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Living In the Balance

September 23 - 29


What a week hey. Tumultuous weather again, more political bloopers and blunders, innocent Aussie tourists being arrested in Iran for taking photos of stuff they didn’t even know was there (how’s that for military paranoia) and an impending ban on having sex out of wedlock in Bali (which I actually find extremely amusing because what better way to rid themselves of all the tourists abusing their country day in day out and spreading disease, than to slap them with a ban of having sex unless there’s a ring on it?!) We’ve collectively polluted Bali for long enough and not given much back at all really, what do we expect? Maybe this will be enough of a wake up call to make Australians appreciate Bali at last, or of course, it could mean the masses just shift their holiday obsession to another tropical island and start doing the same thing there.

Look out South Pacific, the potential for mass bogans heading your way, just increased ten fold. I hope you know how to braid.

To really get yourself aligned with Spring, there are a couple of things you can do as far as diet and intentions go according to Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Firstly, we need to bring the KAPHA dosha into balance, the one that endows our bodies with its earthy and watery qualities. Kapha provides the lubrication for our joints and mucus for our sinuses, lungs and stomach. It also influences the integrity and flexibility of our muscles, which mirrors the TCM system tying the eyes, sinews and joints to the Wood element, the liver and gall bladder in particular.

During winter we accumulate Kapha. It’s necessary to protect our organs, keep us ‘padded’ against the cold and nourish us during the hibernation phase of the year but when Spring comes around and if Kapha is allowed to remain dominant, we will feel lethargic, bloated and mentally flat. We can retain fluid and phlegm, lose weight (crash-style, not safely) and experience aching and heavy limbs and joints. If we don’t cleanse ourselves of this excess we will become more vulnerable to snot, clogged bowels, infections, allergies and colds and flu. After Equinox lands, it’s time to shed our winter coats and get moving, but depending on your constitution, you need to be careful and aim to not shock your body into the next season. This is why I always reiterate the importance of working with an experienced nutritionist or similar practitioner to ensure you lose weight and activate yourself on all levels, safely.

There is lots of advice out there vying for our attention so I would suggest you just start eating less, upping your consumption of green foods and juices (unless you’re Vata as that can deplete you) and incorporating regular stretching, meditation and breathing practices into your daily routine. Slow and steady is best if you are a beginner and even if you are a seasoned yogi, getting back to basics and re-establishing a solid foundation for yourself at this time of year, is always going to be a positive thing. Saying that, it is however, vital to generate heat at this time of year to help stimulate the digestive and eliminatory organs, so any cardio exercise and bandha work will be great to help you do that. Just make sure you do so under expert supervision. Do not attempt to teach yourself about bandhas please, it is powerful work and needs to be explained by a professional and integrated into your routine steadily over time.

Spring is associated with spring cleaning as well of course, so make time to slowly start going through all the stuff that may have accumulated in your house or garage since the start of the year and create fresh space and energy for you and your family. Also get outdoors often to breathe deep and soak up the healing vibes and breezes that herald everything new and fresh birthing into the world!

With the official arrival of Equinox landing on Sunday/Monday, I have actually transformed into a gardening fiend! Seriously, I have planted and re-potted my heart out, all weekend ahead of the change on Monday. I found some colourful ceramic pots buried under mulch and all kinds of organic litter that had obviously been hiding away for years and I even discovered a huge green ant nest that I never knew existed up the back, who are the perfect candidates to decompose my dead turtle for me (keep reading on for that explanation). It was literally like, the season started shifting and I turned into the female version of Costa Georgiadis! I brought my huge peace lily from the studio back home and divided her into 5 lush clumps that are now happily resting and readying for the next phase of their journey. ‘Hera’ has been with me since I opened Breathing Space 14 years ago and has been a beautiful and healing addition to the space, but it was high time she retired. Now, she can spread the love around my garden and enjoy some well earned outdoor time as well. I discovered we actually have Jade plants scattered all around our property so I potted up two large matching guardians and gifted them some amethyst for company. They are now guarding my back door as I sit with a well earned cuppa feeling very relaxed and very happy that I managed to accomplish so much in one day. A bit more tomorrow and I will feel completely aligned with Spring; and with all my new intentions planted (literally).

