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For The Children

JULY 13 – JULY 19





Thanks to eclipse season closing out, July was always going to be a cracker.

It’s been necessary for us to feel it so physically though because otherwise we just ignore the signs and signals and soldier on in our unconscious bubbles; and making things worse on the way. When our bodies keep saying “I don’t feel so great today”, or “it’s time to stop, drop and roll back into bed sister”, we know it’s time to take heed. It’s how we heal after all; by resting and allowing the cells and our energies to replenish.

So why do we resist listening to our inner guidance and insist on pushing the envelope to the point of (often) no return? Or adrenal fatigue. Because we have been conditioned to do so and because we unconsciously associate being busy with being productive.

Alas, nothing could be further from the truth. Doing nothing instantly puts you in the space to receive.

When we are on the eat-work-sleep-work-eat treadmill and constantly stimulated by “things to do and people to meet”, we aren’t aware of how tense we have actually become because we are IN it so deep. It’s not until something happens to us – either in the form of a random accident, sudden illness or unexpected relationship breakdown – that we do take notice. It’s not till we are ‘broken’, exhausted or depressed, that we recognize just how wound up were actually were. It’s an affliction that pretty much all of humanity suffers from: over doing. Also over giving, just quietly.

So how do we shift this habit and create a healthier and more aware lifestyle for ourselves? Simple. We get back in sync with Nature.

We’ve just closed a potent 2-year eclipse window so now is the perfect time to pause, assimilate and allow all the lessons we have moved through (and hopefully the wisdom we have gleaned), to actually land. Mercury stationing direct today also means we now have the opportunity to tie up any loose ends and seek closure around anything on a personal or professional level that isn’t supporting or nourishing us. Or our visions moving forwards.

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron are all retrograde at present and with Chiron being the ‘wounded healer’, the planet advocating self mastery through myriad rites of passage, it’s time to face – and love back into full being – our inner child.

Interesting timing isn’t it also as we witness what is possibly the biggest public vomit ever, of pedophilia atrocity, spilling out and into our collective awareness.

With so many traumatized children in the world needing us to acknowledge their plight and start speaking out about it, it’s no coincidence that the planets are simultaneously creating the vibration for us to acknowledge and heal what needs confronting and clearing in regards to our own inner child.

Very few of us escape childhood unscathed by some sort of drama or traumatic experience but unless you personally are a survivor of sexual/mental or emotional abuse, you really have nothing to complain about. Schoolyard bullying and nasty name calling pales in comparison to the pain that ritualistic satanic abuse inflicts, delivered by the hands of monsters masquerading as humans. Unless your own life story mirrors some of the unfathomable ordeals that literally millions of innocent babies and children are enduring across the world every single day, you have to admit you are living a life of privilege. I know I am.

Now not everybody has to go down the rabbit warrens that are out there to discover and then watch just how bad things actually are, but everybody does need to know that these crimes against humanity are being committed on an hourly basis. And if it upsets you or makes you queasy and uncomfortable, take a moment to imagine how your life would have turned out if your parents had either sold you (or believe it or not) ‘bred’ you specifically for sexual enslavement. Yes, this is happening right now and it is happening not only right under our noses and in plain sight, but it is being orchestrated and endorsed by the very people we have all learned to trust and admire. By the lawyers, judges, politicians, celebrities, doctors and business men (and women), who profess to have our best interests at heart or worse, deliberately project an image of peace, piety and patriotism.


All is not what it seems and everything is a messed up layer-upon-layer of illusion right now.

When direct, Mercury invites us to express our highest truth, no matter what. It’s the planet of communications after all, of all things internet and contractual; including karmic contracts. It empowers us to not hold back in regards to sharing what we have learned during its retrograde phase, the time when we get to revisit the past and tidy up any loose ends or seals any half-open doorways through which we may be leaking energy and power without realizing it.

This week coming begs us all to step up and speak out the things we believe in (or oppose) with renewed faith and unprecedented conviction.

Tuesday sees Mars conjunct Chiron which will help fan this fire within our hearts, as more things come to light for people to digest and thanks to the Sun opposite Jupiter on this day also, we will feel optimistic that the things we are wanting to expose, will actually be exposed for the good of all. Jupiter is also the closest to earth today that it is for the whole year, beaming expansive good vibes and unlimited joyfulness into Gaia and into our energetic fields as well – if we wish to receive it – helping to reinforce our faith and courage. Mars and Chiron joining forces helps bring in a strong sense of invincibility and focus with Jupiter which will serve us well in the long run because there are definitely more bindis needing to be weeded out and brought before the Cosmic Courts. Divine Justice always prevails, just as the light always wins. Take care to ensure you stay grounded today so your extra-activated mind can process the information that floods in from all angles and maintain a sense of gratitude for all you are being shown for ultimately, it is always better to know (the Sun shining the light) than to remain in the darkness. We all need to embody our sacred warrior selves now, more than ever.

We may joke that ignorance is ‘bliss’, but in truth that no longer aligns with the trajectory that humanity is currently exploring.

Hump day sees some refreshing albeit it intense frequencies with Pluto opposite the Sun for the first time since the once-in-500-years-stellium that occurred in early January this year. Pluto, Saturn and Capricorn joined by the Sun and Mercury, activated an incredibly powerful birth/death and rebirth portal for all of Creation, hence this Wednesday, we are gifted a second chance to tune into that healing message and align ourselves with Mother Nature (and Father God) to an even deeper level. Trust that the universal momentum is well underway and that all you need do is surrender and trust. Whatever has been going on for you – and in regards the planet over the past six months – is now coming to a head. Today also sees Pluto being the closest to earth all year, perhaps magnifying the invitation to shift your dynamic and be really real with yourself.

Change is the key to evolution and now that we have entered a new age, a new Epoch, a new level of galactic consciousness, it’s time to start getting jiggy with it. Time to start walking your talk in spite of your fears or worries about the future because it’s the journey that is important, not the outcome. The outcome that ends up manifesting is dependent on your authenticity in the moment and the integrity of the choices you make along the way.

So. No more excuses or delaying the inevitable. You came here to do your soul’s work, so start doing it. Channel this intensity into a specific goal or intention as you surrender and make time to breathe, rest and meditate today.

Sending you all love and strength to keep fighting the good fight and leading the way so that others may wake.