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Mana Yoga - Discovering Your Yoga Nature

Mana Yoga - Discovering your Yoga Nature - Book

eBook:          AU$2.99

Paperback:   AU$28.99

Mana Yoga is more than a book about yoga; it is an authentic guide for living cleanly, consciously, and above all compassionately. Innovative, seasonal yoga practices and shamanic-inspired meditations invite you to discover, explore, and express your unique yogic nature and seek to harmonize all levels of yourself by aligning with the shifting vibrations of Mother Nature.


Mana Yoga invites you to get out onto country, to open your heart and to create the space to receive the words of the wise one within - your inner indigenous teacher - so you may remember who you are, what your gifts are, and how you can best apply yourself to life. It invites you to walk your journey of transformation with courage, grace, and ease, and to utilize the wisdom of nature to help convert all past pain and wounding, into your own personal medicine.


This book will call you to acknowledge and embody all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you are yet to become. Get ready to embrace your divine path and purpose and become a conscious co-creator of collective health and happiness on the planet!

About the Author

Denby Sheather is highly regarded within the well-being industry for her visionary approach to yoga and women's health and her exceptional gifts with esoteric healing.


She has practiced and pioneered energetic, seasonal and indigenous therapies for twenty years and continues to inspire others through her seamless work as an ocean conservationist, animal activist and campaigner for all things organic and sustainable.


Everything Denby does is motivated by love, anchored in truth and integrity, and supported by Spirit. Her deepest desire is to ignite and empower the divine within every mind, body and soul and she wholeheartedly believes when we bring our hands and hearts together, we can create peace and unity for all, with every breath, every intention and every awakened action.

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