So, with a new moon and equinox this week, you can expect lots of new energy and new opportunities for creative expression and manifestation, starting on Monday 23rd when the Sun enters Libra, the zodiac ruling balance, on the day of balance. Time to be honest and see if all aspects of your life are in weighing evenly or if you are sliding into deficit or excess somewhere, somehow.

Wednesday 25th sees Venus square to Saturn (now direct) which means you may feel left out, hard done by, rejected in love or over protective with your money. There’s the potential for ‘not enough’ to rear its ugly head. The “I don’t have enough, there isn’t enough to go round, I am not enough” story and so forth, which are just very old paradigms that need to be cleared, ones that are still connected to lack and loss, residual from our ancestors’ hard lives, recession, depression and world wars and that create repetitive mass societal depletion, literally and on all levels – emotionally, mentally and energetically. This outlook doesn’t serve our generation at all now because we have so much at our disposal, we just need to step up and appreciate that, protect it and conserve it so it can last serve future generations! When we give up and become consumed by hopelessness, we are more likely to abuse the earth more because this mindset of “oh well, we’re fcuked anyway, why bother” creeps in to justify our rape and pillage actions and attitudes. Survival instincts kick in, but not the lightest or highest version of survival instincts. Instead, negative ones that are infused with greed and dominance very quickly become the popular dialogue because so many are still stuck in the superstition and fear frequency. The ‘highest’ and ‘lightest’ expressions of survival instinct are actually anchored in community service, ensuring everyone is okay, not leaving anyone behind, growing enough food for the collective and working together to secure future supplies of clean water and shelter for ALL.

You can’t take your money, your cars, your Louis Vuitton luggage or your Cartier diamonds with you when you die Beyoncé – that is one fact that none of us can deny. You will however, take your spiritual baggage if you don’t clear it in this lifetime, so stop clinging to material possessions like they actually mean something. They are transient, as are your belief systems around success, accolade, celebrity and popularity. It’s all BS. None of that stuff matters – nor does it gain you spiritual points – when you are ready to meet your maker. What counts is – how well you loved, how hard you worked on your karma and whether your heart was pure and in service to all sentient beings.

Survival becomes REVIVAL of the human spirit, not a race to see who can last the distance with as much shit as they can hoard.

This hump day also carries with it a strong mental energy as the numbers 25, 7 (2+5=7) and 1 (25+9+2019=28=1) are all about the mind, mindfulness, initiating higher perspectives and perusing the intellect. It will be important to take some down time today so you can process all the downloads that will no doubt be streaming through. Try not to over analyse when this happens, just allow things to come into your sphere of awareness and take note of any ah-ha moments with gratitude because they will help propel you forwards to where you dream of going – and where you need to be at this point in your life. The universe does have your back today, so trust it. Saturn asks you to work hard at creating joy and kindness and peace within any relationships that may be feeling tense, antsy or out of harmony. Venus square Saturn asks you to have alone time to help you reset any fears you have about moving forward and actually receiving what your heart desires. This is a big one because so often we block what we say we want and then get frustrated when we don’t get what we want! Align your inner dialogue with the language of your divine heart if you feel you have a tendency to do this unconsciously. Again, we all do it at some point, it’s part of being human.

Thinking hard about these things and ask where have you lost touch with what’s important.

Thursday 26th is a good day to get to the bottom of any lingering and unresolved issues thanks to Mercury and Pluto having a bit of a head to head and creating the ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ kind of vibe. Mercury rules the mind and Pluto is all about passion and power plays remember. The square they create today will be the last time in 2019 that they offer us the opportunity to lift the lid on some deep, hidden secrets and free ourselves from the pain that comes with keeping them contained. Speak up, don’t be afraid to share your feelings and step into your power in order to take advantage of this energy because as you know, it takes more energy to cover things up than it does to just release and resolve them. Just be mindful to stay compassionate, patient and don’t spit out nasty words just for the sake of hurting someone else. Make sure everything you share, is said with love (for yourself and them) and motivated by the highest intentions to re-establish respect, alignment and peace, because these two planets together like this can be rather intense and dominating. Walk away from conflict or arguments and make a concerted effort to stay mentally flexible so you can consider many perspectives and opinions and not get fixated on one course of action or one train of thought only.

