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Don't Think - Just Do it!




Image credit: Danny Osomanski (2018)

Another powerful week – thanks to the Pisces full moon merging with the energies of Friday 13th (which are all positive by the way) – and lots of interstellar activity. The number 13 always gets a bad rap but it seriously is one fortuitous number, ripe with divine femininity, the lunar cycles, sacred knowledge and waking up. I mean, any number connected to Master Jesus – as in 13 at The Last Supper – can’t be all bad can it?

I’ve been hibernating and writing heaps this week – you may have seen some of my posts with links to my recently published articles. I hope you have enjoyed them if you have and if you haven’t seen them yet, I have included three links at the end of this newsletter to read with a cuppa at your leisure. In among all that creativity and working stuff out and through, I have also been nursing a bit of a wounded heart. In fact, it’s been the very sadness in my soul that has been inspiring me to dive deeper and find resolve, helping me look into the energies of what has been going on in order to free myself from my past patterns of pain, attachment, expectation and perceived loss. Yep, the work never ends.

Another big lesson courtesy of Pisces this month – spiritual respect, emotional integrity and peeling back more illusionary layers in order to align with the highest codes and values.

And this is exactly what the planets this week just gone, have been about. The vibration leading up to the Pisces full moon (and that rare coupling with Friday 13th), has been all about each one of us stepping up to our next level. Taking our inner dialogues and the secretly forged beliefs and boundaries that we’ve been entertaining in our heads and actually verbalising them, voicing them as words. Many of us have spent months – years even – digesting and processing possible ‘realities’ inside our minds, using our imagination, dreaming of possibilities, exploring options and talking to ourselves, wondering ‘what if?’, ‘could I?’ and ‘should I?’ and hypothesising about how life would look if we were to finally take a stand and step into our truth. Now, this week especially, many of you have made the transition to actually speaking these ideas ‘out loud’ and hence manifesting a definite shift for yourself (and those around you) and whilst this can be scary and feel unfamiliar, it is also an empowering and exciting thing!

Millions of throat chakras have been going off around the globe as hearts grow strong and egos lose power. It’s a beautiful thing; if done with loving kindness.

Remember that whenever any of us has a cathartic moment, there is always another person, people or situation involved, so if you relate to this, please make some time to thank that person or that experience from your highest heart and acknowledge the co-creative energies that have helped you step up, grow and evolve. Even if that has brought some separation or discord, because real healing cannot happen without some form of discomfort or agitation first and how we react to what someone else does or doesn’t do, or says or doesn’t say, actually has nothing to do with them. It always has everything to do with us, our triggers, our filters and ultimately, our degree of self mastery.

You can just include them in your prayers if you don’t want to physically speak to them. Perhaps create a little moonlit ritual as Luna starts to wane because this is a great time to release old stories. Bring in forgiveness and soul centred respect and watch the dynamic between you shift immediately and invisibly.

This is such an auspicious – not superstitious – time on earth right now. We are all pushing buttons – our own and those of others (especially those close to us) – and this is exactly what needs to happen in order for us all to start embracing our spirituality more deliberately and unapologetically. The universe implores us to pay attention now, every single day, with every intoxicating lunar cycle and with every external occurrence (good, bad and ugly). Pachamama begs us to connect with something deeper within ourselves and to really recognise, really believe, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that it is time to become the heart-centred earth warriors that we were born to be.

It’s not enough to just think it or contemplate it or entertain it half-heartedly before retracting back into the safety of our intellect anymore because we are all needed in Her sacred army if any of us are to survive what’s coming and keep nudging the collective onwards and upwards as it is destined. Change and challenge as portals to elevated consciousness, are unavoidable pathways and once you surrender to this, once you really get how all actions and inactions co-manifest reality for all beings and that this earth experience is just one transient celestial dance among many that your soul plays an important part in, your real journey begins.

When you shift from your head to your heart and let the cynical elements within you go; when you stop belittling yourself and big noting others; when you listen and really hear and when you look and really see, you will remember who you are. Who we all are in fact.

So, to the week ahead. It’s a goodie.

We start with Tuesday 17th, the number of immortality and a 29/11 universal date to boot (17+9+2019=29) and (2+9=11). 29/11 opens a powerful portal that invites you to take action in the moment and trust implicitly in yourself and your mission. Master number 11 is all about conscious presence, sovereignty and self mastery, so make your unique mark today and make the impact your heart desires you to make. Venus is opposite Chiron also and with Venus ruling romantic (human) love and Chiron being all about healing (etheric) love – don’t be surprised if you feel ‘spiritually-alchemised’ today. An epiphany or two even. These two together have the power to wake you up to your own divinity in a way that will feel very organic, even orgasmic, but certainly very natural and timely and welcome.

It’s time to take your life mission seriously and to make it clear to others around you that your sacred space is a non-negotiable. Time for you to value you.

Wednesday 18th sees Saturn finally stationing direct @ 13’ in Capricorn after several months of ground breaking, heart cracking experiences, all designed to get us to look at our shit and take responsibility for our part in perpetuating more of it! Saturn rules Karma – and I personally have dubbed 2019 ‘The Year of Chaos and Karma” because it certainly has been a tumultuous one for me, as well as many, many others I know. Lessons left, right and centre and often with relentless accuracy. When the Lord of Time stations direct today, it’s time to celebrate and acknowledge for sacred rite of passage we have moved through, because each has been a necessary part of our process; whether we’ve liked it or not and whether we believe it, or not.

