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AUGUST 12 - 18







Astrologically, it’s been a big week. Jupiter stationed retrograde when the Sun was in Aries on April 11th and now it stations direct in its own sign of Sagittarius today, August 11th, when the Sun is in Leo.

It’s been all about the FIRE element of late, which coincidentally is connected to the HEART, another alignment to the Lion King who rules the Heart and is ruled by the Sun, the heart of our solar system. This is made even more potent and poignant because we have just experienced the Lions Gate Portal on August 8th (8:8), receiving the next dimension of healing codes and frequencies direct from Sirius via the Sun, the Giza pyramids and the Sphinxes, the solar plexus of the planet, Uluru and finally, into our own belly centres. PHEW!

Needless to say, we are experiencing great and galactic shifts right now as the earth’s energies restructure.

The energies of creation and exploration, tantra and transformation are all ignited and at play, waiting for us to match our vibrations to them and manifest abundance, beauty, excitement and fortuitous outcomes in each waking (and sleeping) moment. Whatever your heart has been yearning for, whatever you have been dreaming would happen, now can. The remainder of 2019 promises to be full of all kinds of interesting.

However, shadow continues to rise and fall around us, taking advantage of the cracks created as the old 3D vibration crumbles to make way for the new 5D reality. If you’re sensitive to energy or work with the healing arts, you will certainly have been feeling this more intensely than those who aren’t as receptive, possibly in the form of increased anxiety, lowered immunity, picking up on other people’s stuff more than usual (like, weird and disturbing thoughts that you know are definitely not yours) and physical symptoms such as head and neck aches, random palpitations, digestive upset and sinus irritation. If this is you, you have probably prioritised self care over socialising and even working less despite financial pressure, preferring to spend time alone and cocooned, or outdoors in nature, replenishing your energies and trying to cope with all the upgrades you are receiving.

The divide between those who are evolving and those who aren’t, is becoming glaringly obvious.

We must read between the lines, entertain concepts and even consider conspiracy theories like never before in order to gain a more informed and expansive understanding about what is actually happening in our world on all levels, not just believe what we ‘see’ with our eyes on the physical realm, what we are spoon-fed through the media. As spectators with front row seats to what is undeniably one of the most unprecedented shows in human history, we are witnessing some incredibly inspiring and simultaneously distressing events unfold on the world stage each week. It’s time to rise.

With the Lions Gate portal this week things have morphed yet again to edge us all closer to our own inner truths and our collective moment of multi dimensional awakening.

I’d just like to drop in here that whilst all these changes and exciting energetic shifts have been happening, there has also been a communal upsurge in the level of spiritual bypassing or ‘spiritual speak’ as people struggle with integrating and keeping afloat. If you’re not sure what this is, here are a few common examples of what I call SBS (spiritual bullshit), so you can easily identify it when you either encounter it, or in an unconscious relapse moment, catch yourself doing it too! And if that happens, don’t worry, everyone is guilty of doing the below at some stage in their life; it’s all part of the big learning. Warning: content may trigger some, but if it does, that's a sign in itself isn't it!

1 Participating in ‘spiritual’ activities to appear superior to others. Our spiritual ideas and practices can very easily become an ego-trap where we start believing we are ‘better’ than others because we meditate or do yoga or donate to charities on a regular basis. This is a ‘more common than you would think’ expression of modern spirituality and is entwined with attachment and judgment because over time, we unconsciously separate ourselves from anyone who isn’t doing what we believe and ‘know’ to be the ‘right’ way to wake up and evolve.

2 Using spirituality as a way to avoid taking personal responsibility. This one is classic denial and deflect, where everything that happens to us in life, suddenly becomes explainable via language like “It’s all okay, it’s all perfect in its imperfection”, “It’s all an illusion anyway”, or my favourite, “Just let me feel into that (before I give you my answer).” At some point, we all need to step up and own our ‘bad habits’ for what they are – bad habits (or shadow aspects of our psyche) that have nothing to do with being spiritual and everything to do with avoiding looking at ourselves with raw honesty and depth and showing up in the moment, as we are and regardless of how fcuked up we may be!

3 Jumping on the bandwagon of the latest spiritual ‘fad’. This is where we see the detrimental and cumulative effects of social media marketing for example, on the group mind and behaviour. If you’re not doing what’s currently ‘in’, or not out and about on ‘the scene’, then you’re not only missing out, you’re also not truly showing up and authentically walking ‘the path’ alongside all the other ‘shamans’ in your hood. Plant medicine circles, trance-dance parties and yoga and music festivals, are all good examples of this. People can just as easily become addicted to these kinds of offerings as they can to illegal drugs, porn or football-mania.

