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We Are All Indigenous

Image by @stefanobg

It's getting a bit old this "us" and "them" story isn't it? When ARE we going to put the "race banner" down and just come together for the sake of ALL our souls?

It really doesn't matter what you believe in nowadays because we have ALL been fed multiple illusions over time and we are all victims of spiritual abuse. We are all vulnerable to ego and fear. We've all been (equally) lied too as well, manipulated and programmed, so why continue to be stubborn in the face of what literally is, world war 3? An unseen war sure, one taking place (predominantly) on the spiritual realms (although we are experiencing it in 3D as well), but a war nonetheless. Surely most people can smell the coffee by now?!

Truth is, most of humanity ain't great at owning their sh*t NOR apologizing when it is necessary.

For example, there has never been an apology offered that is "sufficient" enough to ease (or at least balm some of) the pain and suffering that our indigenous people's here in Australia have endured since colonization. NEVER.

Are words enough anyway? NO they are not. ACTIONS and INTENTIONS speak louder than words, we all know that.

Our first nations people have endured and survived SO much (and continue to) - as all native men, women and children have in other countries also - but if there was EVER a time for BOTH SIDES to put their weapons down (in the form of words, attitudes and wounds), it is NOW.

Respectfully and compassionately, but still, put them down.

Trauma doesn't favor skin color, race or religion. It will happily hammer any and every human being into the ground if given the chance. White fellas got their own sh*t going on as do the black fellas and whilst usually I would advocate that it's "our business" to sort out our stuff and "their business" to sort out their stuff, I have to say now that neither parties seem to be sorting anything out and instead appear to be perpetuating further division, not just between their own kin, but against each other.

This only serves to keep duality and separation alive and we are now at an energetic and cosmic juncture, where this vibration no longer serves ANYONE.

I'm going to say some things here now that might trigger some people but please understand that I share them with loving intention and the desire to inspire more people to heal whatever it is that still blocks their ability to see us ALL AS ONE BIG FAMILY IN THIS COUNTRY.

There are a lot of awakened souls in Australia now, a growing community of people who are pro-active (in various ways) and who are working with indigenous people's and advocating equality, unity and reciprocity. Elders and seniors and master teachers in all manner of modalities, everyone serving the light and humanity in their own unique way. Some people donate to charities, some are studying with mentors to learn the sacred rites and ways and many others have physically moved their entire lives to live alongside remote communities so they can make a difference. The people I know who are doing this are some of the most incredible human beings I have ever met, fully sacrificing their own comforts and putting up with all manner of criticism, to be of service to communities in need and for no other reason than it's their calling, their love in life. In recent years there has certainly been an increase of interest in all things cultural and I believe this is a good thing.

As long as your heart is in the right place and you are respectful, it can only bring about positive change.

It's important to remember that those of us living here now, are NOT our ancestors. We may share the same blood but we are not unconscious as they (often) were and the majority of spiritually aware people are certainly not consumed by self interest or racism in any form. Therefore, we should not be held accountable for our forebears' sins every single time some white man does a bad thing - or for anything, any other "non-indigenous" person does (who also calls this country home), as we know Australia is beautifully multi-cultural, as it should be.

We cannot be blamed for anything someone else does, but naturally we will automatically feel a shared sadness and disappointment when we witness any of our brothers or sisters acting in a way that is offensive or disrespectful to ANY elder and man, woman and child.

Ultimately we are ALL custodians of EARTH, not just the country we live in, hence, we are ALL responsible for standing up and doing what we can to protect it.

The UNIVERSAL CRIME that was committed in Victoria this week, the MURDERING of the sacred Djab Wurrang Directions Tree - hot on the heels of the unforgivable abuse inflicted on Juukan Gorge by BHP in the Pilbarra earlier this year - is perhaps an "invitation" to us as an EVOLVING NATION, to stop viewing each other from different "sides" and UNITE as ONE. To start paying attention to what's going on all around this country instead of just focusing on our own immediate personal situations and arguing over petty opinions, because whatever happens to one, happens to all.

The dark forces are doing everything they can to desecrate and destroy the Divine Feminine, Mother God, and offend us beyond belief and that affects each and every one of us. Deeply.

