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Why Is Being Right, So Wrong?

It’s time to point out a few basic facts.

We were right. You were wrong. Period.

So why do so many people continue to bury their heads in the sand?

Why do "corrupt collaborators", or "the foot soldiers of fcukery" as I call them, continue to prop up the narrative that continues to dismantle each day before our very eyes, including theirs? Can they not see they are (also) being used and will end up in the same "smart" prisons as us? How long will they keep denying reality? At what point will they admit they were taken for a ride along with everyone else, and apologize for burning their fellow man at the stake? Are humility and grace dead in the water, never to be resurrected within the yoga-slash-spiritual community?

Sadly, I suspect so, or at least for as long as yogis choose to keep living in denial. And yes, it is a choice, either consciously or unconsciously.

For the past four years we have been outwardly engaged in a spiritual battle here on Earth, a literal war for individual souls, and a war like none our species has ever seen. The fact that it is mostly an "invisible" war, makes it even harder to fight, and to acknowledge because we are so conditioned to view battles only in the form of guns and ammunition. But this one waging now, is way more insidious and capable of far more destruction than its predecessors. Why? Because we face the literal annihilation of all that makes us human and divine, and despite this truth, we witness those pledged to defend truth, justice, freedom, and love, cower on their yoga mats pretending it will all go away if they just keep saluting the sunrise.

I wish it worked like that, I really do. If I could shove my conscience back up my asana and convince myself that I don't need to do anything because the good guys always win, I would, believe me, but life doesn't work that way. We need to participate in our own healing because we are our best teacher, and because hard yakka is a prerequisite for self mastery.

There have been many casualties in the yoga world, many injured (permanently) in ways they never believed, but you won’t hear about them because it appears saving face has become more important than speaking truth. Protecting the studio and one's reputation by pretending undeniable corruption and evil don’t exist, even as people drop like flies around them, has surpassed the practice of embracing one’s shadows so they can face infinity without flinching. Nobody is willing to call a spade a spade anymore because they’ve been conditioned to believe that invisible, non-existent pathogens can spread "asymptomatically", and even kill you, thus speaking out against the grain in the name of soul liberation is no longer admirable, it's dangerous. And bad for business.

How far have we fallen, dear yogis?

Perhaps use this list below to gauge how your self-work is really going.

You tap your smart phone to pay for goods and services.

You have an electric/hybrid car when they are more polluting than petrol ones.

You have had multiple jabs by now and still consider having more.

You jab your children with vaccines (of all kinds) each time the doctor suggests it.

You have a “I support climate change!” or “Got my booster!” or “I stand with Ukraine!” logo as your Facebook profile picture.

You support the trans-gendering of minors including hormone blockers and surgeries.

You buy crypto currencies without realizing the link to CBDC’s.

You still scan your QR code and hand sanitize when entering shops, even if no signage.

You continue to wear masks, in the fresh air, and in your car.

You voluntarily lock yourself down when you have a cold for fear of "spreading" it.

You deliberately stand on the six-feet-apart stickers like an obedient serf.

You honestly don’t connect the dots when yet another healthy teen or super-athlete “dies suddenly”, and pass it off as rare, random, or worse, because of "climate change".

Ignorance is the virus here, folks.

I still believe those of you who have collaborated with the corruption in the past however, ironically, are the key to humanity waking up in the future. How so?

Because once you have personally experienced loss and trauma in relation to the dystopian madness inflicted upon us all over the past four years, you will wake up from your spiritual slumber, and you will see through a new, empowered lens. You just need to remember your basic teachings, what made you become a yoga teacher in the first place, and that nothing that exists on this 3D plane, is real, that it is all illusionary, all a dream. Once you do this and you consciously decide to activate your free will to rouse yourself from the Wetiko, you will never go back to sleep.

The first step is humility.

It takes a mature person to admit they were wrong, and to also realize that being wrong doesn’t make them a bad person, it just means they weren’t able to see with clarity and trust at the time.

And yes, there is such a thing as “wrong” and “right”, just as there is “good” and “evil” in this world. Higher up and in other dimensions it’s a different story where the sacred space of neutrality and unity are the frequencies that govern everything, but right here and right now we are living on a planet ruled by duality, so we need to work with that and not get caught up in New Age woo and “rising above”.

