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Gemini Full Moon 2018

This Gemini Full Moon is a game changer.

Also known as the Beaver Moon, it offers a Grand Trine between the Sun, Chiron and The North Node at 28’, which is a critical, powerhouse degree in the Astrological world. It's also sitting smack bang on the same degree as the central (and Taurus inspired) star of the Pleiades system, Alcyone, and for those of you whose souls resonate with or hail from this stellar address, it just means there may be a tendency to jump the gun and be more reactive than usual. Even the name suggests upset - Alcyone or 'Al Psycho' lol - so be extra mindful over the next few days and monitor your shadow self around the clock, especially when 3:39pm rocks around here in Sydney as the energies peak.

Excellent I hear all the mums moan - just in time for school pick up!

The Pleiades Star System, showing Alcyone at center stage

Gemini is the first of 5 consecutive full moons at 0' degrees also, and with 7 planets in mutable signs at present - Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius; Mars, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces; and of course, the Moon in Gemini - this is one pivotal point in history, let alone 2018. It also happens on November 23rd - the Royal star of the LION number (you will read more about this in upcoming paragraphs), which is all about empowerment - and during this #13 month, jam packed with references to the Divine Feminine, healing and new beginnings. 7 is THE number of change in the Tarot pack also, so you can see, there is no escaping or avoiding the power of the universe and the calling of our consciousness, to move and morph into a healthier, more intuitive way of being that will ultimately benefit ALL.

Jupiter is also Square Mars, which indicates we will be able to access a dynamic and fresh approach to all our ideas, and be more likely to patiently implement them. These cosmic combinations reveal a dynamic recipe for change, self expression and spontaneity that hasn't been seen by stargazers for many years.

Everything is shifting, expanding and conspiring to bring us to a space where we can no longer NOT live in alignment with our soul code.

This is good news for anyone who is still recovering from the Scorpio new moon and the firey energy of that whole phase. We get some 'breathing space' now to regroup and reset, and as the sharp end of the year creeps closer, it's actually perfect timing to wrap up an intense and often discombobulating 12 months, take stock of your achievements and successes, and give yourself a well earned pat on the back for showing up consistently and doing the work regardless.

There’s also a renewed sense of soul strength and confidence as you are now (more than ever) acutely aware of and connected to yourself as the creatrix of your own life. You have also realized that you are actually the center of the universe and that there is no separation, and hence, absolutely no reason why you cannot have (call in, manifest), what you want and need. This deep inner faith paves the way for doors of opportunity to open even wider and for you to relax into the divine flow of the whole creation-destruction-recreation cycle that we are all enveloped within and ruled by.

Basically, if something doesn’t feel right or isn’t aligning with your highest truth, you can (and will) change it! Your vision is expanding and you will not only WANT, but feel you HAVE TO, share it.

There is also the potential for new truths to be revealed, so stay vigilant and just observe all the expressions of polarities that may cross your path, with as much equanimity and detachment as you can. Don't be afraid of the truth or of what you are being shown because it is only through the process of recognizing and accepting what is, that we can find clarity, personal power and newfound freedom of choice.

The sun trine Chiron, the planet of healing, is another awesome configuration that literally lights you up with purpose and spiritual activism, so it’s no wonder I am feeling reinvigorated and inspired about Breathing Space and morphing it into a spiritual sanctuary, after my intimate connections with The Divine Mother recently.

Maybe you have also been feeling that you are more like a conduit for divine service than ever before, or maybe you are starting to unpack some older underlayers that have been preventing you from fully sinking into the universal truth of your own truth?! It’s interesting also because The North Node in this position, often brings in our next level tribe to work with us, either in the form of a new ‘team’ of spirit guides/angels/animals etc, and/or in the form of real humans that are walking the path of devotion that you are also being called to; people that can offer advice, assistance and unconditional love as you grow. This is DEFINITELY what is happening for me right now, so I can totally resonate with this. Plus, I’m a Gemini, and my namesake full moons ALWAYS reveal an initiation of some sort for me; and in the best possible way, thank goddess!

