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Once Upon A Timeline

Image by @joshuaearle

It’s been a big few days so instead of my usual newsletter, I’d like to tell you a story this week, inspired by the amazing Lorie Ladd. So grab your bed socks, make a cuppa and get comfy; and remember, you can always take it or leave it.

Once upon a timeline there was a vast universe – a multiverse of multiple dimensions and possibilities in fact – full of stars, suns, moons and infinite galaxies stretching in all directions, as far as the heart could sense. It was a beautiful, complex reality, complete with many different species, different worlds, different imaginings and yet with all these differences, there was peace. All races and all beings lived in harmony. Some admittedly at a respectful distance, but nonetheless, boundaries were clear and lines in the stardust were drawn and respected.

Amidst all this beauty and chaos colliding simultaneously and yet in different waves and ways, one particular planet stood alone. Her name was Gaia and She was revered by all the others in the galaxy. Inhabited by the species known as Homosapien (soon to be Homoluminous), She was a rare and diverse creation, highly prized by other beings as a unique vehicle to experience consciousness in third dimensional form.

Gaia – also called Planet Earth – was one of the few places left that could support a plethora of life forms. Her landscapes, ecosystems, weather expressions, creatures and ability to shape shift and rebirth Herself, was well known throughout all intergalactic realms and hence, a lifetime on Her surface was considered the ultimate prize. Many races spent many hours – years often – devising ways to incarnate on Gaia so they could experience themselves in this divine and sentient way; as the original human and with the ability to consciously experience oneself transitioning between dimensions.

The ultimate wheel of fortune you could say.

As is the nature of life, there were also those who sought access to Gaia as a way to divide and dominate the inhabitants and in the process, draw the consciousness of those beings – who had evolved over time into sacred, interconnected brethren – down to the lower levels of being, where nothing is sacrosanct and hearts are black; if even existent. These were well known in the cosmos as the fourth dimensional races – The Greys, Annunaki and Reptilians for example – and they were all about playing in the lower realms. The Reptilians in particular loved creating and maintaining fear, in all its forms. Highly intelligent, they prioritized greed over grace, mind manipulation over mindfulness and control over conscience and after practicing the dark arts for many millennia, they had grown very good at it. They could also warp, condense and accelerate time, access and program the quantum field plus shape shift and possess other beings at will. It was these beings that brought about the collapse of Gaia over millions of years, dragging Her energies down to the third dimensional reality and further away from her higher 5D and beyond destiny.

When this happened, the Reptilians were removed from Earth to occupy a plane outside Her field where they were gridded out in exile. It is here that they waited, patiently observing humanity and planning their return to raise anarchy once again. Yep, Star Wars is real.

Around 7,000 years ago, the Earth grid was opened up temporarily to allow higher light beings to enter to assist mankind with its evolution. Unfortunately, this also provided the chance for the Reptilians to hijack the portal and return to Earth, which they did, before the grid was sealed. Since that time, various civilizations have advanced in leaps and bounds, often way beyond what could have been achieved by sheer man power or intelligence alone, thanks to the higher beings that came through to assist. This explains the Pyramids, Machu Picchu and Stonehenge, which are all sacred sites, portals, created to help humanity remember its origins and hence, evolve. At the same time, these 4D beings were infiltrating humans and this allowed them to pull many down to the lower realms of consciousness.

The Greys perfected the alien abduction programs; the Annunkai, the human-hybrid programs and the Reptilians became masters at possession, feeding off fear and pain.

The opportunity to remove all Reptilians was inadvertently provided when man invented the atomic bomb. This was the first time in our existence that something threatened to destroy the entire future of Gaia, and all the other races in the multiverse became instantly attentive as to what was going on ‘down under’. It was common knowledge that a nuclear explosion would irretrievably damage Mother Earth’s frequency, destroy all life forms plus abolish any chance of Her ascending to the higher dimensions, as was (and is) the game plan. Her crystalline frequencies would literally implode and that would set Her vibration back to the first dimension, delaying Her ascension for eons potentially.

The Galactic Federation of Light had no choice but to intervene.

A great battle ensued – or rather, a great purge – and (the majority of) any remaining fourth dimensional entities were pulled off Gaia by the High Councils of Light and returned to their planes of origin. Many humans died as a result because the energetic bond created between master and slave was so strong, it was impossible to sever. In most cases their soul went with the Reptilian when it was extracted, and of course, the GFL didn’t want to see that happen. The managed to eradicate most but some managed to escape – an estimated 10 to 20,000 – and they have remained here ever since, hiding in the shadows, whispering in the ears of men who struggle with embodying the light, using a small group of elites (whom we know as the super psychopaths of the world) as their puppets and basically making sure that the horrific practices of the past that they have fed upon for centuries, continue to survive and thrive.

This is how child sex trafficking, pedophilia (including pornography and prostitution), satanic blood rituals and corruption in all its nefarious forms, has managed to continue. Underground and yet, in plain sight.

