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Some Good News

Image by @jontyler

Last night I watched the (Patricia Coba Robles) video I shared yesterday on Facebook and highly suggest you do the same today at some point dear ones.

Two beautiful meditation/activations are cocooned within some incredible dialogue that I really do believe everyone needs to hear right now. It's stuff that myself (and others) have been talking about, but this master teacher puts it so succinctly, it just lands in a new and inspiring way.

In a nutshell, she explains why mankind has been operating the way it has since the beginning of our time here on the earth plane - since what is known as "The Fall of Man" basically - and that this time is now coming to an end.

In fact, it has come to an end, but what we are experiencing now, is the 'fallout' as each individual continues to exercise their free will (as they can and should do), whilst the energetics of the planet transform. Ego is in its death throes, which is what it has been desperately trying to avoid by keeping us controlled from within for so long, so just allow this process to release from every cell of your being because it no longer serves ANY of us, on ANY level, and focus on maintaining your center AS the eye of the storm instead.

I have mentioned before many times, that the illuminated beings of light who work with us and on our behalf, have been taking care of things on the higher realms, the ones we cannot see, and that everything we are witnessing in 3D, is the residual vibrations clearing as programs dismantle, crumble and re-calibrate.

We really do have an amazing cosmic cheer squad in our corner!

Now I know this is difficult for most people to comprehend because yes, we are still seeing so much palava going on, the next 'waves' of stupid coming out of the mouths of certain politicians (along with next level restrictions and 'what's going to happen') and general daily 'evidence' that makes things look like they aren't getting any better and are in fact, getting worse. News reports that threaten mandatory jabs, no travel without a jab etc, you know what's out there. It's rubbish, so don't buy into it. It's deliberate fear porn and predictive programming and it has no roots in the reality that has (and still is) being created for us (and BY us). Don't feed it any of your energy by clearing your reactions to it, in every moment something comes up for you.

What is important to understand and TRUST, is that we have the 51% now in our favor and this is explained perfectly by Patricia in this video I encourage you to watch.

Many of you have felt it when that shift occurred - I mentioned it a week or so ago here, that I felt the tipping scale has moved to favor the light, you may remember that post - and what this means is that we have now reached energetic critical mass. It means that all our prayers, all our consistent light channeling and our blanketing of LOVE around the world and into all sentient beings and situations, regardless of whether we perceive them to be 'awake' or not, has worked.

The light has triumphed and this 'energetic advantage' now puts humanity on the timeline of ascension. There IS NO stopping the quantum momentum now. It really is just a matter of time before we manifest the new earth to its fullest. The beginnings of this vibration have just landed and taken 'root', because of our devotion to light, love, liberty and transformation. We HAVE created the new earth on this plane and we ARE well on our way to embodying our 5D cellular light selves, despite what still appears on the human surface, to be chaos, disruption and 'losing'.

Timelines are fluid and multi-faceted, so it's not like one potentiality has to 'finish' in order for another to 'begin'. There are multiple timelines in play all the time, overlapping one another and manifesting to various degrees, depending on the vibe of the collective consciousness at any one time. Hence, where we place our ATtention and INtention, is vital in every moment, because all possibilities are happening and existing at the same time, in the same 'now' moments. So, what each one of us chooses in each now moment, can make all the difference to the direction and integrity of energies that will be experienced by the collective.

This knowledge is sure to soften and inspire the hearts of many truth seekers around the world yet by the same token, it is not intended to be an invite to stop doing all you are doing. Quite the contrary in fact. It is imperative that you continue your work - both personally and on behalf of the collective - to accelerate this process and clear out the remaining debris and any egoic attachments and expressions, to its fullest.

In this video Patricia mentions that this whole experience for our species - once completed and we have transcended - will eventually serve as a "teaching tool" for future light generations.

Our collective experience will be a direct and extremely vivid recount of what happens when a light being (and a large group of them), decide to explore and 'experiment' with the lower, more dense and darker realms of their existence, in an effort to know who they are. Never again will we need to go into the depths of pain and suffering that we have, in order to find our way back to our light.

I find this quite a beautiful perspective because it means that not only are we in highest service to our own soul's journey through this whole experience (if and when we realize that's what it is really all about), but we are also in the highest possible service to others as master teachers (through our own self mastery); and that is an incredible privilege.

To me, this is the ultimate definition of a 'way shower'.

What we are doing now, has never been done before in the history of humanity, and whilst many may consciously feel like they have no idea what they're doing, whether it's really making a difference to the world and are freaking out about how things are going to end up (or how bad they are going to get before they get better), it's comforting to know that your soul actually DOES know what's going on and that all WILL be well in the end.

All it takes is you trusting even more, believing in your sovereign power and embodying your light, every single step of the way.

All it takes is turning away from the fear mongering and staying in your heart. All it takes is transmuting every emotion and thought and reaction you have to what you 'see' going on around you, in every now moment, and letting go of judgment of others so you can stay grounded, calm and clear in your purpose. All it takes is commitment to LOVE, to SELF and to the greatest outcome for humanity, breath by breath.

Sounds easy? NO! Sounds worth it? YESSSSS!

If you take anything from this post (and the video after watching it), know that the enslavement cords that have bound us for eons, have been cut and dissolved and that the gateways to the pathways of the past, the pain and the evil that has controlled us, are sealed shut forever. Like, NOTHING can open those doors once the Divine has decreed they be shut. NOTHING and NO-ONE, so don't let your head get the better of you and try and convince you that there's still a 'loophole' existing somewhere. There ISN'T. IT. IS. DONE.

Focus now on fully embodying your crystalline self and all the juice and joy that comes with this deep sense of soul 'accomplishment'!

Now this is not to say that you give up on speaking out, being your activist self and don't participate in making a difference here in 3D of course, because the Age of Aquarius actually REQUIRES us to roll up our sleeves and be prepared to share the work load to get stuff done. What it does mean is that you can feel safe enough now to relax, stop stressing or feeling like you have to convince others or 'wake them up', otherwise we're all doomed. You can now get on with your work as you came here to do.

Truth is, some people have chosen to stay plugged into the matrix and whilst that is sad and we have compassion for them, that is actually beyond our control. What we can do and should keep doing, is holding the light on their behalf because Spirit has not forgotten them. Mother/Father God has a different plan for those who are still struggling and resisting and they will be taken care of. It's not your responsibility to do so or carry that burden for them anymore. Shine your light and love them regardless.

As 'healers', it's actually time to drop the "savior banner" and allow ourselves to rest, trust and remember that all we really need to do, is unconditionally love, see and save ourselves. Put your own oxygen mask on first so you can be of assistance when required. When we do this, we show others how to do the same, by example, not by force or 'leading' them where we think they need to go. The term 'leader' feeds into some ancient timelines and belief systems that don't align with the collaborative ones we are moving towards and co-creating now, but I'll write more about the wounded healer in a blog soon as it's a big one to tackle.

So. Get into nature today if you can, feel yourself alive and activated, connect with your guides, your heart and all that is good and amazing and expansive and allow the residual ego expressions to just do their thing around you as you choose to stand in your power.




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