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Starting tomorrow, this eclipse season is sure to usher in a new way of life for all sentient beings.

As I type, there are several legal battles playing out in the US in an effort to establish "Truth, Justice and the American Way", which of course you don't hear about because the mainstream media has their fingers in their ears like obedient monkeys, refusing to acknowledge and cover it. According to them, Biden is the new POTUS and we should all just shut up and accept this reality because they say so. As all that continues to unravel overseas, we are also seeing next level treachery raising its ugly head in our own country with yet another bill proposal designed to snuff out our voices and quash any remaining rights of the Australian public, using military force. Here's the link for you to get up to speed:

So when I was feeling into what to needs to express this week, suddenly the story of Samson and Delilah popped into my head. I'm sure you're all familiar with it and I certainly haven't revisited it for decades, but my guides are here saying "share it", so I'm going to listen and try and apply it to current world circumstances so we can glean whatever ancient gems we need, to help us on our present journey.

God chose Samson to be his number one man during a time when the judges ruled over Israel. He was basically destined from birth to liberate Israel from the Philistines. Samson was one incredibly strong human, the epitome of the physical divine masculine as far as muscles go, but this strength was not matched in character unfortunately. He had his flaws - as we all do - and his particular weakness was for beautiful Philistine women.

I know, it's a bit predictable but this is where cliches come from: history.

Enter Delilah. It's interesting to note here, that the name "Delilah" comes from Hebrew and Arabic roots meaning "delicate night". It has also been connected to Lilith, the dark goddess or "Queen of the Night". Some sources also claim it means "delicate hair". No such thing as coincidences remember?

Samson fell in love with Delilah, understandably, given his eye for gorgeous and intelligent women; and she had both qualities in spades. Although she was technically from the 'other side of the fence' and therefore effectively the enemy, it didn't matter to him, he was hooked. The scriptures - not to mention countless artists throughout the ages ever since - depict and recall her beauty as unmatched, her feminine allure, irresistible. No surprise that actresses such as Hedy Lamarr (the original) and Elizabeth Hurley (more recently) were given the role of the seductress in this ancient parable.

Naturally, the rulers in Philistine didn't like what Samson stood for - that is, GOD, the Creator they were supposed to be following ironically - and so when Samson started dating Delilah, they saw an opportunity to take him down. They approached Delilah and surprise, surprise, offered her (a lot of) money to do their bidding. They wanted her to betray her lover and find out the source of his incredible strength and she agreed - most likely because life was pretty tough back in those days and a girl needed the money - but also because she wasn't an Israeli sympathizer, she was loyal to Philistine and was quite possibly a sorceress to boot. Plus on the higher soul level, this is the karmic role that she had chosen. Delilah went home and made a banquet for Samson - again, are you seeing the origins of several stereotypes here, this one reflecting the "way to a man's heart is through his stomach" for instance - and as he was enjoying this sumptuous meal, she coyly asked him what made him so strong. I'm sure she would have lubricated the situation with some cheap wine and thrown in a few extra compliments before he actually spilled the beans, but you get the gist. Samson responded that if he was tied up with seven new bowstrings that had not been dried, he would lose his strength.

When Delilah went and told the corrupt counsel this news, they instructed her to tie up Samson in his sleep. To Delilah's astonishment, Samson had tricked her and was easily able to break free. Samson told her again, that he would lose his strength if he was tied up with bowstrings, but that they had to be brand new and unused, so as he slept the next night, again Delilah tried to trap him with seven virginal strings and again, he broke free. Delilah was very hurt by Samson's actions and questioned his love for her because he wouldn't share the secret to his strength.

Now, without wanting to criticize a sister I have never met, but really? Delilah's behavior here does not reflect honesty, conscious communion or unconditional love. She was the one doing the manipulation (for coinage remember) and yet when he innocently (and ignorantly) tricks her, she gets pissed off and accuses him of doubting her love! Oh the ways men and women have tortured one another and distorted the gift of sacred union over the eons; and all in "the name of love" hey.

The origin of the "battle of the sexes" perhaps.

The next day Delilah continuously asked Samson about his strength. She nagged him so much that he finally told her the secret, just to get some peace and quiet no doubt. He told her that he was given his strength at birth by God and that if his hair was cut, he would be just like any other man. Instead of being a loyal and loving partner and appreciating his honesty, instead, that evening as Samson slept, Delilah callously chopped off his locks and called in the Philistines who were now able to capture him without any of the usual resistance. They even gouged his eyes out before throwing him into prison in Gaza, just to add insult to injury.

By the time the Philistines brought Samson out to stand in the temple square before a great crowd that included all the rulers plus thousands of civilians, his hair had begun to grow back. Nursing a broken heart and most likely some serious regrets and revengeful thoughts at having trusted his co-workers, not to mention being betrayed by his beloved (understandably), as he leaned against the pillars of the temple, he prayed to Almighty God for the strength once more to defeat them. Samson used all of his remaining might to push the temple pillars apart, effectively collapsing the entire building and killing thousands of Philistines, good and evil, in one fell swoop. Plus himself. Whether Delilah was in the crowd is not known. I suspect she split when he was arrested so as to avoid facing her conscience.

Despite this suicide/murder mission - God forgave Samson because he was His instrument after all. His life was not lived, nor did he die, in vain; it was through Samson's destruction of the temple and his subsequent death, that God's people, the Israelites, were freed from oppressive Philistine rule.

And therein lies the gem: we are each playing our role. Some of us are acting the villain, some of us the victor. Some of us are holy and some of us are horrendous. The point is, we are all necessary 'actors' in this grand illusion called 'Maya', this filmscape to end all filmscapes and not one of us is 'better' or 'worse' than the other. We are all equally activated and in alignment with our role. We have all been sinners and saints in our past lives.

