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Uncomfortable Is The New Black







It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I say this in yoga ALL THE TIME.

Every single one of us is going to have to learn how to adjust to the systemic change that Pluto (along with Master Capricorn) is bringing in as of January 10 - 12, 2020; and I do believe we are actually ready for it. We're ready to have the conversations about the gigantic elephants in the room that society has avoided for so long and we're willing to open up about how we have unconsciously participated in feeding said pachyderm for generations, blindly believing the songs telling us that "things can only get better" and crossing our fingers behind our back. Yes, things can get better, but we've got to WANT to make them better and then MAKE it happen.

The majority of us are sick and tired of the old ways of being, of feeling suffocated and frustrated by social misconduct and we’re desperate for something to shift that supports the well being and continuation of the planet. And we’re also desperate for the next generation of awakened world leaders to step into their destiny asap to lead us as the earth-warrior-spiritual soldiers that we are; onwards, forwards, upwards and beyond! It’s no coincidence that more and more people are choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle either as they wise up to what’s really involved with mass food production and how it impacts negatively on the environment and their health.

To say the last 10 years have been extremely challenging for people, is the understatement of well, the decade. 2019 has seen us receive, integrate and anchor, the 5th dimension into our every day 3rd dimension reality, finally, as these codes embedded around earth mid June. This is why we’ve been moving through our baggage with such lightning speed and breaking down to break through every five minutes; because the cosmos has been preparing us for moving fully into the coming Age of Aquarius, a time of collaboration, love and spiritual philanthropy.

The time of the heart warrior has come and we are finally embodying the truth that we all are "spiritual beings having a human experience".

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had with people in the street and online in recent weeks who share my sentiments around this and other things relating to eco-activism and the like. People are waking up and are no longer happy to keep filing along like sheep while they know others are suffering; and they are feeling more inspired and empowered to do something about it. With so much negativity circulating, it’s not easy to keep the faith and keep our socks and chins up, but that is exactly what we must do – after we’ve had our rants to let off steam of course because we’re human after all and it’s important to release pent up energy (in a safe and sensible way, naturally).

See it, feel it, clear it and release it; on repeat cycle if need be. That is our work now. We’re not just moving into a new year, we’re moving into a new decade, one ripe with peaceful, promising and empowering energies. Sure, it will have a few speed humps and hurdles along the way – what road to enlightenment doesn’t – but quite literally, it will be a new dimension in every way you can imagine. None of us will ever be the same again and this is a good thing.

The wave of fun that began on December 25 – 26 with the new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn, has paved the way for the new age/new earth frequencies to take hold, so like it or not and ready or not, our (your) world is going to change and it’s going to change big time. January is a #5 universal month after all; the number of change.

The division between the “haves” and the “have nots” is getting thinner and more transparent every day, as are the veils between the various realms and realities as we know them. Thank the goddess too, because there is way too much imbalance there as we know – multimillionaires living in luxury quite literally next door to ghettos full of starving children, separated only by makeshift corrugated iron ‘fences’ for instance. We see this incongruence very obviously in places like South Africa, Indonesia and China, but if we’re honest, it’s pretty much standard in most of the white western world. The way our governments (mis)treat refugees is up for further investigation as well as a complete overhaul around how we support our elderly citizens (including our indigenous elders).

How we choose to meet and engage with all this change will determine exactly how comfortable, conscious and free we will feel as we move into this expansive new decade.

Some confronting questions to ask ourselves now:

Are we willing to sacrifice something of our own, if it means moving forwards to a ‘better’ place and a more sustainable and fair way of living for everyone?

Can you let go of some of your ego attachments (to food, money or status for example) and take the concept of ‘sharing’ to a new and more conscious level?

Are you willing to go without if it means that someone who has nothing, may get to experience even just a fraction of what you have during your privileged life?

Can we stop using various religions as our battle-cries and just get on with spreading LOVE?