Between now and May 2020, Saturn will keep moving forwards towards mid January and that magical assembly of planets under the Cancer full moon that I keep talking about. This hump day is the day to take action on the lessons you have (hopefully) learned since April when the retrograde kicked in and find gratitude for every hurdle and hiccup along the way.

If you want to book in last minute for my Uluru retreat that centres around these incredible alignments and the once-in-all-our-lifetimes completion of an incredible indigenous prophecy, you’ll need to confirm by this Monday eve otherwise you may literally not get a room. I can only offer 2 more spots, so if you are meant to join us, I trust we will be able to squeeze you in. Seriously, I cannot reiterate how important this event is, so please check out the link here and if you’re a light-working sister, don’t hesitate any longer!

The huge Saturn and Pluto energies on Tuesday also help us feel less restricted, to feel brighter and more positive about the future – and let’s face it, things are looking pretty bleak around the world at the moment and humanity is struggling to stay afloat. We need some happy banners and a group hug. I urge you to just breathe and hang in there and keep trusting that you do have the inner strength to handle any and all personal issues or professional situations that cross your path and that things always end up exactly how they are meant to. Even when we have no idea WTF is going on and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. All ends up as is destined and as the universe has planned. Try and enjoy the ride and focus less on the actual trail.

In the meantime, contemplate these: Are there any loose ends distracting your focus? Anything left unsaid in a relationship that needs to be expressed? Any past regrets that you need to make peace with?

Thursday sees Mars trine Pluto (both co-rule Scorpio), which brings in a fireball of goal directed energies stemming from and igniting our internal passions, leadership and power plays and inviting us get assertive, be authentic and transform ourselves internally. Alchemically. It’s time to step up into your power and with Mars giving you the passion and the magnetism to trust your instincts, today is all about kicking goals, literally. Believe in yourself and what you are creating and just go for it! Pluto helps transform your energies into a higher vibration and Mars helps you trust your instincts without a skerrick of a doubt. You will feel like you can conquer the world today – and clear any speed bumps that may arise with grace and ease – but because this is the only time during 2019 that these two planets are in harmony like this, you will need to trust your gut and make immediate decisions. If you feel it, do it. Don’t falter or hesitate in other words or you’ll miss the boat. Or trip over yourself trying to reach the boat, after you’ve procrastinated for that little bit too long and suddenly realise your mistake!

If you’re going to launch a business, make an announcement or speak your truth in some other way, today is the day to do so. Remember, there is no such thing as a coincidence or an accident – or a mistake even. Everything serves a specific purpose in each moment, when made with love, conscious intent and trust. Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow.

By the weekend, things actually take a slightly depressive turn, but don’t stress or crack out the vodka because as always, we have will power and we can choose how we respond to every single situation (and person) at any time. Just be alert to your feelings and any heightened sensitivity today and if you do find yourself feeling more vulnerable and raw than usual, just take some time out for yourself and go sit on the beach or give a tree a hug. Or both. Mercury square Saturn on Sunday will bring with it an energy of melancholy and lingering subtle grief – and we are working through a massive month of collective grief throughout September after all as we prep for the new century – so be gentle, be patient, don’t get attached to what rises in each moment and know that it will pass by Sunday eve and that it is the last time this year that these two planets clash like this. Breathe, breathe, breathe and allow.

The 21st sees Jupiter (in its home sign of Sagittarius) square Neptune (in its home sign of Pisces) – which is their 3rd meeting (since January) and one that invokes deep, mystical, magical energies. You will feel centred in your soul, in your power, so use this energy and honour your gifts by sharing them or even advertising them for the first time. Maybe it’s time for you to tell and show people what you have hidden for so long – that you have a natural ability to speak with spirits or you can read Tarot or use crystals to heal. Whatever it is, step up, stop denying what you’re intuiting and create the space for others to see and appreciate you. Don’t cover yourself up anymore. Squares are about action, so get active and inspire and fire yourself up!

Don’t be afraid to show who you are and to speak your truth, with love of course, always.

Spring Equinox lands next weekend as well – for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere (September 21st – 23rd) – and so to honour this beautiful seasonal transition, I will be holding my annual Spring equinox/Ostara medicine circle again, on Saturday 21st. This will give you the perfect opportunity to spread your wings and conjure up everything your heart desires, plus help you make the most of all the delicious juju this day offers!

We also have a 12 week beginners Jivamukti-style course starting with Mick from The Yoga Factory Annandale –

Plus, make time to try Nick’s Glute-specific Class on Saturdays at 9:30am – 10:30am (0424 617 147) and Anthony’s Meditation course starting this Wednesday for 4 weeks, 6:30pm – 7:45pm (0404 721 616). Please direct your queries and bookings to them.

Here are some of my recent article links too, if you feel like a conscious read (or three):

Sending you all hugs and love for a grounded and productive week. Don’t forget your daily cleansing rituals and if you need any help, please contact me for a private session. I am available this Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for phone, Skype or in person healings.





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