When we understand and accept this truth - fully and unconditionally - that is when we can start stepping into 5D territory.

Every story has a purpose - biblical or not - and it's not always clear when you're right in the middle of it, as to what that is, nor what the ending will eventually reveal. We know the 'book', the story, will end eventually, but the important part is to move through it with presence and comprehend and interpret the information as we go (as we read). The outcome - that is, who we become (how we are moved) as a result of absorbing and engaging with it - is the most important part. Are we changed or do we remain the same?

Do we allow stories to consume or control us or do we allow them to forge the next layer of our true soul self?

So what modern messages can we decipher from this biblical account? Is it about not equating one's power with one's appearances (and ego)? Is it about personal integrity, mutual respect in regards to upholding the sanctity of intimate relationships or is it a timely reminder of what can happen when love gives way to fear? Is it more about showing up for the Truth and living a life in service to God no matter what the consequences? Is it a warning that witchcraft is (still) at hand (whether we give it kudos or not) and that we need to be acutely aware of just how wily it can be? I believe it is all these things and more.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and this is all about physical AND spiritual PARTICIPATION in order to co-create what humanity needs on this plane right now and this is achieved through the expression of both the seen and unseen realms. The responsibility lies with each one of us to step up, heal whatever wounded habits and stories we are still carrying within the multi-layers of our body, mind and soul and become clearer and more conscious conduits in service to the higher purpose. We need to eradicate the program of harming one another for status and monetary gain and we need to hold one another accountable as we do it. We need to look deep within to dig out and destroy once and for all, the parts of ourselves that still unconsciously align with deceit, betrayal, covertness, secrecy and sorcery for one's own (or a select group's own) nefarious benefit, because we are all harboring remnants of these 'beliefs' and ways of being from our ancestors and our own past life experiences, to some degree and none of these vibrations, resonate or align with the new earth that is birthing.

We are here as SUPPORT to this planetary activation as well as our own and when we remember that we are sovereign beings reclaiming our light - whilst yes, navigating some admittedly pretty "hairy" experiences right now in order to do so - that ultimately, each one of us has unlimited and immutable power. It all comes down to EMBODIMENT really and believing we ARE the light because when we do, we instantaneously elevate our "force-field", our aura or "luminous energy field" and that God-graced frequency, is impenetrable.

This circus ain't over by a long shot peeps. We are going to continue seeing the exposure of multiple illusions and actual conspiracies spewing forth from temple (read: industry/structure) after temple and this is all divinely constructed for the sole purpose of pulling us out of our minds and dropping us into our heart centers so we can see exactly how 'their' world of control, manipulation and submission, no longer serves.

Stay strong and keep walking the path of light, but at the same time, anchor that light into the 'reality' that we still have to engage in (because we are still in these limiting body suits for the moment) and leave whatever seeds or petals or trails of information behind you for others to pick up, breathe in and activate in their own special way.

Maintain your integrity, your sanity and above all, your authenticity and never let yourself be swayed - like our dear Delilah, God bless her - to abandon love in favor of power.

Ultimately, all will be well, we know this, so what this is really all about, is learning how we can grow as individual souls and as a united collective and seeing how much spiritual baggage we can allow ourselves to drop before our time is up on this earth.

If we truly and fully believe the light wins - which it DOES, just quietly - then this journey we are all co-creating, is not so much about preparing for the 'end game' or even fighting entities on the ether, but more about how we move and apply ourselves in every single moment. It's about determining our inner stance and being the best we can be, using discernment to define who we wish to be and where we place our energy and what programs and karmic patterns we show up for in order to clear and resolve as much of our timelines as possible; before we meet our maker. If we keep clinging to what we think we know and what we've always done in the past and if we insist on continuing to hand our fate over to a bunch of outdated ego-oligarchs on a silver platter stained with the blood of every hero and heroine that has walked before us trying to warn of what's to come if we don't "wake up", we'll just have to come back in our next life and go through the "same sh*t, different story" all over again! No matter what they tell you and no matter what they tempt you with, know that they do not have your best interests at heart and that the furthest thing from their minds, is giving a toss about your health and well being; unless it makes them money.

This lifetime and this year in particular, is about you being your absolute best and reducing, if not completely eliminating, any and all residual samskaras (psychological and energetic imprints) from all your lifetimes, so you don't have to come back and "repeat" the same lessons.

Amidst all the chaos and controversy and the revelations about who is good/bad/indifferent and who stands for the people and who doesn't, I believe it's important to remember (and focus on) the Universal Truth that the only person - or rather, the only being - that any of us can 100% trust has our back, is GOD. The doctor promising us full 'health' with his soul-altering vaccine so you can return to your 'normal' life, does not care two bollocks about you. Nor does the technocrat promising you wealth via his cryptocurrency scheme. Or the Judas politicians that insist you sign your rights away 'for the greater good'. None of these people care about your well being and abundance because they have all been bribed by various satanic scribes in their own ways.

It's time we opened up our (third) eyes and our higher hearts and grasped what is really going on right now and this eclipse season is definitely going to tear down some walls and provide some revelatory opportunities for us all to do just that. The blue moon lunar eclipse tomorrow eve in the psychic sign of Gemini, is the perfect time for us to release any residual fears we may have around the future and to set ourselves new goals in relation to not being so reactive to everything that is going on and that we are being 'threatened' with and just focus on shifting our attachment from duality, to neutrality. Choose a timeline and stick with it essentially; fear or love.

WE are the ARMY OF GOD - the LEGION OF LIGHT. All we need to remember is that we've got this when we get this.




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