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What you receive

1 New moon online group healing circle per month
1 Weekly FB video blog sharing astro-shamanic insights and forecasts
1 Weekly FB group live Q & A – day and time to be confirmed
1 x Weekly seasonal yoga sequence

Access to several healing meditation MP3’s anytime (5 – 8 choices)


All sisters who sign up, will also be able to purchase my ‘7 days, 7 chakras’ offering for $27.

Pretty much everyone is a member of some kind social media group nowadays, ranging from self help to save the world, but I’d like to offer you access to one that is truly unique because it combines both of these - self help as a precursor TO saving the planet!

When we take better care of ourselves, we instinctively start paying more attention to how we are walking upon the earth and what example we are showing to our children, the next generation. We become more aware of the connections between our thoughts and actions and how things are manifesting in our daily life. We start making better choices for ourselves regarding our health, perhaps moving towards
more organic foods and products for example, which in turn, lessens the polluting load on mother earth.

Our experience of feeling well – of ‘wellbeing’ – directly depends on our ability to connect, align and balance, our internal environment with our external environment.
When we recognise the relationship between the elements that exist inside of us – those of air, water, fire, earth and ether – and learn how to manipulate them consciously, we begin to experience the power of Nature and appreciate Her
undeniable influence on all layers of our being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Each one of us shares three basic human needs - the need for food, shelter and love - and yet many of us spend most of our lives either struggling to attain these; never having enough or rejecting them when they don’t measure up to our high expectations; getting stuck in an addicted cycle of ‘more’ and losing sight of the basic recipe for happiness and abundance; or not appreciating the simple things in life
when they are offered. As a result, we unconsciously push away the very things that our heart and soul are seeking and what we need to make us feel safe and happy.

Our ancestors understood the ‘secret to life’, and this wisdom is still encoded in our cells, our DNA, ready to awaken. If we consciously choose to dive deeper into our primal and potent selves, we can discover all that we need and start living (and loving) the life we were designed to - one that is free, conscious, joyful and abundant!

The time is now sisters, as we are witnessing in the stars and in the way the collective mind is expressing itself around the world at present. Every day more people are waking up to their own power and becoming seekers of truth and light
instead of continuing to be victims of fear and separation. Connecting to nature and recognising the power and innate intelligence of our ancestors, is key in finding our natural state of balance again and realising our full and divine potential.

This group will (re)introduce you to your sacred feminine self and give you deliberate, daily tools to help open your heart, clear your mind and empower your soul so you WANT to remember all that you are and what you are capable of.

And when you do that, you inadvertently send a message to the universe that you are ready, that you have woken, accepted your gifts and are now moving from a centered space, full of deep love and compassion and ready to be of service. By honouring the expression of Mother Nature that flows through your veins to ignite breath through every cell in your body, you align with All That Is, and then nothing is

Inner Circle Sisters is not only going to CHANGE your world it’s going to ROCK your world!

In this VIP group you will learn invaluable healing techniques, sacred rites, seasonal wisdom and multidimensional ways to nourish yourself that have taken me decades to acquire and perfect. You will benefit from receiving regular, quality time with me and have the chance to ask questions to further your own development and upgrade your healing powers. You will be inspired and encouraged to keep doing your own work when you hear the stories and experiences of other sisters on the path alongside you. Because we are never alone and together, we ARE stronger.

So beauty, I hope to see you in the group, shining your light and opening your heart to the endless possibilities that await us!

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