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The Violet Pill



Image by @jeremythomasphoto

It’s not about taking the Red or the Blue pill anymore. It’s about raising our vibrations to the absolute highest levels that we can (for now) and surrendering your soul to GOD.

It’s about choosing the violet pill.

The violet pill is the only pill that offers any form of salvation and growth and freedom from duality and it can only be received when you raise your vibration beyond the dense, 3D fear experiences and anchor yourself in the higher and most sacred dimensions instead. It’s super easy to swallow and the only side effects you will ever experience will be blissful, awakening and unconditionally loving ones.

With the introduction of a one world religion – yes, you read that right, the White House has just signed off on this, it’s been THE elephant in the room that nobody was talking about – humanity is surely in for some serious waking up in the next few weeks. Things are ramping up big time dear ones.

While we’ve been circulating the same old arguments on social media, we have been ignorant to what the world powers have been concocting; and I can tell you straight up that it has nothing to do with honoring Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit. The Bible and Yeshua aren’t even mentioned in what they have called the Abraham Accord. Here’s the link so you can read it yourself. If this doesn’t wake people up, I don’t know what will.

This week has been another interesting narrative that’s for sure and the effects of that amazing Lions Gate portal, will undoubtedly keep rippling out into the collective consciousness for a little while longer. Make time to meditate, soak up the sunshine when it’s out, drink activated water and walk barefoot whenever you can over the next few days because this how you will be able to maintain your personal energy as the greater energies around us all, continue to intensify and go next level surreal.

In the spirit of staying aware and keeping an open mind so I can keep evolving, I have made myself watch some trippy videos and read some challenges articles this week, ranging from ET invasions to the Galactic Alliance discriminating who survives and who doesn’t. Seriously, it’s getting harder to stay grounded – and sane – when there is so much wild and whacky information like this flying about on social media. No wonder people are losing their marbles and/or taking their lives. I highly recommend ignoring anything shared on the internet that is either not esoterically or scientifically proven, or that doesn’t sit right in your own gut. Remember that YOU are the one in control of your experiences and that you are writing your own destiny with the choices you make in each moment. Nobody knows exactly what is going to happen because there are multiple timelines in play and consciousness is fluid.

Now is the time to close your eyes and trust your own inner vision.

If you want to believe any of what’s out there that is your choice of course, but I would recommend not getting caught up in fearful psychic projections. Look at both sides, use your discernment and check in with your heart and gut before taking on any information.

If you’re getting esoteric messages from your guides and you don’t know or trust that it is TRUTH, then be responsible and don’t share it until you do.

When we channel, we need to be absolutely certain of the cosmic connections we are making – and know who it is that we are connecting with! Sadly, not all spirit guardians are benevolent and right now, there are many that are messing with empaths; especially those empaths who are either not protecting themselves properly, are not pure physical conduits (as in not watching their diets, having mental health issues, or their egos are getting in the way) and those who are not embodying their I AM presence.

No matter what happens in life – particularly during an Ascension process – if you have an I AM presence, then you are safe. If you don’t, meaning, you are either a reptilian, a hybrid or a satanic-worshipping-computer-driven drone, then no, you are not safe.

The only truth you need to take any notice of, is the universal Truth that you are a sovereign being and that you are always protected by the One Divine Creator.

So this week, the LEO LOVE continues.

Tomorrow, Monday 17, sees the energy of immortality and peace flowing in, helping us manifest our dreams and giving us the faith to keep walking forwards from our hearts. Mercury sextile Mars today will add impetus to your ideas and how to implement some of the projects you may have had floating around in your head for a while, but have (understandably) put on the back burner for a while; and certainly since the beginning of this “plandemic”. Whatever you do today has the potential to leave a lasting imprint on the world – your legacy if you will – so stay focused and channel all your positive energy and intentions into manifesting without fear and with complete trust.

With the New Moon rising on Wednesday 19, at 26 degrees, on a universal #26 date and creating the #8, which is the infinity symbol as well, this reminds us of our royal birthright, our sovereign self and the Truth that we are immortal, eternal beings that deserve love, abundance and freedom. New Moons are all about setting intentions and because this one in Leo has the Sun and Moon merged with Mercury (the planet of mind and communication), there is great potential for us to move forwards and manifest deep, healing change for humanity (and ourselves). Leo governs the Light, the Sun is Light and Mercury can be interpreted here as the spark of Light, our divine intelligence/mind self, awakening. It’s a beautiful combination that heralds positive change and people breaking free of their conditioned mental and spiritual paradigms, to claim their sacred crowns. Leo is a fire sign and with Mars (a masculine, fire planet), trine with Mercury, the Sun and Moon as well, this gives us even more esoteric support to dismantle old structures and beliefs and literally fire up our passion, our purpose and our inner earth warriors.

Think of a pride of lions sauntering down the hallways of shadow and taking out anything or anyone, that dares to cross their path. Evil has no chance, Charlie.

After the penumbral lunar eclipse, the Delta Aquarids meteor shower and a revisiting of the potent energies co-created by Jupiter and Saturn stellium (on January 12) during July, for the rest of August and well into September, we are going to see some life changing shifts occur. Now is the perfect time to light your fire pits and get your pillows and snuggly blankets out for some good old fashioned star gazing. Laying on the earth and getting lost in space, is a great way to gather our strength and remember our intimate and intricate place within the cosmos. It’s also a great way to receive downloads as all the top star players are right there looking down on you, no interference in the way.

And with all this talk of alien invasions and extraterrestrial activity, who knows, you might get beamed up and whisked away to a far better place! Half your luck if you do.

As we slide into the sharp end of what has surely been one of the sharpest years for all of us, we are going to see the continued rising of the Divine Feminine and Her Sacred Rage – and (I predict) a last minute explosion of consciousness, when the remaining percentage of humans suddenly realize just how dire things actually are on earth right now. Those who haven’t yet faced their fear of change – which is really a fear of death and distrust (or disbelief) in what’s ‘on the other side’ – are going to have multiple catharses, so to all light workers and soul weavers out there reading this; saddle up star seeds and get ready to ride because your time to fulfill your destiny, is just around the communal corner.

Hope all aligns with grace and ease for you and that you can join me online for my New Moon Medicine Circle on Thursday eve. Here’s the link.

Blessings and leonine love to all,




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