We Are All Indigenous

Image by @stefanobg

It's getting a bit old this "us" and "them" story isn't it? When ARE we going to put the "race banner" down and just come together for the sake of ALL our souls?

It really doesn't matter what you believe in nowadays because we have ALL been fed multiple illusions over time and we are all victims of spiritual abuse. We are all vulnerable to ego and fear. We've all been (equally) lied too as well, manipulated and programmed, so why continue to be stubborn in the face of what literally is, world war 3? An unseen war sure, one taking place (predominantly) on the spiritual realms (although we are experiencing it in 3D as well), but a war nonetheless. Surely most people can smell the coffee by now?!

Truth is, most of humanity ain't great at owning their sh*t NOR apologizing when it is necessary.