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Once Upon A Time, On A Planet Called Earth

Updated: Oct 2, 2019





Yep. That’s a very real possibility folks, especially if our collective world leaders can’t get their act together and their heads out of the dark ages fast enough to agree on a blanket emission reductions target sooner rather than later. Lights out for everyone, not just those who are having anxiety attacks about it. If you care about the earth, of course you are going to stress about its future, that’s only natural. That’s called being compassionate and conscious because when you connect to things you care about, you feel deeply and feeling deeply always involves intense emotions and passions rising to the surface to make people appreciate how precious life actually is. If you don’t care much about the earth and believe our governments are doing all they possibly can to fight climate change, then I’m sorry, but you are most certainly in the minority now.

I’ve said it before - in this day and age of technology and information, ignorance is a choice.

Speaking of choices, I went and saw ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ this week and as much as this pains me to say – greatly pains me in fact as I am an avid Tarantino fan – I was very disappointed. I had a vague idea of what it might be about after seeing a few glimpses of Manson in the previews, but from the very beginning, it was obvious he didn’t do what I had expected him to do. Which is of course, the whole point with Quentin, he rarely does what one expects, but here, I felt he missed a golden opportunity to document one of the most influential (albeit completely nutso) personalities in American history and showcase a story that rocked and shocked the entire world. Especially now with all the self appointed gurus, religious ‘cult’ figures and spiritual conspirators being exposed. His take just left me feeling ‘meh’ to be honest. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone and don’t worry, there are plenty of gratuitous shots of favourites Pitt and De Caprio who continue to get sexier with age, but overall, I felt, it didn’t live up to the genre he has carved out for himself over the years. Anyway, first world problems, but it’s interesting that I was watching this film at the same time that Nancy Pelosi was announcing that impeachment of Trump was undeniably on the cards.

Two high profile madmen (Manson, not Tarantino), both orchestrating chaos, instigating violence and yet denying all responsibility; you have to wonder which one deserves the straight-jacket more.

The world has gotten very busy this week, but whilst everyone is talking, few are actually listening.

The perfect example of this is that of teen activist Greta Thunberg. What an inspiring soul she is, wise beyond her years – a reincarnated activist I suspect, although I am yet to determine which one – and driven by a passion very few would be courageous enough to express in the public eye. She certainly shows us adults up where we are failing the planet – and the next generation – that’s for sure. She certainly shows the world that Asperger's is not a affliction, it is a gift. Her 'superpower' as she calls it. Totally.

As yogis, as healers and as light workers of all kin and kinds, we are the ones who are supposed to be the earth protectors, the ones guiding and reminding others how to care for Great Mother. Leading by example. If anybody has a responsibility to speak up about earth-related matters, it is those of us who work with earth based practices and the elements every day! I believe we have a duty to stand together – indigenous and non-indigenous, equally – because we are all one and we are all doing the same work in our own ways. We are all indigenous to Gaia!

There’s no point standing around and posting pretty images on Instagram saying “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” and the like, if we continue to wait for someone else to do something about it! We all have the ability to take the initiative.

As many of you know, I have been a yoga and ocean activist for a long time and this week, seeing how things are unfolding at an alarming and escalating rate, I have been motivated to create the public group ‘Yogis for Climate Change’ this week because I feel so strongly that all yogis, healers, mystics and medicine people, have a definite role to play in this global awakening – and on the global stage – to help bring about positive change across all our communities. The planet simply does not have any more time to waste.

We cannot sit on our asanas any longer or wave sage around and yet do nothing constructive. It’s time and each one of us is needed.

I see Greta is now supported by 16 other equally passionate youths from the other 5 continents whose emissions rank among the highest in the world - apart from Australia - and that together they have filed a legal complaint against these 5 countries (Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Turkey), in a bid to force legal change. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child aims "to protect children's rights and their argument is that these countries are not doing enough to mitigate or adapt to climate change, saying they have failed to fulfill the duty to serve the interests of the children's rights to life, health and culture". It's absolutely brilliant!

This Libra Super New Moon has been hard at work behind the scenes that's for sure.