2020 is all about putting our highest visions for humanity, to humanitarian use, and our clearest visions for ourselves, into practice.

The last couple of days of 2019 are actually ending on a high note (for a change) with a trine between Mercury and Uranus tomorrow (December 30), followed by a sensualicous-sextile between a Sagittarian Sun (freedom) and a Libran Moon (balance) the next day for New Years Eve! There’s always something super spooky happening every year on this day when I host my annual shamanic journey, but this year it’s extra supernatural! Here’s the link to the event at Qi Yoga Freshwater. It’s always an amazing cleansing and deep reactivation in prep for the coming year, so I do hope you can snap up one of the few remaining spots to join me.

This planetary combo encourages us to surrender not only this tumultuous year, but anything from our past that disrupts and disturbs in order to keep our faith in the future that is unfolding before our eyes. I repeat, “it’s difficult to stay positive with everything that’s gone down this year for sure, but we have to hold strong”; and these two planets, which are all about expanding the mind and restoring balance, light and joy, will certainly support us as we do so.

The number 4 sets us up for a year of abundance, re-structured security, manifestation and accountability and it all kicks off with a rare conjunction between Saturn (in Capricorn), Mercury, Pluto, The Sun and Ceres, on January 12. Four is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, the number connected to karma. Happening at 22 degrees also, highlighting 2020 as the master number 22 (2020/22) and the healing number 4 here (22/4), basically redistributing the balance of power in the world.

FINALLY, we will witness the shift manifest as ‘heaven on earth’ and collective energies pass from authority to commUNITY. Finally, we will witness the underdog rising as the hierarchy crumbles.

The number 4 also forms a Tetrahedron, the sacred geometrical shape connected the fire element, Archangel Michael and the solar plexus, adding yet another layer of magic to the powerful event happening at Uluru in January and to the year in general. Uluru is the solar plexus chakra of the planet FYI.

There are many other examples, but here are 4 interesting things that resonate with the number 4:

The 4 chambers of the heart

The 4 blood groups – A, B, O and AB

The 4 phases of the moon – new, first quarter, full and third quarter

The 4 elements that we are made up of: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Yes sir. 2020 heralds deep change in our structures, value systems and the very nature of humanity; from the inside, out. It’s time to get uncomfortable and real with ourselves as new planetary cycles begin. We’ve all been rewriting our stories this year and this is why it’s been so full-frikking-on! Cracks will form when internal pressure builds because we are denying who we are and what we are here to do. Our inner well (our inner yogic nature), cannot express itself fully or properly when it is hog-tied and harnessed to the wheels of repetition, regret and resentment can it? We need some serious planning, organising and commitment to manifesting the grandest versions of ourselves if we are brutally honest. Healing cannot happen without agitation after all – it’s a universal lore – so stop thinking you are being punished, doing this spiritual gig ‘wrong’ or that you are alone in this controversy, because you are not. You are exactly where you are meant to be, for now.

A new world order is possible during this one dramatic planetary pass and that is exciting!

Speaking of new world ‘orders’, I saw Star Wars this week and it is fantastic. It starts of busy and intense but then softens out and resolves as you would hope, but still with some unexpected twists; and yes, I did cry and Max was very embarrassed. No spoilers here, but it is astounding at how many layers are written into it and how many parallels to ‘real life’ now, there are. It really is a masterpiece highlighting human behaviour and what happens when mankind totally loses its grip. Give it a looksee, if only for the stunning special effects or a stark reminder of where we don’t all want to end up one day.

Space fantasy aside, we are more than ready to step into our divined roles as conscious custodians of the earth – all of us – regardless of our skin colour or our heritage, because truth is, we are all indigenous universal beings and hence, we all bear equal obligation for its care. This is what the new earth is all about – dreaming a completely new frequency for all of humanity onto this plane now, one that transcends the wounding of the past and supports equality, reciprocity and the deepest respect towards one another and the gifts each of us brings to country and culture.