Many are talking about the spiritual prophecy - "the Magic Box" - happening at Uluru this December and this is another example of where we need to come together and stop pointing fingers of blame, shame and energetic "ownership". Many are very excited about this event and how it ties into several other astonishingly amazing celestial events that apparently have the potential to shift human consciousness to the next level. We SHOULD all be excited about it and working together to ensure as many light workers as possible can participate.

If the Great Mother Rock belongs to anyone, it is of course the original people's of this land, however, even the elders themselves say that nobody "owns" Mother Nature and that their roles are as custodians and law keepers to ensure all life is sustained and nurtured, for all beings.

I have believed (and said publicly) for a long time, that we are ALL INDIGENOUS, that we are ALL children of the stars, especially if we have chosen to be born (and live) here in Australia; whether it's in the country or the city. We are all global citizens sharing the job of looking after the earth for future generations, therefore we have a common goal (and sacred duty), to do our bit in support of this which we CHOSE before coming here.

At this point in the "ascension game", skin color is irrelevant - and please take that the wrong way or start an argument with me about that statement saying that's "white privilege" or dismissive of what people of color have suffered throughout history. I fully realize I have not suffered as our indigenous have in this lifetime, but I can tell you I have suffered many injustices in many other lifetimes and I carry the memories of those experiences with me still (as we all do in some vibrational way) to serve as reminders of what not to repeat.

IT'S NOT about that and I am NOT that person. THIS IS 5D TRUTH. It's seeing through the SHAMANIC LENS of "we are all one", because WE ARE.

Your soul made a very specific contract to experience the energies and unfoldings of this country and if you are reading this and following your heart and connected to your spiritual purpose, you will know what I am talking about.

If you are called to sit on the land and pray for Mother Earth, to serve as a conduit for planetary healing and at the same time, fulfill your personal destiny, DO IT. Just do so respectfully, safely (energetically) and without a big show. Don't record it for YouTube for example. Keep it simple and pure and private. You have every right to do this.

If you want to go out to Uluru in December to do whatever you're called to do, you also have every right to do so. My understanding we are all being invited by the elders of this country, to help raise enough loving frequency so that they can then channel this to wherever they are instructed to channel it. You don't have to be there physically.

Some argue the elders want us to keep away and some say they are happy for us to be there, so you have to make up your own mind about that, I'm not going to tell you what to do because that certainly isn't my place or my privilege. We don't have to know the details of what they'll be doing because that part of the work isn't for us to do either. We haven't grown up on country and we haven't inherited the knowledge as they have, but we do still have our own wisdom, teachings and abilities and they shouldn't be dismissed as secondary or inferior in any way.

If we are all going to benefit by saving Gaia, then we all deserve an equal chance to participate in the process of saving Her.

On the other hand, if you don't feel called to go out there, then don't. Sit in your own sacred space and send love and good intentions. The energy will still be received and graciously so, I'm sure of it. You can't do anything "wrong" when you move from LOVE after all.

I believe the only way any of us is going to move forwards without carrying grudges or continuing to perpetuate "tribes" and the separation that always ensues when one tribe believes it "knows better" or is "right", the longer it will take humanity to dissolve this duality vibration... and I think we're all well and truly over it by now aren't we?

What this comes down to is this: you honoring your gifts for what they are and for how they can help humanity.

Say sorry to your mind for all the times you doubted yourself and deliberately pushed your abilities down to pretend they didn't exist.

Say sorry to your own heart for continuing to open you up further and making you feel more than you wanted to or felt you were ready to feel. For beating strong to keep you alive, when perhaps all you wanted to do was give up and leave this plane because people (and yourself) didn't see you for who you really are.

Say sorry to your soul for not having the courage - until NOW - to stand up and proudly exclaim what you can offer to the collective and that you are no longer willing to feed ancient stories that don't align with where our species is evolving and "transcending" to.

Say sorry to your celestial brothers and sisters - on this earth plane and all others that you can connect with - for allowing your resistances and belief systems to guide your decisions instead of your gut and start living in deeper and higher alignment with what being human is actually all about. In THIS and EVERY coming moment.


I hope you receive these words with the love with which they are shared.



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