Libra is the planet of justice, interesting hey – and with Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter all taking turns to square Saturn as they transit the skies this week, it’s no wonder we’ve witnessed so much collective activity of late. They each also share a sextile with Jupiter as they do so, which will create a sense of emotional expansion, joyfulness, lightness and general optimism, almost like you feel you can suddenly take a deep breath in and taste future potential again. This new moon asks us to set our boundaries, believe in love and luck and trust that when you let something (or someone) go, you create the space for something (or someone) new (and often better/more aligned) to come into your life. Be honest with yourself and be willing to confront a few home truths about how you show up in the world because there is most definitely a change in the ethers and this Super New Moon has the power to act as judge, jury and executioner; but in a way that will help your soul expand, not explode.

You won’t know what is possible if you first don’t try and do the (previously) impossible. The “im” stands for “I AM” remember. Silent A.

Venus will square Pluto for one last square serenade tomorrow, Monday 30th, bringing with it possible conflict in your relationship centred around money, for example, who is the main bread winner, whether one of you feels hardly done by re financial allowances or even possibly, one partner suddenly realises that they have sold out/sold themselves in exchange for financial security in a particular relationship or marrying as an ‘agreement’ (or a visa) instead of marrying for love. There are still some lingering, deep and innate fears that haunt and distort the feminine, driving her to do things she may not normally consider (agree with or feel good doing) in order to secure her future. All inherited junk and belief systems of course, from ancestors that were married off, bargained during war, pledged at birth (or killed for not being born male/as an heir) and even ‘bred’ for the specific purpose of being farmed out to other tribes in order to keep the peace! Second class citizens from the get go. Thankfully, it’s watered down a lot nowadays but shreds of these original vibrations do still remain and it unconsciously drives a lot of women to settle, to put up with circumstances that don’t honour them and/or to ‘prostitute’ themselves, to put their needs last and basically sacrifice themselves in some way, in order to be ‘looked after’.

This new moon will bring anything vaguely related to these stories, to the light and show you exactly where the injustice is, in your life. Yeah, it's big.

I actually find new moons more powerful than full moons and maybe that’s because I was born on one, who knows, but whilst I resonate with both new and full cycles, the new moon has always been more personally powerful for me and the full, more professionally potent. You can google where the moon was when you were born if you’re intrigued. It might make some things in your life clearer.

Tuesday October 1st brings in the numbers #1 and #14 (5), which are both numbers relating to the mind, new beginnings and the freedom that comes with mental clarity. You may find the pace of your thoughts greatly accelerated today, so remember to breathe and be present. You have the ability to multitask and make lots of important and profound decisions today but remember to consider your motivation when making such choices. Are you the only one that stands to gain anything from it and how will it impact others? Venus square Pluto will impact your creativity and levels of intimacy also, especially concerning control or empowerment struggles within relationships and thanks to Venus being the planet of love and desire, you could find an instant and magnetic attraction with someone new. Seek deeper truths, uncover some secrets (concepts courtesy of Pluto) and allow your intuition to take the steering wheel from your head.

There is a lot to be said about the power of self expression and what can be achieved when you allow yourself to speak (from your gut) and be seen for who you truly are (from your heart).

Moving on to Wednesday 2nd and Pluto goes direct after 5 months in the retrograde seat at last, helping us to finally move forward and stop procrastinating. We’ve had plenty of time to contemplate, roll around in our past and dive into our deepest desires, peeling back the layers of our inherited and generated fears and dissecting our stories in order to own, clear and heal them; now it’s time to manifest the next stage for ourselves and get out there, doing! It’s the perfect timing too because for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, we’ve just passed Spring Equinox (fall in the North), which is all about rising energy, expression and growth.

It’s giddy-up time girls and boys!

This coming week will be a time to practice loving kindness, compassion, patience and good old fashioned LISTENING, for every human on the planet, as well as owning any conscious or subconscious intrigue we may have deep within us, that keeps us bound to the lower physical “I AM’s”. The expressions of pornography, taboo sexual practices, infidelity, wife swapping and so forth, you get the idea. You’ll need to stick to your guns to ensure you don’t get pulled into somebody else’s twisted desirescape or, if you do decide to throw caution to the wind and explore some avenues you have previously sauntered past, do so carefully and always tell a parent (or friend) where you are! Life is an experiment after all, just make sure you are safe.

Get it out of your system if you must, but watch you don't get consumed.