So whatever is going on for you right now, just know that it’s all good and that all is as exactly as it is meant to be. Otherwise it wouldn’t be happening! Try not to listen to your head too much; choose to stay in your heart instead. When we let go of our attachment to HOW something should look, on paper or in our imagination - because again that is our ego wanting to control and manipulate a particular outcome, no matter how ‘high’ the intention may be - and we surrender fully without doubt and without fear, then that is how we shift from the paradigm of belief, to the whole being embodied experience of KNOWING.

When this happens for you, you automatically want to spread that love and awakening healing with everyone! You KNOW you are an instrument of the Divine and that everything is going to be okay, no matter what, and whilst that is a hard concept for most of us to get our limited human brains around, I can tell you from personal experience, that it is the ONLY WAY we will find the peace and abundance we seek.

The Jupiter square to Mars bit is only going to enhance this joyful love bubble that is bouncing around and inside of us all right now, because together they ignite a powerful drive within us to first PARTICIPATE and then ACTION. This will give you the energy you need plus help you call in the inspired dreams and downloads that you require to move through any obstacles with grace and ease, and realize the positive outcomes your heart and soul desires.

So what do you get when you blend happiness with a surge of energy?

You get unbridled enthusiasm, inspired and positive action and rekindled confidence to face whatever challenges come your way. Of course, it’s Mercury Retrograde now so we do need to be mindful of pushing too hard or soldiering on and through on auto pilot, and to watch any unconscious patterns within us that might try and convince us to take one risk too many, but still, retrograde really is ultimately about slowing down and filtering through things, projects and options with due diligence, so maybe choose to get out in nature and talk to Mother Earth for inspiration, instead of nutting out your tenth business plan on the computer and further depleting your reserves. The fresh air and the vibration of the earth rising up through your soles will serve you much better and possibly help you avoid any negative consequences by rushing into things too soon.

In recent years I have become very good at adopting a “Fcukittcanwait” attitude, thanks to the universe working in cohorts with my higher self to make me SLOW DOWN and SMELL THE ROSES. I had done a good job of draining my adrenals along with my immune system (well, they do go hand in hand), because my mind was always in charge, making all the decisions and anticipating what move to make next. It was EXHAUSTING, and it created the perfect climate for anxiety to pop in, hunker down and make a right mess of me. All that thinking, all that wondering, and all that nervous energy expended, when all I really needed to do was STOP. Nowadays, I am so much more relaxed and in the moment, that I sometimes have to give myself a gentle whoop up the asana to get going, but I would rather that, than what my reality was a few years ago that's for sure.

This is one reason why I stay well away from caffeine!

Now I have space - around me on the outside as well as a deep sense of spaciousness on the inside – plus an actual physical space to exercise my dreams; and life is so much easier let me tell you. More fluid. Less stressful. It’s not to say I don’t react or trigger or feel things, because I do, deeply. I'm an empath and teacher after all, it's part of my job description to have my finger on the pulse and all senses alerted, but as I have matured, in age and in soul, I have learned to be more discerning with how I use my energy and now understand myself more intimately than ever before. Maybe the cliche about what happens when you hit and pass 40, really does have some value to it, because after that milestone I reckon you do lose all (or most) concern about what others say and do and whether or not they like you. You finally befriend and love yourself, ahead of befriending and loving others, and that is the golden key we all need to possess before we can unlock our sovereign gifts and truly step up to be of service to the collective.


Yep, there is a lot going on with this Gemini full moon, make no mistake.

This illuminating vibration that IS a full moon, holds so many opportunities for present life and lineage healing for us as well. It’s impossible to list them all, but I will share a little secret with you that I know will help: if you let yourself receive, it will help you find you’ve been looking for. Giving yourself permission to feel and then welcoming and accepting the blessings as they arrive without judgment, and regardless of whether your mind interprets them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, is THE secret to your transformation.

And when those blessings do begin to shower down - or more correctly, begin to RISE UP FROM WITHIN YOU - all you need do is SHARE THEM with others so that they too may experience what they came here to experience. That way, you are not only honoring your own destiny, but you are nourishing another and helping them fulfill theirs. This is how we spread the light. Win-win!