It’s time to let go of the recycled stories around ego, money and pain and just co-create love and forgiveness, action in the present moment and full acceptance of All That Is.

This year there will be THREE Jupiter transits and SIX eclipses (there’s usually four annually), meaning 2020 is going to be opening some seriously intoxicating doorways and magnifying our personal and collective vibrations, like never before. It’s all about MORE – from the highest perspective of ‘being, receiving, creating, loving and serving’ more; not the ‘taking, destroying, depleting, disconnecting or separating’ more paradigms that ruled the 2010’s, because those days are donesky.

You may have seen the compilations on TV that each station has been dishing out this final week of 2019 – “the decade in reflection” – highlighting the massive changes and events that have defined and reshaped society and left either a lasting impact, legacy or multidimensional scar tissue. So much has gone down. Apart from the obvious ‘cloud’, the plethora of mobile devices and computer games taking over the world, we’ve seen everything from the invention of Facebook and Tinder; Osama Bin Laden’s death; the Hong Kong riots; countless gun massacres and natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and bush fires; gay marriage and medicinal marijuana legalised; the #metoo movement; (finally) a Cardinal exposed and sent to jail for paedophilia; the next generation of eco-activists speaking out such as Malala Yousafazi and Greta Thunberg; the WikiLeaks scandal plus all the Bitcoin BS and the introduction of the euro. Let's not even start with Brexit. We also saw the first African-American US president elected (Barrack Obama), then very suddenly the ‘free world’ slid to the complete opposite end of the appropriateness scale overnight almost, with Trump’s inauguration. Luckily the inevitable impeachment is knocking on that door now, but who knows what comes next for the States, for they are the 'masters of extremes' after all. Here in Australia we went from our own version of the politically sublime to the ridiculous (and not back again), yo-yo’ing between 5 prime ministers in 10 years; Rudd – Gillard – back to Rudd – Abbott – Turnbull – and now Morrison. And not one of them earth friendly.

The decade began with a global financial crisis (in 2000) and we look set to start another one in debit as world structures continue to dismantle and the redistribution of wealth, finally equalises. The above list is only the tip of the iceberg and I BET YOU – in fact, I know for a fact – that each of these events aligns with one of the many powerful eclipses that have spanned the 2010’s.

In (stark) contrast, one of the best-2019-things ever that provided me with some much needed levity was watching Spiderman’s Tom Holland, dancing in drag. This clip has the power to lift even the darkest of spirits. Check it out here:

No matter how you look at it, the big universal lesson here is to learn what doesn’t work and to stop repeating the ignorant and arrogant mistakes of the past as we move towards a new era, one that demands blanket sustainability, 24/7 eco-consciousness, equal rights for all nationalities and the protection and preservation of all sentient species (animal, vegetable and mineral).

In layman’s terms, this means:

No more fossil fuels – regardless of how ingrained they are in Australian manufacturing and industry

No more mining and desecrating of sacred indigenous lands

No more single-use plastic produced anywhere, for any reason

No more zoos or breeding in captivity, unless to preserve endangered species. And circuses, 'cause they are just bad news.

No more animal abuse in the form of inhumane food production and live export; no more racing of horses, dogs and camels (and any other creatures) for monetary gain; no more ‘legal’ game hunting for the filthy rich and all poaching abolished; an end to whaling and slaughtering dolphins, turtles, seals (for any reason); and believe it or not (and it makes my stomach turn as much as yours I’m sure), animals harvested for use in the adult sex industry. The Netherlands in particular has a lot to explain in this regard. WTF.

I’d just like to add here that I saw pictures of Kate Hudson and worse, supposedly conscious GOOP activist Gwyneth Paltrow, holidaying in Aspen this week – both adorned in fur coats! Why has nobody spoken up about this??!

We really should all be incredibly ashamed of some of the abhorrent things our species has done to animals over the years. It’s beyond words in many instances. And unless you’re an Eskimo, for everyone else out there thinks it’s okay to still be wearing dead animal pelts, think again.

