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Get Ready to ROARRR!



July is over and the Leo August energies are now in flow, thank Sekhmet (the Egyptian lion-head goddess) for that!

July was a doozy, a month that has left very few of us ‘untouched’ by at least one massive catharsis – maybe several. Now, a few days into August and one huge “black super new moon in Leo” later, you might be feeling clearer, you might not, but one thing is for sure – you are exactly where the universe needs you to be, whether you like it (or acknowledge it) or not.

A big lesson all of humanity is ‘learning’ or working with at present, is detachment. Learning the art of letting go of the old and giving space for something new to come in.

Even just allowing the idea that something new could possibly come in, is a big ask for many, let alone actually taking action and doing something differently. For civilizations, man has reached precipice after precipice, only to stumble, regress and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. And not just small ones, horrendous ones, ones that have involved the decimation of his own kind along with other species, the environment and above all, of hope and love; the latter two, being the hardest two, to reclaim.

We stand on the edge of that collective insanity again now and like our forebears, we find ourselves arguing with each other, denying our undeniable (ecological and sociological) position, shifting blame among ourselves like ping pong balls and avoiding making the (conscious) collective decisions that are necessary for the survival of all sentient beings.

It’s not good enough to waste time pontificating and projecting about the future anymore and dragging our feet when it comes to implementing some of the myriad sustainable and innovative solutions that great minds around the world are coming up with. Some people (and corporations) have so much money that they don’t even know what to do with it and yet instead of assisting third world countries get out of debt and end poverty, they are focusing on building new-fangled contraptions to throw up into space that promise to deliver us to another planet to propagate once this one has kicked it. Well, that would only be an option for the few elite filthy rich in fact; the rest of us without the appropriate 'genes' won’t get a look in; and I’m not talking Calvin Klein wise.

Do you not think we have stood at this edge before? Have we not seen such segregation and separation before? My word we have and this is the scary thing.

Leo this month is all about finding the courage to look (with a high degree of brutal self honesty) at what has been revealed to us from the depths of our own subconscious last month. Both personally and as a global tribe. It’s time to really look at our own parts in this colossal ‘play’ of life that we are all contributing to and to reassess our roles within it.

The Lion King demands we all wake and shake in order to survive now; not just thrive.

For too long we have been seeking our own satisfaction without regard of consequence and now, through our egos and insatiable demands, we have managed to bring the world to Her knees. She is depleted and in pain. We are well overdue for a reboot. Time to pay attention to the current state of our terrain, our immediate surroundings and acknowledge what the condition of the world actually is. It is time to use our highest intellect – our instincts and our holiest of hearts – to hunt down anything within ourselves and within our collective mind that has become weakened, infected and distorted by practices and beliefs no longer connected to our intrinsic, natural selves. Anything that is ready to die basically and be transformed. Leo is expert at this; he has a sixth sense when it comes to seeking out an opportunity that will nourish his pride – as in his family, not his ego – and he is unrelenting in his ability to hunt for (and see), the truth.

And this is an interesting parallel – the word “pride” – used to describe a family or tribe of lions, where humans equate this word with vanity, boasting and an inflated ego, a feeling one gets when one has done well or succeeded in some task or with some achievement. In the animal kingdom and in relation to lions in particular, this word is all about every family member working together to ensure the survival of each one in the pack. It has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with sacred responsibility.

Something we humans have lost touch with over generations and yet a memory, a skill, an energy, that we desperately need to reactivate now.

This week I have witnessed some wild stuff going on in the world – as I am sure you have too – and I have spent a lot of time contemplating 'what' and 'why' and connecting certain events to not only the current placement of the planets, but also to the overall toxic tapestry that humans appear to be weaving right now. It’s a challenge to say the least, to maintain one’s sense of faith in humanity when things constantly appear to be getting worse and going backwards instead of forwards, but if we can be diligent with our own thoughts, our own emotional reactions and stay fast to the task of stepping up into our fullest power and expressing our royal sovereign selves as Leo invites us to, I reckon we might just be able to slowly draw ourselves away from that precipice and back down to safer (and saner) ground.

I am currently writing a blog explaining the intimate connection between escalating mental health issues and the decline of planetary health, so keep an eye out for it soon.

We've seen more riots and unrest in Hong Kong. THREE consecutive shootings leaving more than 35 dead and many more injured in America. Russian civilians being battered and arrested for protesting their right to vote and North Korea firing off (more) warheads like they are children’s party crackers. The list goes on this week, with more absurd and obscure highlights than you can poke a stick at. The world is cracking apart, next level and on multi levels and everyone is spacking out along with it because this is the only way our species (in particular), will listen, learn and take notice of just how dire our situation is right now. We are so programed to respond to pain, that we keep recreating it as a vehicle through which to wake up, but it doesn’t have to be this way – actually, it’s not supposed to be this way.