4 Masking real emotions with spiritual, new age jargon. It’s really important to feel your feelings and express them; in a safe and appropriate way of course. If you get angry or frustrated or upset at something that, to others, might appear trivial or unjustified, there is nothing wrong with you. Showing your emotions does not make you less spiritual, an energetic fraud, nor does it lessen your ability to support others (if you are a teacher or leader in some capacity). If anything, such vulnerability makes you more human and trustworthy because you are in touch with yourself and not afraid to be authentic and humble.

I guess the important thing to remember or at least try to keep in mind, is that everyone is on their own soul journey and they are always going to absorb and process information, differently to us, so all we can do is stay mindful and compassionate as we navigate our own spiritual paths and do battle with our own egos. Even when we are left completely perplexed at another’s perspective and modus operandi because truth is, eventually we will all be on the same page and facing the same music. It’s just going to take a bit longer for that to happen till every single body, is able to fully accept and comprehend the messages the universe is sharing.

Apart from some whacky weather this week – which peaked on 8:8 funnily enough with a combo sunshine-hailstorm-windstorm extravaganza (here on the Northern Beaches at least) – things look like they are going to energetically settle a bit and then hopefully that will translate into some next level conscious and calm behaviour within the collective atmosphere as well.

Having added sex trafficking to his already crooked as resumé, financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead (by his own hand allegedly) in a NY prison cell on Sunday. Patriarchal rings like the one Epstein was part of – the original “boy’s clubs” – were created centuries ago when a bunch of obsessive blokes with extensive social influence and buckets of old money – and whom I suspect were also narcissistic, egotistical and pretty sexually disturbed to boot – came up with a clever way to control their constituencies without anyone suspecting their true intent and at the same time, create the platforms behind which they could continue to practice all manner of sordid shit ranging from rigging votes and supplying drugs to trafficking young children for their occult-inspired paedophilia rituals. Have no doubt that these ‘rings’ still exist today and that they are behind every suspicious missing person’s case, every unsolved child abduction and every high profile exposé that is at last, being brought to public attention. I’m sure there are numerous high profilers out there that were connected to him, taking Valium and stressing about their futures now. The Heidi Fleiss scenario comes to mind, for one.

I’m sure if you do your research you’ll be astounded to learn how the roots of our society structures actually were actually forged and I am sure you will (like me), feel increasingly appalled as you trace how these practices have embedded throughout the ages to create the very fabric of what we think is a ‘free modern society’ now.

The truth is always more outrageous than fiction my dears.

For 10 consecutive weeks now, riots in Hong Kong have continued to rock and roll. Those in the political know, predict that it is inevitable that China will win out here and get what they want, despite the locals putting up one of the gutsiest united displays of defiance in history. Thank the goddess it hasn’t turned into another Tiananmen Square so far. Segway into the present and how we have also seen China revealing its true colours and intentions this past few weeks by first, pulling off a deliberate and almost devastating manipulation of the global stock market and then following it up with a sneaky air base deal planned for Cambodia that they thought no one would notice. Australia is now upping all military equipment and preparing troops and protocols for future defenses. Eeek. None of us has been been paying proper attention to what this country has been carefully constructing over the past few decades. 80% of all our online purchases, come via China and their government owns over 9.1 million hectares of Australian soil – and that’s not just the waterside mansions that we see peppering the harbour, that includes acreage that’s home to pretty much all of our natural resources as well as multiple sacred indigenous sites. Worried? You’re not alone.

And alongside rising mental health statistics, we’ve had to listen to Donald Trump insisting that the gun problem in his country has nothing to do with the weapons themselves, but rather, that “mental health pulls the trigger”. No surprise coming from a man whose campaigns are heavily funded by the NRA, the National Rifle Association. This year alone there have been 251 mass shootings in the United States – that’s an average of 1.2 shootings per day – and a combined total of 1,325 victims (fatal and injured). This doesn’t include all the random unreported crimes either, the stuff that goes down in the hood and in places where things are so bad that nobody cares if there’s one less person in the ghetto. It’s atrocious.

How many people have to die before they change the law? By the same token, how many species have to die before we switch to sustainable energy and stop producing plastic? How many teenagers need to commit suicide before the system realises it is broken and in desperate need of reform?

This week you may have seen the UN report labelling Australia as one of a handful of countries with serious risk of becoming desert, because of accumulated erosion and carbon emissions created by the meat and dairy industries in particular. A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on land use has finally been released and the conclusion is not good. Basically, we are changing the earth’s land so drastically that our survival is undeniably threatened. Check out and for full articles.

