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The Fires Down Under

December 31 has been and gone and hence – according to the Gregorian calendar – we are now “officially” in 2020.

Being a lunar lover, I have always followed the Chinese zodiac, so for me, 2020 doesn’t kick in till January 25, which is kind of cool because that means in my world, I have another couple of weeks ‘up my sleeve’ to keep clearing 2019 and prepping myself for the new decade! Whatever your belief, 2020 is going to be a game changer. It already has been with these horrendous fires wrecking havoc across multiple states. More on that in a moment.

2020 is also the year of the White Metal Rat. First in the astro-line up, Rat is all about surplus, productivity, wealth and ‘renewal’ energy. A good omen for ‘renewables’ and sustainability growing in popularity perhaps? Let’s hope so. Rat invites us

to plan carefully, work diligently and participate fully; for ourselves and so we can contribute in a positive way to society.

I have been writing about the connection between the untempered fire that lingers within our individual hearts and the raging environmental fires we are witnessing around this fragile country for months now and I am not alone in the predictions and the (higher) perspectives connected to them that I am sharing. Several other psychics and mystics around the globe are also starting to share similar views, and at great risk I might add because this is a sensitive subject and not everyone is ready to hear what we have to say.

I do believe everybody needs to get familiar with this train of thought however because if you adhere to any sort of conscious or energetic practice, there is no denying that what we experience within, we experience without; collectively and individually. We are co-creating every moment and every single experience, together, 24/7. There is always an explanation if we inquire without prejudice.

The spiritual journey is fraught with challenge, but you can’t highlight only the good (light) stuff without acknowledging how the bad (dark) stuff helped get you there in the first place because that’s exactly how you resolve your patterns and grow. Shadow has a place in all our stories and right now we are all moving through a huge rite of passage; in Australia especially.

Everything we ALL do from this point forwards, is going to be ‘christened’ through the purifying rites of fire and we have certainly been given an intimate taste of what this particular element can do in recent months down under.

Now I am not saying this is the ONLY thing that is creating these fires because that would make me just as ignorant and arrogant as the people saying that humans aren’t responsible in any way for what is happening in the environment. I am not heartless and I am not stupid.

I have lived through what thousands of people are currently experiencing, first hand. I know what it feels like to stand with your family and watch your beloved home and all its memories burn down right in front of you and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. When this happened to us, we were still grieving the loss of my nephew who died from cancer before reaching his 5th birthday. I understand loss, deeply. What I am saying is that there are several major factors contributing to these extraordinary firestorms we are witnessing right now – including the practical, scientific facts – and that it’s not ‘bad luck’ or an ‘act of god’. This spiritual perspective also deserves equal consideration, that is, if we consider ourselves to be intelligent, conscious beings who are open to learning.

By the way, just because some people may resonate with and communicate the higher perspectives around these fires (and any natural disaster in fact), DOES NOT mean they don’t feel for those directly affected or that they don’t give a sh*t about anyone. When you are highly aware, it increases the burden of concern if anything because you intuit so much more and understand the layers, the extremes and how energetic nuances can ‘play out’.

So, allow me to try and explain what is happening in the world from the spiritual angle (and with the understanding that I have) and how it relates to these fires. Fires that have destroyed more than the California and Amazon blazes put together. Keep in mind, the same consciousness applies to any situation where nature is out of balance. Wherever the elements are out of alignment in the world, you can guarantee there will be parallel unrest, turmoil and unresolved stories where humans are concerned. It will also be a given that at some point, all creatures great and small are going to experience anything from mild to catastrophic repercussions in connection to those collective frequencies in the form of firestorms, tsunamis, earthquakes, eruptions and tornadoes and the like. In spiritual terms it's called a 'wake-up call'.

Everything on this planet is interconnected and interdependent. That includes humans.

We are part of an intelligent matrix that breaths and births without us having to do anything really. We are made of the same elementals that the earth is comprised of and hence, we automatically and organically respond to any changes in our environment. When the elements inside of us get out of balance, we manifest dis-ease and illness, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Sometimes on several levels, depending on how long we’ve been living in disconnect and what our karmic contracts are. So, when the earth reacts to pressure exerted on Her by humanity’s overwhelming consumerism and desire for more-more-and-MORE, we feel it; unconsciously at first, but then in a very real and undeniable way. By nature, we are visceral beings after all.