It’s no coincidence either that I have been called through dreamscape to the Motherland, Africa, next year, the land from which we all first originated, and where all our DNA blueprints were birthed and anchored. I have received so many messages in some truly cryptic forms, inviting me to Mother Africa, and I cannot ignore them. So I’m not! If you feel drawn to Her also, and are wishing to work on a deep and profound level of healing not just for yourself, but on behalf of the entire universal matrix, then I urge you to reach out and grab one of the nine VIP spots that I am offering. It’s going to be truly soul shifting.

It will be an AQUARIUS FULL MOON and the LIONS GATE PORTAL when we are there; which is so fortuitous, and not at all coincidental as I am always guided to align with cultural, lunar and divined prophecies each time I create a retreat offering.

This is important to know because right now on earth, we are evolving rapidly and multi-dimensionally, and everything is a sign and a symbol for our continued growth. We are now in the Aquarius-Leo Age (Leo is opposite Aquarius), a time of great transition for all of humanity, and we all have an equal and definite 'soul role' to play.

Lions are sacred masters for us all - especially the White Lions that are coming through now, in South Africa specifically - heralding the urgent need for mankind to wake up and for each to remember his personal mission, his responsibility to purpose, and his primordial connection to mother nature. Lion has 'volunteered' to be the one being to support the process and progress of our species as we transform literally and energetically into a new octave of evolution during this awakening Age of Aquarius and Leo. This is just one reason why it is so imperative that we all join forces to eradicate the canned hunting industry and bring poaching and animal abuse in all forms to a standstill, for all our sake. And no, it is no coincidence either that 'Cecil the Lion', was shot and beheaded at Hwange National Park, which runs on the 31st meridian. His death sparked global outcry about not only how outdated and inhumane it is to still be hunting endangered species in this modern day, but on the higher frequencies, it set us on a new path of consciousness and connection with each other and with mother nature.

RIP Cecil, so much love and gratitude to you, dear bravehearted beauty.

One of the last images taken of the Great Cecil

When in Zimbabwe, we will be journeying through land so ancient and raw, and speaking with animals and spirits so benevolent, that you will have no option but to surrender, receive and transform. They WILL communicate with you, all you need to do is stop, listen and receive; and I will be there with you to decipher what comes through.

The White Lions of Timbavati, South Africa

We will be aligning our souls with the spinal channel of Gaia, known as the 31st meridian, as it carves from North to South through the heart of Africa, opening vortices and portals in the landscape that will activate downloads crucial to the light evolution of our species, and offering prayers of forgiveness and healing, to the ancestors, to our current generation, and to all relatives yet to come.

It's powerful work, and you'll know in your gut if you are ready and if it's part of your souls' path to join me and help bring in the next waves of light for the new earth.

We will be spending our days in wild open spaces that are sure to blow your mind and free your heart like never before, and our nights will involve fire ceremonies, healing meditations and various rites of passage that I can’t even share with you just yet because I won’t download them until I am welcomed by the indigenous elders and entities there and shown exactly how I am to hold and guide each one of you. This process began the moment I answered my "elephants' calling" - a story I will share another time - and one that will continue to unravel until my feet touch the red dusty earth of Zimbabwe.

This is the ‘unknown’ part of my work that I love, and part of the journey when one chooses the shamanic path; or rather, when one is chosen to walk it. I show up, ask permission, anchor in and then allow myself to be the conduit for healing and humanity. It’s pure magic and I wouldn’t have it, or live my life, any other way.

My ‘Sacred Safari’ really is going to be a next level retreat in so many ways and I can’t wait to receive my next series of teachings there whilst I simultaneously facilitate what is sure to be some seriously potent and healing medicine during our 11 days together. You can find all the details under the retreat tab on the website.

So on this Friday's Full Moon, make time to PAUSE, BREATHE and just BE. Hold space for your own inner Lion or Lioness, to rise and roar with unadulterated pleasure and purpose, and give fearLESS voice to your doubts, your shadow, your light and your gifts, so you can LET GO and LET LOVE.

The universe has flung the doors wide open, AND rolled out the red carpet for you now.

Will you walk through and claim your crown?

With L O V E


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