Our work as spiritual teachers and students is to face what is in each moment, and to engage in the necessary healing processes so we can resolve our trauma and start living beyond its grip.

So as much as you don’t want to admit it, WE WERE RIGHT. About everything.

There is nothing arrogant in saying this. It is the undeniable TRUTH. You can research the statistics for yourself. As someone in tune with energy, surely you can feel the vibration shifting within the human collective, so why can’t you come out and admit you were wrong? Why won’t you admit the truth and ask for support so you can learn and evolve as your practice encourages?

I would suggest it’s because of PRIDE.

The yogic tenant of Swadyaya, self-study, encourages us to always maintain vigilant self-awareness. It appears most yogis are stuck at the third limb, Asana, fixated with posturing and looking the best on the mat and on social media, when any true seeker knows it is the higher precepts that offer the real gold and glory. Focusing inwards (Pratayahara), detaching (Dharana), honing your attention (Dhyana) and eventually achieving bliss (Samadhi), which I would suggest we call “awareness” or “inner knowing”, is where the true yogic work is done.

If you don't go inwards to listen to your heart and connect with your inner wisdom, free from fear and retribution, you simply cannot avoid, or deny, the Universal Truths that arise in that hallowed space. Train, daily, strive to master your senses, and move beyond the limitations of the mind and this temporal realm, and you automatically become one with All That Is.

We all know that “once you see something, you can’t unsee it”, and we joke about not wanting to find out what’s really going on (in various situations) because deep down we know remaining in ignorance makes us feel safe (to a degree). But the time for excuses and hiding under the doona is well and truly over now folks. We don’t have the luxury of entertaining our wounds any longer.

It’s time to step up and face the music (and the facts), look in the mirror, bite the bullet, pay the piper, swallow the red pill, and basically come to full grips with all we have allowed to happen, and not just since “covid”. Humanity has been hiding from itself for eons, and each one of us is complicit in this.

If you believe you have had past lives and are here as a spirit in human form, then embrace the power that knowing affords you by refusing to sacrifice your own sovereignty any longer. Get off your knees, off your mat, and out into the world with your God-gifted voice, and start speaking with reason, logic, and unconditional, unapologetic LOVE, not just for yourself, but for ALL sentient beings.

If you don’t, you are going to be in for some seriously rude shocks, a “rude awakening” as I call it. The “great awakening”, as New Agers anticipate, is nothing but a beautiful fantasy, a spell that will eventually weaken and dissolve, as all spells do because they are merely manipulations of energy, not the origin of energy itself. The reality you will discover is harsh, it is grounding, and it is messy, but it is the only way to unify spirit with body in the here and now, so you can become all that you are destined to be.

“Ascending” isn’t about leaving your body so you can access higher states of consciousness and “transcend it all”; it’s about coming into your physicality, merging density (body) and light (your soul) as the pathway to activating your fullest potential, in the here and now.

If you cannot, or will not do this, or at least attempt it in the coming days in the spirit of exploration, the next wave is going to be very challenging for you to ride with any grace or ease.

Now is the time for true spiritual rebellion my friends. Look to the yogis of old for your inspiration if you must, the ancient seers who risked life and limb to share their messaging and activate the people into seeing through illusion. This is what yoga is about, after all! SEEING THROUGH ILLUSIONS!

It’s time to wake up and stop trusting the media.

Disregard anything the government tells you.

Stop pushing The Voice when you don’t understand the insidious ramifications of the proposal and haven’t properly investigated who and what is behind it.

Start opening your eyes to the shocking and confronting truth that you were taken for a ride with “covid”, and that the same thing is now happening with “climate change”.

Tune into your heart and stop believing the lies of online propagandists trying to convince you that “saving the planet”, requires you sacrificing every single freedom and right you were born with naturally.

Think about the ramifications your past obedient, fear-filled and let’s be honest, unconscious actions, will unleash on the next generation as they continue being suppressed, oppressed, coerced, bullied, and polluted with sex-change hormones, life-altering surgeries, and gene-modifying medications.

Consider what sort of legacy you are helping to create for your own children, by continuing to stay silent, ignorant, and refusing to grow in body, mind, and spirit.

Take advantage of this mass turning of the tide and get on the right side of (galactic) history, because yes, there is such a thing.

Pointing out Universal Crime, doesn’t create a divide. It was already there.



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