Luckily these eclipses in Capricorn are very important for restructuring global society – including LA LA land – so we all need to get ready for a bit of a shake up in areas connected to finance, environment, celebrity and politics in particular. The cogs that have turned the wheels in the same direction for way too long, are going to cease and desist before being replaced completely and this will (eventually) bring things into balance on a karmic scale for all of humanity.

We will actually get the opportunity to shift and embody that title as it should be – mankind – back from mancruel as it has been for far too long.

You may feel like grounding yourself more this week as Capricorn’s determined energy, fires you up with ideas, ambition and drive and that is all good because when inspiration streams through, you do need somewhere to anchor in order to channel all that is coming through. Make time to get your bare feet in the dirt (or the sand/ocean) and dilute any mind stuff that hasn’t worked for you in the past, because now more than ever, we need to think outside that box. Now is also the time to make amends with any relationships that feel ‘undone’ or any other kind of unfinished business so you don’t take any niggling energies into the new decade with you. Anyone who doesn’t support you, has to go. Chaos must (and will) be brought into order.

The highlighted days are Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd and Sunday 5th this week. Tomorrow is a good time to be gentle with yourself, patient with others and to spend some time out contemplating and reflecting. It will be possible for you to solve (and resolve) any left over dramas from this year as we transverse the bridge between 2019 and 2020.

Tuesday also invites meditation and solitude and with Mercury conjunct Jupiter, expect some good news and increased energy levels. Journal your goals today because Mercury (ruler of communication) is there to help you tap into your version of the ‘bigger picture'.

By the time Sunday rolls around with the moon trine Mercury – activating the #5, which also governs January, being a #5 universal month – you’ll be ready to take some risks, make some definite decisions and share some of your unique ideas that you’ve been percolating.

It's my last class teaching at Breathing Space tomorrow (9:45am - 11am), so if you are planning on coming, I would love to share a chai and some hugs with you afterwards at the Sneaky Grind Cafe.

I'm going on about eclipses this week because they are so important and they heighten absolutely everything. Please bear with me, there is much you should know. You may be feeling as if you are in overdrive, overwhelm and/or being pushed to your edge (yet again). This push me-pull you, this pulsation between contraction and expansion, is called ‘growth’ by the way. It shows you are actually making progress and shifting from old to new as you are energenetically designed to do. It’s the same force that dragged us out of the ocean and onto land and it’s the same force that now organically insinuates itself through every cell of your being to trigger the next evolutionary phase. For example, we cannot know what softness is, unless we experience its opposite, hardness; or hot unless we know cold. We cannot know what we want, until we experience what we don’t want. It’s the tension before the give and with solar energy being all about creating and manifesting, it’ s no wonder we are feeling the birthing call to action. When we recognise our limitations – it’s actually freeing, not an admittance of failure – because then we can set new goals from a space of honesty and truth and choose to direct our intentions in a way that supports our fullest growth.

There is never a ‘mistake’ when it comes to spiritual work; I believe anyway. Flaws create focus.

Eclipses don’t just happen for 24 hours and then go away either. Their influence comes in and then hangs about for roughly 4 days either side of it and with particularly potent ones (both lunar and solar), it can linger for up to a month to six months later and/or until the next one in the series rolls in. We are currently in the middle of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse window, one that started July 13, 2018 (partial solar), then January 5 (partial solar), July 2 this year (total solar), followed by a (partial lunar) on July 16/17. An annular solar happened recently on December 26, we have a penumbral lunar on January 10, 2020, another annular solar on June 21 and the one that will conclude the season on July 5/6, 2020 – at 13 degrees, which is interesting when you consider this eclipse cycle commenced on the #13 in Capricorn in 2018 as just stated above – will be another penumbral lunar. This electrifying planetary combination of Mother and Father energies is all about shifting our perception around safety (Cancer) and authority (Capricorn) and restoring harmony between the divine masculine and feminine archetypes.