We don’t have to understand everything about the universe or believe what everyone else does, but if we do want to make sense of our lives and feel like we are getting somewhere and doing some good as we plod along, we will have to come to the realisation that there is a ‘higher power’ and that it has a plan, beyond what our limited brains can compute.

This ‘higher power’ by the way, isn’t a man ‘up in the sky’ as Barnaby Joyce would have us believe; it’s pulsing away in our veins and in our etheric bodies, right here on terra firma, every day.

Mother Earth has been here long before we arrived and She will be here long after we are gone. She will always rebalance Herself because despite the wickedness we subject Her (and Her divine creations) to, we can never destroy Her. We don’t have that much power, regardless of what our ego tells us. We think we do, but we don’t. Eventually (I trust that) we will all wake up, slay our inner demons and remember how much we love and cherish Her; even if it is just in the absolute nick of time.

There is no separation between the love we have for our Great Mother and the love we have for ourselves. Just look at the words. Mother Earth. 'M.E'. ME. We are one in the same. Self love IS loving the planet and loving the planet IS loving ourselves. If you love and respect yourself, you will love and respect the earth. We have just erased this knowing from our data banks over time.

So let’s bring it all together now. From the higher perspective.

What happens when you get years of extended drought, significantly less annual rainfall, higher and drier temperatures, unpredictable winds and bucket loads of fire ‘fuel’ (leaf litter and the like) accumulating? You get the ‘perfect’ physical conditions for some serious fire action – aka transformation – to take hold. These are the indisputable, proven-by-environmental-scientists’ facts, the true-blue results of what climate change looks like in this country.

The universe sees everything and will always do what needs to be done to keep the wheels of life turning so that all life continues. If that means sparking a fire to make use of the dead wood laying around and so that regeneration can commence, so be it. Note that (natural) fires don’t start in houses, unless through human error. They ignite in the bush. This shows that ‘god’ isn’t punishing people; nature is just doing its thing. Arson on the other hand is deliberate manipulation of a situation and Mother never does that.

The mental expressions are a little different because you can’t see these as obviously as you can see dried up grass, crackled dams and ember-attracting fencing of course. On this level we see rising mental health statistics, suicide becoming a viable option for our troubled youth and increased domestic (and environmental) violence. Terrorism is included here as increased distortion in Mother Earths’ nervous system channels, directly affects our own internal wiring systems. When our minds over heat, our brains don’t work so great – any doctor will tell you that – so imagine what would happen when the mainframe that drives all our energetics, starts malfunctioning on a mass scale. On top of this, things compound if people are having difficulty exercising their free will with confidence and integrity as well. Rationale goes out the window for one, followed closely by accountability.

The emotional expressions are another kettle of fish again. These energies are reflected in the voices of the people protesting their rights and demanding change because they are fed up with the same BS and the same complacent politicians basically doing F-all. This energy is predominantly felt as anxiety, an insidious yet very real vibration that builds in each one of us in differing ways until it erodes our faith and interferes with our ability to function on a day to day basis. It drives us to self-sedate in order to cope and whilst that may provide us with some temporary 'relief', it actually separates us from our hearts without us realising it. We struggle to feel calm, remain positive and to keep trusting in ‘the bigger picture’, consumed with concern about the future, for ourselves and our children. As this happens, people either get up or give up, which in turn creates division among communities and further separation from the truth we all seek.

Lastly, the spiritual expressions include what I am talking about here in this newsletter and in my blogs, the energetic traumas and inherited programs that inhibit our ability to bond and support one another as equals when the chips are down; and boy, are they down right now. This level includes the inherited trauma we all carry from our days as abandoned and abused convicts, sent from the UK to the other side of the world – to no man’s land quite literally – to no white man’s land that’s for sure – and left to rot. Not a great vibration to build a colony upon and certainly not an easy vibration to clear for the collective when (still!) nothing has been done since those first settler days, to acknowledge and (properly) apologise to the people whose land we stole!

I hope you are beginning to see how there is much at play now in the forces of nature and on the various realms of consciousness. It’s not just about climate change. It never was.