It helps to remember that Chaos always precedes Calm, just like dawn always rises from the darkness and that anything needing healing, always gets 'worse' before it gets better.

Celestial Master beings from the realms beyond even the Buddhists’ super expansive perspective of time and space, would say that suffering is actually not necessary and not something that we just have to accept as part of this reality however. They might even say that we are actually evolved beyond measure – to such a divined degree that we don’t even recognise it nor have the tools to conceive of ourselves as such high vibrational beings yet – and that suffering doesn’t have to be a precursor to enlightenment. And after many conversations with such entities over the years, I am inclined to agree with them.

Suffering is a choice we all make as individuals, whether we consciously acknowledge that or not.

When you ‘choose’ to give energy to particular thoughts, traumas and outdated beliefs – even if you believe you have no control over that and that your trauma is way too big – you are favouring one pathway over another when you place our energy either back into a familiar wounded story, or into something new and opposite to what you have become accustomed to. Sure, sometimes it seems as if we don’t have a choice at all and that we are powerless against insurmountable odds such as poverty, disease and abuse for instance and on some level, that is true, but not completely; and this is where most people come unstuck.

If we can just keep calm and cultivate patience, love and compassion, we will remember this and get through this time of mass transition instead of repeating the same mistakes our ancestors have for eons.

When we start walking the path of the heart warrior and perceive that there is another way of living and being, we will all have to face some (often) intense and confronting universal truths; and we will all be asked to either reject or abide by them because we do now have the free will to do so. Regardless of how reactive or persuasive our human programming and attachment to beliefs are, this is a decision, a conscious choice, we will all have to make at some point, in this or some other lifetime.

But as I said before, we are all walking a knife edge now and do we really want to have to come back and ‘start again’ when we have such an obvious opportunity to step up (and sure, be called to make some radical and uncomfortable changes), but essentially come together to salvage a planet that so obviously deserves our love and attention? Unlike NASA, Virgin or SpaceX, I don’t want to build a mega self sustaining spaceship and piss off to find and inhabit another galaxy. That’s the biggest cop out of all. Make a mess and then leave it for someone else – the next generation, our children – to clean it up. How do you think that ended last time our ‘kind’, did that? In tears, that’s how.

The Lion King (or Sekhmet, the Lion Queen) doesn’t back down from a challenge. He rises to it, calls it forth in fact and fights for what he needs and believes in, for the good of his family, no matter how big or how armoured up his adversary is. Why? Because it’s in his nature to never do less than his best; an example we all should heed.

We are not just these physical bodies walking around eating, talking and littering at leisure; we are limitless, spacious, spiritual beings inhabiting a human suit and we have just lost the keys we need to remember how to ‘work’ the machine properly, much like learning to connect all spark plugs again so we can fire on all cylinders. We don’t need to jump the gun, chuck out all the parts or be melodramatic about why it’s not working as it’s supposed too. We just need to replace or upgrade some parts (of ourselves) and create the space for our natural connection to divine intelligence, to flow back in and solve the issue. It’s not easy and it’s not always a fun process, but it is really that simple.

We need to remember how to align these four levels of ourselves (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual), to the best possible vibration we can in order to navigate this human experience and all the amazing stuff that our souls have deliberately chosen to manifest in this life. If we don’t, we will continue to experience (internal and external) breakdown – and I’d like to point out here that breakdown is quite different to breakthrough. I know we use this polarity a lot in esoteric circles almost to the point of confusion, but I’m talking about breakdown as that place where things shut off, shrink and retract back into unconsciousness, back into a state of unrelenting shadow and inertia and where there is not enough awareness to recognise that simultaneously, the potential for transformation is birthing as things breakdown.

Breakdown to breakthrough, is where an intense process of clearing is first anticipated, occurs and then is also quickly followed by a revelation or an epiphany, acceptance of what is and self ownership so that empowering and awakened decisions can be made; ones that create learning and growth and appreciation for the whole shebang in the first place.

Straight breakdown without conscious post-processing, is just things breaking.

Earth is an experimental playground that each one of us signed up and this month, the calling over the communal loud speaker is one of recognition, integration and participation. Everyone has to play; nobody can sit on the sidelines pretending it won't affect them, that they don't have the right shoes or get away with being a wall flower anymore. Nuh-uh, no sirreee. The whole team is needed (and needs to be switched on) for what’s coming.

