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The Language of The Re-LOVE-ution

Yes, we are all here to experience what our soul chose to experience, I think we can all agree on that, and it's always good to remind ourselves to feel empathy for others, yet at the same time, remember to not take that energy on as our own.

When we over-empathize, that is us (unconsciously) embodying a form of the 'wounded healer' frequency, the yet to be integrated part of ourselves that wants to 'fix' or 'heal' another, and that frequently expresses as being overly compassionate and over compromising. The willingness to allow 'all and anything', can lead to over-giving, tolerating behaviors that are not aligned in love or light at all, despite professing to be, and that often ends up being to our own detriment. If we keep permitting inappropriateness or distortion because we think that is being spiritual, 'good' or the 'bigger person', and we refrain from making the hard calls and calling things out when it's needed, nobody grows.

The spiritual warrior knows when to lend a helping hand and by the same token, when to leave another in their death throes (so to speak) so that their 'now' experience may be honored as their free will; and as their soul has chosen. The spiritual worker tends to yoke themselves to sacrificial systems by volunteering to ‘save’ another instead.

Every energetic healer must grow through the ego phase of their spiritual development in their own time and organically come to the realization that it isn’t them who is doing the work on their clients, but Spirit working through them. Until that level of maturity happens, they will continue to be (unconsciously) motivated by their own unhealed ego and psycho-spiritual wounding, believing that they can make a difference by doing, offering, trying and ‘manifesting’, more.

I suspect this natural exchange between 'heal-er' and 'heal-ee' (or rather, two beings sharing sacred space with an intention to support the spiritual evolution of both), has been deliberately hijacked and inverted by dark forces over time, shifting the onus from the ‘receiver’ - hence, making them a ‘victim’ and keeping them stuck in the slave programming - to the ‘doer’, making them appear as the ‘savior’, one with all the answers and power. This only serves to bind humans energetically to one another through the creation of soul contracts and obligations, not to encourage self-accountability.

I have always believed that doing, offering, and trying less is where it’s at because just being you, is always more than enough. You are always the one who has the potential to change your own reality in every now moment when you remember this Truth.

By surrendering to and embracing your own sacred gifts and putting complete faith in your journey, your purpose and your own magnificence as a conduit for Source, you actually don’t need to try and manifest anything, because that vibration automatically aligns in full resonance with All That Is. You no longer feel beholden to the paradigm that has promoted staying small and constricted in order to survive, and can begin exploring the limitless potential of your own being-ness AS a unique expression of Oneness (however you interpret that energy).

This of course, is a scary place to live in, let alone contemplate for many humans, because it requires absolute faith, the discipline to separate from the mainstream, that is, the current of consciousness that has herded humans all together for so long, and cultivating next level trust in oneself in every moment your 'stuff' comes up.

This confronting inner space is actually where our power lies, but we have been conditioned to distrust and doubt our instincts and do what is required or expected or ‘appropriate’, so that others around us don’t feel threatened or uncomfortable, that we now fear that which we are. We also fear one another's greatness AND the potency of Nature, and instead of looking to Her for our answers and inspiration, we seek the advice of the manufactured and mutated. It's crazy times for sure!

Being uncomfortable however, is exactly how you find your truth and sitting in this space is a necessary part of our evolution because that’s exactly where you learn what you don’t want, which then leads to discovering what you do. Agitation and challenge are how we learn and grow, they aren’t to be feared or suppressed because there's a ‘chance’ we might offend others or be ostracized from the ‘pack’.

This is HOW we find our light - through navigating and reclaiming the shadows – and leading ourselves out of the maze of the mind and into home to our hearts.

Light and dark are just opposite ends of the same spectrum after all and neither is 'better' or 'worse' than the other. Light is intense, capable of blasting apart, disintegrating and completely transforming. Dark is the void, the pregnant pause between death and rebirth, and the catalyst needed for creation. Marrying the two within is the journey of self mastery and one cannot exist without the other. Together, they create neutral and balanced, unity consciousness.

“Our word is our wand”, as author and teacher Florence Scovel Shinn declares so beautifully, and for where we are now as a species, awareness of our language and the way we use it, has never been more important.

Of course, every person on the planet IS honoring their own light, depending on the level of light they have and the level of consciousness they embody in each moment, but as a global community, we are all still bound by certain clichés and language references that reflect old slavery belief systems, systems where the human feels obliged to perpetuate certain actions and behaviors as a way of remaining accepted and safe, yet smaller in some way because they haven't recognized nor prioritized their own sovereignty.

