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Yoga Spirit Journeys are multidimensional retreat experiences. Our intention is to create a safe and sacred haven for you, guided by advanced spiritual practitioners who are dedicated to your well being. In this space you will be heard, held and gently encouraged to expand beyond any old limitations towards new personal awareness and awakening. And when you are grounded, clear and calm, you can open your heart and receive the powerful energies nature offers.

Yoga Spirit Journeys are more spiritual pilgrimages than retreats. We help create unique experiences where you can immerse yourself in healing ground, clear your shadow stories and connect with the power and majestic beauty of Mother Nature at the same time.

It’s an opportunity to transform your life.

It’s an invitation to find your feet, freedom and flow again.


"An Amazing Experience"

“I knew I was in for an amazing experience when I booked into Denby’s “Desert Dreaming” Retreat at Uluru. What I didn’t know, was how amazing that experience would be. Sublime five-star accommodation, gourmet food, soulful music, new experiences, new friendships and a spine-tingling, magical, spiritual oasis where Mother nature has truly excelled. My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to you Denby; your meticulous research, thoughtful planning, attention to detail and intuitive hands on healing techniques are phenomenal. I’m still pinching myself and I can’t wait to join her on another of her amazing retreats soon!”



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