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What Would Jesus Do?

Image by @jontyson

As spiritual seekers, we have one job really and that is to hold ourselves accountable.

We are not responsible for fixing or healing anyone else. That is an energetic "hangover" from days gone by when "the wounded healer" archetype was all the collective knew. When poverty consciousness had us by the short and curlies and we knew no other existence other than slavery and self sacrifice. Thankfully these frequencies are now being dredged up and purified courtesy of the millions who are stepping into their light and doing the work. Nowadays it's still all about the self, but in service to others, not to one's ego anymore. It's all about self responsibility, self accountability, self respect and self love.

For eons, the "old" paradigm of selfishness was anchored in the "lower" vibrations of Self. Selfishness in its "highest" expression is in fact, self love.

There seems to be a lot of contradictory energy in the greater spiritual community at the moment and I attribute this to the "washing-machine effect" and how our group consciousness is basically going through the wringer right now. Everybody's "stuff" is coming up for inquiry - as it should and needs to, during any good "ascension" phase - but of course, this means that anyone in the collective who is particularly empathic, sensitive and tuned in, is going to feel the repercussions of said turmoil, more intensely than those less "switched on" shall we say.

There is also a lot of judgment going on as well as confusion around what that even means.

It's important to remember, according to the Gospels, that Jesus was not one to shy away from making a statement, speaking the truth or pulling someone up when they were blatantly in the wrong. Cue the confronting scene in John 2:15 where he found a bunch of gamblers in the Temple one day and fashioned a whip out of cord to "flip the tables", scattering the men, along with their sheep and cattle, out into the streets.

There's nothing wrong, bad or "un-spiritual" about feeling righteous anger or sacred rage, dear ones. The trick is to express one's anger without "sin", meaning, without succumbing to the temptation to fight "fire with fire" or retaliate when stones (or nasty, hurtful words) are aimed at our heads and hearts. Sticks and stones, remember.

The only thing that extinguishes hatred and fear and silences disbelief, is LOVE.

Take the phrase "Jesus wept" for instance. This actually refers to a passage in John 11:13, where Jesus literally weeps for the human condition. He is so overcome by compassion and so deeply distraught at how humans are suffering - and how they are treating one another - that he breaks down in tears. He felt empathy for what we are facing and no doubt, still does. We are a perplexing bunch of bananas after all.

Jesus was (and is) the ultimate empath.

The Big J also got fired up when he witnessed the religious scholars and "priests" in the Temples, praying to God and yet prioritizing the law and collecting taxes, over the needs of the people. In today's terms, you could see this as those who are "awake", getting angry about religious leaders abusing their power and hoarding funds; not to mention the inappropriate fiddling with innocent children. Now, as the shepherd of mankind, but especially the children, that would surely ignite some wrath!

Anywhere in history that man has made it more difficult for others to find God, has got the Galilean's goat in some way.

Take the current situation we are witnessing in our global energetic tribe and in relation to the exposure of false idols, fake light workers and self-appointed (self help) gurus. Even the recent death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. There is no reason why we cannot call bad behavior or obvious evil out when we see it, especially when it is having a negative and detrimental effect on thousands or millions of trusting and ignorant souls.

Yes, we are all co-creating experiences for our highest good and to learn the lessons we need to, however, there can be no room in our conscious collective anymore for con artists, charlatans or spiritual swindlers bullying believers in the name of Christ; not at this divine juncture in time. And no more sitting on high horses and telling everyone how to behave either like there's a playbook for ascension, 'cause there ain't.

There is actually a wafer thin line between spiritual bypass and spiritual discernment.

In the case of Prince Philip and others like him, the truth is, if any of us are to really embody fifth dimensional space and automatically treat every soul on the planet with equanimity and understanding, then we would be able to rise above and acknowledge and afford this man the usual condolences. As a soul who has chosen a certain series of experiences in this lifetime - ones that none of us are fully privy to, despite what we have researched and/or intuited - he does deserve to be treated with a certain level of respect and after personal reflection (and resolving my own reactivity and assumptions), here's why I say this.

Like each of us, yes, he has lived any number of lives, in any number of roles - murderer, victim, mother, father, hunter and hunted and so forth - and it just so happens that in this one, (I believe so, you may not), he chose a pretty nefarious role (putting it mildly) and made choices that caused unfathomable damage to many others and yet still, within that reality, he was just doing what his soul needed to do in order to "advance" and to grow.

He deserves to find peace and at the same time, you are allowed to do a happy dance if you so choose.

It's like I always say, we are nowhere near embodying 5D until we can accept those who rape and pillage (including pedophiles) as souls just seeking experiences to fulfill their destiny in this lifetime, but by the same token that does not in any shape or form, mean we are obliged to condone their actions (or them), nor allow them into our field or our community! We have every right to voice our opinion and our feelings and to reject said human under those circumstances and that does not mean we are judging them or putting ourselves above.

How else, on God's green earth, are we going to move forwards as a species and heal our lingering individual and ancestral wounds, if we don't use our crone and elder voices to say "NO MORE" and "NO WAY", when it is needed? We have to draw a line in the sand and hold it.

Calling sh*t out when it needs to be called out, is being discerning.

Seeing and saying it as it is, is actually how we move through the madness, into mastery.

(I reckon) that's what Jesus would do.



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