Back to Libra now and how it will influence us in some more subtle ways. There will be no more pontificating or telling others how it’s going to be because let's be honest, nobody likes to be dictated to and that approach never ends well. We are witnessing the last bastions of this kind of behaviour crumble before our eyes with North Korea for example, slowly kicking and screaming into the modern world to sit at the table with all the other adults in the world. China too, although I feel they are going to have one massive final tantrum before they too get with the program. We will need to embody our inner Libran's to exercise fairness, justice and right action, towards each other and in every situation that crosses our path. We will all need to step up our communication skills and rearrange our internal wiring to do this. I reckon this is going to be a bit harder than usual given all the polluting 5G and wifi we are constantly swimming in each day, but we can do it. Don’t give up and don’t lose heart. Stay in yours and keep asking your guides for support because MR doesn’t have to be torture or a phase of the year to fear. If you resist what it offers – and this time round, it’s offering an extended lesson in presence and personal accountability – then yeah, it will be an extra sharp end to the pointy part of the year for you.

If you stay grounded and don’t take things personally, you should be okay.

This day is also powerful as Mercury will do a rare scoot across the surface of the Sun – a transit that only happens about 13 times each century – so it’s kind of a big deal. All we may see is a small black dot innocently crossing the Sun and that will take about 5 or so hours, so don't hold your breath watching it. Being in retrograde, in Scorpio and a prelude to the Taurus full moon on November 12, this is sure to herald some (more) serious weather eruptions, world crises and increased general fuckedupedness. Fabulous I hear you say. Be alert, stay calm and instead of getting involved and possibly scalded, I suggest you retreat to your cocoon when anything major threatens to hit the fan.

Talks between world powers for example, will escalate, peak and (hopefully) find resolve. Discussions about the future of the planet, will escalate, peak and (hopefully) find resolve. Our inner dialogues will intensify, be more agitating and then (hopefully) relax and resolve. It’s going to be a sensitive time where we all will need to be more mindful and tolerant of each other and our varying opinions, but this is a good thing because it means there is the potential for people to really take notice of one another and respect different beliefs, needs and ideas. It's a big ask, trying to get the whole of humanity on the same page, but that's essentially what we need to do.

Again, the scales of Libra will be working to find and maintain balance, harmony, equality and the best outcomes for ALL.

By Sunday 6th, you will no doubt be well and truly ready for a break, so stay close to home, rest, do things with your family that make you smile and stay away from the crowds. Mercury opposite Uranus today can heighten anxiety and tension, so if in doubt, don’t. Do something to nurture your body and mind and cultivate continual faith in the universal processes we are all witnessing (and co-creating) right now. Monday 7th may bring with it a good dose of self pity, regret (about some of the crazy-assed things Scorpio convinced you to try) or a tendency to be melodramatic. Just take a good look in the mirror and get over yourself.

Stay strong, in LOVE and retain your sense of humour. It’s the only way we’re gonna get through this peeps.

School holidays are on again – fourth term OMG, where has this year gone LOL – so I am sure there are lots of things you want to do with your families, but hopefully you can also make time to nourish yourself and recharge your own batteries. I will be teaching over these holidays as usual – Mondays and Fridays @ 9:45am – 11am and Sunday @ 4:30pm – 6pm; Christina will have her usual holiday intensive from October 6th – 10th. More details about that next week. Stuart and Nick’s classes will not be on during the break FYI.

I will also hold a special 2-hour YIN IMMERSION on Monday October 7th (the public holiday), which will involve lots of deep and supported/propped holds, juicy stretches, delicious releases and an extended savasana with sound healing. You will need to book and prepay for this as spaces will be limited. My usual 9:45am class will just extend till 11:45am. You won’t want to miss this! Totally suitable for beginners also.

My next full moon medicine circle will be held at Breathing Space in Avalon. This one’s in ARIES, so it’s going to be activating and inspiring! Sunday 13th @ 6:30pm after yoga. $50.

You may have noticed I have been plugging my writing of late and have been enjoying some great exposure on Elephant Journal (US) as well. I have included the link below to the articles I have written and had promoted if you missed them during the last couple of weeks. If you like them, please ‘heart’ them on the websites to let the publishers know. That way I get to continue sharing my voice and my message with more people and keep spreading the shamanic-yogic love! Infinite love and gratitude in advance. Here you go:

In the meantime, yoga teachers and avid yoga students, please join my facebook Y4CC (Yogis for Climate Change) group and share your ideas and eco journeys with us. I have some big plans for this group but I need your help and support to make them happen, so please if you have any special skills or contacts, let me know.

Sending you all love and the highest intentions for a passionate yet peaceful week!





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