Let’s maybe replace, “Taking one for the team”, with “Using our free will without coercion, to serve the highest good of the collective”; “Doing the right thing”, with “Doing the rite thing” as we remember everything in life is a lesson in love; and the classic, “Think of others before (or instead of) thinking of yourself”, with “Self-sovereignty replaces self-sacrifice to free all sentient beings”.

Self-love is actually the higher expression of selfishness and we should never be made to feel guilty for giving back to ourselves because this is exactly how we transmute the fear frequency and start dismantling all the societal structures associated with it.

The pure resonance of self-love dissolves the ego-self and brings the human back to center.

The above are just some of my own interpretations for you to consider how inverted language has dictated our thoughts, feelings and deeds without many even knowing it. We have been indoctrinated to believe we are responsible for the success or the sorrow of the collective group (our communities, humanity) for eons, told what is the ‘correct way’ to behave and what is not (reward and punishment paradigm), and pressured into following rules and regulations that supersede our own intuitive knowing and process (your needs, your dreams, and your abundance, don’t matter), that we have lost ourselves along the way.

I would ask, for what, or rather, for whose benefit?

It's not so much about an individual’s actual light capacity (because I do believe we are all children of God and deserving of love, freedom and abundance), but more about the residual energy and intention behind someone's ‘now’ thoughts and actions, that determines whether they are moving with awareness or not and therefore, clearing, or creating, more karma for themselves.

It should never be up to a few brave beings to volunteer their lives – or their soul – to ‘save the day' either. Hollywood has of course, romanced us with this notion for decades, glorifying the ‘hero’ who gives up everything and everyone he/she loves in order for the worlds’ wrongs to be made right and so the façade may continue, but this is just another manufactured narrative to keep us caught in the labyrinth of less than and lack.

The same thing, different story is happening right now, under our proverbial sleepy noses. The reality of our world at present, is that the Covid ‘pandemic’ was manufactured to pave the way for medical apartheid and that paves the way for globalist rule.

When we are in our full light, connected to Creator Source, resolved of our samskaras (karmic imprints) and have detached from the loosh of Maya (the recycling Wheel of Life), we can see this clearly. The difference between organic life and synthetic living, becomes painfully obvious, and yet I would suggest it is that pain that keeps many caught in cognitive dissonance. Understandably, it's less confronting to keep dealing with the trauma you have become accustomed to, familiar and fine with, than risk increasing that discomfort by opening yourself up to the unknown and the ‘unproven’, but this is what the universe is inviting us all to break free from now.

And this is exactly what the darkness relies upon: our ignorance as to our own invincibility.

Self-sacrifice is not necessary in order for us to feel or remain included. That is NOT love. This has been a very 'common' theme throughout our history, something humans automatically do, thinking they are helping, and yet what they are often really doing, is suffocating their own spirit and allowing and enabling patterns and unhealthy relationship dynamics to continue. This is the foundation of the narcissist/empath polarity – again, same bird, two wings, just like every other structure we have grown up with – that most of the populace can relate to in some way.

When we don’t respect and protect all that WE are, we expose ourselves to being taken advantage of.

Many humans are still subconsciously addicted to feeling more, achieving more, accumulating more, and claiming more control, and this is a big part of what distorts our perception of what it means to live authentically and vulnerably, to connect with one another, 'without strings’. We are suspicious of those who don’t want something in return or whose motivations appear to lack any sense of self-aggrandisement or accolade, because that has become the norm within society. On the flip-side of this frequency though, we can also be the one wreaking havoc by taking advantage of others, and for the exact same reasons, because we don’t (yet) see or accept ourselves as the divine mystery revealing itself in (our) human form.

Everything hinges on our ability to embrace and express that which we truly are. LOVE.

More, or, holding on and grasping, creates resistance, and this is what gets us into trouble, time and time again. Letting go, allowing and leaning into what we naturally are, and deserve, is what redeems us; including those around us.

I don’t feel we are living in the ‘end times’ but rather, witnessing ourselves pausing upon the precipice of great opportunity and the awakening of deeper and more profound grace and gratitude for this human experience.

So what would happen if we all decided to ‘man-up’ and embrace the ‘uncomfortableness’ of the situation that we all, as a species, have co-created for ourselves right now?

What could we bring forth if we chose to find the courage, the patience, and the respect that we used to have for our elders, and applied that, without reservation, to one another here and now?

What would become possible, if we gently yet courageously, allowed one another to follow our individual gut instincts so we may find and reclaim our freedom, and ultimately, our own god-given glory?

Miracles, I dare say - a reLOVEution - would happen.


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