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Look & Think Outside The Box

There's some serious planetary gymnastics going on today folks, so please make sure you hydrate well and get out into nature in some way to help you release some of the agitation that this will cause those of us who are sensitive. You may already be feeling headachey, nauseous or fatigued.

So, I wanted to share something with you that has been concerning me for awhile.

When we feel agitated (more than usual, which is common right now I know), it's important to be even more diligent with not only our self care, but with our self awareness and how we communicate. We're out of Mercury retrograde post-shadow now, so it's the perfect time to elevate the vibration of our unique voices; and in ways that 'do no harm', on any level. Ahimsa (non violence) remember?

There's A LOT of division and anger spewing forth on social media (again) and to be honest, it's not serving any of us. All we are doing, is splitting our group consciousness even further apart.

This whole "Karen" business for a start is beneath us all, so let's stop using it (even in jest) and rise above the stereotypes that were originally 'put in place' and imposed on us, by the very elitist oligarchs that we are (hopefully all) fighting against!

Let's practice more compassion, detachment and strive to work through our personal triggers instead of feeding divisive commentaries on Facecrook; because ultimately they are just other people's opinions, and we all know that opinions are like 'a-holes - everyone has one.'

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own perspective of course, I'm not saying we all have to agree or shouldn't feel free to speak our truth. I'm merely suggesting that maybe we could all benefit from exercising a little more self control when it comes to contributing to what are obviously some controversial topics and conversations. Naturally, I include myself in this as I also need the odd reminder when it all gets too much for me.

We are all doing the best we can, with the tools/skills/knowledge we have at present okay, but it's important to remember also, that we are all here to grow, to challenge our conditioned belief systems and embrace a higher state of consciousness. Yogis will relate to this especially. So when you read something that doesn't sit right with you, instead of slamming it down and belittling the person who has the courage (intuitive gifts and spiritual experience) to share something contrary to the mainstream in the first place, perhaps hold your tongue and go investigate the subject for yourself so you can be at peace (and assured) that whatever they are suggesting is going on, definitely isn't. If/when you discover it IS really happening, then you are now more aware than before and hence, more empowered. Box opened, soul awakened.

I know the whole child-satanic-sex-cult-human-trafficking and pedophilia thing IS a big concept for most people to fathom, so if that is too much for you, keep it simple. Start with looking into the less confronting truths by finding the 'evidence' about it all. You'll find plenty on the websites of those organizations being 'accused' of such crimes against humanity.

Make the time to read what the World Economic Forum's Globalization and Sustainability 'plan' is for the world (vaccines and covID are included in this). Read about Agenda 21 (and Agenda 2030) for yourself. Check out what the WHO has in store regards child sex education and discern if that is appropriate for Kindergarten kids or not. See what the updated protocol for masks is in the CDC's own words; and learn the real stats about this “pandemic”. Read through the recently released "Pedophilia Handbook" and decide if you think it’s okay to have documents teaching people how to be 'good pedophiles', freely available on the internet that our children surf daily.

Get informed about the seriously important things that are underway (and being deliberately hidden from us) that threaten all our freedoms, sanity and health. Then dive into the other stuff when you are ready to digest it.

I have no doubt that very quickly, you will find yourself changing tack and realizing what millions are sharing about all these atrocities, are in fact, TRUTHS, NOT "conspiracy theories".

Don't believe "Pizzagate"? Explain the owner's Instagram page then; James Elefante (although apparently it's private now. Funny that).

Check out Elon Musk's partner's Insta (Grimes) and tell me THAT'S not cause for concern.

Try and make sense of Christy Teigen's regular and blatant cannabalistic ravings on Twitter about her desire for babies and blood sex rituals.

Listen to senator Bill Heffernan’s appeals in parliament to get a 70-year pedophile suppression order lifted, so that Australian victims of sexual abuse (at the hands of our esteemed politicians) can get the justice they deserve and ask yourself WHY would (then PM) John Howard ever put such an order in place??

Explain how coincidental it is that all these people connected to these "conspiracy theories", share the same sadistic taste in art (which is really child porn) and why NONE of the celebrities who usually advocate human rights and child safety, are SILENT AS right now. Oprah, Ellen, not a peep. Interesting isn't it.

Ask yourself why information being posted by expert health professionals, is being censored left, right and centre, when we supposedly live in a “free country”.

Now is not the time to be lazy peeps, or separating ourselves (from ego) any further because it is only serving to drive the wedge deeper between our tribes and hence weakening ALL of us. It's time for next level critical thinking, conscious discernment and embodying the divine practices of patience, tolerance and compassion with one another as we all try and make sense of the crazy world we find ourselves in.

We are all powerful co-creators after all and we all have a specific role to play now, so let's not mimic the behaviors the reptilian dictators want us to and instead, lead ourselves with L ❤ V E.



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