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Conscious Chaos

YOU have ALL the power, did you know that?

You always have had.

As everything unfolds and unravels around you, you now have the choice to remain AS the eye of the storm, or to BECOME it. To see the CHAOS as a BLESSING, your ALLY, instead of your foe. See the discord and bedlam as serving to awaken the hearts and minds of those around us who are still enslaved and slumbering. See it as a necessary catalyst, one that needs to reach a certain level of crescendo and confusion before it is seen for what it truly is and with this perspective, there is nothing wrong, bad, scary or inappropriate.

From this perspective, everything serves a higher purpose.

The 'worse' things get - or appear to get because we know this life is all one big illusion - resolve within yourself to see through a new lens of acceptance. Of trust. You don't need to know the outcome because it is the journey that counts. How you show up during the shift and what your soul reclaims along the way, is what really matters when you step across the threshold and into the next realm.

Every system that no longer serves the collective ascension, is dismantling now - has been all of 2020 as you well know - and this is what we need to be thankful for because without DESTRUCTION there can be no CREATION.

This is the birthing process, the expansion, contraction and then the pause; on repeat. We are living and breathing proof of this miraculous dance and however long it takes to 'come out' the other side, will be however long it takes.

Now is the time to surrender, breathe and witness all, with love.

Hold strong in your heart that everything in the universe has a reason for being as well as for un-being and that each one of us is here now to participate in the resurrection of humanity. Be mindful of bypassing your spirituality in favor of pretending things aren't happening of course, because they most certainly are. Remember that our greatest gifts always arise from within those dark spaces we consciously choose to embrace and resolve.

Feel your fears and dissolve them with your intention in each and every moment. Don't hold onto them or give them any more kudos than they deserve or need but don't deny yourself the journey of transmutation either. Process your stories and return to your center knowing all is as it is meant to be, for we cannot have change without challenge dear ones.

January is a power-packed month where we are all still integrating the massive energies released on December 21. There is beauty mixed with black and blind spots equally and an overall vibe of needing to cocoon and restore. Now is the time to get into your heart and commit to your spiritual awakening, if you haven't already, because 2021 is definitely going to be a continuance of the year we just had. Be super mindful of how things make you feel, whether you are a 'reactor' or a 'responder' and keep working on clearing your shadow. A lot of people have this naive idea that healing work is joyful and expansive and yes, whilst it is that and more, first you have to go through the dark night of the soul. You cannot clear trauma until you first recognize, own and "love it to death", as I often say. This is the practice of embodiment and it takes time and hard work but the good news is, that this will become easier and faster for us thanks to the acceleration of frequencies and timeline shifts that occurred last December just before the Christmas that we weren't allowed to have.

January 6th kicks it off with an anticipated 1 million American citizens gathering en masse in Washington DC to express their concern about the obvious to anyone with eyes, "election system fraud" that occurred there recently. It may be happening across the Pacific but make no mistake, that outcome will change the global landscape for every human on the planet. Jan 10 promises to be fiery again, thanks to Mars moving into Aries and the moon behaving erratically on that day, so expect some fireworks and hostile-type vibrations. Good idea to contain your energy on this one with some deep meditation or navel-gazing.

January 15 is expected to see a huge change in our own country with something going down military-police-wise and in relation to the C19 circus, so "keep calm and carry on" as the tee-shirt says, and remember everything serves a purpose. January 20 is of course "The Inauguration" and again, this day promises to release some serious firecrackers; most likely last minute. Overall it's important to pay attention to imagery this month more than words and not believe any spin-doctor speils that are spouted forth from the media machine.

Those of you who have been doing your personal work diligently and consistently throughout 2020 are going to be called to step up in higher service soon when the next revelations land. People are going to rely on your strength and wisdom as an avalanche of reality hits them, so make sure you keep up your own self care rituals and reach out for support when you need you to. Keep your cup full.

I'll be offering some online yoga classes over the next couple of weeks, so pop onto my Denby Sheather page for details and the Zoom link. I am also around for private shamanic healing sessions so contact me via email, FB or text message.

Keep breathing yourself through the birthing tunnel dear ones and wherever you are, try and make love with chaos and work to set yourself free from fear and illusion, once and for all.



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