensated" for our sacred skills and that we deserve to "manifest millions like a MOFO", because the world needs us to do so. I was once told that I was doing myself and the world a disservice - and therefore failing to honor my own karma - if I didn't step up and market myself like the above four letter phrase.

I still can't comprehend why anyone claiming to be spiritual would use such an abrasive term in their marketing, but there you go, they are.

The human collective is currently clearing several huge programs, bodies of dense and outdated consciousnesses and one that is unfurling right now is the program of poverty consciousness.

We are all vulnerable to poverty consciousness and worrying where the next chunk of money is going to come from, especially now with increased online activity and more people embodying their empathic selves and making the conscious choice to step up and out in service to the light. This is brilliant for the world because we certainly need "all hands and hearts on deck", but when an influx of practitioners launch into an already (relatively) saturated industry - and when the majority of them are yet to clear their own Chiron and mature through experience "in the field" - what tends to happen is (what I call) an "energetic wobble".

The one thing we must constantly remind ourselves and each other, is that there is plenty for all of us. Our natural state is abundance, we just need to embody that vibration and trust we will draw in those who not only speak our tongue, but enhance our experience of ourselves and our 'gifts' at the same time. Truth is, for every person that doesn't resonate with your work, there will be another who does - maybe several who do - hence, the notion of competition and the accompanying fear expressions that rise from within it such as lack, defensiveness and even territorial behavior, are futile energies that need to be laid to rest.

Use any energetic wobbles to your advantage. Remind your heart of its own magnificence and thank it for showing you the edge of your truth.

For instance, instead of dismissing a "newbie" because they may appear energetically naive - or some small part of you perceives them as "competition" - perhaps be the bigger person and extend a helping hand to show them "the ways" so they can fulfill their destiny as well. Doing this will be how we clear the frequencies of jealousy, comparison and lack in the higher healing fields we all contribute to.

Let's practice humility and loving kindness as we all do our bit to show others the way home.

Another example of how poverty consciousness can play out. If you feel worry or frustration or even sacred rage coming up when you witness or directly experience someone in your arena appearing to copy or poach someone from your crew for example, I would suggest you speak to them privately (if you feel to) and then just calmly let it go. You could also ignore it and let it go; each to their own. Second hand knowledge or re-hashed information is never the same as the original source and there is only one you after all, so there really is no drama. Nobody else can word things or respond to things in the same magical way that you can and no matter what age we are or how long we have been practicing our modalities, it is wise to remember that we are all students of life and we are all constantly learning from one another.

Understand that nobody is ever a threat, until you give them the power to be such.

Another tactic our wounded healer self may utilize is the marketing spin. Now this part of the article might trigger a few because it is about those who are perhaps not operating from their highest integrity, but please understand there is a difference between calling out inauthentic behavior and judgment for judgment's sake. It is a necessary topic to talk about because allowing such a vibration to continue growing within the greater collective consciousness, will only end up diluting and distorting the work of (and for) others. In my experience, the longer innocent people continue to get confused (and conned) about what healing actually is, as well as not knowing which healers they can trust and why, the longer it will delay evolution for everyone.

Having said that, it's also good practice to keep in mind that every person serves a purpose and that there are always going to be different teachers with various strengths and abilities, operating at different levels of consciousness and that they will attract (and help) clients who are also resonating at a similar vibration as themselves. All of that is totally okay as long as they do no harm. What I am hoping to highlight gently and compassionately here, is that overall, there needs to be a certain standard of integrity maintained so people can feel confident they are being guided by individuals who won't take them for a leisurely stroll down the garden path and who are actually walking their talk and can deliver the promised "bang for your buck".

You may have encountered some through your own travels already. They tend to use a certain kind of language to promote themselves and their offerings are usually wrapped up in all manner of commercialism including fancy click funnels, timeouts for bonus deals and "guaranteed" outcomes. It's sassy and clever and very alluring - especially to someone who is working through their own stresses and wounds around financial security, which we all do from time to time for sure - and whilst obviously not everyone with a website, online course or special deal is doing this, many are. This is another expression of the wounded healer, this time feeding into the energy of the wounded healer in others.

FYI, other than God, nobody can guarantee anything 100%. Unless they are using witchcraft.

Sounds ludicrous doesn't it, but there are people out there claiming (and doing) such, particularly this year with all the spell casting and BS that's been going on. The only way anything in life becomes a given is when you have put in the hard yakka for a decent amount of time and then found peace through your process of connecting to God - or Mother Nature, Creator, whatever you want to call that energy - and when you have come out the other side of your Chiron-inspired catharsis and re-birthed and re-embodied your entire being.

While helpful, no single tarot reading or month-long mystics course is going to do that for you.

In a nutshell, we are all here on our own trip, learning and loving and leaving our footprints on the earth to various degrees. We are all sovereign soldiers of light moving ourselves around on the one big universal chess board and none of us completely comprehends the magnitude of everything going on here (just yet). My hope is, that by setting the intention to show up and do the best we can (with the level of consciousness we have in each moment) and striving to "do no harm" on any level as we shift from black square to white square and back again, that we will eventually work our sh*t out and call checkmate on our baggage once and for all!

Let's transform our wounding into our medicine brothers and sisters because I'm pretty sure we all agree it's high time everyone stopped playing this pain game.



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