So what is coming, for this week at least…

This hump day (Wednesday 7th) has a magical vibration surrounding it, thanks to the Sun trine Jupiter and the numbers 7, 27 and 9, which are all about shifting and releasing blocks, restoring and rejuvenating your energies and surrendering to the completion of processes and/or projects. It will be important for you to make time to rest and receive today and cultivate gratitude for where you are in your life – a stop and smell the roses kind of day basically – because we have been moving at a very fast pace of late and our bodies need a mini break. Also, when you feel rested, the natural warmth and charismatic charm of Leo can rise and radiate not just through you, but out from you so that others can feel appreciated, included and happy. Spreading the love.

The Lions Gate portal opens on Thursday 8, creating a double 8:8 code that also reflects the power of infinity, immortality and limitless power. As a leader, Leo wants and needs to be recognised for his acquired abilities and spiritual gifts, so today focus on acknowledging what you contribute to the collective and how you can perhaps ramp up your efforts or fine tune your skills, in service. Eight is all about finding the courage to overcome inner obstacles (especially those niggly, repetitive ones that seem to haunt us for way longer than we would like and know is good for us) and helping us dig deeper so we can experience abundance and the joy that comes from achieving something ‘great’ for ourselves. Don't take things so personally.

Feel a sense of pride in who you are and what you do, because a true leonine leader, would never shy away from accepting credit where credit is due. If you work hard and your heart is in the right place (ie not coming from ego or a tendency towards hyperchondria or melodrama), then you deserve to bask in the spotlight – or the sunlight – and be ‘seen’ in all your beauty and glor-ROARiou-ness! Soak it up today because the energies streaming through from the cosmos, via our Sun, the Giza pyramids, into the solar plexus of the planet (Uluru) and then into our personal belly chakras, is going to bless you immeasurably. Set some new health and wealth goals that align with this universal offering and also keep your eyes and hearts peeled for new romance because with Venus trine Jupiter today, there is the potential for tantric-inspired surprises and the healing of any challenging or non-harmonious relationship hiccups in your love and work lives.

I’m doing a medicine circle on this eve, so please book in and pre-pay to reserve your spot. This is one of my favourite circles of the year and it has the potential to catapult your spiritual growth in ways you cannot imagine.

Next year, this ceremony (and lots more) will be held in Kenya, Mother Africa, during the Lions Gate Portal on my ‘Sacred Safari’ eco-luxe retreat, August 9 – 19. Stay tuned for details and pricing soon because you won't want to miss this one.

We end the week on double master numbers – 11 and 22 – and honestly, it doesn’t really get any better than this as far as the stars go. Divine manifestation is a given, as is heightened intuition, peaceful resolution and the positive shifts that you have been dreaming of. Cast your spells and intentions today and cast the net BIG and WIDE for Sagittarius-ruled Jupiter stations direct today and that means more FREEDOM, EXPANSION and a bucket load of ABUNDANCE! Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until December where it will assume its place in the line up for the big astrological event (in Capricorn) happening in January 2020.

Again, I cannot stress how important this sacred event is, on a planetary, astrological, cultural (indigenous) and energetic scale, for us ALL. I still have a couple of spots left for my (women’s) retreat in early January where we will be plugging into this magical and prophetic energy, so dear supersisters and light weaving women, please don’t waste any more time procrastinating. This is your chance to be a part of something so big and so powerful that I can’t even properly convey just how important it is on a soul level. It certainly won’t ever happen again in any of our lifetimes and most likely not again for many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. This is your chance to tick off several of your own karmic boxes and to also offer your unique esoteric gifts in a way that honours them, you and serves the collective matrix like no other ceremony can. Please get in touch asap if your heart calls you as flights are on sale now at ridiculously cheap prices and they do book up very quickly as this is a very popular destination.

This is the month to investigate, inquire and discover the next layer and level of your divine sacred self, so don’t be afraid to take a risk, a leap of faith and to smash any barriers that stop you shining and firing to your absolute fullest! Your heart holds all the answers, so lead with it like a good Lion would and don’t be afraid to get your roar on now and again if you feel the need to. Be patient, ‘stalk’ your fears, hunt them down one by one until you have identified and collected all remnants and residual frequencies connected to them inside of yourself and then slash them off and gouge them out, with unapologetic resolve! Bleed them back into Mother Earth so they can be transformed into your medicine and further support your continued prosperity and empowerment. Then you can sit back and lick your lips and enjoy embodying all you were born to be!

Find your passion and follow your heart this week – and you will always end up where you need to be.

Blessings and love,



"Wake up! The world that you dream of, holds nothing to fear." (Rumi)


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