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Why The Lions Are So Tired

I wanted to share some insights around why everyone is so tired at the moment (including me).

"Spiritual fatigue" IS a thing, a very real thing, and those who have been holding the line - and "holding the light" - for any length of time and particularly over the past 2 years now, will resonate with what I am about to say.

A lot of people on earth are what we call "awake" - although "aware" is probably a less reactive term to use - and thankfully, as the crazy ramps up, a lot more are slowly becoming more aware as each day passes. Some are being red-pilled and thrown steeply into the sharp and deep end of reality (as we all have at various points) and finally seeing for the first time what the world is really made of, and for each of these people, we must strive to have growing compassion and patience (as hard as that is on some days), for we all know what it's like to have the blinkers ripped from our faces and how devastating and upsetting that can be.

Humanity has been "drained" of its life force for eons, hooked up to an enslavement program of epic proportions, so big and so insidious that the irony is, it's difficult to see! This takes a toll on our energy fields, our mental health, our emotional body and of course, our physical temples, as we have to constantly fend off attacks and vibrations that seek to engage our attention and erode our integrity (on all those levels).

This has happened slowly over time of course, so as to cause only ripples, not tidal waves, of awakening within our global communities, but of course, now, it is different. Now, it is time for us to generate the mother of all conscious tsunamis to break us free and set us on a new path of being.

This takes energy, and the, let's call them "the dark forces", know this. They are experts in human psychology, manipulating frequency and bastardizing organic matter (which we are), so they have been pumping out the chem-trails, flooding the media with (more) toxic and polluted narratives, bombarding our energy fields (as we sleep) with demonic and psychic attacks and pressing our collective buttons harder and harder each day in a very determined and coordinated effort to get us all to crack. And to a degree, it's working.

We humans are made of the elements, hence, we are vulnerable to deterioration, we all have a "use-by date".

As spirits in these human suits, of course we are immortal beings, but let's stick with the 3D for the purpose of this post today. It is vital that we ramp up our self care, next level, and rest into whatever is coming up for us at this stage in "the game" (for it is a giant game). As light warriors, rice and onions is not going to cut it. You need to be eating well (or fasting intermittently), hydrating constantly, getting into nature and doing whatever practices that you like to do to support and elevate your energy. Removing yourself from, or avoiding, agitating situations as much as possible whilst you integrate this latest assault, is also imperative to maintain your inner calm and center.

As empaths, we have an inherited tendency to carry the burden of others, yet - and you have heard me speak (and write) about this before - the wounded healer consciousness no longer serves us, meaning, it is not our responsibility to "fix" or "save" another, as we may have done in the past (unwittingly and with good intent).

This spiritual battle is about each soul standing in their own power and exercising their divine right to freedom and abundance and nobody, not even the world's "greatest healers", can - nor have the right - to do that on your behalf.

Many are still talking about the "shedding" thing, so let's discuss this. In my opinion, it all comes down to whether you believe in Germ Theory or Terrain Theory. Do you believe everything you experience in life happens "to" you, or "for" you? Do you trust, implicitly, that you are here to experience a set number of experiences that your soul chose before you popped out of your mother's womb, or do you believe this life is an "accident", that you were born in sin and that there is nothing "on the other side"? No judgment here, just questions to contemplate and ask yourself because your answers will reveal how you view the world and your own existence.

I don't believe we can transmit anything that ISN'T ENERGY, to one another and I have stated from the start of C19 that this is all about spellcraft INFUSED into our collective (and the personal) fields, and that the vyrus and the V's were both conjured up from that dark occult space. What we are picking up on, is the irritations in people's electromagnetic auras, the distress that they are feeling on a soul level and THAT is what as compassionate beings, we are reacting to (and taking on, in many instances).

I don't believe "germs" jump from one person to another like ticks from a tree, and I don't support the narrative that we are victims of life and therefore incapable of healing ourselves and in need of medical intervention at the drop of a hat. But that's me, you are entitled to your own beliefs of course.

One thing I am sure most of us can agree upon since the beginning of this convid circus, is that FEAR is more powerful that ANY of us realized.

Our physical cells are purging our own excessive stuff each day and perhaps this is to create space for us to hold more space for others, as well as ourselves.

The BIFURCATION that happened on December 20, 2020 also, is "tearing" further apart also (I believe) and this is why - despite our best efforts to weave humanity "back together" with love and reciprocity - we are experiencing continued separation and misunderstanding. The split is more and more obvious each day, almost to the point where we can't even have conversations with others (whom we know to be jabbed for example), because neither party can connect fully.

We literally aren't on the same TIMELINE or WAVELENGTH anymore, and that is not something that is bad, it just is what it is; and what it was always going to be, I would gently suggest.

When we have these moments with others, we often come away from them feeling drained and depleted of energy. Maybe we just need to accept where they are (for now) and practice more loving kindness AS we let them go and keep refocusing on what we need to do to stay sane, sharp and sentient? That doesn't make us a bad person or a failed "healer" because we can't help them either, it means we are making a choice to preserve our field AND respect theirs as well, without feeling we have to change them, wake them up or even reject them.

I see us all as caterpillars right now, in our CHRYSALIS stage of spiritual development, a place where we need to process the magnitude of the task we signed ourselves up for in this life, and TRANSFORM our entire being, to whatever "next level" is necessary for us to continue our work, and naturally, this takes A LOT OF ENERGY TO DO!