Cancer as the Mother and Capricorn as the Father basically, hence the necessary collapse of the patriarchal systems we’ve been privy to that have choked civilisation after civilisation. And who doesn’t have mother or father issues hey? Show me a family that isn’t dysfunctional in some way and I’ll happily eat my own words.

FYI a solar eclipse aligns with a new moon only and is where the moon is piggy-in-the-middle between the sun and earth. A lunar one occurs only on a full moon and sees the the earth wedged between the sun and the moon (giving us the ‘blood moon’ effect).

Eclipses activate the lunar nodes – north and south – which are often referred to as The Nodes of Fire because they quite literally, control and illuminate our destiny. Where they sit in your birth chart will have a lot to do with what you experience in this life. If your lunar nodes sit in Cancer-Capricorn or Aries-Libra, buckle up and take some deep breaths because the entry into 2020 will be a bit bumpy for you, sorry. Everyone else will be affected too however, so don’t panic, you aren’t being targeted by the universe as if you have a ‘kick me’ sign on your back. We’re all here working out our stuff and paying the piper as we need (and chose) to. This is why we should try and avoid comparing our spiritual journeys to one another because we all receive energy and experience energy differently, depending on what is in our birth chart and what soul contracts we have signed. This explains why some people feel buoyant during tumultuous times and why others feel like they’re on a sinking ship. We are all constantly navigating our own cathartic quest, so don’t compare and by the same token, don’t take on or follow someone else’s story just because it may look ‘better’ or easier. What worked for them, doesn’t mean it will absolutely work for you. You can take advice and be guided by others for sure, but ultimately we must all develop ourselves enough to trust our own instincts and stand strong in our own hearts.

Receive information, integrate it, digest it over time and then eliminate whatever remaining that doesn’t resonate with you – that is the journey of self mastery.

An eclipse close to the south node invites us to let go of the past and things that scare us and therefore tend to be more disruptive than eclipses closer to the north node. Whatever your personal stars say, it’s best to ride eclipse energy and release your attachment to all experiences that rise up within you as much as you can. The more concerned you are about ‘stuff’ and how it ‘should’ look, the rougher the ride. If you embrace everything and accept that the agitated parts of you are just aspects that have yet to clear and resolve, then that ride smooths out again, because as far as the universe goes, there is no ‘daily’ plan, there is an overall intention and then the 12 laws of the universe can just get busy doing their thing, responding to the collective energies that we all create together. The universe can only respond to crap – or match crap – if we keep putting it out there to draw more crap in and towards ourselves!! Change your perspective and you change your world.

There are actually 12 universal laws. They are The law of Vibration, Action, Correspondence, Cause and Effect, Compensation, Attraction, Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Relativity, Polarity, Rhythm and The Law of Gender.

I think you get the picture that huge cosmic shifts are happening right now and with the upcoming lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10 – just 2 days before the rare cosmic alignment happening on January 12 and echoing the # 4 (happening at 4 degrees in Capricorn, again) – we cannot ignore the universal signs any longer. It’s time to elevate the paradigms of discipline, security, structure, integrity and how they influence the way we all work; as in, do we work to live or live to work; and what are we still willing to destroy, just to line our own pockets. Retribution with a capital R is here and along with the number 4 being the number associated with Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, this adds yet another layer of undeniable magic to the final new moon of 2019 we just experienced; ahead of the one in January. We are birthing on so many levels and transforming so many layers of our culture and consciousness at the moment, it’s mind boggling really, so the best thing you can do is focus on where you are placing your energy, to whom you are committing your energy to and honestly ask yourself if you are living the life you desire and deserve? It’s time to stop wasting time on things (and people) that don’t support (or see) your true self. Big questions requiring equally big answers.

You might like to consider working with the tarot cards Judgement, Hanged Man, Death and Temperance now because these invite deeper awareness of karmic patterns, personal integrity, authentic expression and surrendering instead of fighting.

