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Bring On The New 'Strayla








So today is apparently ‘Australia Day’ and no doubt thousands around this sunburned country (and literally burned country right now), are preparing for a raucous-filled-and-alcohol-fuelled few hours involving inflatable pool toys, BBQ spreads and unsolicited flashings of Union Jack tattoos to reinforce how ‘great 'Strayla is!’

I on the other end of the spectrum however, just welcomed in 2020 last night with a divine and conscious medicine circle honouring the Aquarius new moon and Chinese New Year. Quite the contrast and today is all about keeping it simple and honouring the earth.

Now of course everyone is entitled to celebrate Australia Day in any way they want, all I am asking people to consider, is exactly what they are celebrating and why, because last time I checked the public records, we still haven’t properly apologised to our indigenous relations for all the horrors inflicted upon them by our invading ancestors and we still haven’t asked their opinion about how they feel we can move forwards as conscious collaborators. History tells of countless traumatic events, over-throwings and general ransacking-the-crap-out-of local custodians by ‘visiting’ pioneers in the name of world discovery, so it’s nothing new to any educated person nowadays that this land was never ceded and that we haven’t done such a great job at caretaking since we appointed ourselves as honorary custodians. What is a (continued) crime, is the reality that progress drags on and on as politicians spend way too much time deflecting instead of reflecting.

As a naïve young girl I remember hearing some of the most appalling words pour out of one mans’ mouth whilst surveying the riverside property my parents would eventually buy. A young man whom we had affectionately dubbed ‘The man from Snowy River’ because of his ability to round up cattle in the ‘back paddocks’ like the legend himself, literally jumping off ragged cliff edges into nothing, as easily as we would dive into a swimming pool – and who seemed by all accounts, to be a polite and relatively ‘normal’ bloke. Until he proudly said this:

“My great-grandfather shot his last ‘abo’ by that tree there.”

I’ve shared this story before because it is etched in my teenage brain forever and perfectly illustrates just how alive and well racism still is in this great land of ‘ours’ – and that was only 35 years ago! Sadly, I know for a fact that in that very same region – although it is waning and slowly dissolving out as new and more sentient families move into the valley – that this abhorrent attitude continues. Swept under the carpet it may be, but it is there.

Australia was recently surrounded by a burning ring of fire and I would not be surprised if some, if not all of those locations, are connected to indigenous massacres. Actually, I know they are because I have been researching the connections and you can google it too if you’re interested in learning the truth and joining the dots for yourself. The desecration of sacred sites, the removal of people from their families and homelands and the treatment of the land in the aftermath, all contributes to eroding the very frequencies of Nature that keep the planet breathing and living and regenerating as designed. The fire element is so much more than just a physical instrument of destruction; it’s the ultimate sustainable and renewable resource that forces our hand when the delicate balance of give-and-take, is disturbed for too long. Mother will always step in to sort things out and unfortunately that means there will be casualties, across the board.

Again, unfortunately, humans have lost their ability to prepare for crises because over time, we have lost our deep and personal relationship to Mother Nature and Her cycles. We have lost the ability to read and interpret the signals from the animals, to watch them and follow their lead. We ignore seasonal cycles and weather patterns and instead of working towards living in alignment with them and initiating constructive ways to work with nature, we try and manipulate it, with technology and machines for example. We no longer hear the whispers of our ancestors on the wind or acknowledge how often they actually communicate with us through the other elements, always trying to wake us up and help us remember there is no separation between earth and ourselves because we've always got some stupid device attached to our heads! We have lost connection to our intuition self that showed us how to avert and prepare for potential dangers and instead now, we wait till the absolute last life-discerning minute – when the sh*t is really hitting the fan – to take any action at all!

Too little, way too late, and when we do decide to make a move, all we do is complain about how bad things have got and what creature comforts we stand to lose, blame others for the predicament we have actually all co-created or get all doomsday-ish about it and give up trying at all. It’s the ultimate irony and the joke is well and truly on us because all we actually needed to do to avoid catastrophe, was to look around, acknowledge what was happening in the moment and take some preventative measures! All we needed to do was step outside of our comfort zones and materialistic little boxes, to re-establish our relationship with the earth and to listen to the scientists warning of rising temperatures, escalating extinction and irreversible climate change before it was all heaped on our doorstep without a return to sender card.

For the supposedly most intelligent species on the planet, I reckon we’re pretty bloody DUMB. Let's pray this recent activation and prophecy completion at Uluru, sorts things out for our species. It is the world solar plexus portal after all.