When all your energy is trained on transforming yourself to where you need to be/go/expand, it's TIRING and it's time consuming and we all need to get ourselves "there" (wherever that is for each individual), at warp speed almost now, because so much is quickening every day.

Yes, less and less people may not resonate with us as we do this work, but that's okay. Just because we don't relate to them on the human level that much, doesn't mean we have given up on them or think we are better or more deserving than them. No, it's the exact opposite in fact. They are just choosing a different trajectory to experience themselves on and that must be honored and seen as courageous and true, for them, where their consciousness is, right now, because again as I mentioned earlier, we have ALL been through the fire and we know what it's like to feel imprisoned inside our own minds and bodies by fear and the myriad limitations it offers (and teaches us).

We are processing DENSITY from the collective field now, so those of us who are feeling even heavier than usual, we have most likely just chosen that role as part of our dharma and yep, we are working OVERTIME now boys and girls!

Many are having wild and whacky dreams now also and this I would suggest, can be attributed to those energies excreting subconsciously from the collective that many souls just don't have the ability (or the desire) to deal with on their own. Again, nourish yourself, lean into what is coming up and don't put any time restraints on yourself if you can help it. Just be in it and love it (to death), as I always say.

RESISTANCE always makes us MORE TIRED. If we surrender into the inevitable, it makes the journey a whole lot easier and often speedier, than it would be if we continue to wrestle with our egos and try to orchestrate things from that baseline of self.

Many are feeling more forgetful, vague, poorly coordinated, dizzy, lacking of appetite and mentally washed out as well and again, this is because of the escalating dense consciousnesses rising up to be felt and then cleared. Fear, panic, anxiety, depression, grief, confusion, anger, contempt even, are all expressions needing love to transmute them and remember, when we are "sick" or "under the weather", the body stops us and makes us sleep so it can channel energy to vital organs and work on getting us well and balanced again. It's the same now, just on a mass scale.

Another thing to be mindful of, is that when we start dropping out of our heads and into our HEARTS, our energy dynamic changes. We no longer operate from the hyper-mind vibe we previously did - that of "do, do, do" and "go, go, go!" - and we start "being" and responding accordingly, so of course we are going to feel odd as we adjust to a new way of operating. When we "un-plug", we no longer receive or feed upon those high octane, synthetic channels, but those who remain emeshed, STILL ARE, hence the discord. Our central nervous systems need time to re-calibrate, and that is what I sense is happening now for those of us who feel we've been hit by a mac truck of late.

The bifurcation made it abundantly clear - at least on an unconscious, energetic level - to each and every human, that they had a CHOICE to make and each human MADE that choice then, whether they knew it or not.

At the moment, "both sides" are not hearing one another and yet, there's an increasing urgency to UNITE now, more than ever.

THIS is the "re-birthing" we all keep talking about, the "ascension" rite of passage. As we move towards deeper levels of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance within ourselves, we must remember that these are all things that we will NEED to embody if we are going to fulfill our personal destiny. Hence, these emotions (and the fatigue) we are currently experiencing, are a necessary phase for our higher growth and expansion. This process is drawing out our residual impurities and wounds, so we can continue our shadow work - our self mastery journey - and nope, it's not an easy gig!

In the meantime, our daily lives will continue to present us with situations that don't align with where we want and need to go, but each situation does serve a purpose and that is to keep "showing us the edge of our truth, so we can continue to stand in our power."

You may not want to continue vacuous conversations about green smoothies, designer face masks and all the 3D sh*te you've chosen to leave behind and that's because you, dear one, have made the decision to go INWARDS during this crisis. You have made the conscious choice to detach from the EXTERNAL and have stepped up to do your inner work so you can make sense of the changing world and what's unfolding.

The irony, as I know you all know, is that those who aren't on the same timeline, see us as boring and crazy (even dangerous), and we see them as deluded and heading for a nasty fall! It's so silly because neither of us is right or wrong, we're just obviously on different trajectories and expressing our truth.

Perhaps this is why DUALITY will PERSIST. Maybe we're not meant to DISSOLVE duality after all, maybe we're just meant to RESOLVE it within ourselves and then THAT is how we elevate our frequency to 5D unity consciousness?

Maybe the whole point of all of this is to make peace with events within our own hearts, then the division dissolves energetically FOR US, even though it may continue to play out in the physical for others, who still need it as a lesson. Is the field of duality, the actual "grey area" we all speak of, one that we all need to roll around in for a set length of time, before we CAN actually discern clearly between "light" and "dark"? Who knows, I'm just throwing ideas out there.

Wherever you're at with your spiritual catharsis, I wish you well. None of us "get out of here alive!", but that of course is open to personal interpretation. You can choose to step up and live on your feet, or you can remain on your knees (assuming you have realized that is where we have ALL been for a long time already). Either way, we will all face the consequences of our actions or in-actions and "at the end of the day", none of this matters.

Let life "move through you" - as you would a "cold" or an emotion or experience to move through your field, without attaching to it and BECOMING the condition - and watch how quickly you emerge from your cocoon.

We all have the POTENTIAL to be our greatest and fullest selves in this life time, but that decision is up to each and every soul.

I like to think the elders who are passing now, will continue watching over us all and guiding us from the stars, reminding us who we are and what our mission is, in service to all sentient beings, and in honor of all the brave teachers who have come before us. In fact, I know this in my heart to be true.

Love and blessings to all.

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