Look & Think Outside The Box

There's some serious planetary gymnastics going on today folks, so please make sure you hydrate well and get out into nature in some way to help you release some of the agitation that this will cause those of us who are sensitive. You may already be feeling headachey, nauseous or fatigued.

So, I wanted to share something with you that has been concerning me for awhile.

When we feel agitated (more than usual, which is common right now I know), it's important to be even more diligent with not only our self care, but with our self awareness and how we communicate. We're out of Mercury retrograde post-shadow now, so it's the perfect time to elevate the vibration of our unique voices; and in ways that 'do no harm', on any level. Ahimsa (non violence) remember?

There's A LOT of division and anger spewing forth on social media (again) and to be honest, it's not serving any of us. All we are doing, is splitting our group consciousness even further apart.

This whole "Karen" busine