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I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank You

A personal share this week.

I found out today that some of my family members have taken the experimental gene therapy and to be honest, it has thrown me for a six.

I know that most of my cousins remain blissfully unaware of what is really going on in the world and assume that they also, have had the jab, but when it's closer to home, the reality of what the future will look like, hits hard. As I sit with this news and allow hot tears to flow, I can feel my heart literally breaking and not so much for myself, but for my son. In a few short years, our family tree is going to look radically different to how it does now and it's safe to say that the majority of our relatives, on both sides, will no longer be with us.

Every empath on the planet is feeling deep grief this week as lock-up and illegal mandates intensify across this great country of ours. The outer layer or frequency of anger, has softened enough now to allow more people to feel into the sadness that sits beneath it - both personally and collectively - and the pain that is waiting to be acknowledged and released. Disbelief and sorrow are just two natural and common responses that come from having to watch most of our brothers and sisters volunteering their health and their souls at a time when every sentient being on earth is being called to "ascend".

Just like freedom of speech, it appears informed consent no longer exists either.

After encouraging others to practice next level compassion this week by smiling and radiating love at any people "blindly following the rules", I fell off my own spiritual wagon today, and I know it's because now my own family has joined the depopulation stats. That's no excuse to be terse or less polite to others around me of course, so to the people that I saw today whilst shopping, I apologize if I came across as dismissive or rude, for that wasn't my intention. They most likely won't even read this newsletter, but I just wanted to be transparent.

I was doing my best to process my personal situation and remain in a space of equanimity and peace whilst witnessing the continued insanity around me, and it was a bit too much. A couple of friends whom I know to be beautiful and conscious, were wearing them too, which set me to thinking as I walked home: IS it possible for someone be "spiritual" and yet still not "awake"?

Are there different "levels" of "awake-ness" or IS it only black and white?

Can someone to be connected to source, environmentally friendly and even working in yoga and natural therapies for instance, and yet still be oblivious to the cult, the corruption and the overt manipulation of humanity that we are experiencing? I honestly would like to understand how they can not perceive these things as "bad" or "unhealthy"? How ingredients proven to be lethal and unethical, alongside outrageous restrictions on freedom that are killing more than have died from a so-called "pandemic", don't seem to penetrate their conscience in the way it does those who do see? We have all had myriad conversations about this I know, but I feel it's always good to revisit things every now and again, because we are all (hopefully) evolving and our perspectives are growing and expanding as we do so.

Everyone has the right to change their mind after all; it's not just a "woman's prerogative".

We often assume that because someone is wearing a mask for example, that they are "asleep", complying out of fear and ignorance and therefore "the enemy". But are they? Are some of these people on the street and in our communities, just as opposed to the BS as those of us who aren't wearing masks, but choosing their battles and their moments of defiance, in a different, more discreet way? And if this is the case, then who are we to judge them for honoring their own compass and doing what they feel is right in the moment, just as we are?

I know this is a difficult and sensitive topic and situation because the actual truth is, the more people that do comply with the insanity, the more it enables the government to invoke the next level of restrictions, which in turn, then negatively affect everyone. It's a daily challenge to stay in your heart, allow others to "be themselves" and retain your own sense of focus, power and also humility, isn't it?

The majority is being held hostage by the minority and nobody knows how it's all going to turn out.

For me, everybody's journey is valid and "perfect" and really none of my business, but I do have an issue when people start pushing their agendas on others who don't share their views, or when they start ostracizing and alienating people out of fear, control and ego. That to me, isn't fair, just or conscious. Everybody is entitled to live their life as they see fit, as long as they do no harm, which is why I guess, I, like many others, find it so challenging to accept how and why, people we have known to be intelligent, switched on and educated, are supporting a system that is so obviously out to get us all.

I don't have the answers that's for sure, I'm just sharing where I'm at this week and hopefully it helps you stay clear and strong in your own convictions. This self-development work never ends - and nor should it - because it's through living each experience as it comes with as much awareness, vulnerability and integrity as we have in each moment, that our true soul's purpose is heard, seen and honored.

Remember that tomorrow is a new day full of opportunities to do better, give more, attach less and deepen our practices of patience, compassion and loving allowance.

Here's a beautiful whale video to help lighten your load and remind you that there is still so much beauty and potential in the world. I seriously cannot wait to return to Tonga to swim with these sentient masters again. Hopefully next year...

Also my recent, heart-inspiring interview with Jacqueline, aka Oracle Girl:



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Thank you for sharing ... for your transparency, honesty, and taking a stand. My sense is there's nothing quite like adversity to shed light on where we are each at. In this case the adversity of a "global pandemic" ... a virus ... "a global pandemic response" ... lock-downs, massive disruption ... mass censorship ... etc.". It's as if a holographic projection of a fox has been beamed into the hen house ... and now we get to see which hens have what it takes to recognise the deception.

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