How things may manifest for you in various areas of your life around these upcoming eclipses:

Are you in a relationship that lacks unconditional love, passion and joy? If you love your partner but aren’t “in love” anymore, stop wasting your life enabling another’s lack or being governed by your own fear of being alone. It’s healthier on every level to take a risk and end things rather than suffer in silence or worse, settle for second best. If they’re not your soul mate on every level – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – move on.

Is your job really satisfying you? If not, perhaps change positions within the company to refresh and reset, or trust that the universe will provide a better one, if you create the space for abundance and growth and honour what you bring to the table.

Do you feel as if some close friendships don’t support you like they used to? This last one has been happening a lot as some people expand and others, well, don’t. If your best mates don’t (or can’t) accept, respect and support who you are as you evolve with the times and follow your truth, it’s best to let them (and you), go, with love. It’s too hard and stressful trying to force people to ‘get you’ when they aren’t on the same wavelength and it just creates unnecessary doubt for you as you feel you have to justify who you are all the time. Surround yourself with those who do speak your language and who are ready to meet you at the same level and work there, reminding yourself that every soul connection is fluid and serves a purpose and when we release our attachment to how these should look, we set everyone free. We are all restructuring our tribal connections at present and it’s choreographed by this current Capricorn-Saturn-Pluto-South Node energy which is all about renovating and recalibrating, from the inside-out and the roots-up.

Remember, we can’t be all things to all people all of the time. The only person we can be everything to, is US. Get that relationship right and the world is your (sustainably farmed) oyster.

Super excited to be launching my NEW PODCAST in the new year – “denbydoesdharma” – as well as a series of Vision Quest shamanic retreats at some seriously sacred-and-jaw-dropping locations including Jordan, Patagonia and Africa. Details and links will be up soon so don’t procrastinate when one of these calls to your heart. I'm still taking bookings for Tonga in September as well. 2020 is the year of following our dreams, spreading our light around the globe where it’s needed and moving instinctually after all. We’ve got to get out amongst it and show the world we care and what better way than through soul-searching and healing work that honours and helps preserve Mother Earth and her magnificent beings and ecosystems at the same time! Yoga Spirit Journeys brings you conscious tourism at its finest. Check out these websites to learn more: and

PLEASE NOTE: The Breathing Space website and Facebook page are now obsolete so please ‘like’ my other pages (named above) so we can stay connected.

I’ll be around over December/early January, so here is my yoga schedule so you can keep up your practice and receive support as you need it. I’ll head off to Uluru on January 9 for my retreat and then will do a few cameo classes (casual cash payment) in mid-late January before starting my new course schedule with the school term the first week of February. If you have any questions about any of my offerings, please message me privately.

December 2019

Monday 30 @ 9:45am – 11am

Sunday 29 @ 4pm – 5:30pm

Starting 2020

Week of January 20th: Monday 20 & 27 plus Friday 24 & 31 @ 9:45am – 11am

Sunday 26th @ 4pm – 5:30pm

These few casual classes will be cash only and at my new space, so please email me for the address if you wish to attend, keeping in mind that only 6 spots are available for each practice. All equipment (including yoga swings) supplied.

My new 2020 yoga schedule: 10 week courses commencing February 3

Monday and Friday 9:45am – 11am (general)

Wednesday 6pm – 7:30pm (yin/restorative)

Saturday 4:30pm – 6pm (yoga swing class)

Sunday 4:30pm – 6pm (yin/restorative)

Mana Medicine Circle: first one for 2020 on February 9 @ 6:30pm

Please message me for details, cost and location.

Sending you all so much love and well wishes for the holidays and let’s set the intention now before NYE, to embrace our sovereign selves so we can be better, give more and spread the love unconditionally as the gateways to 2020 open.




“Remember, a weed is not a pest, it’s just a plant out of place. When you find where you fit, no-one and no-thing can ever uproot you because you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.” (Me)


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