When I say we are all responsible for these fires and for the energetic and genetic ‘conditions’ that have created the space for them to flourish, I am talking about the collective energy that we have manifested for generations. I am certainly not pointing the finger at individuals and suggesting they are bad people, that they have brought this upon themselves or that they deserve to suffer and have their homes swallowed by fire! IF we really want to go down that road of blame, shame and guilt, let’s aim it at our illustrious ancestors who ‘started’ it all with aggressive colonisation and cultural sabotage, followed closely by gross land mismanagement, the introduction of non-indigenous hard-hooved animals that would in time erode the land beyond repair, and the implementation of various inhumane practices (against animals and mother nature) to support their growing numbers. These are all things that continue today, right under our privileged noses that we seemingly don’t want to change because we’re scared of what the world would look like if we did. We are the generation that is ‘paying’ for the decisions our ancestors made and by the same token, our children will have to live in the aftermath of whatever we choose to create from this point forward in our nations’ history.

Every country has its skeletons. Let’s just own ours and get busy healing already.

History aside, I don’t believe white man has proven himself to be a worthy custodian of this country yet and with one of the big themes for Capricorn-ruled 2020 being about restructuring society, I reckon now is as good a time as any to shift the status quo. Those individuals and groups who are worthy to lead and who do have the best interests of the planet at heart, will actually get the opportunity to step up and do good this year, just wait and watch.

Our group mentality, our ignorance, our defiance in the face of climate science and our refusal to end the rift and heal the wounding between whites and indigenous in this country, are also contributing to our demise right now. And as I said, I am not the only one barking up this Bodhi tree.

We are not just taking ourselves down with this behaviour; we are taking other species with us. According to ecologists at the University of Sydney, approximately “480 million species of mammals, birds and reptiles have been lost since September”. That’s HALF A MILLION SPECIES that may NEVER RECOVER. The unique creatures that Australian Tourism has so heavily relied upon to attract visitors to our shores, may not get over this unseasonal scorching. It won’t matter how many jobs could potentially be created by whatever a**hole mine they want to build and fight to protect because it will occupy a barren wasteland, in all directions.

No wonder the government is relying so heavily on ex-pat ‘icons’ now to draw people to Oz. Cute and cuddly koalas have been swapped for obnoxious singing budgies instead.

So, we begin 2020 carrying a burden, whether we like it or acknowledge it or not. We begin the new decade with the overwhelming sense of response-ability – to do better, to be (and do) more to help to support the planet and the knowing that we’re all going to have to work a heck of a lot harder to change the status quo if this ‘heaven on earth’ gig is truly going to manifest. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual work, just got real.

If you wanted ‘next level ascension’, here it is boys and girls. No whistles or selenite wands to herald your morphing from 3D to 5D as you’d anticipated, or been told by your guru. Just some bloody big reality pills to swallow that require embodying your humanity like never before.

I’ll add here straight up also, that this is NOT SPIRITUAL BYPASSING. This is TRUTH and truth tends to piss off a lot of people, especially those who still adhere (albeit unconsciously) to the old paradigm of victim mentality and a refusal to accept that they are constantly co-creating with the universe. No matter what goes down in your life, you are partially responsible for manifesting it. This is spiritual healing 101 for dummies and has nothing to do with trying to concoct and use spiritual excuses as a way of not feeling, getting involved or avoiding taking personal responsibility. Yes, there is a lot of that going around the industry for sure, but it’s never been on my radar. Anyone who resists deep and (often) unpalatable truth bombs and chooses to instead label them as a ‘spiritual bypass’, is resonating with that unevolved vibration themselves and hence, will not be able to receive the enlightened information as per intention.

You will match what you believe and if you are still harbouring old wounds, then any ‘new’ insights will be filtered through that lens, making it impossible for you to digest an expanded point of view.

Let’s face it: nobody likes to admit they are wrong or goddess forbid, to be ‘blamed’ for bad things that randomly happen to them or their loved ones, but if one remains in that wounded victim mentality, that will always be the inner dialogue and they will always repeat the same sh*t/different story for themselves. We are all receiving the same information from the universe – from Mother Earth – at all times, but that doesn’t mean we are all going to interpret and then action it in the same way.

Knowing this and knowing that individual interpretation is what makes the world go round, I say, be in the moment as much as you can this year and trust in divine timing with all of your heart. Have a vague idea of where you want to be, co-create and manifest of course, but release all attachment to how THAT HAS TO LOOK, in order for it to be validated or for you to feel you’re on track. Because we are ALREADY on track and we are exactly where we need to be; another spiritual fact.

And here’s my final reminder: Nothi