However, this current new moon in Aquarius – preceded by all the powerful lunar activations, eclipses and planetary triggers of the few past years in fact – is here to help save the day. Aquarius focuses on the bigger picture and is hell bent on creating lasting change and leaving legacies that will roll on into the future to provide following generations with the tools they need to survive and thrive. The water bearer is all about liberation, freedom and smashing paradigms whenever their highly attuned conscience-radars sense it is necessary for the greater good and being square to Uranus this week – Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 at 0’, 0’ and 1’ respectively – this means we should prepare to be agitated in any number of ways. Multiple ways. As I’ve been saying a lot recently, we gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable because the only thing that is undeniable and indisputable truth for all human beings, is that we need to change in order to live. Felt I had to highlight that because it’s so important. Everything about us is supposed to change and to grow – relationships are meant to evolve and deepen, self awareness is meant to develop and expand and our connection to our environment (internal and external) is meant to be symbiotic and conscious, otherwise everyone and everything stagnates!

It’s why we came to this earth in the first place – to experience ourselves in human form, to evolve, to resolve our karmic patterns and to learn from all the cray-cray we have manifested in our past lives in order to find soul alignment and satisfaction in this one. Change is the only consistent thing about us and yet it’s the very thing we all resist! Again, DER us.

Anyway, I could go on but I will leave it at that for now. Just know that it is a privilege to be alive at this point in humanity’s journey and that when you work on yourself and become as clear a conduit as you can be, that there is no greater service to the collective than that. Or to your own soul.

Here are the days this week to be aware of (and awake for). Just keep in mind that staying objective and relatively detached, could serve you well as (some) people and (many) situations around you, fall apart. Maintain a sense of equanimity at all times!

Monday 27 we have Venus conjunct Neptune which is so beautiful, merged in Pisces, creativity soars, imagination and love and compassion is heightened. You’ll feel blessed and inspired but make sure you stay grounded and practical as well otherwise you might get distracted. It’s all about balance after all so get in the ocean or go for a long bush walk.

Tuesday 28 is #13 universal date heralding new beginnings, abundance and renewed business focus, which is good news for anyone starting up a new project or making radical changes to an existing work structure. Mars (instinctual) squares Neptune (divine inspiration) today which is powerful due of energy for sure and enhances a deep desire to release stored tension and frustrations that you may have been holding in without realising it. Allow the unseen to permeate and spend some time day dreaming, meditating or getting a massage today. Whatever you do, just make sure you act on whatever information that comes through so you honour what is being shared – and trust in divine timing always.

Sunday 2 brings a powerful 2:2:2020 code with a universal date #8 bringing in leadership and pioneering vibes. Today is all about divine inner-action and inter-action. You’ll be organically manifesting all that you need for your continued journey and lots of things from the past will suddenly resolve and make sense, which is always nice, especially when hurt heals at last and we can really feel that we feel lighter for it. Today Venus (the planet of love and beauty) sextiles Pluto (the rogue truth seeking one) to activate romance, companionship and magnetic (and maybe even sensual) encounters. Intimate, heart-centred connections will abound and serve to lift your spirits and the spirits of those sharing these moments with you and when that happens, it’s can only be a win-win for the collective. You will bond authentically with others who are on the same page as you today or at least with those from your soul tribe, and with so many #2’s here, it’s guaranteed to be a day to remember!

I wanted to share a short story with you to finish to give you a deeper understanding of my own path and how magic always manages to find its way into even the most seemingly mundane of days.

I was in the dog park recently and there was this young lady walking her highly excitable puppy or rather, it was walking her. Lots of fun but very little control, you know the picture. The dog was almost choking itself on the lead, so desperate for interaction and getting up in the faces of every other dog it encountered – and hence, pissing a lot of them off as you would expect. Naturally its owner was getting more and more frazzled and stressed by the minute as she tried to avoid an altercation whilst fielding random and rude comments from others. I watched compassionately from a distance to gauge the energy around her and her dog and to observe the interactions between her and the other dog walkers who were quickly getting very jack of her pooch. Such is the nature of the dog park mind you; you kind of have to expect to encounter all kinds in a public place, but there is always someone who takes the behaviour of another dog, as an attack on them personally and ruins the fun for everyone. I could tell that it was getting dangerously close to that somebody losing their cool and so when this lady suddenly made an unconscious beeline towards me and Blaze, I took the opportunity to intervene gently and crouched down to pat the whirlwind in a harness. Blaze wandered off to do his thing as he does when he knows it’s best for him to avoid than engage. I complemented her on her beautiful dog – a bullterrier cross cattle dog – and commented that it must be handful for her with training being such a mix, and she agreed. I started massaging some anxiety points on the pup and it went mushy in my arms immediately. This intrigued her so we kept talking and I shared some things about what I do, for humans and animals. She opened up about how difficult it was making time for walks, of having all the dog responsibility fall on her shoulders and how she often regretted even getting the dog in the first place. Her demeanour was anxious, a bit vulnerable and yet very guarded all at the same time, so I didn’t press for information, instead I just let her speak and interjected gently when it felt right. After another ten minutes or so she started tearing up and confirming every intuitive comment I made in response to her confessions, so when I finally asked her point blank, “So why did you buy this dog?” – considering all the stress it had brought to her life – she broke down. This is why I always carry tissues in my handbag.

