The Animal Empath Within

Why is it that we always try and teach animals OUR language? And why is it such a stretch of the imagination, to consider that we could learn theirs?

Humans often regard animals as simple or undeserving of consideration, and at worst, as possessions, purely a food source, or just something they can use for their own sadistic pleasure and amusement, but I believe our clawed, pawed, finned and winged ones, are the ones who are above us in many respects.

Animals live in synchronicity with their environment and communicate primarily through the senses of sight, sound, touch and scent. So far, this system appears to work well for them; they've been doing it for billions of years after all. Compared to humans, they are the ones that are still in tune with the tides and cycles of nature; they are the ones who still migrate when their senses and instincts guide them too; and they are the ones who still live in respectful alignment with the land and other creatures, hunting only when they need, not wasting anything, certainly not hunting for fun, and they leave left overs for each other. They learn, they forgive, they defer or submit to another when necessary and they can work together in harmony. Above all else, they are capable of deep feelings, of love and commitment as seen in many species that mate for life as well as the protective instincts of mothers willing to die to protect their baby from danger. They are the ultimate empaths.

Learning how to speak the animals’ language is where it’s at, and this is something that I have known, and worked and played with, all my life, since I started talking to faeries in our backyard and having afternoon chats with our family schnauzer, a sweet little soul we inherited from a backpacker returning to Germany, called ‘Geejoh’.