Friday 27th sees Chiron, the planet of self healing, grazing the closest to earth all year, which will bring with it the energy of self responsibility and realising that nobody can help or heal you, if you won’t try to help and heal yourself. It’s high time to pull up your big girl pants and rip off any remaining band-aids in order to expose the old wounds and allow them – and everything connected to them – to mend properly. If you’ve been diligent and working on yourself on a regular basis, today will feel more like next level relief, but if you haven’t and you know in your gut that you have been playing the avoidance game for a bit too long than you should have, then today could be rather confronting for you; or at least, a bit more emotionally challenging. Just remember that when we experience any kind of pushback, it’s a prelude to breakthrough, so be gentle with yourself no matter what floats to the surface and focus on the silver lining instead of chastising or berating yourself for past mistakes or misdeeds.

Show yourself that you deserve happiness, start being your own boss and things will start to shift in your favour.

Friday 27th brings in genius energy and inspired ideas that will encourage us to take a new approach to the status quo. Be receptive and explore unusual experiences and topics that can expand your creative freedom today. Take off your blinkers and look around at the beauty that surrounds you because often we lose focus on what’s important when we are bogged down with stress and habit. We all do it and if we don’t stop and smell the roses now and again, we risk losing touch with the very things that move and motivate us. This is where this lunar balance message comes in – make time to pause, regularly, because if you are living (and working) in servitude, not service, then that is not living at all; that is existing. Venus sextiles Jupiter at 17 degrees in it’s own sign of Libra today which brings good news and unexpected romantic opportunities. A good day (or night) for a date! You may feel called to be more social and emotionally open than you have been and this is partly to do with the emergence of spring bringing in warmth, excitement and new growth energy also. Today could bring financial expansion too as whatever you have been working on of late, moves to its next level of completion and fruition.

Saturday 28th welcomes in our next (and last for 2019) Super New Moon in Libra – again, perfectly reiterating the equinox balance focus – and this will bring with it much needed emotional stability and even the promise of new romance! We’ve had 3 Super New Moons in a row – July, August and now September – and this final one brings with Her an abundance of potential in relation to people power and our collective voice being heard. Watch what happens now after that massive Climate Rally on Friday – that attracted well over 300,000 earth warriors around Australia!! Such an incredible tribal effort and of course there were thousands of others who couldn’t make it because of work or family commitments, whose energy was also there with those of us who attended in person. That was one mammoth effort by conscious Australians and I was moved to tears several times on the day knowing I was surrounded by so many like minds and hearts who truly give a shit about the future of our planet.

One of the best tee shirts I saw in the crowd said exactly that – “Your planet needs you to give a shit”. Yep, says it all.

Mother Earth certainly needs our government to give one. Scott Morrison is more concerned with hanging out and playing dress ups with Trump this week, than attending the world climate change gathering in the same neighbourhood. Disgraceful. Apparently the topic doesn’t warrant his attention. He has his head buried in the same pile of sand as Tony Abbott obviously – either that or it’s too far up the US President’s you-know-what for him to notice what’s going on around him. A bit of both I reckon.

Teen rally organiser Daisy Jeffrey, is no doubt one of our next awakened leaders in the making. She spoke with so much passion and conviction, as loud as her young activist lungs would allow and she did her generation – and all of us – proud. I am sure I was not the only one who was appalled and outraged to learn what the NT indigenous communities have been suffering at the hands of the Adani Mining Company. Their land has been drained of water, they have no jobs because they have all been farmed out to Adani staff and their land is left desolate and uninhabitable in most cases, because of the effects of climate change, exacerbated by the presence of said mining company.

When we make the effort to support the earth, magic happens, in whatever form resonates for us as individuals. For me, this was being gifted two divine talismans to use in my shamanic work and to honour the spirits of these sacred animals and all they represent. Nothing happens by accident.