We are being told for the first time ever, by both environmentalists and scientists, that as a collective we need to reduce our meat and dairy intake and up our clean energy initiatives where agriculture is concerned especially, if we are going to slow down the devastating effects of climate change in this country. I immediately see all the vegetarians and vegans doing happy dances and shouting “Told ya!”, but it’s deeper than that of course and not about segregating people or pointing fingers of blame or shame. We’re all in this together so we’ve got to fix this together and before the targeted year of 2030 because there’s a good chance the earth won’t hold out till then.

The sad thing is, that this situation can be reduced and damage even reversed, if some of the innovative systems that are out there waiting to be utilised, were implemented immediately, things such soil carbon sequestration and sustainable agriculture. But that would take someone in Canberra actually making a conscious stand and choosing to

not-influenced-by-trade-agreements-or-corporate-big-wigs; so that unfortunately, means more procrastinating whilst the earth continues to suffer.

History has taught us many useful things, but it appears the majority of us were playing hooky the day they replayed the telling videos showing what happens (on a mass scale) when essentially, humans stop loving themselves. This is our core wound and from this disconnect, all other trauma and tragedy manifests. Random acts of violence, racism, sex crimes and environmental desecration is what happens. In the past, whole civilisations have been wiped out from disease. Now, we don’t need to worry about Mother Nature needing to take us out. We’re doing a great job at taking ourselves down!

Has nobody made the connection yet between the escalating statistics of mental health disorders and the deteriorating health of Mother Nature yet either?

There is no separation – as yogis, we get that on a few levels – but do we truly understand the magnitude of that connection and how important it is to protect in relation to our very survival? Do we realise just how important it is to nurture nature and that all our lives depend on how freely the planet is able to function and flow?

I’m just gonna come out and say what a lot of us think anyway and that is, humans are quite possibly, the modern day version of The Plague. We are the poison. We have been here for the shortest amount of time and yet have managed to royally screw things up for all the other creatures that have been here for millennia before us. What we are seeing now is not just the natural world shifting and evolving as it cycles through space, we are exacerbating everything and making everything worse.

We’re all running around in active wear, but how many of us are actually doing anything really pro-active to help save the planet? The Lion King within you needs you to rise and roar – and become a fearless earth warrior, in whatever capacity or role that resonates with you – NOW!

The energy of Leo this month invites us to step up and do just that as we feel compelled more than ever to take our passions in life next level and to start collaborating with like minds and souls so that these kinds of problems can actually be solved and that precious environments similar to the ones we see continuing to deplete both at home and abroad, can be restored and managed properly.

I have said this before and I will keep saying it till it becomes a mainstream reality: there is absolutely no separation between the physical, emotional, spiritual AND MENTAL health of our human selves and the health of the planet we live on.

It’s only a team effort, if the whole team makes an effort.

I strongly believe this is why mental health is such an issue now. It’s not just all the pharmaceutical and technological pollution that’s making us sick and messing up our minds; it’s because we have collectively separated from our indigenous roots, forgotten our inherited wisdoms and diluted our sacred energies for so long, that we are no longer able to ground down and draw nourishment from Gaia – and worse, that Mother Nature is so depleted and damaged that she can barely sustain herself, let alone nurture us punters anymore.

As a species, we aren’t living our primal truth or respecting natural law and this is why we are not healthy or happy.

Mid August, thank the Lord, seems to bring some light to the end of the tunnel and a clearer awareness of what is needed at last. The Super New Moon was a cracker and set us all on a new trajectory and this next full moon will hustle us just that little bit closer to the new earth reality that we are inevitably co-creating and calling in.

Tuesday/Wednesday sees the Sun joining Venus to create a beautiful and unconditionally loving vibe ahead of the Full Moon on Thursday. Wednesday is a great day for communications in any form, so make sure you pause, listen carefully, hear what is being shared and speak your truth with love, as this will go a long way to helping you (and those you are communicating with) to shift things in a positive way. The #14 is all about multi media and creative expression, freedom of speech and opening up our inner pathways to receive information without bias or allowing personal wounding to taint things being shared, plus with the Sun conjunct Venus today, there is a high feel good factor supporting all your thoughts and ideas. Venus also rules financial abundance so tap into how you can share who you are in a way that brings success on a monetary level but also ‘divine compensation’ that helps you help others in that process.

Thursday brings this months full moon and what a beauty she will be! The #15 is connected to the spiritual alchemist within, that part of you that knows how to manipulate and manifest energy from the heart and to radiate it out so that it benefits the collective. The energy of this moon is uplifting and inspiring and with the moon opposite Venue, the Sun conjunct Venus (and Mars), the moon opposite Mars and Mercury trine Chiron – phew! – expect some exciting news, a project coming to fruition, one or several of your dreams coming true (in regards to work and career) and more freedom to do the things you love and that nourish you.