“Because the kids wanted one.”

I looked her straight in the eye and said “Bullshit", with compassion of course.

She blinked at me as if she wasn’t sure I had actually said what I had and when I added straight away, “I know why you bought this dog and so do you…,” there was another pause as she waited for me to complete my sentence.

“… because you wanted someone to love you unconditionally.”

Then she really burst into tears.

After that, she told me about her marriage and how unhappy she was, that she felt the dog was picking up on her stress and that is why it was misbehaving so much and why she didn’t come to the dog park very often because she would get so wound up and angry with the dog (and herself) that people would start fights with her and she’d have to leave. And apparently she doesn’t even like dogs that much, she’s a cat person! I really felt for her and after a bit more of a chat and a hug and her promising she would have a serious talk with her husband (to herself, not so much to me), she wandered off with my card in her pocket and hopefully with a lighter heart at having been heard and held to account; albeit by a random stranger in a dog park.

Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if more of us made time to listen to one another? You don’t have to proffer advice of course, just be there when your instincts tell you someone needs it. Be compassionate but be courageous in what you see and how you share because it could be the moment that they have called in as well and it could literally save someone’s life.

This is an important thing to remember for everyone (I believe) as we all strive to be better and to work on healing our issues. When you share your truth with love and take the risk that you may trigger them a little (but always with the intention to get them to feel and be honest with themselves), it could be the exact catalyst they need to wake up and help them start living authentically.

Therefore, you speaking your truth, helps initiate others so they may speak theirs.

I have many skills as a healer but one of my main gifts is my ability to see through veils and read between the energetic lines with people and whilst that may unnerve some, for the majority it is highly refreshing and healing because they trust they are in good hands when receiving treatments with me. I am often told by clients that I read their minds but I actually just read their bodies and energy. I was born with a natural ability to sense what’s going on underneath the masks (we all wear) and over time have developed this to the point where nothing much escapes me. I can decipher and re-frame the puzzle of patterns and stories that manifest in our every day lives and that express as health issues, relationship troubles or just an unerring feeling of not being good enough. Then I show you how to transform them into your medicine. To me, it’s not work even; it’s my passion, pleasure and privilege.

I hope that gives those of you who are still freshly connected to me, some insight into who I am and what I can potentially do to help you identify your own wounds and move through whatever blockages you may be struggling to clear. It’s officially a new year now and 2020 is going to be a big one. 2019 was a rehearsal for some of the global upheavals coming our way and we are all going to have to do some serious adjusting of our lifestyles and our attitudes if we are to keep up with the universal program.

FYI all my weekly yoga classes are now all full and I am available on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for shamanic healing or private yoga sessions in my beautiful new space. Please visit to view the treatment options and book your bespoke appointment.

For those booked in, Monday yoga course commences on February 3; Wednesday commences on February 5; Friday on February 7 and Sunday on February 9. The school term goes from February 3 to April 12. Please arrive about 10 minutes early so I can show you the ropes re equipment storage and housekeeping.

My denbydoesdharma podcast will launch in the next fortnight and I will be promoting my first WEBINAR to FINALLY launch my MANA YOGA book at last shortly thereafter, so stay tuned for details about that! I also have a Mana Medicine Mentoring online course that is open to 13 women worldwide and will cover a wide range of indigenous and shamanic teachings including Shamanic Astrology and lore, The Medicine Wheel, The 3 Realms, chakra polarities and illness through the shamanic lens. It will begin in February and you can find details about it here. An early special is also available.

My next full moon medicine circle will be held at Qi Freshwater on Saturday February 8th @ 6:30pm. Link will be in next week's newsletter so you can book directly with them.

I hope you have a peaceful week and glean some useful spiritual insights into things that have previously eluded you. It’s time for us to step up, show up and speak up this year and I am so looking forward to seeing what we can co-create as the new earth warriors that we are rising up to be!

Blessings and love,




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