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The One True Heart

What if we only had one chakra and all the others were constructed to control and divide the human?

What if the others above and below the central HEART chakra, were programmed to distract us from finding, feeling and following our personal compass, our inner expression of the one true Universal Heart? And yes I know, this means you have to (just temporarily) drop all that you know and believe about spirituality, chakras, yoga, ancient Tibetan teachings on the chakras and anything else you may have unconsciously become attached to, so you can consider something different.

I'm not saying what I am sharing here IS true, I am merely posing a question for contemplation for the moment we stop inquiring and transforming ourselves as new information and possibilities present themselves - as they always do - that is when we stop learning and growing.

The solar and throat chakras could have been implanted as deliberate corrupting mechanisms to keep us in a state of inner doubt and turmoil so we wouldn't ever find and then express, our truth, our natural and powerful voice.

The sacral and base chakras could have been designed to distract us through the senses and keep us addicted and enslaved to the physical, the material world and therefore, disconnected from our true essence (in this lifetimes) as either a divine masculine or divine feminine being.

The third eye - well, we all know what's been going on there now - but imagine that this chakra was made with the intent to blind us to our own divinity and keep us stuck in a web of illusion and lies so we would never question anything or anyone claiming "authority" over us. Obviously to keep us ignorant as to whom the true authority is, ie, God, as well.

And the crown. Wow. So much New Age manipulation with this one I could write a book about it, but how about just considering this. What if the crown chakra is not the conduit to source as we have been led/taught to believe - or even "downloaded" because we know there is a lot interference going on in that regard - and instead it serves as a tether to the astral planes that we are yet to discover and experience. Much like the astral cord we are supposed to attach to by age seven in order to receive "higher information" from that realm throughout our life, what if the crown instead was a communication device to keep us hooked into the matrix and was made to work in tandem with the base chakra to maintain control of the human through their central seam (spine).

There is already a lot of interesting perspectives and research out there about what Kundalini energy really is and how it has been "hijacked" and/or misconstrued.

Remember that Satan cannot create anything NEW (and that has really got to piss him off). He is the master of "RE", NOT "BE". He can only bastardize, manipulate, re-package, re-invent and INVERT, whatever God has already created because he is NOT the One True CREATOR and yet, he continues to soldier on, arrogantly banging his AI bandwagon and throwing out his evil plans like confetti on prom night. We gotta at least give him points for trying.

However, darkness and light are not mutually exclusive, they are expressions of the same spectrum, the yin and the yang and we cannot conceive one without the other therefore, if we are to regard ourselves as spiritual seekers in some form, we must investigate as much as we can in order to understand this 3D experience - and our sacred origins - as best we can while we have this gift that is human consciousness. Even if it means bending our minds to next level concepts and feeling pretty uncomfortable in the process.

Do what you will with this of course and as I said, it's just a hypothesis to keep your mind open and evolving. I am not saying it is truth. This is just what I do sometimes to corral my own ego and remind myself that I am in fact, a perpetual student.

The HEART IS LOVE as we all know and if love was and is, to be the only center we are to have and embody, well, I'm pretty happy to ditch the other stuff and stick with that.

One thing is for certain however (and that IS the Truth), is that in order for us to receive all that we need, deserve and desire in this life, regardless of how dire it may look around us in each moment, we must constantly strive to "upgrade" and "awaken" ourselves from within.

From Anahata chakra.



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