Living In the Balance

September 23 - 29


What a week hey. Tumultuous weather again, more political bloopers and blunders, innocent Aussie tourists being arrested in Iran for taking photos of stuff they didn’t even know was there (how’s that for military paranoia) and an impending ban on having sex out of wedlock in Bali (which I actually find extremely amusing because what better way to rid themselves of all the tourists abusing their country day in day out and spreading disease, than to slap them with a ban of having sex unless there’s a ring on it?!) We’ve collectively polluted Bali for long enough and not given much back at all really, what do we expect? Maybe this will be enough of a wake up call to make Australians appreciate Bali at last, or of course, it could mean the masses just shift their holiday obsession to another tropical island and start doing the same thing there.