The combo of a Uranus-ruled Aquarius full moon and a leonine Sun, can however, create an air of frustration and stubbornness because both signs do like to delegate tasks to others so they can shine in the limelight. Both signs are inherently charismatic and highly intelligent, but with Aquarius there is a high degree self control, aloofness and emotional detachment, where Leo prefers connection over control and often wears his heart on his sleeve. Their combined vibration however, has the potential to help us rise above any sensitive emotions or heightened reactivity we may be experiencing (because of the full moon charge), to a calmer inner space of unbiased clarity. The great thing here too is that (as mentioned above) on the same day, the Sun and Venus (the planet of love and abundance) are in the same position (conjunct) with Mars (the planet of sex and drive), who is doing a very deliberate drive-by, which I predict will bring with it a “high probability of intimate, intuitive and heart inspired encounters.”

With Aquarius being a master at letting go and Leo, a master at attracting in – this is great news for anyone who is finally ready to cut any remaining cords between themselves and any past loves and for peeps who are ready to get out and amongst it, to look for a new one!

Cue John Paul Young because love is certainly in the air and where there is love, there is hope. This energy brings an undeniable universal healing opportunity to anyone who has been burned in the past but is now feeling ready to take a chance and get back in the saddle! Just be wary of jumping on the horse without checking if its lame first.

If you’re an ideas person but not so great at production, today would also be a good day to work on developing the less participatory aspects of your personality and volunteer your services a bit more than you usually would. Vice versa, if you are the one who is usually hired to do the labour and organise everything, perhaps use today as an opportunity to speak up and share some of your own inspired ideas that you’ve been percolating behind the scenes, because they could just end up being the perfect solution and get you some well deserved recognition at the same time. The energy of today is all about creating the space so others will see us in a different light and find new appreciation for what we bring to the table.

On Friday, a square between Mercury and Uranus = a lot of nervous tension in the air that has the potential to deliver either really great or really disturbing news. If it turns out to be more of the latter than the former, just breathe yourself through whatever comes and try and focus on the bigger message or lesson instead of succumbing to any patterned ‘poor me’ inner dialogues. Guard against impatience or speaking when you’re frustrated because when Mercury (lower mind) and Uranus (higher mind) are in this position, there is the potential for the tongue jumping the gun over the mind and then of course, we can’t take back what we’ve said once it’s out there. Think and breathe deeply before you speak. Mercury also comes out of its shadow phase post retrograde for good today, which means in about 24-72 hours, you can expect to feel a universal shove forwards as the momentum picks up again.

I’ll be hosting my first medicine circle at the beautiful Aloha Collective in Chippendale so if you’re in the city and haven’t got any plans, I would love to see you there. Pre-payment secures your booking as usual.

Saturday will offer a calmer and clearer energy thanks to Mars entering Virgo, helping to anaesthetise any agitation or aggression and restoring rationale. Might be a good idea to spend some time alone outdoors to ground and connect with the beauty that surrounds us all the time, but that we often don't see or appreciate because we are so caught up in our stories.

In general, this is a great week to release any lingering negativity and surrender it to the Lords of Karma above to take care of. Full moons illuminate that which still hides within, so it’s the perfect time to do some deeper digging to bring that which we intuit still lurks in our hearts, to the surface. The stuff that is still stopping us from feeling truly free, happy and light; you know what it is for you. Hold your own little ritual around acknowledging where you may have acted (in the past) with haste, from a lower space of consciousness and/or not with the best of intentions – because we all do this at some point or another, let’s be honest, we ain’t all saints! – and cultivate loving kindness, forgiveness and empathy with yourself (and for others).

Sometimes as healers – actually, most of the time as healers – we are really hard on ourselves when we should be more soft and accepting. We hammer ourselves when we make a mistake because we think we should be ‘above that kind of behaviour; perhaps, like we are meant to be immune to being human or something. As leaders and teachers we often set such high standards for ourselves that when we do have a ‘mummy moment’ or our ego gets the better of us, we find it extremely difficult to release the guilt or the shame connected to not appearing ‘spiritually together’ all the time.

That’s rhubarb of course, so watch this if it comes up for you under this full moon coming which is inviting us all to first embrace ourselves as leaders and then set about balancing the energy of self leadership with self effacement.

Believe in yourself. You’ve got this.

Blessings and love,



“We have forgotten how to be good guests, to walk lightly upon the earth as its other creatures do.” (Barbara Ward)


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