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Our Window Of Opportunity

Image by @mappingmegantravel

Pete Evans summed it up perfectly at the rally yesterday.

"The tribal people hold the key for our future. When we walk side by side with the original custodians of this country, that is when we will see massive change happening."

I am not alone in speaking out about the necessity to heal the wounding that sadly (still) stains the relationship between our traditional elders and all Australians, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs or ethnicity. As a collective, we are yet to offer a genuine and formal apology on behalf of our ancestors. Our government is yet to officially recognize this land was never ceded (and that it never will be) and we the people, are yet to establish an effective dialogue between those tasked with positions of authority/tribal responsibility/eldership - on both sides - so that the old stories can be grieved and healed properly.

It's time to resolve and dissolve the pain of the past with mutual love and respect and start working together to manifest a new Australia, one that benefits every man, woman and child that calls this place home. One that doesn't carry forwards any expression of trauma, regret, anger or malice on any level.

Uncle Max smudged the crowd as we headed out on the designated march path yesterday and whilst that was a beautiful gesture and an honor to receive - and I had a word with him to share my gratitude - I feel he and his trusted custodians, could have been given more of a voice. His speech, albeit short, (to me) was the most rousing of the day. He spoke with passion but he didn't yell. His words were powerful, but they weren't forced nor coming from fear. The grief of his relations rang true in his tone, yet there was no hatred or spite, only forgiveness and the energy of unity and love. What a being.

I don't know about you, but I tend to switch off when people start ranting and screaming down a microphone as if them shouting is going to drive the message home or make it any more important for the volume, so when Pete stepped quietly onto the stage - barefoot and in his center from what I could see - his energy was like a breath of fresh air. Some are saying it was a mistake having him there because it just attracted rogue reporters from the MSM, but let's be real, fake journos are always going to bastardize the truth and write whatever BS their editors tell them too anyway, regardless of what actually transpires. His attendance was undoubtedly a clever strategy on behalf of the organizers to help increase bums on seats so to speak, plus provide a platform to announce his political plans, so well done, it worked. We fell in love with him. I also spotted Riccardo Bosi moving among the crowd in a very low key and unassuming way, so I called him over for a chat (and to invite to speak on my podcast). Now there is a man who is cool, calm and collected and very personable by the way. Good energy also, unlike other politicians I have met.

Whether you physically attended rallies yesterday or not does not matter, the truth is we are all being called right now to stand in the fiery flames, to face the enemy (or the adversity of the moment) and to allow ourselves to be transmuted and re-birthed through the experience; not set alight, burned to cinders completely or worse, turned into a raging, bitter human through the process. We are all being called to the front line in some capacity, to share our knowledge and anchor in the elevating vibrations of hope, resilience, endurance and peace for all of humanity. If we allow ourselves to be, in this space we will be alchemized - cellularly, psychologically and energetically - and that is an intense purification for sure. What this means however is that we must be prepared to feel all the feels and move ourselves through our own reactivity in order to keep holding neutral, unwavering, conscious space on behalf of the mission and all involved.

Mankind is moving through a huge rite of passage right now and the tapering off energy of Mercury Retrograde this week certainly brought our attention to how we are communicating, where we can improve our inner dialogues and interactions with one another, whether our thoughts and words are congruent and to how we can become more aware of the power of said thoughts, words and deeds and the footprint they leave behind us.

There were several of us there at Hyde Park - and I'm sure there were many brothers and sisters at the other gatherings around the country doing this too - quietly acting as energetic conduits in the background to help channel and release the overflow of emotions that were expressing through the diverse and devoted crowd. Everyone has their role to play after all and none of us is better than the other. Just because you can't get up in front of thousands (yes, MSM, thousands, not hundreds) of people to get your point across, doesn't diminish your contribution to the whole or brand you a failure or less than others, in any way either. Every body counts.

If you haven't ever been to a rally, march or protest, I would encourage you to do so. It was so inspiring to walk the streets with so many conscious humans, singing, chanting, linking arms and showing up for a cause that literally affects every single one of us. We drew a line in the sand with this one and showed our government that the people mean business. What memories we created with our courage and our conviction. I gotta say, I belted out "I would rather be a human than a slave" and "you can stick your covid vaccine up your ****!" with more enthusiasm than I expected!

Whether you attended marches or sent support from a far, know that each one of you was needed yesterday and each one of you did what you felt called to do and therefore, all is perfect and aligned.

One thing's for certain, Aussies are rising and empowering one another. We are forging connections and collaborating ideas and resources in the name of freedom. It is an incredible time to be alive and a privilege to participate in this love revolution we are co-creating together. This is the time of our lives and we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are each charged with the duty to ensure the next generation can enjoy the same blessings and bounties that we did growing up. We don't fight for ourselves necessarily; we fight for our children and each other's children and we will not give up, no matter how gnarly the road gets.

If you are still on the fence, here are some links re the impending inoculations so you can make an informed decision. I have plenty more to share if you wish to message me privately.

Peer reviewed study on fetal cell contamination with retro virus associated with autism and cancer:

Rise in autism coincides with rise in vaccines:

Subtle DNA changes and the overuse of vaccines in autism:

A reminder also that I am offering the first of a series of FREE Zoom webinars in a couple of weeks. Soon I will also be launching subscription based online yoga and healing packages where you receive exclusive content, videos, my podcasts and discounted private energy sessions; all at a very reasonable and affordable price, so stay tuned for more details soon.

"Just Do You" on Saturday March 13:

Have a peaceful week and remember, as long as we stand strong in our sovereignty and in loving formation with one another, they will never take our freedom and they will certainly NEVER own our souls.



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