Closer to home, in Gunnedah, only 5 hours from our comfortable realities in Sydney, the local indigenous community is starving. They have to drive into town and buy water bottles to take back to their community to drink and wash with. The rivers and creeks they rely on for personal use, their animals and for their important ceremonies, are all dried up. The song lines are no longer activated because the land is slowly dying around them. And the head elder/uncle of the region and his family, are now bankrupt and virtually homeless because they don’t have any work thanks to local mining companies prioritising whites and polluting their homeland. Local farmers are suffering as well as all natural resources are sucked up by the mining interests out there.

Why don’t we see these truths exposed on mainstream media you say? Because it’s not important to those who wield the power, to those who OWN the media outlets and to those who profit from such atrocity. If we don’t know what’s going on, we will keep ignorantly voting for them. So, they tell us enough to satiate our curiosity and stop us from digging further, but it’s never the complete truth and it’s never unbiased.

As if our indigenous haven’t suffered enough at the hands of colonisation! It continues, behind the scenes my friends, have no doubt about this. Without our nation’s first peoples holding country together and keeping the land energetically alive, we are all doomed.

This is happening right now and yes the future looks very bleak indeed if something doesn’t change. Not just for us here down under, for the entire planet. If you research the environmental statistics and projections for the next decade, it’s scarier than any sci-fi wasteland movie you will ever see because it IS what will happen if we don’t change.

We can all make a difference if we WANT to and if life means enough to us, we will.

On a positive note, the 9 day Hindu festival of Navrati commences on the Sunday 29th, making this an even more auspicious time to find inner harmony, practice compassion and work to eradicate all forms of fear and pain in our lives. This is the prefect time to ramp up your practice on behalf of humanity and do something to help on the energetic level. Still reduce your consumption of plastic and other polluting products, but don’t forget how powerful working with energy and sending it out, can be. Make time over the next week and a bit to connect with the Goddess Durga (the one sitting on top of a tiger, or sometimes a lion) because she basically represents all the Shakti in the universe and is THE deity you want on your side helping protect all that is virtuous and right, whilst eradicating evil and ignorance. Both Lion or Tiger symbolise unlimited power, so you can’t go wrong visualising either animal. Honour her with the chant ‘AUM GUM DURGAYEI NAMAHA’ for the next 9 days as you set your intentions and see what manifests for you. If you have a little statuette or image of Maa Durga to meditate on, even better.

When you pray to Maa Durga, make sure you are respectful and also serious about what you are asking for. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly, nor does she appreciate false idolisation or empty words if she senses them coming from self centred needs and desires. She does not pander to ego in any form. Imagine sitting before the King of the Jungle, or Great Tiger Spirit when you connect with her and that should help keep you humble and real in case your ego tries to try something tricky. Maa sees ALL remember – inside and out.

This time in humanity’s journey, it is absolutely imperative that we all show up with integrity and with only the best intentions for ALL, in our hearts. No more ‘ME’. It’s all about ‘WE’.

I hope you have been evolving and expanding and thinking outside your boxes this week with all that has been unfolding, because the invitation continues into this one. It’s an incredible time to be alive and we must stand strong in the knowing that we are all here for a reason and that we all have great work to do.

Get in touch if you need some healing support and don’t forget my FREE SPRING YOGA IMMERSION starts this week online from Monday 23rd – Saturday 28th. Just grab your mat and hop onto Facebook for 12pm wherever you are and tune in for some Mana Yoga. I’m going to aim to be somewhere different each day so Blaze can get a walkies at the same time! Here’s the link:

Heads up also, my ‘DREAMING AWAKE’ ULURU RETREAT IS NOW FULL. I have my sacred 13 – a coven no less – for this auspicious gathering next January and am super excited to be joined by some very powerful and gifted sisters for this work.

My next eco adventure will be my 5th trip offering ‘SALTED SOULS’ in TONGA again – August 31st to September 7th this time – and this is already half full! If you have always wanted to swim with whales, this is the tour for you. We’ll be staying at my favourite eco resort in Vava’u again, practicing yoga and meditation daily and basking under the full moon. As a whale whisperer, I am able to translate the special messages the whales will share with each of you and will support you as your energetic awakenings unfold after these sacred connections. It’s another once in a lifetime experience and I hope you can join me! Children over the age of 13 are most welcome too.

Have a conscious week and I’ll see you on the other side!

Blessings and love,




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