Nowadays, these reptilians have grown very good at camouflaging themselves among the natives but because they are 4D, they are unable to reincarnate into a human body and are restricted to possession, cloning and mind control. They are able to mentally manipulate some of the humans – those whose "I AM" presence is either non existent or those who have reincarnated with lower light frequencies than others – and they have been using these individuals to construct great social systems with the purpose to enslave the entire human race. It has taken them several civilizations, but slowly they have managed to invert every sacred symbol, pervert every blessed teaching and revert the consciousness of vast numbers of humans – the masses in fact – back to their primeval instincts, devoid of compassion, fixated on the physical and severely lacking in love. These systems encompassed all aspects of the humans’ society – government, banking and the educational, environmental and medical arenas, effectively binding each and every soul into a contract from birth to death and damaging their ability to think, feel, sense and respond in their natural, god-gifted ways.

These reptilians are small in number however and hence they are more vulnerable than they (and we) realize. They keep a very low profile, preferring the role of puppeteer to presenter, but do not doubt that they are here and that they are pulling every string in the book you can imagine, to try and maintain their power now as we rise.

Remember the term ‘the masses’? That’s us, right now. We are the ones charged with the job of eradicating these remaining dense, lower states of consciousness and we do that using our light and our ability to love and transmute anything that doesn’t align with the highest frequencies of Gaia; and our own. We have the power to alchemize these frequencies by bringing them to the surface to see, feel, experience them, one last time, before they dissolve from our human and soul realities for good. This is why there are so many painful and torturous narratives circulating right now as the deepest and darkest layers of our collective consciousness, come up to (finally) be acknowledged.

This is where we are at now brothers and sisters. A crossroads of consciousness.

We stand at a celestial precipice, a tipping point like no other. Our souls have not experienced anything like this – across any of our timelines – which is why we are feeling so challenged and confronted and uncertain of what will eventuate. The evil is scary, loud and insistent and it will continue to get scarier, louder and more insistent as it flails in its death throes, yet whilst this triggers and freaks a lot of us out, enough of us understand deep down, that this is exactly what we came here for and that this is an intrinsic part of the healing process. We are ready and our light is too strong now to fail again.

In this now and through this series of unfolding unconscious-into-conscious moments, we are invited to step up and shine bright so the rest of the galaxy can see our light.

There is so much mind-fudgery going on at present, so much division, attacking, judgment and fear mongering, that it is hard to maintain our sane and stay grounded without getting caught up in the madness. But this is exactly what you must do – disconnect to the external and stay focused on the internal. With what’s going on with you. When you anchor yourself in the light and determine to shine that frequency in the face of adversity no matter what, that is what dissolves the power of the darkness. That is what transforms it and helps shift the entire collective to the higher states of consciousness. Do not resonate with fear and it cannot affect you. By being you and by being light, you are doing more good than you can imagine. Whether you’re on the front line as an activist, speaker or leader, or you’re more behind the scenes sending love out to the ether and holding others in your heart as they venture forth, fulfilling their karmic contracts as they must, each one of us is a vital piece in this puzzle right now.

Each one of us is needed to complete this chapter in our Herstory.

The nastier it gets, the more we must shift our perception to seeing that as confirmation that what we are doing is working, not that we are losing. Now is not the time to give up! Hold strong and keep believing in your warrior self because we have got this. Thanks to the harmonic convergence in 1987, Earth was able to jump onto the ascension timeline and later in 2012, this frequency was fully anchored as an absolute.

No matter what happens on Earth now over the next few years, nothing can separate Gaia from Her 5D destiny. It’s done and dusted baby.

So you can literally sit back and relax with your popcorn if you like. Yes, the road will be rocky and of course there will be casualties, but you can rest assured that the Light has won and that nothing can change that. No lock downs, no vaccine and certainly no “new world order”.

Mars stations retrograde this week and this is going to bring a few new hurdles for us to navigate, but I think we are all pretty energetically athletic by this stage, so it shouldn’t be too much of a drama. You know what to do to take care of yourself and not get pulled into the quagmire, so keep doing that basically. Don’t drain your energy by getting into arguments online or feeling like you have to enlighten anyone. That’s not your job anymore. As a light worker, your role is to make yourself as clear a conduit as you can so you can hold the grids for others to awaken and realize their full potential. No more spiritual hand holding, it just doesn’t work like that anymore.

Healer, heal thyself and all that.

Hump day sees the energy of grounding and peace anchoring, so let go of what you think you know and allow new ways of being and living to come organically to you. Things are going to reset in a big way. We also had the Schumann Resonance flat line this week which you can read as another massive planetary reset plus the Aurora over Finland has been doing some extraordinary things also. Friday will see another influx of light energy coming in so make time to rest and digest, trust your intuition and tune into your newly emerging psychic self if you haven’t already because he/she will be rising that’s for sure. You’ll be called to express your next level of inner wisdom in various ways and the urge to participate in what we call the ‘great awakening’, will most likely increase to the point where you can’t ignore it anymore. By Sunday we have Venus trine Chiron which means some beautiful and very profound healing energy will allow you to re-calibrate your energies and settle into the ‘new you’.

All you need do, is give yourself permission to be.

This month is going to be a huge month of transformation and adaptation, so there’s no better time to receive some deep healing and guidance so you can keep moving forwards with grace, gratitude and ever-growing trust that all is well. Please get in touch to book a shamanic session with me and start living the life you came to live!

(Not) The End. This is just the beginning.

Sending you all so much love,



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1 Comment

Jenny Blue
Jenny Blue
Sep 06, 2020

Totally, stay focussed on the inner self.

Beautifully written Denby and such wisdom.

Thank you from all my heart

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